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LUC Meeting Minutes 23 June 2019

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 1:35 pm
by Han Held
Apologies for taking so long to get these done, I hadn't realized we'd need minutes.
Times refer to the timestamps from the meeting transcript posted here: transcript
Land Use Commision Meeting Minutes: 24 June 2019
Meeting called to order
9:02 - 9:10
LUC chair and secretary were chosen; Rosie Gray was selected as chair, Han Held was selected as secretary with Cathy Sabre as emergency secretary
9:10 - 9:16
Locus Amoenus progress was reviewed
Cathy, Han and Rosie agreed to review LA for esthetics and compliance
9:16 - 9:20
The LUC discussed drafting a new Covenant for Colonia Nova. Cathy Sabre has volunteered to write it "with some help". Lyubov offered to help.
9:20 - 9:32
Sudane brought up the subject of the LUC "moving" to the NFS School (which is where we met for this meeting) and was discussed
[09:26] Sudane Erato: I move that we generally hold the LUC meetings here unless there are special purpose functions requiring the meetings at other locations
The motion was seconded, and passed.
Lilith brought up an encounter with a citizen in CN who asked what buildings to use.
Rosie mentioned having talked to her (as did Delia).
9:37 - 10:42
LUC members and guests were invited to bring up their individual concerns:
Sudane mentioned Alex Bader's water, which was discussed and LMs handed out. This was discussed as a potential resource for archie to buy for updating places in the CDS (eg Friedsee)
Sudane also mentioned finishing #12 of the stella marina
Han Held proposed going through the CDS and making an inventory of builds that use sculptmaps and replacing them as they are a resource drain. Said she would make the list of
Cathy Sabre mentioned "the nondescript focal point for the [LA] marina"
Cathy Sabre mentioned the view of Monastery from the west (from the void region). Various solutions were discussed and Cathy said she would broach them with the Chancellor
Lilith brought up fixing the trees in LA and adjusting borders in FS.
The issues in FS were discussed, we need to wait for SD to move first. Cathy will get permission to adjust borders from the Chancellor
Pip mentioned that there is still snow in AM on Tor's property. Rosie said we can look at it, but that Pip might be able to remove it himself using "about land"
Lyubov brought up the issue of upgrading our 20k regions to 30k. This was debated for several minutes (10:18 to 10:33) and then the discussion led to a discussion of the need to evaluate what changes need to be made to AM. Lyubov suggested focusing on redeveloping the slope from CN to AM.
As a result of Lyubov's issue, at 10:38 Rosie moved that we create a plan to develop AM, which was voted on and passed.
Miscellaneous discussion, next meeting time decided
Meeting adjourned