October 27, Transcript

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October 27, Transcript

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LUC MEETING, OCT., 27th, 2019
Members present: Cathy, Rosie, Sudane,
Members absent: Delia, Han, Lilith
Guests: Kyoko, Misou, Lyubov
[10:08] Rosie Gray: I call this meeting to order
[10:08] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): btw this rebuild is lovely
[10:08] Rosie Gray: can we have a motion to approve the Agenda?
[10:08] Cathy Sabre: I move
[10:08] Rosie Gray: and a second?
[10:09] Sudane Erato: second
[10:09] Rosie Gray: vote
[10:09] Rosie Gray: aye
[10:09] Sudane Erato: aye
[10:09] Rosie Gray: thank you
[10:09] Rosie Gray: Cathy... vote please
[10:12] Rosie Gray: hmmm
[10:13] Lyubov (20180414): did i crash, or are we still waiting on a response?
[10:13] Rosie Gray: seems we can't vote without a 4th member
[10:13] Sudane Erato: i think Cathy disappeared
[10:13] Cathy Sabre: aye
[10:13] Rosie Gray: no, she was pointing out the stupid rule we have that for a quorum we need 4 members
[10:13] Rosie Gray sighs
[10:13] Cathy Sabre: No, looking up law
[10:14] Sudane Erato: oh!
[10:14] Rosie Gray: sorry, my mistake
[10:14] Rosie Gray: well we can't vote on anything, but we can still go through the Agenda
[10:14] Cathy Sabre: Yes
[10:14] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): well the chancellor and LRA should count for something
[10:14] Sudane Erato: might as well... most of our meetings are discussions
[10:14] Rosie Gray: http://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php? ... 181#p48907
[10:14] Rosie Gray: here are the Minutes, FYI
[10:15] Rosie Gray: and the Alpine Meadow review is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d4U ... jm9jv741nd
[10:16] Rosie Gray: Do we have any updates from it?
[10:16] Lyubov (20180414): i thoght the review looked good and i really like the idea of a community center
[10:16] Sudane Erato: I checked the lake that I had done
[10:16] Sudane Erato: and i had already installed Skye water
[10:17] Sudane Erato: tweaked it a bit
[10:17] Rosie Gray nods
[10:18] Rosie Gray: is that in reference to item 9?
[10:18] Sudane Erato: hmmm... not sure. I know I was asked to update my Nekka water
[10:18] Sudane Erato: so turns out I had
[10:18] Rosie Gray: are you happy with the result?
[10:18] Sudane Erato: the upper pool is Nekka water... its Delia's
[10:19] Sudane Erato: well
[10:19] Sudane Erato: as happy as you can get with this generation of Skye water
[10:19] Sudane Erato: SO looking forward to his versions of waterfalls and pools with the new water
[10:20] Cathy Sabre: imo the Skye water I just purchased is too choppy for inland water.
[10:20] Sudane Erato: if its the current ponds... yes
[10:21] Cathy Sabre: sighs
[10:21] Sudane Erato: you can't reduce the ripples enough
[10:21] Cathy Sabre: i agree
[10:21] Rosie Gray: that's too bad :(
[10:21] Cathy Sabre: It looks good at an oblique angle, but from above is too rough
[10:21] Rosie Gray: many things don't look good from above
[10:21] Sudane Erato: its the best pond water i've seen... so it will have to do
[10:22] Rosie Gray nods
[10:22] Sudane Erato: I have some experimental water i've made... in a little pool in NFS valley
[10:22] Sudane Erato: have a look sometime
[10:22] Sudane Erato: uses anim textures
[10:22] Rosie Gray: like the old days ㋡
[10:22] Cathy Sabre: do you have the coordinates?
[10:22] Sudane Erato: yes :)
[10:22] Rosie Gray: when we made all our own stuff :D
[10:23] Sudane Erato: no :(
[10:23] Sudane Erato: just down at the bottom junction
[10:23] Cathy Sabre: k, will look
[10:23] Sudane Erato: across from Tan's relic
[10:23] Rosie Gray: I know where you mean
[10:23] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:23] Rosie Gray: nice little pond
[10:23] Sudane Erato: has a heron in it :)
[10:24] Rosie Gray: Sudane, did you reparcel any of those ones that we discussed last time? The prim parcels?
[10:24] Rosie Gray: hi Emilia ㋡
[10:24] Sudane Erato: no
[10:24] Sudane Erato: sorry :(
[10:24] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): Hi Emilia :)
[10:24] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): hi Rosie, hello Kyoko, and everyone. :)
[10:24] Sudane Erato: I forget exactly what I was to do
[10:24] Rosie Gray: np, I think we have all been a bit busy with things
[10:24] Sudane Erato: hi Emilia :)
[10:25] Rosie Gray: Emilia, please come and join us in the circle
[10:25] Cathy Sabre: Hi, Emilla
[10:25] Rosie Gray: you don't need to sit over there :)
[10:25] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): hi Sudane..pardon my lateness.
[10:25] Sudane Erato: I've been totally obscessed with the 2005 kendrastrase
[10:25] Rosie Gray: which one is that?
[10:25] Sudane Erato: rigght across from the Schloss entrance
[10:25] Sudane Erato: I promised to replace that
[10:26] Rosie Gray: ah yes! oh good you are working on that one
[10:27] Rosie Gray: I guess we can't really talk a lot more about AM without Lilith as much of the adjustments are her initiative
[10:27] Rosie Gray: so, with your approval, we should move on to B in old business?
[10:27] Sudane Erato: sure
[10:27] Cathy Sabre: yes
[10:28] Rosie Gray: Have you come up with a plan?
[10:28] Sudane Erato: Yes... I think Cathy published it
[10:28] Sudane Erato: I think i saw it
[10:28] Rosie Gray: don't think I have seen it
[10:29] Cathy Sabre: I published a proposal in LUC discussions, which has been viewed, but no comments
[10:29] Sudane Erato: ahh... ok
[10:29] Rosie Gray: can we have the link please?
[10:29] Cathy Sabre: And Sudane has been too busy for us to get together
[10:30] Sudane Erato: we had a basic meeting of minds as to what needed to be done
[10:30] Sudane Erato: well... we DID get together
[10:30] Rosie Gray: that's progress :)
[10:30] Cathy Sabre: It will take me a while to log in
[10:30] Sudane Erato: there are some plaza changes.... unifying it more
[10:31] Sudane Erato: and then I'm to rebuild the bridge and try and make it "lighter"
[10:31] Sudane Erato: (wish we could get rid of it)
[10:31] Cathy Sabre: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=9167
[10:31] Sudane Erato: thx :)
[10:31] Rosie Gray: I quite like the bridge being there, although I think it could be made better
[10:31] Rosie Gray: thank you Cathy
[10:32] Sudane Erato: i know... everyone seems to like it.... I'm just a grump about it :)
[10:32] Rosie Gray: oh yes I saw that, but I thought there would be more details I guess
[10:32] Cathy Sabre: For me, being newer, it is a landmark, so though I appreciate Sudane's position, I would like to see it stay,
[10:32] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) likes it too LOL
[10:32] Rosie Gray: :D
[10:32] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:32] Rosie Gray: it is ultimately the Chancellor's call
[10:33] Sudane Erato: well... at least everyone knows now that I never withhold my opinion :)
[10:33] Rosie Gray: of course! hehe
[10:33] Cathy Sabre: that is a good thing, Sudane
[10:33] Rosie Gray: and you shouldn't
[10:33] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): well I would like to see a visualization of what is intended as the words seem not very specific
[10:33] Rosie Gray: I agree, Kyoko
[10:33] Sudane Erato: but i thought maybe i could make it less hulking and "heavy"
[10:34] Rosie Gray: more like the RL bridge?
[10:34] Sudane Erato: more fringing on fantastical
[10:34] Cathy Sabre: I made a graphic design.
[10:34] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): Well it is a period bridge found throughout southern europe
[10:34] Cathy Sabre: It is exactly like the rl bridge
[10:34] Rosie Gray: the textures aren't great and there's a lack of detail
[10:34] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): can materials be added?
[10:35] Sudane Erato: of course... to a new bridge
[10:35] Rosie Gray: and to that one too I think
[10:35] Rosie Gray: Archie owns it with full permissions
[10:35] Sudane Erato: oh?
[10:35] Sudane Erato: oh!
[10:35] Lyubov (20180414): exactly rosie...i don't care for the look of the waterfront, including the bridge, but i trust that any work to update would fix a lot of quality issues
[10:35] Cathy Sabre: Perhaps Sudane and I could get together to make a more detailed proposal, based on our discussion
[10:35] Sudane Erato: I thought it was Ceasar's
[10:35] Rosie Gray: he made it, yes
[10:36] Rosie Gray: personally, I think that a similar bridge... just updated really, is iconic to that area
[10:36] Cathy Sabre: I could, then generate a plan.
[10:36] Rosie Gray nods
[10:37] Lyubov (20180414): yes i think my main issue wiht the area is the older building techniques, not the style or theme
[10:37] Rosie Gray: what I am not understanding I guess, is the reconfiguration that you are envisioning
[10:37] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): exactly Rosie
[10:38] Sudane Erato: The concept
[10:39] Sudane Erato: is that the road from CN
[10:39] Cathy Sabre: I will generate a drawing, in-plan-view
[10:39] Cathy Sabre: It is the main road from CN
[10:39] Sudane Erato: arrives down at the harbor... and connects to the bridge and the plaza... with more "intention"
[10:39] Cathy Sabre: To terminate at a focal point
[10:39] Sudane Erato: yes
[10:39] Cathy Sabre: intention, good word
[10:39] Cathy Sabre: yay
[10:40] Sudane Erato: right now nothing aligns... its as if everything was separately thrown down
[10:40] Cathy Sabre: which it was
[10:40] Sudane Erato: there's no logic
[10:40] Rosie Gray: ah I see what you mean now
[10:40] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) nods
[10:40] Lyubov (20180414): yes, i agree with that, part of what bothers me most about the area
[10:40] Cathy Sabre: That was our original discussion when we were there, Rosie
[10:40] Sudane Erato: so we feel that the place will "unify" if the elements relate to one another
[10:41] Rosie Gray nods
[10:41] Sudane Erato: thats the essence i think... that we agree on
[10:42] Rosie Gray: okay... anything else about this before we move on?
[10:42] Rosie Gray: right, hearing none
[10:43] Lyubov (20180414): oh, if i may....
[10:43] Rosie Gray: RA request: Create a manual for the densified houses that can be given to new owners. (Sudane)
[10:43] Sudane Erato: this one mystifies me
[10:43] Sudane Erato: if anyone touches one of the tierboxes
[10:43] Sudane Erato: for the densified houses
[10:43] Sudane Erato: you get a full discussion of the issues
[10:43] Sudane Erato: on a notecard, with another embedded
[10:44] Rosie Gray: oh do you? Maybe this goes back to before those notecards were made
[10:44] Sudane Erato: I can hand that around if you like
[10:44] Lyubov (20180414): yes, i think that Value-Added notecard is good and clear
[10:44] Sudane Erato: Lyu, yes.. exactly
[10:44] Rosie Gray: got it thanks Lyubov
[10:45] Sudane Erato: can't get much more detail than that! :)
[10:45] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): very nice, thanks.
[10:45] Rosie Gray: :)
[10:45] Rosie Gray: one thing I've noticed about the parcel boundaries thing, is that sometimes they get touched and rezzed numerous times
[10:45] Rosie Gray: I had to remove about 5 of them from one of Pip's parcels the other day
[10:45] Rosie Gray: they had rezzed one on top of another
[10:46] Lyubov (20180414): mmm would be nice if they de-rezzed after a period of time..
[10:46] Sudane Erato: hmmm... they can be deleted with only a touch :(
[10:46] Sudane Erato: oh
[10:46] Sudane Erato: thats an idea! :)
[10:46] Rosie Gray: that's a great idea Lyubov
[10:46] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:46] Rosie Gray: do you think you can do that, Sudane?
[10:46] Sudane Erato: ok.... i'll see if I can muster the scripting skill to do that
[10:47] Sudane Erato: i'll try :)
[10:47] Lyubov (20180414): yes, once i knew to touch to remove it was good, but not before i rezzed more than a few myself! without reading, i might tinnk that touching the rez button again woudl remove them...
[10:47] Sudane Erato: oh!
[10:47] Rosie Gray: that's what I thought too
[10:47] Sudane Erato: no... just adds another :)
[10:47] Sudane Erato: sorry!
[10:47] Sudane Erato: that would be too complex for me
[10:47] Lyubov (20180414): well, once you find your parcel is full, you start to figure it out :)
[10:47] Sudane Erato: but I might be able to do the timer
[10:47] Sudane Erato: haha
[10:48] Rosie Gray: perhaps just adding to the sign on the rezzer might help too?
[10:48] Rosie Gray: if it said to touch the border marker itself, to delete?
[10:48] Lyubov (20180414): hmm never expect someone to read when a script can just do it :)
[10:48] Sudane Erato: ok... I wanted to keep it small tho
[10:48] Rosie Gray: yes, completely appreciate that
[10:48] Sudane Erato: I also thought of writing right on the marker itself
[10:48] Sudane Erato: to touch it to delete it
[10:49] Rosie Gray: that might be the easiest!
[10:49] Rosie Gray: then nobody has to remember anything
[10:49] Lyubov (20180414): yes i like that! write it on the prim iteslf :)
[10:49] Sudane Erato: ok... I'll add that to my projects
[10:49] Sudane Erato: Its so much better to touch it to kill it
[10:49] Sudane Erato: because
[10:49] Sudane Erato: it really kills it
[10:50] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) giggles
[10:50] Sudane Erato: doesn't come back to me like if you delete it
[10:50] Rosie Gray: right
[10:50] Lyubov (20180414): ohhh! :)
[10:50] Cathy Sabre: like driving a stake through its heart
[10:50] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:50] Rosie Gray: hehe
[10:50] Sudane Erato: kind of :)
[10:50] Sudane Erato: like "extinguishing its existence" :)
[10:51] Lyubov (20180414): (can tell who's in the halloween mood!)
[10:51] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:51] Rosie Gray: hehe
[10:52] Rosie Gray: Lyubov, did you want to say something else about item B. before we move on to item D.?
[10:53] Lyubov (20180414): yes, thank you...in LA....on the beach...there are some sunbeams in the air, and for me at least, they have a crazy bright unnatural glow...it's near the campfire area
[10:53] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): and it makes it difficult to interact with items on the beach
[10:53] Sudane Erato: can we just remove them?
[10:54] Rosie Gray: just remove them then ㋡
[10:54] Rosie Gray: well, Kyoko can
[10:54] Cathy Sabre: yes
[10:54] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): well ask the person who put them there to
[10:54] Lyubov (20180414): i'm fine with removing (or personally de-rendering them), but didn't know if it was "just me"
[10:54] Sudane Erato: sunbeams are rarely effective
[10:54] Rosie Gray: especially if they are just hanging in the air without some 'reason'
[10:54] Sudane Erato: in the Kirche they work
[10:54] Sudane Erato: exactly
[10:55] Sudane Erato: because the volume is defined
[10:55] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) nods
[10:55] Sudane Erato: but out in the aire.... they just look weird
[10:55] Rosie Gray nods
[10:55] Rosie Gray: agreed
[10:55] Lyubov (20180414): right :)
[10:55] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) makes not to extibguish the beams
[10:55] Cathy Sabre whispers: Usually they are not "plausible
[10:55] Sudane Erato: exactly
[10:55] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): *note
[10:55] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[10:56] Rosie Gray: Covenant enforcement (Sudane)
[10:56] Rosie Gray: item D
[10:56] Sudane Erato: what does that mean?
[10:56] Rosie Gray: haha, I think you brought that up last year
[10:56] Sudane Erato: I did?
[10:56] Rosie Gray: as I recall, it was something about being systematic?
[10:56] Rosie Gray: perhaps how you do things in NE?
[10:56] Lyubov (20180414): *giggles* "last year"...
[10:56] Sudane Erato: i vaguely recall being asked about it.... how we manage it in NE
[10:57] Sudane Erato: but... its a huge and complex issue here... quite different
[10:57] Rosie Gray: it all seems to come down to the Chancellor here
[10:57] Rosie Gray: which in many ways is an onerous task
[10:57] Sudane Erato: lucky Chancellor
[10:58] Rosie Gray: yes and quite subjective sometimes
[10:58] Sudane Erato: well... almost always, sadly, subjective
[10:58] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): yep
[10:58] Sudane Erato: despite one's best efforts at the covenant
[10:58] Rosie Gray: indeed
[10:58] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): btw beams belong to Delia. I'll talk with her
[10:59] Rosie Gray: thank you Kyoko
[10:59] Lyubov (20180414): ty kyoko :)
[10:59] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): My big thing is treeless parcels
[10:59] Sudane Erato: but having a monarchy instead of a democracy is a huge beneft!
[10:59] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): (off with their heads!)
[10:59] Rosie Gray: :D
[10:59] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): ^^
[10:59] Sudane Erato: yep :)
[10:59] Lyubov (20180414): nothing "efficient" about democracy, for sure!
[10:59] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): or ours for that matter
[10:59] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:59] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): monarchies do come to bitter ends occasionally
[11:00] Sudane Erato: well... less often in SL
[11:00] Rosie Gray: well, as someone from a country with a monarch...
[11:00] Rosie Gray laughs
[11:00] Sudane Erato: unles they fail economically
[11:00] Rosie Gray: they can be quite benign too
[11:00] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): oh I know
[11:00] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) wishes elizabeth were her queen
[11:01] Sudane Erato: instead of King Donald
[11:01] Rosie Gray: ack
[11:01] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) remains silent
[11:01] Cathy Sabre: hear hear
[11:01] Rosie Gray makes a hex sign
[11:01] Rosie Gray: hi Mizou
[11:01] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) will wear garlic
[11:01] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): hello mizou :)
[11:01] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): Hi Mizou :)
[11:01] Sudane Erato: hehe... hi Mizou :)
[11:01] Lyubov (20180414): hello Mizou!
[11:01] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): hi LUC people
[11:02] Rosie Gray: have a seat ㋡
[11:02] Rosie Gray: here's our Agenda. We're on item D. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wBQ ... -i7IE/edit
[11:02] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ican see any chair still rezzing
[11:03] Rosie Gray: so, maybe we drop item D then?
[11:03] Rosie Gray: or, any other comments about it?
[11:03] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): well *sighs*
[11:04] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): I ghuess it is chancellor's job perhaps farmed out to EMs for the low level stuff
[11:04] Rosie Gray: yes
[11:04] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) checks for EMs in the room
[11:04] Sudane Erato: yes.... but not something that the LUC needs to manage... i think
[11:04] Rosie Gray: I agree
[11:05] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): well you have every right to raise the concern
[11:05] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): which you have
[11:05] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): /meputs it on list for next chancellor ;)
[11:06] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): seriously we'll take a look
[11:06] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:06] Rosie Gray: :D
[11:06] Rosie Gray: okay, then we have item E. Map of public spaces, what they are intended for and how people can register to use them (Delia)
[11:06] Rosie Gray: which I guess we leave for next time
[11:06] Rosie Gray: unless someone else wants to work on itk?
[11:07] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): Just needs a clearinghoiuse function
[11:07] Rosie Gray: seems like it's a good idea
[11:07] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): but keep it simple
[11:07] Rosie Gray: guess we have no takers for this one, so hopefully Delia will take it up again
[11:08] Cathy Sabre: agreed
[11:08] Rosie Gray: Consideration for covenant revisions: include proviso that if your main build is a skybox that you are required to do a minimum amount of landscaping or maintain a building (depending on region and area) on the ground.
[11:08] Rosie Gray: not sure whose idea this was, but it seems reasonable
[11:08] Rosie Gray: thoughts?
[11:08] Cathy Sabre: Does it matter, with so many other vacant lots?
[11:09] Lyubov (20180414): wouldn't this be covered in covenants already that specify a number of trees for example?
[11:09] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): imho it should be
[11:09] Sudane Erato: don't the covenants already specify a minimum number of trees?
[11:09] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): 3 rings a bell
[11:10] Cathy Sabre: for a huge lot, a few trees don't make much difference.
[11:10] Cathy Sabre: But it would be nice to encourage some landscaping of areas that aren't being used.
[11:10] Cathy Sabre: The prims are there
[11:11] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): I thjought those lots were your job cathy ;)
[11:11] Cathy Sabre: ha
[11:11] Cathy Sabre: My pleasure
[11:11] Rosie Gray: I don't know if it's a huge problem these days
[11:12] Rosie Gray: we aren't talking about unsold parcels, it's in reference to occupied parcels
[11:12] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): right
[11:12] Cathy Sabre: Of course
[11:12] Lyubov (20180414): re unleased parcels: would we want (EMs?) to place some basic decor? spend very little time or effort, but place a reasonable building or some landscaping, to make the space more inviting and maybe helps propsective owners envision the space...there are a number of such buildings in LA now for example
[11:12] Cathy Sabre: but to a casual observer there is no difference
[11:12] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): well owned parcels at least
[11:13] Cathy Sabre: I am on Lyubov's side here.
[11:13] Rosie Gray: I think we have been doing that
[11:13] Rosie Gray: Kyoko has put down quite a few houses
[11:13] Cathy Sabre: The Chancellor has
[11:14] Cathy Sabre: I appreciate that
[11:14] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): You may be thinking of my P130 which has no prim on it...next to Kyoko's cabin or cottage in NFS...
[11:14] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): needed to lighten the load I carry in inventory LOL
[11:14] Lyubov (20180414): yes, i like it, ty kyoko :)
[11:14] Sudane Erato: Yes... we always stage parcels in New England to make them more appealing
[11:14] Rosie Gray: they look wonderful
[11:14] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): It's in reserve for prim but to me it looks like a firebreak...
[11:14] Rosie Gray: not sure where you mean Emilia ㋡
[11:14] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): but i could tolerate a couple of mesh trees..
[11:15] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): next to my big NFS house next to FS
[11:15] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:15] Rosie Gray: it's not prim parcels we were referencing though
[11:15] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): it's way down at the foot of the forest in NFS.
[11:15] Rosie Gray: aaah
[11:15] Lyubov (20180414): well, we'll have to check with delia for the weather, but will soon be covered in snow anyhow....
[11:15] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): we're still in leaves folks
[11:15] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): no snow yet please
[11:15] Sudane Erato: hehe
[11:15] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): smiles
[11:15] Rosie Gray: the Chancellor decides when the weather changes :)
[11:15] Lyubov (20180414): idk i think we said around US thanksgiving, about only 4 weeks away!
[11:16] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): that's up to our weather person, Delia with my coponcurrence
[11:16] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): *concourrence
[11:16] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): (or however you spell that)
[11:17] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:18] Lyubov (20180414): so, i think some sort of "staging" of unleased parcels is a good idea. for prim or skybox parcels, even just a few required trees may be fine, it's ok to have green space and not fill every meter with an object
[11:18] Cathy Sabre: yes
[11:19] Rosie Gray nods
[11:20] Rosie Gray: so we don't want to consider any covenant revisions?
[11:20] Lyubov (20180414): i'm happy for now :)
[11:21] Sudane Erato: seems like this concern is already covered
[11:21] Rosie Gray: okay, fair enough ㋡
[11:21] Sudane Erato: oh... next thing is me
[11:21] Rosie Gray: Someone go through the stuff in the classroom upstairs NFS School parcel, and see what can get moved to the new history museum location. (Sudane)
[11:21] Sudane Erato: I'll get on that
[11:21] Rosie Gray: yes ma'am
[11:22] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): I'll take a look too
[11:22] Sudane Erato: it pops into my mind once in awhile when I can't get into SL :)
[11:22] Rosie Gray: actually I had a look and found some things of mine, and everything else is Symo Kurka's
[11:22] Sudane Erato: yeah... I think we'll need to leave those there
[11:22] Sudane Erato: since his accoungt is gone
[11:23] Sudane Erato: but maybe we can do that efficiently
[11:23] Rosie Gray: or just send them back
[11:23] Rosie Gray: unless you think they are historically valuable?
[11:23] Sudane Erato: perhaps... but some have real interest I thought
[11:23] Sudane Erato: well... i'll look... maybe not
[11:24] Sudane Erato: others are welcome to look as well
[11:24] Sudane Erato: and offer opinions
[11:24] Rosie Gray: it's a good reminder to us all that if you don't share your objects on common land, that they become relics that nobody can deal with
[11:24] Sudane Erato: yes :(
[11:24] Sudane Erato: Symo was a very smart person who made some real contributions
[11:24] Sudane Erato: but
[11:25] Sudane Erato: then he became Chancellor
[11:25] Sudane Erato: and fled screaming into the distance
[11:25] Rosie Gray: oh dear
[11:25] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) coughs and notes she's been chained at the ankle
[11:25] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): gosh
[11:25] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): wow....
[11:25] Sudane Erato: not the right temperment
[11:25] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[11:25] Rosie Gray: there were a few of those, unfortunately
[11:25] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:26] Sudane Erato: yes, there were
[11:26] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): TBH there is a lot of good stuff about being chancellor
[11:26] Rosie Gray: yes I agree Kyoko, but also it's a lot of work
[11:26] Sudane Erato: Yes, but you create that good stuff with your own initiative
[11:26] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): that was an endorsement LOL
[11:27] Rosie Gray: and some people don't get that :)
[11:27] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): yes you do
[11:27] Sudane Erato: exactly
[11:27] Rosie Gray: it's not all waving your magic wand! hehe
[11:27] Cathy Sabre: oh no
[11:27] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): you just have to figure out where the wiggle room is ;)
[11:27] Sudane Erato: only sometimes :)
[11:27] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane) never got a wand :(
[11:28] Rosie Gray: :D
[11:28] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Lilith gave me a whip. ^^
[11:28] Rosie Gray: okay shall we move on to new business then?
[11:28] Sudane Erato: hehe
[11:28] Sudane Erato: that can work too :)
[11:28] Rosie Gray: updates from members first, then from everyone else
[11:28] Rosie Gray: Sudane, do you want to start?
[11:28] Sudane Erato: I'm working on 2005 Kendrastrasse... across from the Schloss
[11:29] Sudane Erato: very excited
[11:29] Sudane Erato: anyone is welcome to come look
[11:29] Lyubov (20180414): was this Han's large house?
[11:29] Sudane Erato: thats all for me.... totally obssessed with that :)
[11:29] Rosie Gray: thank you Sudane
[11:29] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): will have a look
[11:29] Sudane Erato: ahh... yes
[11:29] Lyubov (20180414): will be great to see Sudane, excited about what you will do :)
[11:30] Rosie Gray: Cathy, would you like to update?
[11:30] Cathy Sabre: I will make a plan view of the LA proposal, with advice from Sudane
[11:30] Rosie Gray: nice
[11:30] Cathy Sabre: done
[11:30] Rosie Gray: thank you Cathy
[11:31] Rosie Gray: for me,
[11:31] Rosie Gray: I'm working on making a magazine kiosk for the little tiny parcel in CN, on the forum
[11:31] Sudane Erato: neat :)
[11:31] Rosie Gray: then will move forward with another CN building update (inside the walls)
[11:32] Rosie Gray: that's it for me
[11:32] Rosie Gray: Mizou?
[11:32] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Yes, well i finished the C08 as of this week and posted a video about it on YouTube and a link on the CDS artisan page
[11:33] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): :)
[11:33] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): It looks great :)
[11:33] Lyubov (20180414): wow! :)
[11:33] Rosie Gray: and it's a big improvement
[11:33] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): https://youtu.be/Aj-qXWo4N4M
[11:33] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): there the ad for it :)
[11:34] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): thanks it does look lovely
[11:34] Sudane Erato: looks neat!
[11:34] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): and now planning to work on cindy's shop an dmake it similar to Rosie's shop on CN
[11:34] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): nice!
[11:34] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): :)
[11:34] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): thank you :)
[11:34] Rosie Gray: Cindy has agreed to an update
[11:35] Rosie Gray: so will need to be contacted to move around her things, once the building is ready
[11:36] Rosie Gray: now from Kyoko...? you'd like to say something
[11:36] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): Yes
[11:36] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): Thank you
[11:36] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): I am bursting with announcements, but will wait until RA tomorrow
[11:36] Sudane Erato: unfair! :)
[11:37] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): And I am sure there will be another LUC meeting before I step down as chancellor
[11:37] Rosie Gray: awh!
[11:37] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): I do want to says how great LUC has been this term
[11:37] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): You have accomplished a whole lot.
[11:37] Cookie Cresci is offline.
[11:38] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): I for one and very happy and grateful
[11:38] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): done
[11:38] Rosie Gray: thank you Kyoko :)
[11:38] Rosie Gray: Lyubov, have you got anything to share?
[11:39] Lyubov (20180414): No, thank you, all good! I'm very happy with what the LUC has been doing and always excited to see what is happening. Thank you! Looking forward to Kyoko's news at tomorrow's RA meeting :)
[11:39] Rosie Gray: :D
[11:39] Rosie Gray: Emilia, do you have anything to share?
[11:39] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): smiles.....
[11:40] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): glad to be here today, as the Land is the heart of CDS
[11:40] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I have submitted to Lilith my announcement for Chancellor, and best of luck to everyone.
[11:40] Rosie Gray: oh my!
[11:40] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): done. and thanks.
[11:40] Rosie Gray: ··•°•··..☺ Applauds! ☺ ..··•°•··..
[11:41] Lyubov (20180414): Congratulations Emilia! Thank you for standing! :D
[11:41] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): smiles, thanks, Rosie!
[11:41] Cathy Sabre: Absolutely, thanks
[11:41] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Thanks Lyubov!
[11:41] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Thanks, Cathy. :)
[11:41] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): congrats!
[11:41] Rosie Gray: thank you for standing, Emilia!
[11:41] Sudane Erato: yes.... ty!
[11:41] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Congratulations Emilia!
[11:42] Cathy Sabre: You have our support!
[11:42] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): aww thank you all, i will do my best to not get in the way of your dedication.
[11:43] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I have much to learn if the opportunity arises.
[11:43] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[11:43] Rosie Gray: well that's an encouraging note to end our meeting on
[11:43] Cathy Sabre: I so move
[11:44] Cathy Sabre: lol.
[11:44] Sudane Erato: next meeting!
[11:44] Rosie Gray: no motions now!
[11:44] Rosie Gray: lol
[11:44] Rosie Gray: ah yes, thank you Sudane
[11:44] Rosie Gray: :D
[11:44] Sudane Erato: 10th?
[11:44] Rosie Gray: how is Sunday Nov 10th for everyone?
[11:44] Sudane Erato: good for me
[11:45] Rosie Gray: me as well
[11:45] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): let me check one thing
[11:45] Rosie Gray: Cathy?
[11:45] Cathy Sabre: yes
[11:45] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): 10th is fine.
[11:45] Rosie Gray: 10 am slt again then?
[11:45] Kyoko Furse-Barzane (samara.barzane): We have the maiko back for a nother performance on the 9th
[11:46] Rosie Gray: ah
[11:46] Sudane Erato: same time same place
[11:46] Rosie Gray: great!
[11:46] Rosie Gray: thank you everyone
[11:46] Rosie Gray: oh
[11:46] Rosie Gray: one thing
[11:46] Rosie Gray: I've just discovered how to 'assign' things on the google docs
[11:46] Sudane Erato: i see!! :)
[11:46] Rosie Gray: so they automatically send you an email :D
[11:46] Rosie Gray beams
[11:47] Sudane Erato: hehe
[11:47] Rosie Gray: hehe
[11:47] Rosie Gray: meeting adjourned folks
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