Nov 10 LUC Minutes

Announcements and transcripts of the Land Use Commission

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Nov 10 LUC Minutes

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Land Use Commission
Sunday, October 27, 2019

LUC members Present: Rosie Gray - chairperson, Delia Lake, Sudane Erato, Lilith Ivory
LUC members Absent: Cathy Sabre, Han Held
Guests: Awenbunny Lisle:, Kyoko Furse-Barzane

Call to order: Rosie Gray, 10:17

Approve Agenda: ... sp=sharing; Lillith moves, Sudane seconds, Ayes – 4, Nays – 0, motion approved

Approve Last Meeting Minutes: No vote, since not quorate

Old Business:
1. Alpine Meadows Survey ... sp=sharing
a. Lilith suggests considering part of old bowl for a Pip Torok community center
b. Kyoko suggests announcing it publicly once location is set
c. Rosie asks if that is an official approval, with a positive response from the Chancellor
d. Discussion of particulars and request for drawings
2. Locus Amoenus waterfront bridge adjustments (Sudane and Cathy), is tabled.
3. Map of public spaces: Add teleport board to CDS places of interest from Anzere
4. Monastery added to agenda under new business.

Comments from Guests:
1. Kyoko is cleaning administration loose ends for next chancellor
2. Awenbunny questions why sl changing to mesh shouldn’t override grandfathering.

Next Meeting: Nov. 24, 10 am slt.

Meeting over: 11:58
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