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2-9, LUC Transcript

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LUC members: Rosie Gray - chairperson, Delia Lake, Sudane Erato, Mizou Vavoom - Absent - Cathy Sabre, Pip Torok
Guests: Badger, Lyubov

[2020/02/09 10:05] Rosie Gray: I call the meeting to order
[2020/02/09 10:06] Rosie Gray: we can't vote unless we have one more LUC member present, so we will skip approveing the Agenda
[2020/02/09 10:06] Rosie Gray: and the Minutes of last meeting
[2020/02/09 10:06] Rosie Gray: any comments on that?
[2020/02/09 10:06] Sudane Erato: we can do those later if Mizou comes
[2020/02/09 10:06] Rosie Gray: yes ㋡
[2020/02/09 10:06] Rosie Gray: Item 4
[2020/02/09 10:07] Rosie Gray: Old Business
[2020/02/09 10:07] Rosie Gray: A. Alpine Meadow upgrade
[2020/02/09 10:07] Rosie Gray: since we have finished the first part of the Alpine Meadow upgrade
[2020/02/09 10:07] Rosie Gray: with the 4 reparcelled areas
[2020/02/09 10:08] Rosie Gray: and paths etc. are updated... I think it all looks great btw
[2020/02/09 10:08] Rosie Gray: any comments about the work already done?
[2020/02/09 10:08] Sudane Erato: yes it does!
[2020/02/09 10:08] Sudane Erato: it was 4 parcels... > now 3, right?
[2020/02/09 10:08] Rosie Gray: yes
[2020/02/09 10:08] Sudane Erato: i'm not missing one?
[2020/02/09 10:08] Rosie Gray: 4 x 512
[2020/02/09 10:09] Rosie Gray: now it's 2 x 512 and 1 x 1024
[2020/02/09 10:09] Sudane Erato: yes, great
[2020/02/09 10:09] Delia Lake: much better already
[2020/02/09 10:09] Rosie Gray: so the next phase is to decide on what to do with the large parcel that used to be Pip's, and where to put the community centre
[2020/02/09 10:10] Rosie Gray: I've done one drawing that doesn't change much, except for doing a similar thing as we just did with the Mews
[2020/02/09 10:10] Rosie Gray: let me find it
[2020/02/09 10:11] Sudane Erato: I agree with the re-thinking of the large parcel... but remain unconvinced that we need an actual community center in AM
[2020/02/09 10:12] Rosie Gray: it's something that we've discussed for a while, to have some kind of communal gathering space in AM... mainly for a focus
[2020/02/09 10:12] Sudane Erato: i know...
[2020/02/09 10:12] Rosie Gray: here is an idea I did that wouldn't change things too much
[2020/02/09 10:12] Rosie Gray: going right up to the sim edge of Monastery instead of leaving buffer zones there
[2020/02/09 10:13] Rosie Gray: which would break down both large parcels
[2020/02/09 10:13] Rosie Gray: so this wouldn't change anything except for the parcels concerned and the landscaping around them
[2020/02/09 10:14] Sudane Erato: is there an image?
[2020/02/09 10:14] Rosie Gray: but, if we wanted to of course we could consider something a lot more, like redoing the entire road system
[2020/02/09 10:14] Rosie Gray: yes on the prim in the corner, Sudane
[2020/02/09 10:14] Sudane Erato: hi Mizou! :)
[2020/02/09 10:14] Sudane Erato: oh
[2020/02/09 10:14] Rosie Gray: :)
[2020/02/09 10:14] Rosie Gray: hi Mizou, glad you could make it
[2020/02/09 10:14] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): Hi sudane, Rosie, Lyubov, Delia
[2020/02/09 10:14] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): :)
[2020/02/09 10:15] Rosie Gray: since Mizou is here now, let's go back and approve the items we skipped over
[2020/02/09 10:15] Delia Lake: for a while we had an outdoor activity area over there. we had archery, rope climbing and mountain rapelling, a nature/animal center...
[2020/02/09 10:15] Rosie Gray: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10O5 ... sp=sharing
[2020/02/09 10:15] Rosie Gray: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10O5 ... sp=sharing
[2020/02/09 10:15] Rosie Gray: Mizou, that is a link to the Agenda
[2020/02/09 10:15] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): Thanks Rosie
[2020/02/09 10:16] Rosie Gray: Can we have a motion to approve the Agenda?
[2020/02/09 10:16] Delia Lake: the outdoor activity made it a different kind of center
[2020/02/09 10:16] Sudane Erato: so move
[2020/02/09 10:16] Rosie Gray: thank you Sudane
[2020/02/09 10:16] Rosie Gray: and a second?
[2020/02/09 10:16] Delia Lake: second
[2020/02/09 10:16] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2020/02/09 10:16] Rosie Gray: vote
[2020/02/09 10:16] Delia Lake: aye
[2020/02/09 10:16] Rosie Gray: aye
[2020/02/09 10:16] Sudane Erato: aye
[2020/02/09 10:16] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): aye
[2020/02/09 10:16] Rosie Gray: motion carried
[2020/02/09 10:17] Rosie Gray: Can we have a motion to approve the last meeting Minutes as posted on the forum?
[2020/02/09 10:17] Sudane Erato: and i so move that :)
[2020/02/09 10:17] Rosie Gray: thank you Sudane
[2020/02/09 10:17] Rosie Gray: and a second?
[2020/02/09 10:18] Rosie Gray: ahem
[2020/02/09 10:18] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2020/02/09 10:18] Rosie Gray: can we have a second to approve the Minutes?
[2020/02/09 10:18] Sudane Erato: nap time :)
[2020/02/09 10:18] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): can i do second even i wrote the minutes?
[2020/02/09 10:18] Rosie Gray: yes sure Mizou
[2020/02/09 10:18] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): perhaps mizou, who wrote them so well and so promptly! :)
[2020/02/09 10:18] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): second
[2020/02/09 10:18] Sudane Erato: sure!
[2020/02/09 10:19] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2020/02/09 10:19] Rosie Gray: please vote
[2020/02/09 10:19] Rosie Gray: aye
[2020/02/09 10:19] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): :)
[2020/02/09 10:19] Sudane Erato: aye
[2020/02/09 10:19] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): aye
[2020/02/09 10:19] Rosie Gray: I think we have lost Delia
[2020/02/09 10:19] Rosie Gray: motion carries anyway
[2020/02/09 10:19] Delia Lake: here, dog duty in rl, aye
[2020/02/09 10:19] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2020/02/09 10:19] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): :)
[2020/02/09 10:20] Rosie Gray: okay, we are back to Alpine Meadow
[2020/02/09 10:20] Rosie Gray: drawing in the corner with an idea for reparcelling
[2020/02/09 10:20] Rosie Gray: corner beside the door
[2020/02/09 10:20] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): non-luc here commenting... :)
[2020/02/09 10:20] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): /me looking at the map
[2020/02/09 10:21] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): i like a smaller community centre...512 seems reasonable, i was afraid it would be a giant 2048 to replace the bowl
[2020/02/09 10:21] Rosie Gray: yes go ahead Lyubov
[2020/02/09 10:21] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): and doesn't need to be a place for senior bingo :) just "insert something here"
[2020/02/09 10:21] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): like the monastery ruin
[2020/02/09 10:21] Rosie Gray: hehe
[2020/02/09 10:22] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): i continue to be concerned about AM it's barely covering half tier, from the December financials...
[2020/02/09 10:22] Sudane Erato: the spot where the center is designated there is a craggy high point... you could make it as a castle
[2020/02/09 10:22] Rosie Gray: well I think we do have in mind some specifics for a community centre, but we do need to focus on the paying parcels
[2020/02/09 10:22] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): i was thinking of an alpine villiage, like the Stella project...lots of tiny affordable spaces
[2020/02/09 10:22] Rosie Gray: no we have never discussed a village concept
[2020/02/09 10:22] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): no, i 'm suggesting it
[2020/02/09 10:23] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): something that is readily leasable
[2020/02/09 10:23] Rosie Gray: I think that we have 2 village concepts already that aren't full
[2020/02/09 10:23] Sudane Erato: even the Stella village isn't full
[2020/02/09 10:23] Rosie Gray: and that people also like to have their own rural parcels
[2020/02/09 10:24] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): ok, just seems very empty :(
[2020/02/09 10:24] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): done
[2020/02/09 10:24] Rosie Gray: well it's rural
[2020/02/09 10:24] Sudane Erato: a 512 in AM costs 1872/month
[2020/02/09 10:24] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): i don't mind that. i mind that it's only covering 60% of tier
[2020/02/09 10:25] Sudane Erato: so that's a good deal more than a little parcel in NFS
[2020/02/09 10:25] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): yes it's expensive on the square meter basis. but same as LA
[2020/02/09 10:25] Rosie Gray: that's why we're making some changes, Lyubov
[2020/02/09 10:25] Delia Lake: reposting that for a while we had some outdoor activities there
[2020/02/09 10:25] Delia Lake: archery and archery contests
[2020/02/09 10:25] Rosie Gray: yes, I was thinking that could be the kind of thing we have at the community centre
[2020/02/09 10:25] Delia Lake: mountain rapelling and rope climbing
[2020/02/09 10:26] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): that's interesting Delia :)
[2020/02/09 10:26] Rosie Gray: just a small perhaps log building as a kind of outdoors clubhouse
[2020/02/09 10:26] Delia Lake: we also had hidden wildlife to find
[2020/02/09 10:26] Rosie Gray: with things like archery
[2020/02/09 10:26] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): like the chalet we had?
[2020/02/09 10:26] Rosie Gray: but this isn't our focus at the moment
[2020/02/09 10:26] Rosie Gray: smaller than the chalet we had
[2020/02/09 10:26] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): /me agrees
[2020/02/09 10:26] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): people seem to like waterfront. not much on a mountain slope :) so what makes a moutain intereting? activities. good ideas delia :)
[2020/02/09 10:26] Sudane Erato: the focus should be on more rentable parcels
[2020/02/09 10:27] Rosie Gray: yes exactly Sudane
[2020/02/09 10:27] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): yes sudane :)
[2020/02/09 10:27] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): /me agrees with sudane
[2020/02/09 10:27] Delia Lake: agree
[2020/02/09 10:27] Rosie Gray: so I did this drawing for an idea of reparcelling that doesn't disrupt existing road system
[2020/02/09 10:27] Rosie Gray: however, we could in fact do a more extensive terraforming, redo the road
[2020/02/09 10:28] Sudane Erato: i for one like the re-parceling in the map...
[2020/02/09 10:28] Rosie Gray: I don't know if that is of interest to anyone
[2020/02/09 10:28] Sudane Erato: but i agree with Lyu... I wonder if we should consider more and smaller
[2020/02/09 10:28] Rosie Gray: if we want more and smaller, then I really think we need to consider redoing the layout of the roads too
[2020/02/09 10:28] Sudane Erato: Rosie, we can easily re-do the road where needed... and the terra
[2020/02/09 10:29] Rosie Gray: otherwise the parcels become too close together and people don't really like that
[2020/02/09 10:29] Sudane Erato: i agree
[2020/02/09 10:29] Rosie Gray: yes I agree we can
[2020/02/09 10:29] Sudane Erato: not for alpine
[2020/02/09 10:29] Delia Lake: imo people want access without walking or even flying over someone else's land
[2020/02/09 10:30] Rosie Gray: right, not a village idea... but smaller parcels with individual access
[2020/02/09 10:30] Sudane Erato: oh, Delia, we can certainly make the paths and roads
[2020/02/09 10:30] Rosie Gray: yes, so the question becomes are we interested in redoing more than this simpler idea
[2020/02/09 10:30] Sudane Erato: i just re-did the dirt track in the center of the pix... above Pip's place
[2020/02/09 10:30] Rosie Gray: I noticed that, Sudane
[2020/02/09 10:31] Sudane Erato: Rosie, the idea could stay simpler
[2020/02/09 10:31] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): another out there option...AM is double-prim...i love having the prims to use...but since the 30k upgrade...you could reduce AM to single-prim and it would still be 50% more than 6 months ago...and then adjust the pricing to match CN and NFS, also 30k single prim regions, to 5 L$/LI.
[2020/02/09 10:31] Rosie Gray: even doing this much as in the diagram will be quite a lot of terraforming
[2020/02/09 10:31] Sudane Erato: just make smaller and more maybe
[2020/02/09 10:31] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): the intent of this is to make it more affordable...
[2020/02/09 10:32] Sudane Erato: Lyu, if we did that... we'd need to privatize a much higher proportion of the total land area in order to get the same tier
[2020/02/09 10:32] Rosie Gray: I don't care for that idea
[2020/02/09 10:33] Rosie Gray: I like the rural aspect
[2020/02/09 10:33] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): ok. and for smaller parcels, i think the double-prim is even more important, to be able to Do something in the space...
[2020/02/09 10:33] Rosie Gray: more parcels would reduce that effect
[2020/02/09 10:33] Sudane Erato: yeah... the double prim enables shifting the prims to the private parcels
[2020/02/09 10:33] Sudane Erato: and starving the public areas
[2020/02/09 10:33] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): i'm just thinking of a little "affordable housing" cluster using maybe the 1536 space. rest all big and open rural
[2020/02/09 10:33] Sudane Erato: its a purposeful starving
[2020/02/09 10:34] Rosie Gray: we had a little affordable clustering with the 'mews'
[2020/02/09 10:34] Sudane Erato: well, that would be a village then... a cluster
[2020/02/09 10:34] Rosie Gray: but it wasn't appealing
[2020/02/09 10:34] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): oh yes, and it looked like it! :)
[2020/02/09 10:34] Rosie Gray: yes, that would be a village
[2020/02/09 10:35] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): yes villiage. just ideas...give variety, see what works..
[2020/02/09 10:36] Rosie Gray: hmmm, well how does everyone else feel about a little village in AM? I am not in favour myself
[2020/02/09 10:36] Delia Lake: a village has a focal point, a crossroads, a circle/square with a fountain, or some such.
[2020/02/09 10:36] Sudane Erato: well... i think i agree with Rosie... we have enough villages
[2020/02/09 10:37] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): i was thinking, was just telling rosie about the LL blog post for SL Destinations, featuring Kowloon, and the crowd-sourced 100 story tower...maybe a crowd-sourced villiage project? this is th LL blog https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/ ... g-project/
[2020/02/09 10:37] Sudane Erato: AM used to be very popular... it was often quite full. We need to discover what the secret was
[2020/02/09 10:37] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): yes! :)
[2020/02/09 10:37] Delia Lake: yes
[2020/02/09 10:37] Rosie Gray: I still like it a lot
[2020/02/09 10:37] Rosie Gray: that's where I have my largest parcel
[2020/02/09 10:37] Delia Lake: Ido too
[2020/02/09 10:37] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): afk for a bit (i know, you'll miss me! :)
[2020/02/09 10:37] Rosie Gray: I like the mountain river tumbling down
[2020/02/09 10:38] Rosie Gray: and I think... here's another thing I was going to mention for all of our mountain areas...
[2020/02/09 10:38] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): to me, it looks like empty never-ending grass. ok afk for real now :)
[2020/02/09 10:38] Sudane Erato: The natural sections of AM are just stupendous
[2020/02/09 10:39] Rosie Gray: yes they are and there is potential to make them a lot nicer now even, with some of the new Skye trees that you can now set to group for changing season
[2020/02/09 10:39] Rosie Gray: they are so low prim that I think it would be possible to replace some of those older low prim but not great looking woods
[2020/02/09 10:39] Sudane Erato: yes :)
[2020/02/09 10:40] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): good idea
[2020/02/09 10:40] Sudane Erato: I wish the Hayabusa trees would get those convenient scripts... I am addicted to morion
[2020/02/09 10:40] Sudane Erato: *motion
[2020/02/09 10:40] Rosie Gray: I do think that it's important that the plants on public land be controllable for seasons by the group
[2020/02/09 10:41] Rosie Gray: otherwise you end up with such a mishmash of seasons
[2020/02/09 10:41] Sudane Erato: yeah
[2020/02/09 10:41] Delia Lake: yes and it's too hard to change them one by one by one
[2020/02/09 10:41] Rosie Gray: yes
[2020/02/09 10:41] Delia Lake: only a few should be that way
[2020/02/09 10:41] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): /me agrees
[2020/02/09 10:41] Rosie Gray: but with the Skye stuff at least they are an entire copse you change with one touch
[2020/02/09 10:41] Delia Lake: yes
[2020/02/09 10:41] Sudane Erato: yes!
[2020/02/09 10:42] Rosie Gray: so not like Botanical with the HUD, but still very good
[2020/02/09 10:42] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): Are those new threes on the marketplace?
[2020/02/09 10:42] Sudane Erato: same with Botanical
[2020/02/09 10:42] Rosie Gray: yes Mizou
[2020/02/09 10:42] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): am checking
[2020/02/09 10:42] Delia Lake: changing by hud by region is ok too
[2020/02/09 10:42] Emilia Dagostino: entered the region (125.24 m).
[2020/02/09 10:42] Sudane Erato: yes, Skye sells only on the marketplace
[2020/02/09 10:42] Rosie Gray: I think he has given upgrades if you already owned
[2020/02/09 10:42] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i have some yes
[2020/02/09 10:42] Delia Lake: so Rosie and I have the new version
[2020/02/09 10:42] Rosie Gray: yes changing by HUD is great where it's possible to have them rezzed for the group
[2020/02/09 10:43] Rosie Gray: yes and so does Sudane with paths
[2020/02/09 10:43] Rosie Gray: and they are beautiful
[2020/02/09 10:43] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): none of them are transfer?
[2020/02/09 10:43] Sudane Erato: thats right
[2020/02/09 10:43] Rosie Gray: no not transfer
[2020/02/09 10:43] Sudane Erato: hi Emilia!
[2020/02/09 10:43] Rosie Gray: hi Emilia
[2020/02/09 10:43] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): so how do we do that?
[2020/02/09 10:43] Rosie Gray: come on in!
[2020/02/09 10:43] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): Hi emilia
[2020/02/09 10:44] Rosie Gray: well we are using the ones we own personally, and set them to group control
[2020/02/09 10:44] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ok easy
[2020/02/09 10:44] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): Hello everyone, pardon my lateness. :)
[2020/02/09 10:44] Sudane Erato: yes, you can set them to the group control that the prims are set to
[2020/02/09 10:44] Rosie Gray: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10O5 ... sp=sharing
[2020/02/09 10:44] Blendot Zeplin: left the region.
[2020/02/09 10:44] Rosie Gray: here's our Agenda, Emilia
[2020/02/09 10:44] Rosie Gray: we are talking about Alpine Meadow
[2020/02/09 10:45] Rosie Gray: so with these products in mind we can make a really nice realistic rural area with the smaller parcels
[2020/02/09 10:46] Rosie Gray: Emilia, there is a drawing on a board behind you with idea for reparcelling in AM
[2020/02/09 10:46] Rosie Gray: if you can have a look
[2020/02/09 10:47] Rosie Gray: are 3 x 512s enough do you think, or should one more 1024 be broken into 2x512s?
[2020/02/09 10:48] Sudane Erato: maybe try a couple of 256 ?
[2020/02/09 10:48] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I'll have a look, sorry catching up, Rosie. :)
[2020/02/09 10:48] Rosie Gray: oh interesting
[2020/02/09 10:49] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): well, you know I like open space, minimalism.
[2020/02/09 10:49] Sudane Erato: we can see if the smaller ones go faster
[2020/02/09 10:49] Rosie Gray: could try a couple of 256s sure
[2020/02/09 10:49] Rosie Gray: big enough for a campsite I guess
[2020/02/09 10:49] Sudane Erato: also with lots of space around them... like these
[2020/02/09 10:49] Rosie Gray: yes
[2020/02/09 10:49] Delia Lake: forest campsites might be good
[2020/02/09 10:49] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): Yes, i like the open space between them.
[2020/02/09 10:49] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): or a very small wooden house
[2020/02/09 10:50] Rosie Gray: oh one thing.... I designated one fo the 512s for the community centre, which would take it off of the market of course
[2020/02/09 10:50] Sudane Erato: I always like "small" :)
[2020/02/09 10:50] Rosie Gray: is that okay?
[2020/02/09 10:50] Sudane Erato: well, you'll have to
[2020/02/09 10:50] Rosie Gray: or should it be an extra parcel
[2020/02/09 10:50] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I trust your judgement, Rosie.
[2020/02/09 10:51] Rosie Gray: I don't think we have to, it could just be on a public area
[2020/02/09 10:51] Sudane Erato: well, the 512 you have marked now as community center IS public area
[2020/02/09 10:51] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): would these be new parcels for sale, other than the Community Centre?
[2020/02/09 10:51] Sudane Erato: so i would leave it like that
[2020/02/09 10:52] Rosie Gray: it is now, but it is a part of the calculation of space taken from the large parcel
[2020/02/09 10:52] Rosie Gray: so we would be missing 1 512 area from that
[2020/02/09 10:52] Sudane Erato: when you double prim a sim, its best to have only 1 public parcel
[2020/02/09 10:52] Rosie Gray: is it? okay
[2020/02/09 10:52] Rosie Gray: that makes sense
[2020/02/09 10:52] Sudane Erato: cause that's the "bucket" parcel from which the other parcels take the double prims
[2020/02/09 10:53] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/02/09 10:53] Sudane Erato: its so hard to calculate anyway! :)
[2020/02/09 10:53] Sudane Erato: that makes it a bit simpler
[2020/02/09 10:53] Rosie Gray: yes I understand it is
[2020/02/09 10:53] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): Nice distribution, 2 512s, 2 1024s and a 1536.
[2020/02/09 10:54] Rosie Gray: thanks Emilia, and Sudane has suggestd that we make 1 of the 512s into 2x 256
[2020/02/09 10:54] Rosie Gray: for a couple of tiny parcels
[2020/02/09 10:55] Sudane Erato: "smaller" :)
[2020/02/09 10:55] Rosie Gray: yes :D
[2020/02/09 10:55] Sudane Erato: not really tiny :)
[2020/02/09 10:56] Rosie Gray: :)
[2020/02/09 10:56] Rosie Gray: any more thoughts? do we want to go with this concept as discussed?
[2020/02/09 10:56] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): sounds good to me
[2020/02/09 10:56] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): of course, that's more variety even.
[2020/02/09 10:57] Sudane Erato: i think we should go ahead... get whatever approvals needed... and try it
[2020/02/09 10:57] Rosie Gray: well, Emilia agrees and so if we all do then that's the approvals we need
[2020/02/09 10:57] Rosie Gray: /me smiles
[2020/02/09 10:57] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): smiles
[2020/02/09 10:57] Sudane Erato: hehe... ok :)
[2020/02/09 10:59] Rosie Gray: Motion to update reparcelling for Alpine Meadow as described in Rosie's drawing, with exception of creating 2x 256 instead of one of the 512s.
[2020/02/09 10:59] Sudane Erato: second
[2020/02/09 10:59] Rosie Gray: vote
[2020/02/09 10:59] Sudane Erato: aye
[2020/02/09 10:59] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): aye
[2020/02/09 10:59] Rosie Gray: aye
[2020/02/09 10:59] Rosie Gray: /me gives Delia a POKE!
[2020/02/09 10:59] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2020/02/09 11:00] Delia Lake: aya
[2020/02/09 11:00] Delia Lake: aye
[2020/02/09 11:00] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): caught up with my reading, looks nice to me too :)
[2020/02/09 11:00] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): /methinks that Delia is gone to walk her RL dog
[2020/02/09 11:00] Sudane Erato: :)
[2020/02/09 11:00] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): this is not a convenient meeting time for her dog :)
[2020/02/09 11:00] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): lol
[2020/02/09 11:00] Delia Lake: rl dog pokes harder than Rosie does
[2020/02/09 11:00] Rosie Gray: lol
[2020/02/09 11:00] Sudane Erato: invite the dog to the meeting!
[2020/02/09 11:00] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): lol
[2020/02/09 11:01] Rosie Gray: can you vote on the Motion, please Delia?
[2020/02/09 11:01] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): badger won't mind, right Badger? :)
[2020/02/09 11:01] Sudane Erato: she did!
[2020/02/09 11:01] Rosie Gray: oh!
[2020/02/09 11:01] Rosie Gray: yes sorry I missed that
[2020/02/09 11:01] Rosie Gray: okay motion carried
[2020/02/09 11:01] Sudane Erato: great!
[2020/02/09 11:01] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): excellent!
[2020/02/09 11:02] Rosie Gray: thank you for being here Emilia, for approval of this!
[2020/02/09 11:02] Rosie Gray: makes things go a lot faster
[2020/02/09 11:02] Rosie Gray: List of public spaces, what they are intended for and how people can register to use them (Delia)
[2020/02/09 11:02] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I'm so glad i could be here too, thanks! :)
[2020/02/09 11:02] Rosie Gray: oh... sorry before we move on
[2020/02/09 11:02] Rosie Gray: we should have Mizou tell about her bridge for AM
[2020/02/09 11:03] Sudane Erato: oh!... yes!
[2020/02/09 11:03] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): Ok i have been working on replacing the bridges and first one is the 'Old Alexicon bridge'
[2020/02/09 11:03] Sudane Erato: great :)
[2020/02/09 11:04] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): which i just finished today, using bridge building pieces from Jammin and changed the textures with my own in the 3 different maps
[2020/02/09 11:04] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): so it is ready for placement
[2020/02/09 11:04] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i just have one question
[2020/02/09 11:04] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): The old one had 4 'balls' as decoration
[2020/02/09 11:05] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i found similar mesh decoration but it pushes up the Li to quite a bit more from 22 to 40 isch
[2020/02/09 11:05] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): so i just want to know the amount of Li allowed for each bridge
[2020/02/09 11:05] Rosie Gray: why don't you just use prim balls?
[2020/02/09 11:05] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): hmmmm ... :(
[2020/02/09 11:06] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): the one i found has decorations on the actual ball
[2020/02/09 11:06] Rosie Gray: nothing wrong with mixing mesh and non-mesh
[2020/02/09 11:06] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i had to add 2 feet in prims already to reach the river in the middle
[2020/02/09 11:06] Sudane Erato: i would do whatever your aesthetic judgment dictates
[2020/02/09 11:06] Sudane Erato: I do :)
[2020/02/09 11:06] Rosie Gray: I agree with Sudane
[2020/02/09 11:06] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): if it's pretty... :)
[2020/02/09 11:06] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ok so if it goes to 40 Li tht is ok?
[2020/02/09 11:06] Sudane Erato: hehe... exactly :)
[2020/02/09 11:07] Rosie Gray: how many is the existing bridge?
[2020/02/09 11:07] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i have no idea, I think it is made in bits and pieces
[2020/02/09 11:07] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): not linked
[2020/02/09 11:07] Rosie Gray: I am not sure that almost doubling the LI for a few balls is worth it
[2020/02/09 11:07] Rosie Gray: since you can do quite a lot with 20 LI these days
[2020/02/09 11:08] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ok
[2020/02/09 11:08] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i can look for another decorations on the market
[2020/02/09 11:08] Rosie Gray: maybe some other kind of decoration?
[2020/02/09 11:08] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): snap Rosie!
[2020/02/09 11:08] Rosie Gray: ;)
[2020/02/09 11:08] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ok will do that
[2020/02/09 11:08] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): so on the placement of the bridge, do I need a permission ?
[2020/02/09 11:08] Delia Lake: a troll under one of the bridges?
[2020/02/09 11:09] Sudane Erato: lol yes :)
[2020/02/09 11:09] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): oh yes why not Delia lol
[2020/02/09 11:09] Delia Lake: lol
[2020/02/09 11:09] Rosie Gray: hehehe
[2020/02/09 11:09] Sudane Erato: definiely needss a troll :)
[2020/02/09 11:09] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): the top one which will be in wood
[2020/02/09 11:09] Rosie Gray: I think you can go ahead and place it, Mizou
[2020/02/09 11:09] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): so we can say "Who is that walking on my bridge..." when passing over it
[2020/02/09 11:09] Rosie Gray: ahahah
[2020/02/09 11:09] Delia Lake: hehe
[2020/02/09 11:09] Sudane Erato: haha... yes :)
[2020/02/09 11:09] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ok will do that later on today
[2020/02/09 11:09] Rosie Gray: well that would be fun once
[2020/02/09 11:10] Rosie Gray: but could get to be annoying if it was all the time
[2020/02/09 11:10] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): for the top one in wood, i was thinking of buying the Alex Bader one
[2020/02/09 11:10] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): forgive me, but we could also put a CDS donation jar at or in the troll ^^
[2020/02/09 11:10] Sudane Erato: hehe... yes :)
[2020/02/09 11:10] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): good idea
[2020/02/09 11:11] Sudane Erato: give a donation... avoid being eaten... perfect!
[2020/02/09 11:11] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): if people are not scared to approach him
[2020/02/09 11:11] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): lol
[2020/02/09 11:11] Rosie Gray: heheh
[2020/02/09 11:11] Rosie Gray: is there a way to prevent it from spamming though?
[2020/02/09 11:11] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): thats all for me
[2020/02/09 11:11] Rosie Gray: so it would ask once, but not again?
[2020/02/09 11:11] Sudane Erato: once per what?
[2020/02/09 11:11] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): possibly would need some kind of script
[2020/02/09 11:12] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): you can use a greeter script..i have some...that keep a database and only greet once (until you reset the script)
[2020/02/09 11:12] Rosie Gray: what you were just talking about
[2020/02/09 11:12] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): once per day to scare the passers by
[2020/02/09 11:12] Rosie Gray: oh there you go, Lyubov knows how
[2020/02/09 11:12] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): good one
[2020/02/09 11:12] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): yes, i can help mizou :) it can spam one or many times :)
[2020/02/09 11:12] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): is it free Lyubov?
[2020/02/09 11:13] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): thanks
[2020/02/09 11:13] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): i'll check :)
[2020/02/09 11:13] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): first i need to find the troll
[2020/02/09 11:13] Sudane Erato: we should reset the script each night... get lots of donations :)
[2020/02/09 11:13] Rosie Gray: haha, how about once a week?
[2020/02/09 11:13] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): reset the words?
[2020/02/09 11:13] Rosie Gray: no, reset if it spams you
[2020/02/09 11:14] Rosie Gray: but wouldn't it be fun to have something that changes once in a while... would take committment from you Mizou to manage it though
[2020/02/09 11:14] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): sure
[2020/02/09 11:14] Rosie Gray: okay think we can move on now... we are done with the bridge?
[2020/02/09 11:14] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): i love it, people might get used to checking for updated messages. :)
[2020/02/09 11:14] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes done with the bridge
[2020/02/09 11:15] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2020/02/09 11:15] Rosie Gray: List of public spaces, what they are intended for and how people can register to use them (Delia)
[2020/02/09 11:15] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): /me nods
[2020/02/09 11:15] Delia Lake: I'd like to pass people the NFS public venues and spaces notecard. The others aren't finished yet but I want people to have an idea of what they will be like.
[2020/02/09 11:15] Sudane Erato: great!
[2020/02/09 11:15] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ok
[2020/02/09 11:15] Rosie Gray: great!
[2020/02/09 11:15] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): yes, please!
[2020/02/09 11:16] Second Life: Delia Lake gave you CDS Public Venues and Event Spaces_NFS.
[2020/02/09 11:17] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): wonderful delia, ty!
[2020/02/09 11:17] Rosie Gray: thank you Delia
[2020/02/09 11:17] Sudane Erato: wow... this is great!
[2020/02/09 11:17] Delia Lake: thank you
[2020/02/09 11:18] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): i love it, Delia :)
[2020/02/09 11:18] Delia Lake: I have a lighter schedule for work this week so should be able to finish all fo them
[2020/02/09 11:18] Sudane Erato: can these be pages on the website too?
[2020/02/09 11:19] Sudane Erato: with the SLURLS
[2020/02/09 11:19] Delia Lake: yes
[2020/02/09 11:19] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): Yes, good for location descriptions too?
[2020/02/09 11:19] Rosie Gray: yes really nice descriptions, Delia
[2020/02/09 11:20] Delia Lake: I thought descriptions would help people realize they want to use the spaces :)
[2020/02/09 11:20] Rosie Gray: and that they can use them!
[2020/02/09 11:20] Sudane Erato: yes!... they're very compelling :)
[2020/02/09 11:21] Delia Lake: a couple of things I discovered. First, we don't have a board for chancellor being online. we do for the RA and for the EMs but it would help for people to be able to easily contact the chancellor
[2020/02/09 11:21] Sudane Erato: we could easily do that
[2020/02/09 11:22] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ok i can make a board and Sudane adds the script
[2020/02/09 11:22] Sudane Erato: yes
[2020/02/09 11:22] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): same board as I used for the others
[2020/02/09 11:22] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): Sure! I just have the 1 artizan pole at Bauhaus F08, but a public board might be better in central location.
[2020/02/09 11:22] Sudane Erato: Rudeen has the "person-panels"
[2020/02/09 11:22] Delia Lake: second is, and I didn't look until recently, but I thought that the upstairs of the Rathaus had furniture that could be rezzed. I didn't see anything there now
[2020/02/09 11:23] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): ...almost went upstairs this past week, but didn't. ...had'nt actually noticed.
[2020/02/09 11:24] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes it has Delia
[2020/02/09 11:24] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): there are button on the walls
[2020/02/09 11:24] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): for panels to add things to it
[2020/02/09 11:24] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): but nobody has used them so far
[2020/02/09 11:24] Rosie Gray: just like the buttons downstairs for the snow/flowers/lights
[2020/02/09 11:25] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/02/09 11:25] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): light button on each floor
[2020/02/09 11:25] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): if you need more furniture i can surely add something
[2020/02/09 11:25] Delia Lake: I saw the chandelier button but not furniture button
[2020/02/09 11:25] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): hmm
[2020/02/09 11:25] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): i ll check again
[2020/02/09 11:25] Delia Lake: I could have just missed it
[2020/02/09 11:26] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): what kind of furniture would you like?
[2020/02/09 11:26] Rosie Gray: is there a reason to have furniture rezzed if nobody is using the space?
[2020/02/09 11:26] Delia Lake: I remember we tested it out a long time ago
[2020/02/09 11:26] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): there is the table chairs and media board
[2020/02/09 11:26] Delia Lake: no one knows the space is there right now I think
[2020/02/09 11:26] Delia Lake: that's on the top floor
[2020/02/09 11:26] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): no :(
[2020/02/09 11:26] Rosie Gray: maybe we could meet there next time
[2020/02/09 11:26] Rosie Gray: for a change
[2020/02/09 11:27] Delia Lake: :)
[2020/02/09 11:27] Sudane Erato: sure!
[2020/02/09 11:27] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): /me nods
[2020/02/09 11:27] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): we could, that would make Mizou ver happy lol
[2020/02/09 11:27] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I don't know why i don't recall going upstairs in a long time, if ever.
[2020/02/09 11:27] Sudane Erato: its been years since we've had a meeting in the Rathaus
[2020/02/09 11:27] Sudane Erato: we once had all the meetings there... in the old one
[2020/02/09 11:27] Rosie Gray: well let's do it then!
[2020/02/09 11:28] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes!
[2020/02/09 11:28] Rosie Gray: and re the notecards, I think Lyubov has many uses for these descriptions and LMs for marketing
[2020/02/09 11:29] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): oh Yes! <3
[2020/02/09 11:29] Rosie Gray: anything more on this item?
[2020/02/09 11:30] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): Well, yes, i received an excellent proposal or statement from Lyubvov regarding this very topic as part of her Advertising and Marketing plan.
[2020/02/09 11:31] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/02/09 11:31] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): :)
[2020/02/09 11:32] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I will let her announce it at her discretion, but suffice to say it does strive to describe and distribute these descriptions and updated photos of our sims. :)
[2020/02/09 11:32] Sudane Erato: sounds great!
[2020/02/09 11:33] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): well yes, as rosie said...for the website, info for new visitors...also make sure delia's places are in our paid Search and work to get them into the Destination Guide... :D
[2020/02/09 11:33] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): *as Emila siad...
[2020/02/09 11:33] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): Thanks you for the summary, Lyubov.
[2020/02/09 11:34] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/02/09 11:34] Rosie Gray: Delia, do you think you will have the rest done within the next couple of weeks?
[2020/02/09 11:35] Delia Lake: yes
[2020/02/09 11:35] Rosie Gray: excellent
[2020/02/09 11:35] Rosie Gray: okay I think we can move on then to New Business
[2020/02/09 11:35] Rosie Gray: Update from members
[2020/02/09 11:36] Sudane Erato: Re Cathy
[2020/02/09 11:36] Rosie Gray: firstly, I am concerned that Cathy hasn't been coming, is now overdue on her tier and thus not a citizen currently
[2020/02/09 11:36] Sudane Erato: last week I had a few emails back and forth with her
[2020/02/09 11:36] Rosie Gray: did you?
[2020/02/09 11:36] Sudane Erato: had nothing to do with CDS
[2020/02/09 11:36] Sudane Erato: she was seeking space to work on a rl project
[2020/02/09 11:37] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/02/09 11:37] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I haven't heard back from my last email to her a couple of weeks ago.
[2020/02/09 11:37] Sudane Erato: I expressed how happy i was to hear from her... hoped she was ok
[2020/02/09 11:37] Rosie Gray: I haven't either
[2020/02/09 11:37] Sudane Erato: but she didn't seem to respond to that
[2020/02/09 11:37] Sudane Erato: and then...
[2020/02/09 11:37] Sudane Erato: I haven't heard any more
[2020/02/09 11:37] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): hmm RL space for project...doesn't sound like CDS is an interest then
[2020/02/09 11:38] Sudane Erato: so... she's definitely around
[2020/02/09 11:38] Rosie Gray: sounds like she is okay too
[2020/02/09 11:38] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I hope she's continuing to make progress rl, and she did mention a project came up suddenly as her setback happened.,and didn't hear more
[2020/02/09 11:38] Sudane Erato: yeahh... it sounded like she's ok
[2020/02/09 11:38] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): yes, RL ok is the most important
[2020/02/09 11:38] Sudane Erato: but again... no engagement about anything here
[2020/02/09 11:38] Sudane Erato: was actually very strange
[2020/02/09 11:39] Sudane Erato: i was so happy to hear from her
[2020/02/09 11:39] Rosie Gray: however, she is not currently a citizen in good standing, and also didn't say anything to any of us about this group or CDS or SL even
[2020/02/09 11:39] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I think she meant to retire from her active duty here, and expressed that almost from the start.
[2020/02/09 11:39] Sudane Erato: but... *shrug*
[2020/02/09 11:39] Sudane Erato: oh, i didn't know that
[2020/02/09 11:39] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): It was alluded to in her very first message to me, about her possible medical event.
[2020/02/09 11:39] Delia Lake: I didn't know that either.
[2020/02/09 11:40] Sudane Erato: so then we WOULD need to replace her
[2020/02/09 11:40] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): oh? she was volunteering for a log: secretary, building projects...
[2020/02/09 11:40] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): *lot
[2020/02/09 11:40] Rosie Gray: I didn't know that either
[2020/02/09 11:40] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I could find it, but i'm pretty sure she actually struggled to type that she had to step back from her duties.
[2020/02/09 11:40] Rosie Gray: she didn't say anything at all about it
[2020/02/09 11:40] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): and i don't think she's logged back in.
[2020/02/09 11:40] Delia Lake: oh dear
[2020/02/09 11:40] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): but this isn't the first time that she disappears?
[2020/02/09 11:40] Rosie Gray: /me nods at Mizou
[2020/02/09 11:41] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): well, i am sure if she can return and wants to resume her activities, as a citizen, she could return. but for now, i don't think she is a qualified member of the LUC, right rosie?
[2020/02/09 11:41] Rosie Gray: she logged in yesterday
[2020/02/09 11:41] Rosie Gray: yes that's correct, Lyubov
[2020/02/09 11:41] Rosie Gray: which is what my point was about
[2020/02/09 11:42] Rosie Gray: so, luckily for us Emilia is here and can represent herself ㋡
[2020/02/09 11:42] Sudane Erato: Cathy was last in world yesterday
[2020/02/09 11:42] Rosie Gray: unless he has someone else in mind
[2020/02/09 11:43] Rosie Gray: what do you think, Emilia?
[2020/02/09 11:43] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): ok, great, i hadn't noticed or heard from her.
[2020/02/09 11:45] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I will be my own representative for now, and hope to make most of the LUC meetings if they can be on Sundays? or after SL 3pm on other days, although week days are not optimal.
[2020/02/09 11:45] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): that's the family and kids shouting, that i saw running about the biergarten :)
[2020/02/09 11:45] Rosie Gray: Sudane pretty much needs weekends too I think
[2020/02/09 11:45] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): smiles
[2020/02/09 11:46] Sudane Erato: Yeah... I can only do weekends...
[2020/02/09 11:46] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): same here preferably
[2020/02/09 11:46] Delia Lake: weekdays would be tough for me. Even when I'm inworld I'm only half here at the most during the weekday
[2020/02/09 11:47] Rosie Gray: so weekends it is
[2020/02/09 11:49] Rosie Gray: so, I don't think there is any reason that the Chancellor can't be her own representative and a formal member of the LUC. What do you all think?
[2020/02/09 11:49] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): Is there a volunteer or designee for LUC Scribe, another of Cathy's roles?
[2020/02/09 11:50] Sudane Erato: only Lil would know for sure :)
[2020/02/09 11:50] Rosie Gray: Mizou has kindly offered to take on the role of scribe
[2020/02/09 11:50] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): awesome, and thank you Mizou!
[2020/02/09 11:50] Sudane Erato: ty Mizou! :)
[2020/02/09 11:50] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/02/09 11:50] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): yay! mizou is Very good! :D
[2020/02/09 11:50] Rosie Gray: yes she is!
[2020/02/09 11:50] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): wow, great, we can do this. :)
[2020/02/09 11:51] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes i enjoyed writing it
[2020/02/09 11:51] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): wonderful, thanks! :)
[2020/02/09 11:51] Rosie Gray: well, we can ask Lilith if she sees any reason that the Chancellor can't be her own rep
[2020/02/09 11:52] Rosie Gray: or, maybe someone else likes to do that for her, and of course she can still come to the meetings anyway
[2020/02/09 11:53] Rosie Gray: okay think we are good with this topic :)
[2020/02/09 11:53] Rosie Gray: let's give our updates
[2020/02/09 11:53] Delia Lake: the only problem I see is if for some reason the chancellor LUC member would have to overrule herself on a decision
[2020/02/09 11:53] Rosie Gray: hahah, yes Delia :D
[2020/02/09 11:54] Rosie Gray: Mizou, do you want to start with anything else for this group?
[2020/02/09 11:54] Rosie Gray: /me gives Mizou a POKE!
[2020/02/09 11:54] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): euhh
[2020/02/09 11:54] Rosie Gray: hehe
[2020/02/09 11:54] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): sorry rl took over for a minute
[2020/02/09 11:54] Rosie Gray: np
[2020/02/09 11:55] Rosie Gray: do you have anything else for updating our group?
[2020/02/09 11:55] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): what is expected of me?
[2020/02/09 11:55] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): beautiful bridges? :)
[2020/02/09 11:55] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): /me is falling out of the sky
[2020/02/09 11:55] Rosie Gray: yes you are working on bridges
[2020/02/09 11:55] Rosie Gray: which is great
[2020/02/09 11:55] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): yes beautiful bridges
[2020/02/09 11:55] Rosie Gray: so just anything else?
[2020/02/09 11:55] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): and preparing minutes for LUC meetings?
[2020/02/09 11:55] Rosie Gray: and if not, that's okay
[2020/02/09 11:56] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): not for the moment, as I am motivating myself to build again
[2020/02/09 11:56] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): or is it a transcript?
[2020/02/09 11:56] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): scribe and bridges for the moment
[2020/02/09 11:56] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/02/09 11:56] Rosie Gray: okay then thank you
[2020/02/09 11:56] Rosie Gray: Sudane, please?
[2020/02/09 11:56] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): and don't overwork, enjoy life! :)
[2020/02/09 11:56] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): :)
[2020/02/09 11:56] Sudane Erato: oh
[2020/02/09 11:56] Sudane Erato: yes
[2020/02/09 11:57] Sudane Erato: I'm slowly getting back on my update CN buildings project... FINALLY
[2020/02/09 11:57] Rosie Gray: oh yay!
[2020/02/09 11:57] Sudane Erato: so thats what i'm focossed on
[2020/02/09 11:57] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/02/09 11:57] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): awesome, Sudane :)
[2020/02/09 11:57] Sudane Erato: the scripts for the census are working pretty well.... so thats complete
[2020/02/09 11:58] Sudane Erato: and i'd love to finish the CN work
[2020/02/09 11:58] Sudane Erato: and get back to densifying NFS
[2020/02/09 11:58] Sudane Erato: so thats it
[2020/02/09 11:58] Sudane Erato: done
[2020/02/09 11:58] Rosie Gray: thank you Sudane
[2020/02/09 11:59] Rosie Gray: Delia, how about you?
[2020/02/09 11:59] Delia Lake: changeover to spring will start next weekend :)
[2020/02/09 11:59] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): yay!!!! :D
[2020/02/09 11:59] Rosie Gray: oh nice
[2020/02/09 11:59] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): somehow i'm ready :)
[2020/02/09 11:59] Rosie Gray: /me is getting tired of winter
[2020/02/09 11:59] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): Thank you, Delia! I'd love to see some melt...
[2020/02/09 11:59] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): Phil the groundhog said "early spring" so let's get to it! :)
[2020/02/09 12:00] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): /me agrees to see more green
[2020/02/09 12:00] Rosie Gray: looking forward to that Delia
[2020/02/09 12:00] Rosie Gray: are you done?
[2020/02/09 12:00] Delia Lake: yes done
[2020/02/09 12:00] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2020/02/09 12:01] Rosie Gray: I will work on the reparcelling of AM in the next week
[2020/02/09 12:01] Rosie Gray: and continue with the updating of normals and speculars on the Schloss
[2020/02/09 12:02] Rosie Gray: sorry it takes so long, there are a LOT of textures and every surface needs adjustment
[2020/02/09 12:02] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): very nice, Rosie!
[2020/02/09 12:02] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/02/09 12:02] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): yes a lot of work but tysm!
[2020/02/09 12:02] Rosie Gray: done
[2020/02/09 12:02] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I hope you find it meditative.
[2020/02/09 12:02] Rosie Gray: Emilia, do you have anything to share with the group?
[2020/02/09 12:02] Rosie Gray: oh sort of, yes ㋡
[2020/02/09 12:04] Sudane Erato: sadly, i must run.... hoping to meet in 2 weeks time in the Rathaus :)
[2020/02/09 12:04] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I'm so glad to join you all here today. Don't forget next Sunday at 9am is Government Question Hour, at the Cancellor's Office, and then the Valentine event with Zoree Jupiter at the Thermae a bit later in the day, at 12pm SL. Thank you all for the dedication to our land.
[2020/02/09 12:04] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): Yes, see you there, Sudane!
[2020/02/09 12:05] Rosie Gray: okay thanks Sudane
[2020/02/09 12:05] Rosie Gray: bye
[2020/02/09 12:05] Sudane Erato: left the region.
[2020/02/09 12:05] Rosie Gray: thanks Emilia
[2020/02/09 12:05] Rosie Gray: isn't that event today though?
[2020/02/09 12:05] Rosie Gray: think it is
[2020/02/09 12:05] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): done, thanks
[2020/02/09 12:05] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): thanks Emilia
[2020/02/09 12:05] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): the Thermae? hmmm...help me.
[2020/02/09 12:06] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): yes, Thermae today 1300
[2020/02/09 12:06] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/02/09 12:06] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): wow!
[2020/02/09 12:06] Rosie Gray: which I will have to miss as RL is calling
[2020/02/09 12:06] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): had it written down for 16th... thanks for the Correction! ^^
[2020/02/09 12:06] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): night time for me
[2020/02/09 12:06] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/02/09 12:06] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): 16th just GQA :) Thermae *today* :)
[2020/02/09 12:07] Rosie Gray: Lyubov, do you have anything to share?
[2020/02/09 12:07] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): I'll try to catch some too but i need rl break.
[2020/02/09 12:07] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): no, i think i have talked enough already for today! :D looking forward to more of Delia's public places list and to Spring! and love the continuing work on AM ty :D
[2020/02/09 12:08] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/02/09 12:08] Rosie Gray: and Badger, who has kindly joined us but never says anything!
[2020/02/09 12:08] Rosie Gray: do you have anything to share with us?
[2020/02/09 12:08] badgerofzen Resident: :)
[2020/02/09 12:09] badgerofzen Resident: no nothing to share
[2020/02/09 12:09] Rosie Gray: okay
[2020/02/09 12:09] Rosie Gray: well hope you find the meetings interesting anyway
[2020/02/09 12:09] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/02/09 12:10] Rosie Gray: let's set the next meeting date
[2020/02/09 12:10] Rosie Gray: Sudane suggested in 2 weeks
[2020/02/09 12:10] Rosie Gray: which would be the 23rd
[2020/02/09 12:10] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): ok
[2020/02/09 12:10] Rosie Gray: how is that for everyone?
[2020/02/09 12:10] Delia Lake: I think so
[2020/02/09 12:11] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): just a note:
[2020/02/09 12:11] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): same time?
[2020/02/09 12:11] Rosie Gray: same time works for me
[2020/02/09 12:11] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): Yes, thanks
[2020/02/09 12:11] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): that will also be the same timeframe as the next RA meeting...which is fine...but if the RA wants to do a weekend, we might need to adjust...or stay with our weekday schedule (for RA)
[2020/02/09 12:11] Rosie Gray: hmmm
[2020/02/09 12:12] Rosie Gray: I can't handle 2 meetings in a day
[2020/02/09 12:12] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): agree
[2020/02/09 12:12] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): even 2 days of 1 meeting each
[2020/02/09 12:12] Rosie Gray: we could go 3 weeks for the LUC instead
[2020/02/09 12:12] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): sure
[2020/02/09 12:12] Rosie Gray: and make it March 1st instead
[2020/02/09 12:13] Lyubov (20180414 Resident): again, not sure if the RA even can do a weekend next time, just a consideration...
[2020/02/09 12:13] Delia Lake: we'll have full spring by then
[2020/02/09 12:13] Rosie Gray: I think we would be fine to wait 3 weeks
[2020/02/09 12:13] Rosie Gray: we've all got things to do
[2020/02/09 12:13] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): indeed :)
[2020/02/09 12:13] Rosie Gray: does March 1st work for you, Delia, and you Emilia?
[2020/02/09 12:13] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): yes, i hope so :)
[2020/02/09 12:14] Rosie Gray: okay, Motion for the next meeting to be held Sunday March 1, 10 am slt
[2020/02/09 12:15] Rosie Gray: can we have a second?
[2020/02/09 12:15] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): second
[2020/02/09 12:15] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2020/02/09 12:15] Rosie Gray: vote
[2020/02/09 12:15] Rosie Gray: aye
[2020/02/09 12:15] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): aye
[2020/02/09 12:15] Rosie Gray: Delia?
[2020/02/09 12:15] Rosie Gray: I think we are all fading fast and need to be finished
[2020/02/09 12:15] Mizou (Mizou Vavoom): :)
[2020/02/09 12:16] Rosie Gray: okay... she's gone
[2020/02/09 12:16] Rosie Gray: let's call it that day and time
[2020/02/09 12:16] Rosie Gray: and adjourn
[2020/02/09 12:16] Emilia Dagostino (emilia Avindar): yes, agreed. :)
[2020/02/09 12:16] Delia Lake: yes adjourn
'Egidius, waer bestu bleven, mi lanct na di, gheselle mijn. Du coors die doot, du liets mi tleven. Dat was gheselscap, goet ende fijn.'
Gruuthuuse-handschrift -circa 1400
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