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3 - 1, LUC Transcript

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3 - 1, LUC Transcript
LUC members: Rosie Gray - chairperson, Delia Lake, Sudane Erato, Mizou Vavoom - Absent - Pip Torok
Guests: Almut, CDS chairperson - Emilia

[2020/03/01 09:55] Almut Brunswick: Goedenavond :D
[2020/03/01 09:55] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Goedenavond Almut, welkom
[2020/03/01 09:56] Almut Brunswick: Bedankt :D
[2020/03/01 09:57] Rosie Gray: hi Almut ㋡
[2020/03/01 09:57] Almut Brunswick: Hello Rosie:D
[2020/03/01 09:57] Rosie Gray: bit of a change from yesterday's activity hmmm!
[2020/03/01 09:58] Almut Brunswick: laughs yes
[2020/03/01 09:58] Rosie Gray: here comes the orange cloud we call Sudane!
[2020/03/01 09:58] Almut Brunswick: Hello Sudane
[2020/03/01 09:58] Sudane Erato: hehe... hi :)
[2020/03/01 09:58] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi sudane
[2020/03/01 09:59] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Do we need more chairs?
[2020/03/01 09:59] Rosie Gray: hopefully we have a few more arrive
[2020/03/01 09:59] Sudane Erato: probably
[2020/03/01 09:59] Rosie Gray: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_F0 ... sp=sharing
[2020/03/01 10:01] Rosie Gray: oh good, Delia ㋡
[2020/03/01 10:01] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): No, Sudane :) I was trying to add the meeting agenda to the media but it keeps reverting to the portal
[2020/03/01 10:01] Almut Brunswick: "I Never Promised You Rosie's Garden" :)
[2020/03/01 10:01] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2020/03/01 10:01] Delia Lake: Hi :)
[2020/03/01 10:01] Rosie Gray: lol
[2020/03/01 10:01] Rosie Gray: hi Delia
[2020/03/01 10:01] Almut Brunswick: Hello Delia
[2020/03/01 10:01] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Lol
[2020/03/01 10:02] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): HI Delia
[2020/03/01 10:02] Sudane Erato: hi! :)
[2020/03/01 10:04] Rosie Gray: okay, seeing as it it after 10, I call this meeting to order
[2020/03/01 10:04] Rosie Gray: does anyone have anything they'd like to add to the Agenda?
[2020/03/01 10:04] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): not me
[2020/03/01 10:05] Rosie Gray: okay ㋡
[2020/03/01 10:05] Rosie Gray: Can we have a motion to accept the Agenda?
[2020/03/01 10:05] Sudane Erato: hmmm... perhaps the terrain tex problem that I've been talking with Delia about?
[2020/03/01 10:05] Rosie Gray: oh, okay
[2020/03/01 10:05] Delia Lake: aye to the agenda and to Sudane's request
[2020/03/01 10:05] Sudane Erato: otherwise... its great, and I move
[2020/03/01 10:06] Rosie Gray: I've just added it under New Business
[2020/03/01 10:06] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2020/03/01 10:06] Sudane Erato: perfect
[2020/03/01 10:06] Rosie Gray: hi Emilia ㋡
[2020/03/01 10:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi emilia
[2020/03/01 10:06] Sudane Erato: hi!
[2020/03/01 10:06] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): hello :)
[2020/03/01 10:06] Rosie Gray: have a seat
[2020/03/01 10:06] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): thanks for the tp, mizou :)
[2020/03/01 10:06] Rosie Gray: do we have a second?
[2020/03/01 10:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): welcome :) i heard you struggling
[2020/03/01 10:06] Sudane Erato: Mizou, you're behind your chair on the floor?
[2020/03/01 10:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): nooo, lol i am on my chair sitting pretty lol
[2020/03/01 10:07] Almut Brunswick: She is looking for her contact lens
[2020/03/01 10:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/03/01 10:07] Rosie Gray: I see her on her chair ㋡
[2020/03/01 10:07] Rosie Gray: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_F0 ... sp=sharing
[2020/03/01 10:07] Rosie Gray: Emilia, that's the Agenda link
[2020/03/01 10:07] Sudane Erato: oh!.... looks different to me... very strange!
[2020/03/01 10:07] Rosie Gray: let's vote to accept the Agenda
[2020/03/01 10:07] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): thanks, Rosie
[2020/03/01 10:07] Rosie Gray: aye
[2020/03/01 10:08] Sudane Erato: aye
[2020/03/01 10:08] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/03/01 10:08] Rosie Gray: Delia?
[2020/03/01 10:08] Rosie Gray: /me tries to give Delia a POKE!
[2020/03/01 10:09] Delia Lake: I did in advance, lol, so aye again
[2020/03/01 10:09] Rosie Gray: oh sorry, didn't see
[2020/03/01 10:09] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2020/03/01 10:09] Rosie Gray: has everyone seen the Minutes?
[2020/03/01 10:09] Rosie Gray: we need a motion to approve them please
[2020/03/01 10:10] Sudane Erato: so move
[2020/03/01 10:10] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2020/03/01 10:10] Rosie Gray: a second?
[2020/03/01 10:10] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): second
[2020/03/01 10:10] Rosie Gray: any discussion?
[2020/03/01 10:10] Rosie Gray: seeing none, let's vote
[2020/03/01 10:10] Rosie Gray: aye
[2020/03/01 10:10] Sudane Erato: aye
[2020/03/01 10:10] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/03/01 10:11] Rosie Gray: ahem
[2020/03/01 10:11] Sudane Erato: :)
[2020/03/01 10:11] Rosie Gray: /me looks meaningfully at Delia
[2020/03/01 10:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/03/01 10:11] Delia Lake: aye
[2020/03/01 10:11] Rosie Gray: :D
[2020/03/01 10:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/03/01 10:11] Rosie Gray: thank you, motion carried
[2020/03/01 10:12] Rosie Gray: right, the AM updates
[2020/03/01 10:12] Rosie Gray: terraforming and reparcelling done, parcels set for sale
[2020/03/01 10:12] Sudane Erato: yay!
[2020/03/01 10:12] Rosie Gray: yay!
[2020/03/01 10:13] Rosie Gray: and I have started on a community centre to be made of logs
[2020/03/01 10:13] Sudane Erato: Rosie, they look great!
[2020/03/01 10:13] Delia Lake: yay
[2020/03/01 10:13] Sudane Erato: the parcels
[2020/03/01 10:13] Rosie Gray: Mizou, would you like to give us an update on the bridges?
[2020/03/01 10:13] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[2020/03/01 10:13] Rosie Gray: thanks Sudane ㋡
[2020/03/01 10:13] Delia Lake: I really like the new paths too, Rosie
[2020/03/01 10:13] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Ok two bridges are done
[2020/03/01 10:14] Sudane Erato: and they look great too!
[2020/03/01 10:14] Rosie Gray: thanks Delia
[2020/03/01 10:14] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): the old alexicon one and the top one below the wooden one
[2020/03/01 10:14] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I hope to get two done by next time
[2020/03/01 10:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I have also added some paths around my land on DT1
[2020/03/01 10:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): for anyone in the LV grop to change textures
[2020/03/01 10:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): *group
[2020/03/01 10:16] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): and made a copy for the chancellor board and passed it to Sudane , thats me done
[2020/03/01 10:17] Rosie Gray: thanks Mizou
[2020/03/01 10:17] Sudane Erato: Yes, Rudeen has those set up... look great
[2020/03/01 10:17] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/03/01 10:17] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes Rudeen i forgot
[2020/03/01 10:17] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/03/01 10:17] Rosie Gray: :D
[2020/03/01 10:17] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Everything i've had a chance to see; bridges, walkways, waterfall...Alpine Meadow is like a whole new place. Thank you Mizou and Rosie for the improvements and if I can cover cost out of Infrastructure Budget, i would like to be advised as needed, thanks.
[2020/03/01 10:17] Rosie Gray: thank you Emilia
[2020/03/01 10:17] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I am good for finances but thanks
[2020/03/01 10:18] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): smiles, apologizes for some afk, making dinner..
[2020/03/01 10:18] Rosie Gray: now we just need for people to come and buy a parcel!
[2020/03/01 10:18] Delia Lake: YES!
[2020/03/01 10:18] Rosie Gray: :D
[2020/03/01 10:18] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): totally!
[2020/03/01 10:18] Sudane Erato: Well, the first 3 are now occupied
[2020/03/01 10:19] Rosie Gray: is there anything else about AM that we should talk about?
[2020/03/01 10:19] Sudane Erato: below the walls
[2020/03/01 10:19] Rosie Gray: maybe we need an announcement about the new parcels?
[2020/03/01 10:19] Sudane Erato: yes!
[2020/03/01 10:19] Rosie Gray: wouldn't hurt anyway
[2020/03/01 10:19] Rosie Gray: but
[2020/03/01 10:20] Rosie Gray: perhaps we should get the Covenant finalized first as there are some important updates
[2020/03/01 10:20] Delia Lake: I agree, Rosie.
[2020/03/01 10:20] Rosie Gray: perhaps the covenant should have been on the Agenda as a separate item, sorry about that
[2020/03/01 10:20] Rosie Gray: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9385
[2020/03/01 10:21] Rosie Gray: here is the work so far on the covenant
[2020/03/01 10:21] Delia Lake: It's too hard to have changes right after someone has bought with a different understanding of what the rules are
[2020/03/01 10:21] Rosie Gray: there's some more to do though
[2020/03/01 10:21] Rosie Gray: I meant to add some more about the existing parcels as they are not separate, as the new ones are
[2020/03/01 10:22] Rosie Gray: any more comments about the covenant?
[2020/03/01 10:23] Sudane Erato: not from me
[2020/03/01 10:23] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): no
[2020/03/01 10:23] Rosie Gray: okay well I hope to get to it this following week to finish it up for approval
[2020/03/01 10:23] Rosie Gray: so please continue to look at it ㋡
[2020/03/01 10:24] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok
[2020/03/01 10:24] Delia Lake: /me is reading
[2020/03/01 10:24] Rosie Gray: right, next item
[2020/03/01 10:24] Rosie Gray: List of public spaces, what they are intended for and how people can register to use them (Delia)
[2020/03/01 10:25] Delia Lake: I've had less time than I'd hoped but am making progress. I'll have CN to everyone this afternoon. Just cleaning up the text a little
[2020/03/01 10:25] Delia Lake: LA will be next
[2020/03/01 10:26] Rosie Gray: it would be really great to have as many as possible for the March 8th event
[2020/03/01 10:26] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): did anyone else notice Strawberry Linden here earlier?
[2020/03/01 10:26] Delia Lake: I'll definitely have CN and LA before that
[2020/03/01 10:26] Sudane Erato: omg
[2020/03/01 10:26] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I wondered if she was checking out destinations.
[2020/03/01 10:26] Sudane Erato: really??
[2020/03/01 10:26] Sudane Erato: thats great!
[2020/03/01 10:27] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ohhh good sign!
[2020/03/01 10:27] Rosie Gray: yes Lyubov has invited her to add the March 8th event to the destinations
[2020/03/01 10:27] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): but i honestly didn't say hello; couldn't tell where she was here in the sims..there were several of us here.
[2020/03/01 10:27] Delia Lake: yes. we haven't noticed a Linden walking around in quite a while
[2020/03/01 10:27] Rosie Gray: and she said she would
[2020/03/01 10:27] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): yes, i thought it might be that.
[2020/03/01 10:28] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/03/01 10:28] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): smiles; good sign. yes.
[2020/03/01 10:28] Almut Brunswick: One of the last vivid places in SL which is not only adult or a shopping mall :D
[2020/03/01 10:28] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): /me nods and smiles
[2020/03/01 10:28] Delia Lake: I have a question. I really like having a Women's Day event in the CDS. I am wondering why that theater has been placed in the middle of the river though
[2020/03/01 10:28] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me smiles and agrees
[2020/03/01 10:29] Rosie Gray: that's the venue for the main act
[2020/03/01 10:29] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): dance performance?
[2020/03/01 10:29] Rosie Gray: which is too big to go anywhere else
[2020/03/01 10:29] Delia Lake: yes but why there?
[2020/03/01 10:29] Rosie Gray: it's just temporary
[2020/03/01 10:29] Rosie Gray: there's no place else big enough
[2020/03/01 10:29] Rosie Gray: unless you put it in the sky, which would make it not great for people seeing the sims
[2020/03/01 10:29] Delia Lake: we've had other big things. we had a whole circus and dance performance just above the entrance to the amphitheater
[2020/03/01 10:30] Sudane Erato: I haven't seen it
[2020/03/01 10:30] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): is the theatre in CN not big enough or suitable?
[2020/03/01 10:30] Delia Lake: we also once put a platform over the LA harbor
[2020/03/01 10:30] Rosie Gray: no it's nowhere near big enough
[2020/03/01 10:30] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ah
[2020/03/01 10:30] Rosie Gray: yep, and this is where we had a large carnival before
[2020/03/01 10:30] Rosie Gray: that water space works well for these really huge things
[2020/03/01 10:31] Delia Lake: really? it's a lot of prims but not that huge a footprint
[2020/03/01 10:31] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): true; a light show will help define the space, perhaps....
[2020/03/01 10:31] Rosie Gray: is there some problem with it being there?
[2020/03/01 10:31] Rosie Gray: I think it's a lot better than being up in the sky, myself
[2020/03/01 10:32] Rosie Gray: or completely changing some other venue that is already in place
[2020/03/01 10:32] Delia Lake: to me there is. it doesn't connect to anything. it blocks views, I thought it was a griefing when I first saw it
[2020/03/01 10:32] Rosie Gray: it's only there for a week
[2020/03/01 10:32] Rosie Gray: and we can make it invisible
[2020/03/01 10:32] Rosie Gray: Lyubov has talked about it with Paul who is right next to it, and he's okay with it
[2020/03/01 10:33] Rosie Gray: it does connect, it has a wharf with a walkway
[2020/03/01 10:33] Rosie Gray: but maybe you didn't see that because it was invisible
[2020/03/01 10:33] Sudane Erato: looking at it now...
[2020/03/01 10:33] Delia Lake: unless the lms have already gone out, why wouldn't we take up the spec houses on the vacant land along the cliff/water side of LA
[2020/03/01 10:33] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i have no idea where it is
[2020/03/01 10:33] Delia Lake: and put it there
[2020/03/01 10:33] Sudane Erato: its ok.... but I do understand Delia's concern
[2020/03/01 10:34] Rosie Gray: well there has been a LOT of work on this
[2020/03/01 10:34] Rosie Gray: by Lyubov
[2020/03/01 10:34] Rosie Gray: asking her to change something now would not be right
[2020/03/01 10:34] Sudane Erato: Mizou, its in the main harbor at LA
[2020/03/01 10:34] Rosie Gray: all we need to do is make it invisible now that it's about ready
[2020/03/01 10:34] Rosie Gray: this is a HUGE event she's organized ㋡
[2020/03/01 10:35] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): hmmm i can't see it
[2020/03/01 10:35] Delia Lake: so it might be there now but in the future I suggest that we don't put huge blocky things there but plan to have them fit the surroundings
[2020/03/01 10:35] Rosie Gray: fyi the size of the building itself is dictated by the dance troupe, which is why it's so big
[2020/03/01 10:35] Delia Lake: I get that
[2020/03/01 10:36] Rosie Gray: and I always hate events being in the sky where they are useless as PR for the regions
[2020/03/01 10:36] Delia Lake: and I hope we will have other dance troupes and events
[2020/03/01 10:36] Rosie Gray: or by placing platforms over top of existing venues that completely change their look
[2020/03/01 10:36] Delia Lake: I don't want them in the sky either. I agree with you
[2020/03/01 10:36] Rosie Gray: there really was no place else big enough for this Delia
[2020/03/01 10:36] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): oh now i see, i was in the wrong harbour
[2020/03/01 10:37] Delia Lake: I just think it doesn't look good there
[2020/03/01 10:38] Rosie Gray: I agree, but it's temporary
[2020/03/01 10:38] Sudane Erato: Well, as Rosie said, it only needs to be visible for the performance
[2020/03/01 10:38] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Does it have to big that high?
[2020/03/01 10:38] Rosie Gray: yes it does
[2020/03/01 10:38] Sudane Erato: so... it will be ok, in my opinion
[2020/03/01 10:38] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok
[2020/03/01 10:38] Sudane Erato: but i agree with Delia for the future...
[2020/03/01 10:38] Rosie Gray: the dance troupe changes their sets, and puts the ones not in use up in the top part
[2020/03/01 10:39] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ahh i see
[2020/03/01 10:39] Sudane Erato: we should try and get events which fit our space
[2020/03/01 10:39] Delia Lake: we have land in LA and in CN that is not occupied. We have used unsold plots for venues in the past. I would do that as my first choice in the future. if we are completely sold out then we would need a different plan
[2020/03/01 10:39] Rosie Gray: /me shrugs
[2020/03/01 10:39] Rosie Gray: Lyubov is the organizer of this one
[2020/03/01 10:39] Delia Lake: it's too late for this time but in the future...
[2020/03/01 10:39] Rosie Gray: I'll ask her to make the theatre invisible
[2020/03/01 10:41] Sudane Erato: oh... question about that
[2020/03/01 10:41] Sudane Erato: i can't tell from here... but.... how many prims?
[2020/03/01 10:41] Rosie Gray: oh I don't know
[2020/03/01 10:41] Sudane Erato: LA is extremely tight on prims
[2020/03/01 10:41] Delia Lake: 151 I think
[2020/03/01 10:41] Sudane Erato: so
[2020/03/01 10:41] Sudane Erato: ahh... ok
[2020/03/01 10:42] Rosie Gray: that's not bad
[2020/03/01 10:42] Delia Lake: maybe more, not less
[2020/03/01 10:42] Sudane Erato: this is probably using what otherwise might be private prims if they were sold
[2020/03/01 10:42] Delia Lake: could be 200+
[2020/03/01 10:42] Rosie Gray: but since you mention it, the dance troupe will take quite a lot
[2020/03/01 10:42] Sudane Erato: and if the parcels were all sold
[2020/03/01 10:42] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/03/01 10:42] Sudane Erato: then this couldn't be put there anyway
[2020/03/01 10:43] Sudane Erato: if the dance triupe is wearing them, they won't counbt
[2020/03/01 10:43] Rosie Gray: I have no idea what they have
[2020/03/01 10:43] Sudane Erato: well.... LA has a prim multiplier
[2020/03/01 10:43] Sudane Erato: so
[2020/03/01 10:43] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/03/01 10:44] Delia Lake: it does in terms of scripts and lag though
[2020/03/01 10:44] Sudane Erato: the way the math adds up, prims are VERY tight there
[2020/03/01 10:44] Sudane Erato: maybe only a couple of hundred available
[2020/03/01 10:44] Rosie Gray: perhaps a suggestion to Lyubov that she take up some of her personal prims while the show is on, just to ensure that it all goes fine
[2020/03/01 10:44] Rosie Gray: since she has a lot in LA
[2020/03/01 10:44] Sudane Erato: it can't be read from About Land
[2020/03/01 10:44] Rosie Gray: right
[2020/03/01 10:44] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I don't know if the setting is compatible with a theater venue but P130 in NFS is now available as well as the neighborning parcel.
[2020/03/01 10:45] Rosie Gray: we cannot move this now
[2020/03/01 10:45] Rosie Gray: all of the PR has gone out
[2020/03/01 10:45] Sudane Erato: right
[2020/03/01 10:45] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): /me nods
[2020/03/01 10:45] Rosie Gray: to people like Strawberry, and others
[2020/03/01 10:45] Sudane Erato: and P130 is way too small anyway
[2020/03/01 10:45] Rosie Gray: yes, this is very large
[2020/03/01 10:46] Sudane Erato: anyway... i propose that we just take this as an example for future events like this
[2020/03/01 10:46] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/03/01 10:46] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me agrees
[2020/03/01 10:46] Sudane Erato: and make sure that the issues get discussed
[2020/03/01 10:46] Rosie Gray: good point
[2020/03/01 10:46] Delia Lake: yes we ought to have guidelines
[2020/03/01 10:46] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): yes, agreed.
[2020/03/01 10:46] Rosie Gray: but these events are under the Chancellor
[2020/03/01 10:46] Sudane Erato: I know for me at least I will yell about prims :)
[2020/03/01 10:46] Rosie Gray: :D
[2020/03/01 10:46] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/03/01 10:46] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Chancellor is all for guidelines ^^
[2020/03/01 10:47] Rosie Gray: I'm always concerned about them too
[2020/03/01 10:47] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Scripts are also big issue...
[2020/03/01 10:47] Rosie Gray: yes they are
[2020/03/01 10:47] Delia Lake: very big issue
[2020/03/01 10:47] Delia Lake: dance troupes have lots of scripts
[2020/03/01 10:48] Sudane Erato: should be interesting :)
[2020/03/01 10:48] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): :)
[2020/03/01 10:48] Rosie Gray: so, shall we move on to the next item?
[2020/03/01 10:48] Rosie Gray: The Chancellor’s representative to the LUC?
[2020/03/01 10:48] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I invited a frequent attendee to these meetings but sadly he declined...
[2020/03/01 10:49] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I welcome interested party to self nominate.
[2020/03/01 10:49] Rosie Gray: /me looks at Almut and raises an eyebrow ;)
[2020/03/01 10:49] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2020/03/01 10:50] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): ;)
[2020/03/01 10:50] Almut Brunswick: /me shakes head
[2020/03/01 10:50] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): which way?
[2020/03/01 10:50] Rosie Gray: we really do need someone
[2020/03/01 10:51] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Almut, would you honor me with this position?
[2020/03/01 10:51] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): as Chancellor’s representative to the LUC?
[2020/03/01 10:52] Almut Brunswick: What would be my obligations?
[2020/03/01 10:52] Rosie Gray: to come to the meetings
[2020/03/01 10:52] Rosie Gray: discuss things, as we do ㋡
[2020/03/01 10:52] Rosie Gray: take on some projects perhaps
[2020/03/01 10:52] Almut Brunswick: Without any further mandate? No
[2020/03/01 10:52] Sudane Erato: we discuss a lot in the CDS :)
[2020/03/01 10:53] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): What would you need as mandate?
[2020/03/01 10:54] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I also do not fully understand the role; i believe you would be liaison from the Chancellor's Office to LUC.
[2020/03/01 10:54] Almut Brunswick: Before I can take such honourable appointments, I need something which is more than just the ability to discuss things. I prefer to create things, not just to argue.
[2020/03/01 10:55] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): nods, would she have a vote, or be more of an emissary?
[2020/03/01 10:55] Rosie Gray: a vote!
[2020/03/01 10:55] Rosie Gray: bring things to the table too
[2020/03/01 10:55] Sudane Erato: It's my understanding that the purpose of the Land Use Commission is just that, to make decisions regarding the uses of the land
[2020/03/01 10:55] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Yes, i am ignorant of this...ok, excellent.
[2020/03/01 10:55] Sudane Erato: and that the doing of things could be asked of anyone qualified
[2020/03/01 10:56] Rosie Gray: there's certainly lots to do
[2020/03/01 10:56] Sudane Erato: not necessarily of commission members
[2020/03/01 10:56] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): /me nods....
[2020/03/01 10:56] Sudane Erato: yes!
[2020/03/01 10:56] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): For example; i would like a civil emergency team and don't know where to start...
[2020/03/01 10:56] Almut Brunswick: I'm still too new here to contribute
[2020/03/01 10:57] Rosie Gray: fair enough ㋡
[2020/03/01 10:57] Almut Brunswick: What do you understand under a Civil Emergency Team?
[2020/03/01 10:57] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Almut, everyone at this table has been a mentor to each other and to me, especially.
[2020/03/01 10:57] Almut Brunswick: I don't think that this is something related to teh Land Use Commission.
[2020/03/01 10:57] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I suppose it reaches close to role play, which we avoid...
[2020/03/01 10:58] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I would imagine a crew who can operate civil aircraft and implement rescue tools on our mountain sides, especially :)
[2020/03/01 10:58] Almut Brunswick: I applied to become an elected member of the guild. That application is still pending, so I'm awaiting the decision first.
[2020/03/01 10:58] Rosie Gray: yes sorry Almut, we do need to convene a guild meeting asap
[2020/03/01 10:59] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me agrees
[2020/03/01 10:59] Rosie Gray: i tried once but nobody could convene
[2020/03/01 10:59] Rosie Gray: /me sighs
[2020/03/01 10:59] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): that is right
[2020/03/01 10:59] Rosie Gray: may I make a suggestion?
[2020/03/01 10:59] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): it was just Rosie and me
[2020/03/01 10:59] Delia Lake: Almut, I didn't see your completed application. Did anyone else get it?
[2020/03/01 10:59] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes
[2020/03/01 10:59] Almut Brunswick: No Guild Membership, no further role here. Sorry for being so .... German:)
[2020/03/01 10:59] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I'm not actually in the Guild, though i once was many moons ago. :)
[2020/03/01 11:00] Rosie Gray: that Emilia discuss with whomever she wants to about taking up the role of Chancellor's representative, and hopefully have someone willing for our next meeting?
[2020/03/01 11:00] Sudane Erato: Just to be clear... there is no connection between this group and the Guild, although there is lots of overlapping people
[2020/03/01 11:00] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/03/01 11:00] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): /me would appreciate suggestions by then thanks.
[2020/03/01 11:00] Almut Brunswick: I didn't say that I never would take this application, but not right now
[2020/03/01 11:01] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): We will discuss further, Almut, when you feel your basic grievance has been addressed to your satisfaction, ok? ;)
[2020/03/01 11:01] Almut Brunswick: Sudane, I know that. But when I can just sit here and discuss things I just partly understand so far, there is not much use for both the LUC and me.
[2020/03/01 11:02] Rosie Gray: that's the way we all have learned though, Almut
[2020/03/01 11:02] Rosie Gray: anyway, let's move on please
[2020/03/01 11:02] Rosie Gray: 3. New Business:
Reminder: Setting permissions on items on common land
[2020/03/01 11:03] Rosie Gray: I think that we just need a quick review about this, mainly because of the new Skye stuff
[2020/03/01 11:03] Rosie Gray: just so we all know how they work
[2020/03/01 11:03] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes ,thanks Rosie
[2020/03/01 11:04] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): for making it clear
[2020/03/01 11:04] Rosie Gray: that in order to make the seasonal changes accessible for all of the LV group members
[2020/03/01 11:04] Rosie Gray: you need to 'share' the prims, but also you need to click and hold for a couple of seconds until a secondary blue menu appears
[2020/03/01 11:04] Rosie Gray: which allows you to set access to group
[2020/03/01 11:05] Rosie Gray: it's a bit hidden ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:05] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me is happy to know how it works now
[2020/03/01 11:05] Sudane Erato: yeah, the Skye things have their own weirdness
[2020/03/01 11:05] Rosie Gray: they do, but aren't they wonderful too!
[2020/03/01 11:06] Rosie Gray: Delia, I noticed on a number of yours that you have the scripts in them, but you haven't set them up accessible to the group to change the seasons
[2020/03/01 11:06] Sudane Erato: yes :)
[2020/03/01 11:06] Delia Lake: I'll check them when I'm walking around this week
[2020/03/01 11:06] Sudane Erato: oh... i do wonder about the older skye things
[2020/03/01 11:06] Sudane Erato: i'm not sure they work the same way
[2020/03/01 11:07] Delia Lake: I haven't replaced the old skye trees with new ones so probably have to do that
[2020/03/01 11:07] Rosie Gray: you can buy scripts to drop into them, a lot of them anyway
[2020/03/01 11:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): the older ones, if you add the script ... ?
[2020/03/01 11:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): it seems to work for me was rosie explained
[2020/03/01 11:07] Delia Lake: are you talking about my seasonal bolt ons, Rosie?
[2020/03/01 11:07] Sudane Erato: hmmm... possibly.... but the creator makes things very confusing with versdions
[2020/03/01 11:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): if someone could try my new path and trees?
[2020/03/01 11:07] Delia Lake: I'll check those too
[2020/03/01 11:08] Rosie Gray: well, talking about your Skye trees
[2020/03/01 11:08] Rosie Gray: and the sections of trees where they are like that too
[2020/03/01 11:08] Delia Lake: I have to replace the trees with new versions
[2020/03/01 11:08] Rosie Gray: well some I noticed had the scripts in them
[2020/03/01 11:08] Rosie Gray: they just were not set
[2020/03/01 11:08] Rosie Gray: so, don't know
[2020/03/01 11:09] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:09] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i got new version gratis
[2020/03/01 11:10] Delia Lake: me too
[2020/03/01 11:10] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): you dont need to buy them again
[2020/03/01 11:10] Rosie Gray: right!
[2020/03/01 11:10] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/03/01 11:10] Rosie Gray: any other comments about permissions?
[2020/03/01 11:10] Sudane Erato: no
[2020/03/01 11:10] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): no
[2020/03/01 11:11] Rosie Gray: Terrain textures
[2020/03/01 11:11] Rosie Gray: This item is Sudane's I think
[2020/03/01 11:11] Sudane Erato: Delia has been doing incredibly beautiful things with the terrain season changes
[2020/03/01 11:11] Sudane Erato: but
[2020/03/01 11:11] Sudane Erato: we are having some trouble
[2020/03/01 11:12] Sudane Erato: with the kind of texture blending
[2020/03/01 11:12] Sudane Erato: this used to be more scattered around
[2020/03/01 11:12] Sudane Erato: don't know a better way of saying it
[2020/03/01 11:12] Sudane Erato: but it now appears more stratified
[2020/03/01 11:12] Sudane Erato: as if there are defined layers
[2020/03/01 11:12] Delia Lake: yes
[2020/03/01 11:13] Sudane Erato: and it doesn't look as good
[2020/03/01 11:13] Delia Lake: years ago it was like this. frustrating!!
[2020/03/01 11:13] Sudane Erato: so... i've been experimenting a bit with elevation settings
[2020/03/01 11:13] Sudane Erato: yes!
[2020/03/01 11:13] Rosie Gray: I wonder if they've changed how it works somehow
[2020/03/01 11:13] Sudane Erato: but there is more to do
[2020/03/01 11:13] Sudane Erato: yes, i think thay have
[2020/03/01 11:13] Sudane Erato: in the weekly sim updates
[2020/03/01 11:14] Rosie Gray: nice of them to do so and not tell anyone
[2020/03/01 11:14] Sudane Erato: but it could have happened years ago
[2020/03/01 11:14] Sudane Erato: and we just never noticed
[2020/03/01 11:14] Sudane Erato: you notice when you change them :)
[2020/03/01 11:14] Sudane Erato: anyway, i wanted to mention it
[2020/03/01 11:14] Sudane Erato: as a new problem....
[2020/03/01 11:15] Rosie Gray: it's always been very crude, in my opinion
[2020/03/01 11:15] Sudane Erato: and for those interested.... we can share details
[2020/03/01 11:15] Sudane Erato: yes, true
[2020/03/01 11:15] Sudane Erato: but the 4 textures overlapped more than they do now
[2020/03/01 11:15] Rosie Gray: :(
[2020/03/01 11:15] Delia Lake: yes
[2020/03/01 11:15] Sudane Erato: in a more... what its the chaos term?
[2020/03/01 11:16] Sudane Erato: hmmm.... the math that dictates the shape of clouds
[2020/03/01 11:16] Sudane Erato: i can't think of the word
[2020/03/01 11:16] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): fractal?
[2020/03/01 11:16] Sudane Erato: but the texture blending had more of that
[2020/03/01 11:16] Sudane Erato: yes!!
[2020/03/01 11:16] Sudane Erato: TY!!
[2020/03/01 11:16] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2020/03/01 11:16] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): i love that word ^^
[2020/03/01 11:16] Sudane Erato: and it seems much less now
[2020/03/01 11:17] Rosie Gray: :D
[2020/03/01 11:17] Sudane Erato: anyway... done
[2020/03/01 11:17] Rosie Gray: thanks Sudane
[2020/03/01 11:17] Rosie Gray: I too love the spring textures, especially that one with the chamomile in it
[2020/03/01 11:18] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:18] Sudane Erato: yes!... textures are great :)
[2020/03/01 11:18] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): yes me too! hillside covered by it in Monastery :)
[2020/03/01 11:18] Delia Lake: thank you. I thought that would be fun
[2020/03/01 11:18] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes it is very springy
[2020/03/01 11:18] Rosie Gray: Update from members
[2020/03/01 11:18] Rosie Gray: Sudane do you want to go first?
[2020/03/01 11:18] kayly iali (kayly.iali): is online.
[2020/03/01 11:19] Sudane Erato: ok....
[2020/03/01 11:19] Sudane Erato: I got C01 done in CN and placed it
[2020/03/01 11:19] Sudane Erato: working on C02
[2020/03/01 11:19] Rosie Gray: yay ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:19] Sudane Erato: very slow progress... those are difficult houses to make nice
[2020/03/01 11:19] Rosie Gray: yes they are in very awkward spaces
[2020/03/01 11:19] Sudane Erato: otherwise, been working mostly on the new census system
[2020/03/01 11:20] Sudane Erato: so done
[2020/03/01 11:20] Almut Brunswick: Sorry, what does mean C01 ?
[2020/03/01 11:20] Sudane Erato: those are parcel numbers
[2020/03/01 11:20] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Parcel locations..
[2020/03/01 11:20] Almut Brunswick: Ah ok
[2020/03/01 11:20] Sudane Erato: C01 is the NW most parcel in CN
[2020/03/01 11:20] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): and thank you for the Census, Sudane!
[2020/03/01 11:20] Sudane Erato: and C02 is the one just to the east of it
[2020/03/01 11:20] Sudane Erato: YVW :)
[2020/03/01 11:20] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): very big parcel
[2020/03/01 11:20] Sudane Erato: I had built those some years ago
[2020/03/01 11:21] Rosie Gray: big parcels hidden behind walls and other buildings
[2020/03/01 11:21] Sudane Erato: but they needed updating,... they were never popular
[2020/03/01 11:21] Sudane Erato: yes, exactly
[2020/03/01 11:21] Delia Lake: would be nice if the north 2 could have windows with water views, even window porches maybe
[2020/03/01 11:22] Sudane Erato: they do have the water views
[2020/03/01 11:22] Sudane Erato: but no porches.... but thats a good idea... i might try that
[2020/03/01 11:22] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:22] Rosie Gray: and all that work you've done on the census scripting, Sudane
[2020/03/01 11:23] Rosie Gray: that is amazing to me :D
[2020/03/01 11:23] Sudane Erato: yes... but thats not a LUC project :)
[2020/03/01 11:23] Rosie Gray: no, I know
[2020/03/01 11:23] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:23] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): So nice to find that right in my email :)
[2020/03/01 11:23] Rosie Gray: you are done?
[2020/03/01 11:23] Sudane Erato: :)
[2020/03/01 11:23] Sudane Erato: yes
[2020/03/01 11:23] Sudane Erato: done
[2020/03/01 11:23] Rosie Gray: thank you!
[2020/03/01 11:23] Rosie Gray: Delia, your turn ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:25] Delia Lake: Not much. I'm about to add tables and chairs back on the Via Tita pier. otherwise just please check plantings and turn them to spring flowers
[2020/03/01 11:25] Sudane Erato: neat :)
[2020/03/01 11:25] Rosie Gray: which one is the Via Tita pier?
[2020/03/01 11:25] Delia Lake: Stella
[2020/03/01 11:25] Sudane Erato: fishing viollage
[2020/03/01 11:25] Rosie Gray: aah
[2020/03/01 11:25] Rosie Gray: Stella Marina
[2020/03/01 11:25] Sudane Erato: yes
[2020/03/01 11:26] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:26] Delia Lake: it had tables and chairs and coffee and wine but doesn't at the moment
[2020/03/01 11:26] Sudane Erato: Tita is the name of the road
[2020/03/01 11:26] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/03/01 11:26] Delia Lake: the road ends on the pier
[2020/03/01 11:26] Almut Brunswick: Is there actually a map somewhere?
[2020/03/01 11:27] Rosie Gray: we've had versions of maps
[2020/03/01 11:27] Rosie Gray: hard to keep up
[2020/03/01 11:27] Sudane Erato: sadly, not that i know of for CN... there was a very old one once
[2020/03/01 11:27] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): We do need better location maps, Almut.
[2020/03/01 11:27] Sylvia Broek (sylvia.tamalyn): is online.
[2020/03/01 11:27] Almut Brunswick: Because I must admit that I have no clue where all these locations are. And I'm sure I have been there alreardy nonetheless :D
[2020/03/01 11:28] Rosie Gray: anything else, Delia?
[2020/03/01 11:28] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Perhaps you would consider a collaboration with Delia? She knows the history; i always meant to do this.
[2020/03/01 11:28] Delia Lake: that's all for me
[2020/03/01 11:28] Rosie Gray: thank you :D
[2020/03/01 11:28] Rosie Gray: Mizou?
[2020/03/01 11:29] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Yes, I talked about the bridges at the start but not everyone was here?
[2020/03/01 11:29] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/03/01 11:30] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Ok so apart from the old Alexicon bridge I have also done the bridge right under the Troll wooden bridge and Lyubov created a greeting script
[2020/03/01 11:30] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): beautiful bridge noted just below the waterfall in Alpine Meadows; love it.
[2020/03/01 11:30] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): thanks, but there might be a few things to fix?
[2020/03/01 11:30] Rosie Gray: that troll keeps asking for passwords!
[2020/03/01 11:30] Rosie Gray: hehe
[2020/03/01 11:30] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): so I am open to that
[2020/03/01 11:30] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2020/03/01 11:31] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): oh the troll is working already?
[2020/03/01 11:31] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): oh wait, haven't met the troll yet!
[2020/03/01 11:31] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): omg he is still invisible lol
[2020/03/01 11:31] Rosie Gray: I don't think there's an actual troll, just the troll's voice
[2020/03/01 11:31] Sudane Erato: :)))
[2020/03/01 11:31] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): well then he's seen me..hahahh
[2020/03/01 11:31] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): that will be for the next week, just been very busy in rl
[2020/03/01 11:31] Rosie Gray: a fun idea ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:32] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): other than that, Rudeen got a copy of a new panel for the chancellor
[2020/03/01 11:32] Sudane Erato: Yes... looks great!
[2020/03/01 11:32] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): wow, sounds nice!
[2020/03/01 11:32] Rosie Gray: that's a good idea too :D
[2020/03/01 11:32] Delia Lake: we have crocodiles and zombies below the Praetorium. we should have a troll below the bridge
[2020/03/01 11:32] Sudane Erato: set up next to the RA boards
[2020/03/01 11:32] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): and I started to add paths with textures changing
[2020/03/01 11:32] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): thanks Sudane and Emilia
[2020/03/01 11:32] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): for the LV group
[2020/03/01 11:32] Sudane Erato: :)
[2020/03/01 11:33] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): and trees as well
[2020/03/01 11:33] Rosie Gray: where, Mizou?
[2020/03/01 11:33] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): ok, i will have to check it out....scanning above..
[2020/03/01 11:33] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): path around DT1, but do I need permissions?
[2020/03/01 11:33] Rosie Gray: well we do really need to watch our prims
[2020/03/01 11:33] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i continued Sudane's path to the troll bridge
[2020/03/01 11:33] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ah ok
[2020/03/01 11:34] Sudane Erato: AM is a bit better... about 4000 prims available
[2020/03/01 11:34] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i actually have a t-junction in place which is over one of your pieces Sudane
[2020/03/01 11:34] Rosie Gray: but all those parcels unoccuppied
[2020/03/01 11:34] Rosie Gray: :(
[2020/03/01 11:35] Sudane Erato: yes, but my number is as iff all WERE occupied
[2020/03/01 11:35] Rosie Gray: oh okay, that's good to know
[2020/03/01 11:35] Delia Lake: yes we have to plan as if all were occupied
[2020/03/01 11:35] Sudane Erato: oh... thx Mizou.... could you just leave a marker and i'll remove mine
[2020/03/01 11:36] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok will do, a red marker
[2020/03/01 11:36] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/03/01 11:36] Sudane Erato: hehe... ok
[2020/03/01 11:36] Rosie Gray: anything else, Mizou?
[2020/03/01 11:36] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): hmmm don't think so
[2020/03/01 11:36] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:36] Rosie Gray: okay thank you
[2020/03/01 11:36] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): :)
[2020/03/01 11:36] Rosie Gray: and for me
[2020/03/01 11:37] Rosie Gray: I've told you about the community centre building start
[2020/03/01 11:37] Rosie Gray: I did check with Lilith first as we were going to work on it together
[2020/03/01 11:37] Rosie Gray: but she is too busy and said she prefers if I press on
[2020/03/01 11:37] Sudane Erato: great :)
[2020/03/01 11:37] Rosie Gray: the other thing is that we desperately need directional signage, so I'm going to work on that too
[2020/03/01 11:38] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i can help if you want Rosie
[2020/03/01 11:38] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): signage
[2020/03/01 11:38] Rosie Gray: one thing I've noticed, and i think signs might help
[2020/03/01 11:38] Rosie Gray: would be when you are walking down the mountain road and you arrive at an intersection
[2020/03/01 11:38] Rosie Gray: if the hill is steep, you actually can't see the road, where it goes
[2020/03/01 11:38] Rosie Gray: so I thin ksigns would help with that too
[2020/03/01 11:38] Sudane Erato: :)... yes... easy to get lost
[2020/03/01 11:39] Rosie Gray: great Mizou, let's talk about it together ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:39] Sudane Erato: and caught by a troll :)
[2020/03/01 11:39] Rosie Gray: that would be good
[2020/03/01 11:39] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok Rosie
[2020/03/01 11:39] Rosie Gray: hehe, yes
[2020/03/01 11:39] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): lol
[2020/03/01 11:39] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): agreed; rely on the few signs
[2020/03/01 11:39] Rosie Gray: we can come up with a design that works and split them up between us
[2020/03/01 11:39] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): great idea
[2020/03/01 11:40] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): a list of signs
[2020/03/01 11:40] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): lost without them, not to mention beware of trolls ;)
[2020/03/01 11:40] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): do we have that?
[2020/03/01 11:40] Rosie Gray: wayfinding is a science all its own
[2020/03/01 11:40] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me is giggling
[2020/03/01 11:40] Rosie Gray: no we don't have a list
[2020/03/01 11:40] Rosie Gray: :D
[2020/03/01 11:40] Delia Lake: I have 2 kinds of signs I've used
[2020/03/01 11:40] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i have one somewhere is my inventory
[2020/03/01 11:40] Rosie Gray: yes, but I want us to design signs specifically
[2020/03/01 11:40] Delia Lake: the beach signs and the trail signs
[2020/03/01 11:41] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/03/01 11:41] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ahh ok with our owl
[2020/03/01 11:41] Rosie Gray: that's it for me
[2020/03/01 11:41] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): green and blue ones?
[2020/03/01 11:41] Rosie Gray: Emilia, do you have anything for us?
[2020/03/01 11:43] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): Not really; just amazing work and everyone let me know how to support any budgetary needs. Or help in any way. We are many of us way to busy these days, but I try to keep up. Everything looks beautiful for our March 8th event too. Thanks to Lyubov, Rosie, and all the improvements by Sudane and Mizou too. and Delia, of course. :)
[2020/03/01 11:43] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:43] Rosie Gray: thank you Emilia
[2020/03/01 11:43] Sudane Erato: thx :)
[2020/03/01 11:43] Rosie Gray: Almut, anything you'd like to share?
[2020/03/01 11:43] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): thkx
[2020/03/01 11:44] Almut Brunswick: Well, I'm still just a spectator and learner. So not much to say right now.
[2020/03/01 11:45] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): /me smiles
[2020/03/01 11:45] Rosie Gray: okay, can we set our next meeting?
[2020/03/01 11:45] Rosie Gray: I know Sudane has to run
[2020/03/01 11:45] Sudane Erato: And totally sorry, but rl calls, and i must leave now. Let me know when the next meeting is :)
[2020/03/01 11:45] Rosie Gray: okay ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:45] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): bye Sudane :)
[2020/03/01 11:45] Rosie Gray: bye Sudane
[2020/03/01 11:45] Delia Lake: bye Sudane
[2020/03/01 11:45] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): bye sudane
[2020/03/01 11:45] Rosie Gray: I see that there is a Gov't question hour on the 15th
[2020/03/01 11:45] Sudane Erato: is offline.
[2020/03/01 11:46] Rosie Gray: so we don't want it the same time as that
[2020/03/01 11:46] Rosie Gray: what about the Saturday, March 14th?
[2020/03/01 11:46] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): it will be early again, as agreed; 9am SL
[2020/03/01 11:46] Rosie Gray: I will be away for the following weekend 21 and 22
[2020/03/01 11:47] Rosie Gray: any suggestions?
[2020/03/01 11:48] Rosie Gray: /me thinks we are all fading fast
[2020/03/01 11:48] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): I only want to note that I will relax and allow a good candidate for Chancellor's Rep to LUC to emerge....any time i will try to be here on the weekends. i hope this does not change.
[2020/03/01 11:48] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): the 15th for next meeting?
[2020/03/01 11:48] Rosie Gray: thanks Emilia
[2020/03/01 11:48] Rosie Gray: no there is a Gov't Question hour on the 15th
[2020/03/01 11:49] Rosie Gray: and I am away the 21 and 22
[2020/03/01 11:49] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): the 22th?
[2020/03/01 11:49] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): well, it's only one hour at 9am...
[2020/03/01 11:49] Rosie Gray: we could wait until the 29th?
[2020/03/01 11:49] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes all th emore time to finish projects
[2020/03/01 11:49] Rosie Gray: how is the 29th for you Delia?
[2020/03/01 11:50] Delia Lake: probably ok. when is Easter? checking
[2020/03/01 11:50] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): i'm ok with this :)
[2020/03/01 11:50] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): april
[2020/03/01 11:50] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): 12
[2020/03/01 11:50] Rosie Gray: don't know when Easter is
[2020/03/01 11:50] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i think
[2020/03/01 11:50] Delia Lake: we're good. easter is April 12
[2020/03/01 11:50] Rosie Gray: oh it's in April
[2020/03/01 11:51] Rosie Gray: soooo, March 14th Saturday, or Sunday March 29th?
[2020/03/01 11:51] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok
[2020/03/01 11:52] Rosie Gray: which one?
[2020/03/01 11:52] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): 29th
[2020/03/01 11:52] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:52] Delia Lake: yes
[2020/03/01 11:52] Delia Lake: 29
[2020/03/01 11:52] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): 3/29 is fine
[2020/03/01 11:52] Rosie Gray: okay great, 10 am slt again?
[2020/03/01 11:52] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes ok for me
[2020/03/01 11:52] Almut Brunswick: I'll try to make it then, too
[2020/03/01 11:53] Rosie Gray: that would be great, Almut ㋡
[2020/03/01 11:53] Rosie Gray: I wish Pip was attending
[2020/03/01 11:53] Rosie Gray: maybe we need to specifically remind him
[2020/03/01 11:53] Delia Lake: I'll pass CN public venues to folks shortly
[2020/03/01 11:53] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes, i havent seen him lately
[2020/03/01 11:53] Rosie Gray: great, thanks Delia
[2020/03/01 11:53] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): oh thx Delia
[2020/03/01 11:53] Delia Lake: I haven't seen Pip recently either
[2020/03/01 11:53] Rosie Gray: I've seen him, he was at the RA meeting
[2020/03/01 11:53] Emilia Dagostino (emilia.avindar): yay, see you all next Sunday here around for International Women's Day! :)
[2020/03/01 11:53] Delia Lake: good
[2020/03/01 11:54] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): see you all
[2020/03/01 11:54] Rosie Gray: bye Emilia
[2020/03/01 11:54] Rosie Gray: I'm off too
[2020/03/01 11:54] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): bye emilia
[2020/03/01 11:54] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): me too
[2020/03/01 11:54] Rosie Gray: bye everyone!
[2020/03/01 11:54] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): bye!!
[2020/03/01 11:54] Almut Brunswick: Bye Rosie
'Egidius, waer bestu bleven, mi lanct na di, gheselle mijn. Du coors die doot, du liets mi tleven. Dat was gheselscap, goet ende fijn.'
Gruuthuuse-handschrift -circa 1400
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