3 - 29, LUC Minutes

Announcements and transcripts of the Land Use Commission

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3 - 29, LUC Minutes

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Land Use Commission
Sunday March 29, 2020, 10:00 am SLT

LUC members: Rosie Gray - chairperson, Delia Lake, Sudane Erato, Mizou Vavoom
LUC members absent: Pip Torok, Cathy Sabre
Chancellor Representative to the LUC: Tan Milestone
Guests: Emilia Avindar - chancellor, Lilith Ivory, Lyubov

1. Call to order: Rosie at 10:04
2. Approve Agenda: Moved at 10:09 by Tan, Mizou second, voted by Delia, Rosie, Sudane, Mizou.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/19eO ... hSww0/edit
3. Approval of last meeting Minutes: Moved by Tan at 10:12, second by Mizou, voted by Rosie, Sudane, Mizou and Delia.
4. Old Business:
A. Alpine Meadow Upgrade (Rosie):
• There are those lower parcels that are next to each other that used to have those alpine row houses that still need some attention: DH6 and DH7 – Sudane volunteered to look after those parcels and queried about DH9 and DH10. Lilith added that all the oddly shaped parcels need looking after. These parcels are on steep slopes which gives difficulties regarding building on them especially prefab houses. Delia added that we might ‘we might put out some examples with a foundation with steps and terraced landscaping for instance’ to which Rosie added that ‘Rosie Gray: the only trouble with putting down prefabs or foundations is that it might look like you would be expected to keep them’.
• Bridges of which there are six on AM:
1) Old Alexicon bridge (at the bottom): completed
2) Second bridge up: completed
3) Jamie Palissades bridge: to be done by Mizou
4) Aria’s bridge: to be redone?
5) Sleazy Writer bridge, now Troll bridge: a wooden bridge was bought and placed by Mizou but needs to be redone as the foundations are too skinny. Suggestion was to build it from scratch. It has a troll with a few messages, and it has Luybov’s message when you start walking on the bridge.
6) Also ‘Little yellow bushes near this bridge need to be updated to mesh ones, Delia said that they are mugo pines and native to that area, she will check to replace them.
7) There is also another bridge at the top that needs to be redone, one by Sudane.
o Question from Lilith not answered: but would it be possible to make the bridge that connects the three parcels beyond Tors a bit less broad? it´s difficult to access the vacant parcel there and the bridge also blocks the path to the lake
• AM Signage (Mizou & Rosie):
o Template for meshing was done by Mizou, work to be divided between Mizou and Rosie.
o Map of AM has also been created by Rosie & Mizou to be added to the signage. The ‘You are here’ is the only difference on the maps.
• Lower river is unusually blue, would be better if that was softened.
o This will be done at a later stage.
B. List of public spaces, what they are intended for and how people can register to use them (Delia)
• Work in progress, two lists are made
• LA will be next
• Query by Delia about reserving public places other then via the Chancellor? Maybe via a Google doc? Tan has a suggestion: once the lists are done we could leave a sentence on the portal that we have public space to use on certain conditions.
C. The Chancellor’s representative to the LUC - Tanoujin Milestone
5. New business:
Tanoujin was officially welcomed as the Chancellor’s representative to the LUC: big applause!
• He is open to suggestions regarding the Monastery. Tan owns the parcel but not the tierbox; he pays the monthly fees. Lilith is building a new Monastery.

A. New projects for CDS:
• Suggested by Sudane: LA project that was spearheaded by Cathy.

B. Update from members:
• Sudane:
o Is back to densifying NFS
o She finished CN2 build and has rebuild two temples.
• Rosie:
o AM community centre
o Signage in AM with Mizou
• Delia:
o List of Public Places (see 4B) Tan will help Delia walking around the sims and noting what needs to be done and report at next meeting.
• Mizou:
o Bridges + signage: see 4A.

C. Update from others attending:
• Emilia: i want to say thank you to Tanoujin for filling the critical position of being Representative to LUC for the Chancellor, and for providing a vote to make a quorum. Thank you all for your diligent work, and thank you Rosie, for your community spiritedness.

6. Next meeting: Easter Sunday 12 April 2020 at 10 SLT.
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