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4 -12 LUC Minutes

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:03 am
by Mizou Vavoom
Land Use Commission
Sunday April 12, 2020, 10:00 am SLT

LUC members: Rosie Gray - chairperson, Delia Lake, Sudane Erato, Mizou Vavoom, Pip Torok, Chancellor Representative to the LUC: Tan Milestone
Guests: Lilith Ivory, Lyubov, Almut

1. Call to order: Rosie at 10:12

2. Approve Agenda: Moved at 10:16 by Sudane, Mizou second, voted by Delia, Rosie, Sudane, Mizou.

3. Approval of last meeting Minutes: Moved by Rosie at 10:18, second by Sudane, voted by Rosie, Sudane, Mizou, and Delia.

4. Old Business:
A. Alpine Meadow Upgrade (Rosie):

Bridges (Mizou) of which there are six on AM, from top down:
1) Top bridge from Sudane, to be redone
2) Troll bridge – done new wooden version –
3) Arria’s old bridge: was done today but still needs some alignment (done at time of writing these minutes)
4) Sleazy bridge – done
5) Jamie Palissades bridge – in process
6) Old Alexicon bridge – done
• Note: Rosie and Mizou are trying roads/ bridges with Bento horses for rideability.
• Question from Lilith not answered from last meeting: but would it be possible to make the bridge that connects the three parcels beyond Tors a bit less broad? it´s difficult to access the vacant parcel there and the bridge also blocks the path to the lake. We figured that it is beside Old Alexicon bridge.
• Lilith Ivory: if it is possible to make it a bit smaller so people can access the joining parcel and the path downwards a bit better, i would wish for just leaving the last railings away
• This was done after that meeting, to be checked by interested people.
7) Note: Bridges are still being tweaked.

AM Signage (Mizou):
1) Mizou to continue making the signage
2) Names of roads were decided by the Roads Committee that Gaius convened
3) Sudane asking for distribution of templates for signage, Mizou will put them in a box for next meeting; but new layered graphics for names are done in Adobe Illustrator.
4) For each sim one needs one map with roads and then moving the ‘You are here’ dot.
5) We will be keeping the same basic formatting for each region

Prim Parcels
1) Changing prim parcels to ‘not prim parcels’ and make them accessible from the road.
2) Sudane: all but one could be normal parcels, as prim parcels need in AM (and LA) is low now that these are double-prim 30K regions (Lyubov). Prim parcel is part of their name, so Sudane will change that.
• Old mugo bushes to change to mesh mugo pine bushes
1) Mizou has an idea to create these in Blender, if possible, she will check it out. Note: it needs to be seasonal.
2) Rosie will give Mizou, script for changing textures for seasons change (‘snow’ to ‘no snow’ for mugo pines)

AM community centre progress
1) Rosie has given LM to check it out
B. List of public spaces, what they are intended for and how people can register to use them (Delia)
• NFS Kirche notice done and outstanding
• LA will be next

5. New business:

Friedsee improvements is performing terribly, it needs a re-vitalisation project
1) Sudane will start a document for Friedsee
2) Then we could all do a walkthrough and make observations (Rosie)
3) Sudane says that the parcelling needs some thought as many of the parcels are not appealing
4) We need to have a close look at some of the trees, low prim but not great

LA Project
1) This is the next region that Lyubov wants to work on for advertising
2) Sudane does not want to move the bridge, if we must keep it
3) The project was mostly re-arrangement of the Plaza (Sudane)
4) LA is performing well

B. Update from members:
• Sudane:
o Is back to densifying NFS
• Rosie:
o AM community centre – see above
• Delia:
o List of Public Places – see above
• Mizou:
o Bridges + signage – see above
C. Update from others attending
• Almut:
o wants to create her own Fachwerk house
• Lilith:
o She is working on the Monastery rebuild project at Sudane’s platform

6. Next meeting: 10 May 2020 at 10:30 SLT.