5 -10, LUC Meeting Minutes

Announcements and transcripts of the Land Use Commission

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5 -10, LUC Meeting Minutes

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Land Use Commission
Sunday May 10, 2020, 10:30 am SLT

LUC members: Rosie Gray - chairperson, Delia Lake, Sudane Erato, Mizou Vavoom, Chancellor Representative to the LUC: Tan Milestone
Absent members: Pip Torok
Guests: Lilith Ivory, Almut, Brooke, Marley Storm, Kyoko , Callipygian.

1. Call to order: Rosie at 10:39

2. No Agenda

3. Approval of last meeting Minutes: Moved by Sudane at 10:41, second by Tan, voted by Rosie, Sudane, Mizou, and Delia. Motion carried at 10.42.

4. Welcoming of one of three new CDS member, Marley Storm and explanation as to what this meeting is about and the connection of the LUC to the RA.

5. Old Business:

A. Alpine Meadow :

• AM is nearly finished.
Sudane is still working in the NW corner (re-parcelling), as this prim land was not well parcelled, and we are trying to reclaim it. The owner, Tor could not be contacted, no email answers or IM. Mizou will contact Tor via FB messenger today. (At time of writing Tor has been in contact and the problem is solved.)

Bridges (Mizou) of which there are six on AM, from top down:
1) Jamie Palissades bridge – in process

AM Signage (Mizou):
1) We now have two types of signage, one for the actual roads and the other one with a full map of all 6 sims and a 'you are here’ red button, to be placed on each sim at appropriate place to inform the geography of our world. The names of roads were decided by the Roads Committee that Gaius convened.
2) One of the full 6 sim map signs is now in place on CN at the crossroads of Via Luna and the Cardo.
3) Three new pathways don’t have names: one path going towards Monastery direction, one has been given a name, as for the two other ones (one to Mizou’s and Em’s parcel), Sudane suggested that we think about it outside of the meeting and come up with names.
4) The path going towards Monastery direction has been voted to be named Höhenglücksteig, (the suggestion came from Lilith) motion carried and voted at 11.16.

AM community centre progress
1) Rosie has put down the Community centre, but doors are locked until she is finished.

B. List of public spaces: has been tabled for next meeting as Delia is not present.

6. New business:

Friedsee improvements is performing terribly, it needs a re-vitalisation project

1) Sudane started a document for Friedsee https://docs.google.com/document/d/11Be ... 75aUM/edit
• No need for prim parcels
• Roadways don’t make much sense
• Nice paths but are poorly done
• The place is like a bowl, and in high spots there is nothing to look at but the lake.
• Part of the problem is the silly high hill with the runway: proposal to lower the runway
• Road from NFS: beautiful f=grand road ends abruptly in the mangled rocky stairs in FDS, needs to make more sense
• Question is: who uses the airfield? If it is changed to something else, it needs to be equally low-Li
• LUC members are asked to add their ideas for FDS to Sudane’s document

LA Project

1) The project was mostly re-arrangement of the place where the main road comes down from CN towards the bridge in LA:
• It needs more logic and character where the round planter is. Cathy had drawings for that area, but they needed revision and they are not available.
• Mizou has a proposal for reshaping that area that she will write up and submit to Tan for the Chancellor to review and approve.
• Rosie is going to tackle the textures of the bridge

5. Next meeting: Sunday 14 June 2020 at 8:00 AM SLT.
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