6 - 14, LUC Meeting Minutes

Announcements and transcripts of the Land Use Commission

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6 - 14, LUC Meeting Minutes

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Land Use Commission
Sunday June 14, 2020, 8 am SLT

LUC members: Kyoko - Chairperson & Chancellor Representative to the LUC, Delia Lake, Sudane Erato & Sneaky Snake, Brooke, Mizou
Absent members: Ritchie
Guests: Rosie, Lilith Ivory, Lyubov

1. Call to order: Kyoko at 8:02
2. Agenda sent via email – Was not put for vote.
3. Nominations for the chairperson for the LUC:
• Brooke nominated Kyoko and Mizou seconded it.
• Kyoko was voted in as the new LUC chairperson by Brooke, Sudane, Delia and Mizou.
4. Possible issue raised by Kyoko: I am the chancellor's representative which is a potential conflict of interest. I think I can keep the hats straight (and conflict is really unlikely) but I wanted to be straightforward with you.
5. Pro-tempore and secretary: Kyoko assigned the role to Brooke and Mizou volunteered to be the secretary for this term as well.
6. Approval of last meeting Minutes at 8:18: Moved by Sudane, second by Brooke, voted by Delia, Sudane, Mizou, and Delia. Motion carried at 8:19.
7. Old Business:
Alpine Meadow :
AM re-parcelling (Sudane): is now completely re-parcelled and parcels set for sale.
Bridges (Mizou): Last bridge: Jamie Palissades bridge – to be removed as it is no use anymore. This bridge was part of a ski slope trail which is now non-existent with other buildings blocking the trail.
AM Signage (Mizou): done
Naming new paths: The naming has been pushed to the next meeting and Rosie suggested that since Gaius is back now, maybe it would be appropriate to ask him if he wants to be involved in that again, since he did figure out a system. Rosie will ask him.
o Höhenglücksteig voted last time but not updated on signs
AM community centre progress: Rosie has completed the Community centre, it is named ‘The Pip Torok Community Center’ and is ready now to have an 'opening' event.
List of public spaces: Delia is working on LA for the moment.
8. New business:
Friedsee improvements:
1) FDS is still performing terribly.
2) Roads: Sudane changed the roads in from NFS and modified the path in the south over to Monastery.
3) Suggestions from the LUC to further improve FDS: this is foremost on the agenda for FDS. Brooke volunteered to offer her services.
4) Airstrip: Ritchie left some comments regards FDS: I agree the airstrip is way too high - I have flown planes and balloons from there and lower would be no problem and look more natural. I agree about improvements to roadways/tracks - it is fun riding horses around there but easy to lose your way. Happy to be assigned jobs.
• Sudane has been assigned since she is looking after parcel 4 and 5 beside the airfield.
5) Parcel 4 and 5 are right beside the airfield and need re-parcelling
6) Bowl effect: needs some re-thinking/brainstorming, Kyoko will post a thread on the forum to gather ideas.
7) Get rid of the prim parcels – only DQ is using a prim parcel now and her main parcel could be made bigger instead.
8) Parcel 10: needs re-parcelling as it hasn´t enough prims to put a house and furniture on it
9) Adjust the database after re-parcelling.
10 Path terraforming: assigned to Delia and Brooke
11) Island: re-parcelling needed and removal of stuff belonging to Lilith, Delia, and Rosie.

• LA Project: Postponed till next meeting.

5. Next meeting: Provisional date will be in two weeks’ time; Kyoko will send a Doodle for the members to fill out their preferred date and time.
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