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6 - 28. LUC Transcript

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Land Use Commission - Transcript
Sunday June 18, 2020, 10:30 am SLT

LUC members: Almut - Chairperson, Delia - Pro Tempore, Sudane Erato, Brooke, Mizou - Secretary
Absent members: Ritchie
Guests: Lilith Ivory, Lyubov, Tan

[2020/06/28 11:58] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Delia and Brooke
[2020/06/28 11:58] Brooke Brandenburg: Hi Mizou
[2020/06/28 12:00] Delia Lake: Hi Mizou
[2020/06/28 12:00] Brooke Brandenburg: Hi Rosie :)
[2020/06/28 12:00] Rosie Gray: hi Brooke, hi Mizou and Delia
[2020/06/28 12:01] Lilith Ivory: HI Folks
[2020/06/28 12:01] Brooke Brandenburg: Hi Lilith
[2020/06/28 12:01] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Rosie
[2020/06/28 12:01] Rosie Gray: hi Lilith
[2020/06/28 12:01] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Lilith
[2020/06/28 12:01] Brooke Brandenburg: Hello Almut
[2020/06/28 12:01] Delia Lake: Hi Rosie
[2020/06/28 12:01] Brooke Brandenburg: and Sudane :)
[2020/06/28 12:01] Almut Brunswick: Hello everybody
[2020/06/28 12:01] Delia Lake: Hi Sudane
[2020/06/28 12:01] Lilith Ivory: lol, I just noticed Gaius placed a Bloodline Blood tank beyong the Platz
[2020/06/28 12:01] Delia Lake: Hi Almut
[2020/06/28 12:01] Sudane Erato: hi hi :)
[2020/06/28 12:02] Brooke Brandenburg: yuck
[2020/06/28 12:02] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Almut
[2020/06/28 12:02] Rosie Gray: hi Sudane
[2020/06/28 12:02] Delia Lake: Hi Lilith
[2020/06/28 12:02] Delia Lake: A what?????
[2020/06/28 12:02] Lilith Ivory: /me waves hi to all
[2020/06/28 12:02] Rosie Gray: zuck?
[2020/06/28 12:02] Rosie Gray: yuck? lol
[2020/06/28 12:02] Lilith Ivory: Hi Lyubov
[2020/06/28 12:02] Brooke Brandenburg: idk I said yuck I think :)
[2020/06/28 12:03] Brooke Brandenburg: gross either way
[2020/06/28 12:03] Lilith Ivory: a Blood tank bloodline vampires need for their roleplay
[2020/06/28 12:03] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): we have vampires in CDS??
[2020/06/28 12:03] Lilith Ivory: none active to my knowing
[2020/06/28 12:03] Rosie Gray: oh my!
[2020/06/28 12:03] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): unless Gaius turned into one? :)
[2020/06/28 12:03] Lilith Ivory: /me giggles
[2020/06/28 12:04] Delia Lake: at the very least he could have put it in the catacombs under CN
[2020/06/28 12:04] Rosie Gray: I'm not seein git
[2020/06/28 12:04] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Sudane and Luybov
[2020/06/28 12:04] Delia Lake: Hi Luybov
[2020/06/28 12:04] Sudane Erato: hey :)
[2020/06/28 12:04] Rosie Gray: hi Lyubov
[2020/06/28 12:04] Lilith Ivory: it´s where we have Halloween events
[2020/06/28 12:05] Lilith Ivory: at the far side of the room
[2020/06/28 12:05] Rosie Gray: aah
[2020/06/28 12:05] Lyubov Atheria: :)
[2020/06/28 12:05] Lilith Ivory: I did map TP and ended up under the platz gain
[2020/06/28 12:05] Rosie Gray: damn, why does it land you there?
[2020/06/28 12:05] Brooke Brandenburg: lol
[2020/06/28 12:06] Sudane Erato: oh... for the old days of telehubs :)
[2020/06/28 12:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes happens to me as well, so I tp to my shop on the platz then sit on a chair
[2020/06/28 12:06] Lilith Ivory: as I am an EM?
[2020/06/28 12:06] Sudane Erato: they were the ONLY places you could land :)
[2020/06/28 12:06] Delia Lake: I have that trouble frequently, landing under the Platz
[2020/06/28 12:06] Lilith Ivory: when doing map TP I norammly choose a spot without basement
[2020/06/28 12:06] Rosie Gray: well we do allow direct teleport
[2020/06/28 12:07] Lilith Ivory: it´s an EM thing
[2020/06/28 12:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): what is an EM thing Lil?
[2020/06/28 12:07] Delia Lake: that's what I do too, Lil. not go to where the basement is
[2020/06/28 12:07] Brooke Brandenburg: am I to chair today?
[2020/06/28 12:08] Lilith Ivory: landing under ground when wanting to TP on the platz or trying to Map TP to the forum in CN
[2020/06/28 12:08] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): only EM's end up there??
[2020/06/28 12:08] Lilith Ivory: I think so as landing points get overridden
[2020/06/28 12:08] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): hmmm good to keep in mind
[2020/06/28 12:08] Rosie Gray: but we allow direct tp
[2020/06/28 12:09] Rosie Gray: on this region
[2020/06/28 12:09] Lilith Ivory: yes I know :)
[2020/06/28 12:09] Rosie Gray: hi Tan ㋡
[2020/06/28 12:09] Lilith Ivory: Hi Stephen
[2020/06/28 12:09] Lilith Ivory: Hi Tan
[2020/06/28 12:09] Brooke Brandenburg: Rosie?
[2020/06/28 12:09] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Are we waiting for the chair ??
[2020/06/28 12:09] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Tan
[2020/06/28 12:09] Brooke Brandenburg: we don't have one
[2020/06/28 12:10] Brooke Brandenburg: Kyoko stepped down
[2020/06/28 12:10] Rosie Gray: Kyoko has quit, and Almut is now taking her place, so you need to elect a new chair
[2020/06/28 12:10] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes i saw that but thought that this was her last meeting
[2020/06/28 12:11] Delia Lake: Kyoko just has too much to do right now
[2020/06/28 12:11] Tanoujin Milestone: :)
[2020/06/28 12:12] Sudane Erato: is anyone dying to be chair? :)
[2020/06/28 12:12] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): not me quite happy to stay secretary
[2020/06/28 12:13] Brooke Brandenburg: I do not want it :)
[2020/06/28 12:13] Brooke Brandenburg: sorry
[2020/06/28 12:13] Delia Lake: I guess I could do it again :(
[2020/06/28 12:13] Sudane Erato: I'll vote for Delia!
[2020/06/28 12:13] Soro Dagostino: is offline.
[2020/06/28 12:13] Brooke Brandenburg: me too!
[2020/06/28 12:13] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i second that
[2020/06/28 12:14] Sudane Erato: shall we vote?... or are there any other volunteers?
[2020/06/28 12:15] Brooke Brandenburg: why don't we vote then?
[2020/06/28 12:15] Almut Brunswick: I'm probably too fresh in this circle to take this obligation.
[2020/06/28 12:15] Delia Lake: If you would like to help, Almut, I'd be glad to have the help
[2020/06/28 12:16] Sudane Erato: Almut, I suspect that anyone can do it who is willing to simply take on the organizing
[2020/06/28 12:16] Almut Brunswick: Well, that's self-evident anyway, Delia
[2020/06/28 12:16] Almut Brunswick: Organizing the meetings here?
[2020/06/28 12:16] Sudane Erato: yes... and the agenda
[2020/06/28 12:16] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): and writing the next agenda
[2020/06/28 12:17] Rosie Gray: yes the chair organizes the meetings and keeps track of items, writes Agenda
[2020/06/28 12:17] Delia Lake: it has to include also keeping the projects organized imo
[2020/06/28 12:17] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): based on the last meeting meinutes
[2020/06/28 12:17] Tanoujin Milestone: agenda and moderation, that's the job
[2020/06/28 12:17] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/06/28 12:17] Lilith Ivory: not to forget sending out group notes
[2020/06/28 12:17] Sudane Erato: well, Delia... thats probably the chancellor
[2020/06/28 12:17] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me nods
[2020/06/28 12:18] Sudane Erato: kee[ing projects organized
[2020/06/28 12:18] Rosie Gray: /me nods at Sudane
[2020/06/28 12:18] Rosie Gray: the job of the LUC is to recommend
[2020/06/28 12:18] Almut Brunswick: I would need to be and to kept informed continuosly.
[2020/06/28 12:18] Delia Lake: yes
[2020/06/28 12:19] Sudane Erato: I'm certainly here to help
[2020/06/28 12:19] Rosie Gray: in my opinion, the most difficult part of being the chair is organizing the meeting times!
[2020/06/28 12:19] Sudane Erato: hehe... yes
[2020/06/28 12:20] Almut Brunswick: right, to find a good compromise
[2020/06/28 12:20] Tanoujin Milestone: doodle is alwaysan option
[2020/06/28 12:20] Almut Brunswick: or the forum
[2020/06/28 12:20] Rosie Gray: not the forum
[2020/06/28 12:20] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): or at the end of each meeting
[2020/06/28 12:21] Sudane Erato: the end of each meeting is the best!... yes
[2020/06/28 12:21] Tanoujin Milestone: hehe
[2020/06/28 12:21] Almut Brunswick: and then to inform the absent members via group message
[2020/06/28 12:23] Sudane Erato: should we vote on Almut?
[2020/06/28 12:23] Almut Brunswick: ok, to make this topic short: we have two candiates now and regardless of the outcome, I would support Delia in any way. And hope for the same vice versa. But I'm clueless and would ask many stupid questions
[2020/06/28 12:24] Delia Lake: I also will do whatever needs to be done
[2020/06/28 12:24] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Maybe a short explanation of the voting procedures would help?
[2020/06/28 12:24] Almut Brunswick: So Delia is must more experienced
[2020/06/28 12:24] Almut Brunswick: much*
[2020/06/28 12:24] Delia Lake: yes but this is a good place to start, Almut :)
[2020/06/28 12:25] Almut Brunswick: Ok, let's vote then.
[2020/06/28 12:26] Sudane Erato: ok
[2020/06/28 12:26] Sudane Erato: all in favor of Almut?
[2020/06/28 12:26] Sudane Erato: aye
[2020/06/28 12:26] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/06/28 12:26] Sudane Erato: all in favor of Delia?
[2020/06/28 12:26] Brooke Brandenburg: aye
[2020/06/28 12:26] Almut Brunswick: aye#
[2020/06/28 12:27] Sudane Erato: 2 to 2
[2020/06/28 12:27] Rosie Gray: hehe
[2020/06/28 12:27] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): hmmm
[2020/06/28 12:27] Sudane Erato: who didn't vote?
[2020/06/28 12:27] Tanoujin Milestone: funny
[2020/06/28 12:27] Lilith Ivory: (delias vote is missing)
[2020/06/28 12:27] Delia Lake: /me looked away and votes for Almut
[2020/06/28 12:27] Sudane Erato: Delia!
[2020/06/28 12:27] Sudane Erato: ok!
[2020/06/28 12:27] Tanoujin Milestone: congrats Almut
[2020/06/28 12:27] Sudane Erato: any other LUC member here?
[2020/06/28 12:28] Rosie Gray: Richie is not here
[2020/06/28 12:28] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): congratulations Almut!
[2020/06/28 12:28] Sudane Erato: (I can never keep track)
[2020/06/28 12:28] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): oh
[2020/06/28 12:28] Almut Brunswick: Thank you.
[2020/06/28 12:28] Rosie Gray: yay, Almut
[2020/06/28 12:28] Sudane Erato: yes, but not here so no vote
[2020/06/28 12:28] Sudane Erato: congrats Almut!
[2020/06/28 12:28] Almut Brunswick: Who is doing the records?
[2020/06/28 12:28] Brooke Brandenburg: congrats Almut, you need a pro tempore. I am afraid I cannot.
[2020/06/28 12:28] Almut Brunswick: or the MoM
[2020/06/28 12:28] Sudane Erato: Mizou
[2020/06/28 12:28] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): me
[2020/06/28 12:29] Almut Brunswick: pro tempore`
[2020/06/28 12:29] Almut Brunswick: ?
[2020/06/28 12:29] Brooke Brandenburg: in case you must miss a meeting
[2020/06/28 12:29] Sudane Erato: in case you're not here
[2020/06/28 12:29] Brooke Brandenburg: a backup
[2020/06/28 12:29] Sudane Erato: so that can be Delia
[2020/06/28 12:29] Sudane Erato: ?
[2020/06/28 12:29] Delia Lake: ok
[2020/06/28 12:29] Almut Brunswick: I would like to nominate Delia as deputy chairwoman
[2020/06/28 12:30] Sudane Erato: well, we hadn't had one... but that sopunds nice :)
[2020/06/28 12:30] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): is that the same as Pro tempore?
[2020/06/28 12:30] Tanoujin Milestone: /me giggles
[2020/06/28 12:30] Brooke Brandenburg: I believe pro tempore is the official name Almut
[2020/06/28 12:30] Almut Brunswick: I cannot guarantee that I will be always here, but of course I'll try. It is reasonable to have a reliable backup in any case.
[2020/06/28 12:31] Sudane Erato: exactly
[2020/06/28 12:31] Brooke Brandenburg: :)
[2020/06/28 12:31] Sudane Erato: well... by whatever name
[2020/06/28 12:31] Brooke Brandenburg: the rose will smell as sweet :)
[2020/06/28 12:31] Sudane Erato: I second Almut's nomination of Delia
[2020/06/28 12:32] Almut Brunswick: Let#s vote then
[2020/06/28 12:32] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/06/28 12:32] Sudane Erato: aye
[2020/06/28 12:32] Almut Brunswick: aye
[2020/06/28 12:32] Brooke Brandenburg: aye
[2020/06/28 12:33] Delia Lake: abstain
[2020/06/28 12:33] Almut Brunswick: Thank you. Do you accept the vote, Delia?
[2020/06/28 12:33] Delia Lake: yes
[2020/06/28 12:33] Sudane Erato: yay!
[2020/06/28 12:34] Almut Brunswick: Thank you and congratulations!
[2020/06/28 12:35] Rosie Gray: clap clap clap
[2020/06/28 12:35] Sudane Erato: Perhaps Rosie could remind us the old business items?
[2020/06/28 12:35] Sudane Erato: so as to help get things started?
[2020/06/28 12:35] Rosie Gray: I think you can look at Mizou's excellent Minutes!
[2020/06/28 12:35] Almut Brunswick: Mizou just supplied me with the link to the MoMs of the last meeting
[2020/06/28 12:35] Almut Brunswick: viewtopic.php?f=67&t=9516&sid=35a38d8bd ... 68ca37c848
[2020/06/28 12:35] Sudane Erato: ahh... of course!
[2020/06/28 12:36] Almut Brunswick: Take a moment to read them before we vote about them
[2020/06/28 12:37] SDolphin: is online.
[2020/06/28 12:37] Tanoujin Milestone: I am called see you all soon, have a good meeting
[2020/06/28 12:37] Almut Brunswick: Ok, bye Tan
[2020/06/28 12:37] Sudane Erato: bte Tan!
[2020/06/28 12:38] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): see you Tan
[2020/06/28 12:40] Almut Brunswick: Has everybody read the MoM now?
[2020/06/28 12:40] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes
[2020/06/28 12:41] Rosie Gray: what is MoM?
[2020/06/28 12:41] Brooke Brandenburg: yep
[2020/06/28 12:41] Almut Brunswick: Minutes of Meeting
[2020/06/28 12:41] Rosie Gray: aah
[2020/06/28 12:41] Rosie Gray: :P
[2020/06/28 12:41] Almut Brunswick: Sorry, I'm just 10 minutes in office and change toe whole terminology :D
[2020/06/28 12:42] Brooke Brandenburg: :)
[2020/06/28 12:42] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/06/28 12:42] Delia Lake: yes
[2020/06/28 12:42] Sudane Erato: Almut, we can learn too :)
[2020/06/28 12:43] Widget Whiteberry: is online.
[2020/06/28 12:43] Almut Brunswick: Ok, so when everybody is good with the MoM, let#s vote about their approval
[2020/06/28 12:43] Sudane Erato: I so move
[2020/06/28 12:43] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): second
[2020/06/28 12:44] Almut Brunswick: that#s two
[2020/06/28 12:44] Delia Lake: approve
[2020/06/28 12:44] Brooke Brandenburg: ask for votes :)
[2020/06/28 12:44] Almut Brunswick: it's on you
[2020/06/28 12:44] Almut Brunswick: I'm asking clockwise :D
[2020/06/28 12:44] Sudane Erato: I vote aye
[2020/06/28 12:45] Brooke Brandenburg: I was not aware of that...sorry
[2020/06/28 12:45] Brooke Brandenburg: aye
[2020/06/28 12:45] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/06/28 12:45] Almut Brunswick: aye
[2020/06/28 12:45] Almut Brunswick: abstains?
[2020/06/28 12:46] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): no more members Almut
[2020/06/28 12:46] Almut Brunswick: That does not seem the case, so the MoMs are approved. Thank you for writing the MoM
[2020/06/28 12:47] Almut Brunswick: I assume the next block is Old Business
[2020/06/28 12:47] Sudane Erato: yes
[2020/06/28 12:47] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes
[2020/06/28 12:47] Almut Brunswick: Who has to report something new here?
[2020/06/28 12:48] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): which subjects?
[2020/06/28 12:48] Sudane Erato: well, I can report on FDS... Friedsee
[2020/06/28 12:48] Almut Brunswick: Ok, then let's go the list systematically
[2020/06/28 12:49] Almut Brunswick: I will just address topics which are still open, if you agree
[2020/06/28 12:49] Sudane Erato: sure!
[2020/06/28 12:50] Almut Brunswick: Naming new paths had been pushed to the next - this - meeting
[2020/06/28 12:51] Almut Brunswick: Has anybody asked Gaius for his collaboration for this task meanwhile?
[2020/06/28 12:52] Rosie Gray: he is reconvening the Roads Committee
[2020/06/28 12:52] Brooke Brandenburg: nope...after all her talk
[2020/06/28 12:52] Delia Lake: while we're talking about naming, we never named the Monastery lake. I think we should do that
[2020/06/28 12:52] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I believe he has oput a post on the forum for it and I have volunteered
[2020/06/28 12:52] Almut Brunswick: Ok, who is also member in the Road Committee?
[2020/06/28 12:53] Rosie Gray: I also volunteered, but he hasn't called a meeting yet
[2020/06/28 12:54] Almut Brunswick: Is the Road Committee another voluntary organisation or is it part of the executive? (that is now one of my stupid questions)
[2020/06/28 12:54] Rosie Gray: it was originally started as an RA committee
[2020/06/28 12:54] Sudane Erato: not stupid... perfectly reasonable
[2020/06/28 12:55] Rosie Gray: and then it did a lot of work, and then Gaius who was chair left SL for some time
[2020/06/28 12:55] Rosie Gray: so the committee didn't finish
[2020/06/28 12:55] Rosie Gray: that's the history of it for you ㋡
[2020/06/28 12:55] Sudane Erato: Gaius is one of our "returning" citizens :)
[2020/06/28 12:57] Almut Brunswick: I would propose to address the situation in the next RA assembly either to revive the old structure when this makes sense or to ask the RA to assign this task to the LUC as well
[2020/06/28 12:57] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I feeel that it should be a separate task preferably
[2020/06/28 12:58] Sudane Erato: well, we'd need to keep Gaius on the job, as he is very motivated :)
[2020/06/28 12:58] Rosie Gray: he's already taken it up again
[2020/06/28 12:58] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me nods
[2020/06/28 12:58] Rosie Gray: and it is a job unto itself, in my opinion
[2020/06/28 12:58] Sudane Erato: but i guess it could be a sub-group of the LUC ?
[2020/06/28 12:59] Rosie Gray: he will do surveys to all citizens
[2020/06/28 12:59] Lilith Ivory: why make things more complicated than they have to be?
[2020/06/28 12:59] Almut Brunswick: Lilith, what would you propose?
[2020/06/28 12:59] Lilith Ivory: let Gaius and Mizou justdo the job :)
[2020/06/28 13:00] Lilith Ivory: and present the results
[2020/06/28 13:00] Rosie Gray: yes, this committee has a lot else to do ㋡
[2020/06/28 13:01] Almut Brunswick: Like I said, when the old structure can be revived, the RA can confirm this.
[2020/06/28 13:02] Almut Brunswick: Shall we move to the next Old Business topic?
[2020/06/28 13:02] Sudane Erato: sure!
[2020/06/28 13:03] Almut Brunswick: AM community centre: Rosie reported that the work has been completed. How is the state of the planning for an opening event?
[2020/06/28 13:03] Lyubov Atheria: Excuse me please:
[2020/06/28 13:03] Lyubov Atheria: Would the CHair recognize me for a moment please?
[2020/06/28 13:03] Almut Brunswick: SUre
[2020/06/28 13:04] Lyubov Atheria: Could you clearly, state what exactly you would like the RA to do? Just so the RA understands what the LUC is requesting at the next meeting.
[2020/06/28 13:04] Lyubov Atheria: Done.
[2020/06/28 13:06] Almut Brunswick: Thank you., good point. I took from the discussion that the previous practice to assign the street naming task to Gaius and Mizou instead of asking the RA to assign this task officially to the LUC.
[2020/06/28 13:07] Almut Brunswick: I thus did not see any need for asking the RA for a decision in this point, even when I have a different opinion.
[2020/06/28 13:07] Lyubov Atheria: Ok, I'm sorry if I misunderstood. I thought a request would be made to the RA and I just wanted to understand this request.
[2020/06/28 13:08] Rosie Gray: aaah... the committee was formed by the RA, some time ago. Does it really need to be reassigned since it's now being revived by the original person?
[2020/06/28 13:08] Almut Brunswick: So when the majority of the LUC members does not want to take over this obligation, there is no need for a vote.
[2020/06/28 13:10] Almut Brunswick: Rosie, I do not want to have any public role assigned to a certain person. When Gaius is very eager and dedicated to fill out this role, it is wonderful. But I prefer to see it as a defined role somewhere in the CDS structures and not as a custom tailored jacket.
[2020/06/28 13:11] Rosie Gray: Almut, sorry but this is not the business of the LUC
[2020/06/28 13:11] Lilith Ivory: ???
[2020/06/28 13:11] Rosie Gray: the Roads Committee was an RA committee, it is their prerogative
[2020/06/28 13:11] Lyubov Atheria: If I may, I am sure the RA would be happy to make a motion to revive the Roads Committee.
[2020/06/28 13:11] Almut Brunswick: Yes, I know. Hence there is no need for an action from our side when it shall remain like this.
[2020/06/28 13:12] Rosie Gray: I think you will find the LUC has enough to do ㋡
[2020/06/28 13:13] Almut Brunswick: When everybody here would have said "great, we can do this,too, and Gaius incoroprate here", it would have been another situation. So....can we close this point now?
[2020/06/28 13:13] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): absolutely
[2020/06/28 13:13] Brooke Brandenburg: please
[2020/06/28 13:13] Sudane Erato: yep
[2020/06/28 13:13] Almut Brunswick: Thank you
[2020/06/28 13:14] Almut Brunswick: AM Community Center: How is the state of planning for the opening event?
[2020/06/28 13:14] Rosie Gray: I'm trying to pin down a time with Pip who is to be the guest of honour
[2020/06/28 13:15] Rosie Gray: and that is not proving easy
[2020/06/28 13:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): That is also not part of the LUC
[2020/06/28 13:15] Lilith Ivory: /me nods at Mizou
[2020/06/28 13:15] Rosie Gray: but yes, not an LUC worry
[2020/06/28 13:15] Sudane Erato: yes, we generated the idea that it be built... and now its done
[2020/06/28 13:15] Almut Brunswick: Well, yes, but apart from this, the project has been completed now.
[2020/06/28 13:15] Sudane Erato: so we hand it off to the Chancellor :)
[2020/06/28 13:15] Rosie Gray: yep!
[2020/06/28 13:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): It was just stated in minutes as a side note
[2020/06/28 13:16] Almut Brunswick: Ok, next point.
[2020/06/28 13:16] Almut Brunswick: List of public spaces: Delia is working on LA for the moment.
[2020/06/28 13:17] Sudane Erato: so this IS an ongoing LUC project :)
[2020/06/28 13:17] Almut Brunswick: Delia, could you give us an update, please?
[2020/06/28 13:17] Delia Lake: I have a draft of LA that I would like to pass out to everyone. I don't have anything written about the quay and would like to talk about that
[2020/06/28 13:17] Almut Brunswick: ok, go ahead please
[2020/06/28 13:18] Rosie Gray: thank you Delia
[2020/06/28 13:19] Sudane Erato: that's neat!
[2020/06/28 13:19] Lilith Ivory: thank you
[2020/06/28 13:20] Almut Brunswick: Lovely written. LA should be flooded with tourists now
[2020/06/28 13:20] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2020/06/28 13:20] Rosie Gray: :D
[2020/06/28 13:20] Sudane Erato: These documents are becoming marketing :)
[2020/06/28 13:21] Rosie Gray: yes they will be valuable for the marketing!
[2020/06/28 13:21] Almut Brunswick: Are you up to add some sentences about the quay at a later time?
[2020/06/28 13:22] Delia Lake: I'm not quite sure what to say about the quay. It's public space that in the past was flexible, so that we had music events and dancing and such there but right now all the space is filled so it doesn't feel so much like public space. I don't know that I'm saying this well
[2020/06/28 13:22] Sudane Erato: Is it filled such that public events can't be held there?
[2020/06/28 13:23] Delia Lake: one time we even had a dramatic reading on a platform there
[2020/06/28 13:23] Rosie Gray: we can still use it for a public event, if needs be
[2020/06/28 13:23] Lyubov Atheria: I have put out some cafe decorations, as part of decorating for Homecoming. These items may all be removed, as it is public space, and may be removed at any time for public purposes.
[2020/06/28 13:23] Almut Brunswick: It is what you just said: A versatile utility area for events
[2020/06/28 13:23] Sudane Erato: of course it is one of the areas scheduled for re-deisign
[2020/06/28 13:23] Delia Lake: that too, Sudane
[2020/06/28 13:24] Delia Lake: I was thinking since it is scheduled for redesign maybe anything written about it should wait
[2020/06/28 13:24] Sudane Erato: that makes sense
[2020/06/28 13:24] Rosie Gray: I didn't think there was that much to change
[2020/06/28 13:24] Rosie Gray: it won't change the 'character' of the place
[2020/06/28 13:25] Almut Brunswick: When I may add a not so modest wish in general, then it is not to leave the idea of at least a coarse cartography out of sight. It wold remarkably improve the ability (not only) for new citizens and returners to gain some orientation.
[2020/06/28 13:26] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes it is only some small changes and Kyoko asked me tohave a meeting with her this week to check where the new median would be placed but she didn't contact me
[2020/06/28 13:26] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): a big map like we have already one will be put in place whn I know where
[2020/06/28 13:26] Sudane Erato: Almut, so you suggest a map be added to the doc?
[2020/06/28 13:27] Almut Brunswick: The documentation and also for instance to central places
[2020/06/28 13:27] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes that has already been decided Almut
[2020/06/28 13:27] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): the map stand has already been made
[2020/06/28 13:28] Almut Brunswick: Ok, and who is working on it? I know that Lyubov experimented even with a relief map
[2020/06/28 13:28] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i am
[2020/06/28 13:28] Sudane Erato: but maybe adding a map image to the document would be a good idea too?
[2020/06/28 13:28] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes Lyubov on the relief map
[2020/06/28 13:28] Lyubov Atheria: My work is unrelated to Mizou's work or the LUC specifically.
[2020/06/28 13:28] Almut Brunswick: Good, yes, absolutely, Sudane!
[2020/06/28 13:28] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me nods
[2020/06/28 13:29] Almut Brunswick: Shall we vote to fix this point in the Mom or is a note enough?
[2020/06/28 13:29] Sudane Erato: Even from the ancient days, we've never had standard map images of each of the six sims
[2020/06/28 13:30] Almut Brunswick: That is a sort of tradition we should overcome:D
[2020/06/28 13:30] Sudane Erato: let's just make note in the minutes, i would think
[2020/06/28 13:30] Delia Lake: we can use this notecard as is and I'll add text for The Quay as soon as we know what and how it will be redesigned if that's ok
[2020/06/28 13:30] Sudane Erato: yes!
[2020/06/28 13:30] Almut Brunswick: Perfect, Delia.
[2020/06/28 13:31] Almut Brunswick: Let's move to the New Business then when there aren't any further comment or questions open anymore.
[2020/06/28 13:32] Almut Brunswick: • Friedsee improvements:
1) FDS is still performing terribly.
[2020/06/28 13:32] Sudane Erato: well, that was meant financially
[2020/06/28 13:32] Almut Brunswick: I must say that I don't precisely know what that meant
[2020/06/28 13:32] Sudane Erato: and thus to justify the renovation projects
[2020/06/28 13:32] Almut Brunswick: It is not profitable
[2020/06/28 13:32] Almut Brunswick: ?
[2020/06/28 13:32] Sudane Erato: exactly
[2020/06/28 13:33] Sudane Erato: therefore we embarked on a plan to improve the sim
[2020/06/28 13:33] Sudane Erato: which has been started
[2020/06/28 13:33] Sudane Erato: we got muddled a bit in the process
[2020/06/28 13:34] Sudane Erato: as it appears that the RA needs to approve aspects of the plan
[2020/06/28 13:34] Almut Brunswick: There was some hassle in the RA that they didn't find well-informed over the ongoing work and plannings
[2020/06/28 13:34] Sudane Erato: exactly
[2020/06/28 13:34] Lyubov Atheria: /me raises hand
[2020/06/28 13:34] Sudane Erato: I've done reparceling
[2020/06/28 13:34] Almut Brunswick: Lyubov?
[2020/06/28 13:34] Lyubov Atheria: Thank you.
[2020/06/28 13:35] Lyubov Atheria: Yes, at Tuesday's RA meeting, a motion carried "that the LUC be directed to begin forum discussion with all proposed changes and to prepare a formal work plan that will be presented to the RA before further work may continue". I am here now to advise the LUC of this direction.
[2020/06/28 13:35] Sudane Erato: yes... so things are on pause for that
[2020/06/28 13:36] Almut Brunswick: I would propose to continue like that:
[2020/06/28 13:37] Almut Brunswick: Since it is a complex and long-asting project, I wouid identify milestones and make transparent in the Forum what are the concrete working steps.
[2020/06/28 13:37] Lilith Ivory: Hi Brooke
[2020/06/28 13:37] Rosie Gray: hello Brooke
[2020/06/28 13:37] Brooke Paige (brooke1616): hello
[2020/06/28 13:38] Almut Brunswick: These milestones need to be discussed and - this is the crucial point - either be agreed by the RA or redirected to teh LUC for rework
[2020/06/28 13:38] Almut Brunswick: Hello Brooke
[2020/06/28 13:38] Almut Brunswick: only when the milestone has been reached by a RA approval, the work may continue
[2020/06/28 13:38] Brooke Brandenburg: another Brooke :)
[2020/06/28 13:38] Sudane Erato: yes... that's the plan I understand
[2020/06/28 13:38] Brooke Paige (brooke1616): :)
[2020/06/28 13:39] Sudane Erato: is that in Rosie's hands now?
[2020/06/28 13:39] Almut Brunswick: Let's them eat the cake in slices
[2020/06/28 13:39] Sudane Erato: or is this still in the LUC agenda?
[2020/06/28 13:39] Sudane Erato: since the LUC more or less reccommended what to do
[2020/06/28 13:39] Lilith Ivory: I think the LUC needs to write down a plan about what the LUC wants to do and publish it on the forum
[2020/06/28 13:39] Rosie Gray: I think that it is up to the LUC to write it uip on the forum
[2020/06/28 13:40] Lilith Ivory: same as we did with AM
[2020/06/28 13:40] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/06/28 13:40] Sudane Erato: ok
[2020/06/28 13:40] Sudane Erato: I wrote the original proposal
[2020/06/28 13:40] Lilith Ivory: just write down what you think needs to be done
[2020/06/28 13:40] Sudane Erato: do you want me to do that?
[2020/06/28 13:40] Almut Brunswick: We are still in charge to plan the project, as far as I understood it (who else should do the planning and implementation?). But the legislative control needs to be re-establised. They felt a bit steamrolled.
[2020/06/28 13:41] Sudane Erato: yes
[2020/06/28 13:41] Sudane Erato: we got the process a bit confusded owing to ambiguity in the laws
[2020/06/28 13:41] Almut Brunswick: So Sudane's plan just needs to be subdivided in traceable milestones
[2020/06/28 13:41] Rosie Gray: the process is, the LUC plans and makes recommendations
[2020/06/28 13:41] Rosie Gray: the RA approves major changes
[2020/06/28 13:41] Lilith Ivory: there is that law that states citizenship needs to be informed about major changes in the estate
[2020/06/28 13:42] Rosie Gray: yes, they have to be published for 2 weeks for comment on the forum
[2020/06/28 13:42] Almut Brunswick: right, and it is the responsibility of the LUC to create "Packages" the RA can decide about
[2020/06/28 13:42] Delia Lake: have we ever defined what constitutes major changes?
[2020/06/28 13:42] Sudane Erato: Delia, thats the problem
[2020/06/28 13:42] Lilith Ivory: no miestones needed I think, just a written document of all things that need to be done
[2020/06/28 13:42] Rosie Gray: sort of, I think
[2020/06/28 13:42] Sudane Erato: :)
[2020/06/28 13:43] Rosie Gray: let's find the law ㋡
[2020/06/28 13:43] Lyubov Atheria: https://cdsdemocracy.org/faqs/nl-5-7-civil-service-act/
[2020/06/28 13:43] Almut Brunswick: I disagree, Lilith. That package would be too monolithic. Imagine that the RA wants to see some adjustments or corrections. Then this whole plan would be endangered.
[2020/06/28 13:43] Delia Lake: I think we need to make clear what those are otherwise we will get ourselves into trouble unintentionally
[2020/06/28 13:43] Lyubov Atheria: "D. Transparent Region Development Guidelines

Permanent changes to public land, outside of the seasonal tree and ground texture changes and official CDS temporary structures for events, have to be announced in the forums and allow a comment period of 2 weeks, to make sure the interests of neighboring parcel owners are taken into account. Public spaces have to be developed in accordance with policy and changes need to be subject to public comment and review."
[2020/06/28 13:43] Rosie Gray: that's it
[2020/06/28 13:44] Brooke Brandenburg: So, if we are altering an entire sim, that is surely a major change?
[2020/06/28 13:45] Almut Brunswick: that is indeed a major change
[2020/06/28 13:45] Lyubov Atheria: I would also state, that the LUC Act itself states: SECTION I: FORMATION OF A STANDING LAND-USE COMMISSION

The Representative Assembly (RA), in accord with its constitutionally mandated service role to “perform long term planning,”
[2020/06/28 13:45] Lyubov Atheria: This would be considered "long term planning" per the RA's Constitutional mandate.
[2020/06/28 13:45] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/06/28 13:46] Almut Brunswick: I think it makes sense in the planning to present the RA a coarse general outline first and then to define and to let approve the working steps
[2020/06/28 13:47] Lilith Ivory: I think "Permanent changes to public land, outside of the seasonal tree and ground texture changes and official CDS temporary structures for events, have to be announced in the forums and allow a comment period of 2 weeks, to make sure the interests of neighboring parcel owners are taken into account. " is quite clear
[2020/06/28 13:47] Lilith Ivory: the law does not speak about major or minor
[2020/06/28 13:47] Almut Brunswick: the RA should not feel steamrolled by technocratic actionism
[2020/06/28 13:47] Sudane Erato: hehe
[2020/06/28 13:47] Brooke Brandenburg: :)
[2020/06/28 13:47] Rosie Gray: True, Lilith... I think that just became a shortcut way to refer to it
[2020/06/28 13:47] Lyubov Atheria: Agreed, even in the case of a permanent change, such as landscaping rocks, which make an impact upon a Citizen's view, would qualify.
[2020/06/28 13:48] Almut Brunswick: Then let us define what major and minor is and propose it to the RA.
[2020/06/28 13:48] Sudane Erato: (but I always self-identified as a technocratic actionist!)
[2020/06/28 13:48] Lilith Ivory: I think any member of the government should say something if a law did not get followed by accident
[2020/06/28 13:49] Almut Brunswick: The laws are made out of necessity, not because of boredom (at least I hope so)
[2020/06/28 13:49] Sudane Erato: i agree
[2020/06/28 13:49] Lilith Ivory: I agree too
[2020/06/28 13:49] Lyubov Atheria: No one is being accused of any malevolent intent. The RA is just remind the LUC of the legal process.
[2020/06/28 13:49] Lilith Ivory: and I had to give up a parcel once because I was not happy with changes made on public land nearby
[2020/06/28 13:49] Rosie Gray: here is a question then, when it comes to updating something existing, like the waterfalls and rivers that are already in existence, is it okay to 'update' them or not? I think that it is, personally
[2020/06/28 13:50] Delia Lake: In hearing this, I'm thinking that we may want to modify this law a bit. For instance, Brooke and I are supposed to walk the paths to see if they need a bit of terraforming to make them fit properly. these are not seasonal changes. they are minor changes that in no way change the character of the land. but should people be notified? not clear according to the law
[2020/06/28 13:50] Almut Brunswick: So when we as LUC see there a gap in the current definitions AND we already got in conflict with the RA, then it is our obligation to make proposlas to change it to the better.
[2020/06/28 13:50] Almut Brunswick: Right, Delia.
[2020/06/28 13:51] Rosie Gray: ahem...
[2020/06/28 13:51] Almut Brunswick: I would like to assign the task to amend or to correct the existing law in this respect for more clarity and to submit it as a proposal to the RA.
[2020/06/28 13:52] Lyubov Atheria: Upon my first serious look at the LUC Act, I do see several areas for improvement and clarification. I think we all are aware of ongoing conflicts and confusion, so I do agree the RA can take this as an agenda item.
[2020/06/28 13:52] Lyubov Atheria: I think the RA would be open so the LUC's recommendations for improving the LUC Act.
[2020/06/28 13:52] Rosie Gray: I need to remind the LUC committee that they are to 'recommend', not to actually carry out work
[2020/06/28 13:52] Almut Brunswick: But like all good lobbyists, the LUC should not wait for the RA to create an improved law:D
[2020/06/28 13:53] Sudane Erato: :)
[2020/06/28 13:53] Rosie Gray: although it acted like that for a time
[2020/06/28 13:53] Rosie Gray: but that is not actually the intent, or the way the mandate is written
[2020/06/28 13:53] Almut Brunswick: Let us propose the changed we would see as an improvent and the RA can either agree with us or make their own decisions.
[2020/06/28 13:54] Sudane Erato: agreed
[2020/06/28 13:54] Lyubov Atheria: I think the RA would find the LUC's recommendations welcome and helpful.
[2020/06/28 13:54] Lilith Ivory: ???
[2020/06/28 13:54] Lyubov Atheria: for how to improve the LUC Act
[2020/06/28 13:55] Almut Brunswick: We got the obligation to remedy that situation of lacking transparency, and that would be one part of itz
[2020/06/28 13:55] Almut Brunswick: and the other would be to communicate major changes like the law already requests
[2020/06/28 13:55] Lilith Ivory: /me wonders why the LUC can´t just do what the RA asked for so we can continue renewing FS
[2020/06/28 13:56] Sudane Erato: Lil... we should do that TOO
[2020/06/28 13:56] Lyubov Atheria: Yes, it could take a full term to modify the LUC Act,I would hope the LUC would not pause all work until this act is revised!
[2020/06/28 13:56] Sudane Erato: exactly
[2020/06/28 13:57] Almut Brunswick: Then the LUC would become a sort of a Ministry of Public Works under the direct control of the RA
[2020/06/28 13:57] Sudane Erato: i have volunteered to write the proposal... in consult with Rosie
[2020/06/28 13:57] Delia Lake: no imo we should continue working under the current laws and arrangements until we change them
[2020/06/28 13:57] Sudane Erato: yes
[2020/06/28 13:57] Almut Brunswick: anyway, I don't think that you need to stop working on the actual project
[2020/06/28 13:57] Lyubov Atheria: I think the RA would be satisfied with this Sudane. A proposal posted to the Forum and presented to the RA, which I expect the RA would move quickly to approve.
[2020/06/28 13:58] Rosie Gray: yes, actually the work does need to stop
[2020/06/28 13:58] Almut Brunswick: the issue is not the project or your plans, the issue is tha the RA does not feel informed and asked.
[2020/06/28 13:58] Rosie Gray: that particular work
[2020/06/28 13:58] Lyubov Atheria: Yes the RA has directed a work stoppage.
[2020/06/28 13:58] Sudane Erato: yes, the work is on pause awaiting the RA approval of the plan
[2020/06/28 13:58] Rosie Gray: sorry you are stepping into this without having been a part of the history of it Almut
[2020/06/28 13:59] Lilith Ivory: and to aprove the plan the RA needs to ge tthe plan asap I think
[2020/06/28 13:59] Rosie Gray: it makes it a bit hard to understand, I know
[2020/06/28 13:59] Almut Brunswick: Rosie, that might be of course
[2020/06/28 14:00] Almut Brunswick: I just want to seek for a way out of this situation. It does not help to wait for each other to make the first move.
[2020/06/28 14:00] Rosie Gray: in this case the process is clear
[2020/06/28 14:00] Lilith Ivory: /me nods
[2020/06/28 14:00] Rosie Gray: the LUC made a mistake in proceeding with the sim changes
[2020/06/28 14:01] Lyubov Atheria: The RA has made it's direction to the LUC clear. The next RA meeting is 7 July, and this particular issue I expect will be resolved then.
[2020/06/28 14:01] Rosie Gray: it does not have the authority to carry out major changes without consultation with the public, and RA approval
[2020/06/28 14:01] Almut Brunswick: Ok, and how do we prevent it for the future?
[2020/06/28 14:02] Lilith Ivory: and imo turning a public meeting spot into a private parcel is something the citizenship needs to know
[2020/06/28 14:02] Almut Brunswick: of course
[2020/06/28 14:02] Delia Lake: yes that is a major change
[2020/06/28 14:03] Rosie Gray: and the lowering of the airport too
[2020/06/28 14:03] Lilith Ivory: I don´t think modernising pathsways, water and rocks are major changes but reparceling is
[2020/06/28 14:03] Rosie Gray: and the reparcelling
[2020/06/28 14:03] Lilith Ivory: and historically the RA has always been asked permisson to do that
[2020/06/28 14:03] Almut Brunswick: When I see all that sub-topics of this Friedsee project, then they should be discussed and approved one after another in a reasonable sequence.
[2020/06/28 14:04] Rosie Gray: I don't think that the RA is going to request it all be put back the way it was... but the process needs to be followed
[2020/06/28 14:04] Almut Brunswick: and yes, major changes like repacelling which also affect other subseuquent project steps need a permission
[2020/06/28 14:04] Rosie Gray: for one reason, that everyone understands what the process is
[2020/06/28 14:05] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Do we have a new LUC Rep from the RA?
[2020/06/28 14:05] Sudane Erato: sorry to note that I need to leave in about 10 mins... RL... :(
[2020/06/28 14:05] Brooke Brandenburg: that's me
[2020/06/28 14:05] Almut Brunswick: LUC Rep?
[2020/06/28 14:05] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Ah ok thanks , i must have missed that earlier
[2020/06/28 14:06] Lyubov Atheria: Brooke is the RA's representative to the LUC.
[2020/06/28 14:06] Almut Brunswick: ah yes
[2020/06/28 14:06] Rosie Gray: Almut is the Chancellor's rep
[2020/06/28 14:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes Kyoko was chairperson and RA rep
[2020/06/28 14:06] Brooke Brandenburg: have been since the term began
[2020/06/28 14:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): oh i had that wrong then??
[2020/06/28 14:06] Rosie Gray: no, Kyoko was the Chancellor's rep
[2020/06/28 14:06] Brooke Brandenburg: Kyoko was chancellor's rep
[2020/06/28 14:06] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/06/28 14:06] Brooke Brandenburg: and briefly, chair of LUC
[2020/06/28 14:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): apologies it late at night here
[2020/06/28 14:06] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/06/28 14:06] Sudane Erato: lol... you can see why I get confused! :)
[2020/06/28 14:06] Brooke Brandenburg: it's all good!
[2020/06/28 14:07] Brooke Brandenburg: we've been at this for quite a while now!
[2020/06/28 14:07] Almut Brunswick: Ok, before we all sprad out in all directions:
[2020/06/28 14:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): over 2 hours :)
[2020/06/28 14:07] Rosie Gray: well a new Chairperson takes some time to settle in
[2020/06/28 14:08] Brooke Brandenburg: :)
[2020/06/28 14:08] Sudane Erato: yes :)
[2020/06/28 14:08] Rosie Gray: and the last meeting was not easy to summarize
[2020/06/28 14:08] Almut Brunswick: I would like to assign two people who are familiar with the project to work out a solution and to discuss it with a RA representative
[2020/06/28 14:08] Almut Brunswick: Guideline: More transparency.
[2020/06/28 14:09] Sudane Erato: the Friedsee project?
[2020/06/28 14:09] Rosie Gray: Sudane has volunteered, and it makes sense because she has already done the proposed work
[2020/06/28 14:09] Sudane Erato: yes, i've volunteered
[2020/06/28 14:09] Almut Brunswick: Sudane and Lyobov, would it makes sense to chain you together for this task=?
[2020/06/28 14:09] Brooke Brandenburg: lol
[2020/06/28 14:09] Sudane Erato: I'm always happy to talk with Lyubov :)
[2020/06/28 14:09] Almut Brunswick: Yes, Rosie, and Lyubov is RA leader.
[2020/06/28 14:10] Lyubov Atheria: Sudane and I have worked well together before. We can certainly do this together too :)
[2020/06/28 14:10] Sudane Erato: and i will include Rosie, since she as Chancellor is actually responsible to doing things
[2020/06/28 14:11] Rosie Gray: I am happy to work with Sudane and Lyubov :)
[2020/06/28 14:11] Almut Brunswick: Because the project shoudl not stop for too long, would it be possible to present us your concept in one week?
[2020/06/28 14:11] Sudane Erato: sure!
[2020/06/28 14:11] Almut Brunswick: so that we can present something at the next RA meeting?
[2020/06/28 14:11] Sudane Erato: well... certrainly before the next RA mtg
[2020/06/28 14:11] Sudane Erato: exactly
[2020/06/28 14:12] Lyubov Atheria: Yes, reminder, we require a 2 week public comment period, so the sooner this is done, the better.
[2020/06/28 14:12] Almut Brunswick: Keep me informed in between at any time
[2020/06/28 14:12] Almut Brunswick: When needed, let's meet with 2 or 3 persons
[2020/06/28 14:12] Rosie Gray: it needs to be posted to the forum, yes for 2 weeks before discussion
[2020/06/28 14:14] Rosie Gray: so if Sudane, in consultation with me and Lyubov, writes it up and emails to ther est of the LUC to vote on, and then posts it to the Forum, does that work?
[2020/06/28 14:14] Almut Brunswick: I propose to postpone this now, but not to procrastinate :D
[2020/06/28 14:14] Almut Brunswick: Yes, that#s the idea, Rosie
[2020/06/28 14:14] Sudane Erato: i second the motion :)
[2020/06/28 14:15] Almut Brunswick: let#s vote about it
[2020/06/28 14:15] Almut Brunswick: Lyubov? Delia?
[2020/06/28 14:15] Sudane Erato: aye
[2020/06/28 14:15] Lyubov Atheria: I may not vote, I am not a LUC member.
[2020/06/28 14:15] Brooke Brandenburg: aye
[2020/06/28 14:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/06/28 14:16] Almut Brunswick: Lilith?
[2020/06/28 14:16] Delia Lake: aye
[2020/06/28 14:16] Lilith Ivory: I am not a LUC member either
[2020/06/28 14:16] Almut Brunswick: aye
[2020/06/28 14:16] Almut Brunswick: ok
[2020/06/28 14:16] Almut Brunswick: So last top: Next meeting:
[2020/06/28 14:17] Sudane Erato: in 2 weeks?
[2020/06/28 14:17] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): agreed
[2020/06/28 14:17] Almut Brunswick: Yes
[2020/06/28 14:17] Brooke Brandenburg: ok
[2020/06/28 14:17] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): 12 july ?
[2020/06/28 14:17] Brooke Brandenburg: same time?
[2020/06/28 14:17] Almut Brunswick: July 12, 2029, 12 PM SLT here
[2020/06/28 14:18] Almut Brunswick: 2020
[2020/06/28 14:18] Almut Brunswick: hehehe
[2020/06/28 14:18] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok
[2020/06/28 14:18] Brooke Brandenburg: sounds good to me
[2020/06/28 14:18] Delia Lake: ok
[2020/06/28 14:18] Almut Brunswick: and like I said: Meeting onn demand for the workgroup
[2020/06/28 14:19] Sudane Erato: sorry... i must run
[2020/06/28 14:19] Lilith Ivory: bye Sudane :)
[2020/06/28 14:19] Rosie Gray: see you Sudane!
[2020/06/28 14:19] Sudane Erato: ty all! :)
[2020/06/28 14:19] Almut Brunswick: Then I just can thank you for this productive meeting. Adjourned! :D
[2020/06/28 14:19] Brooke Brandenburg: thank you Almut
[2020/06/28 14:19] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i must go as well, thanks everyone, minutes will be forum at the latest on Tuesday
[2020/06/28 14:19] Almut Brunswick: Have a good night or afternoon
[2020/06/28 14:19] Rosie Gray: ··•°•··..☺ Applauds! ☺ ..··•°•··..
[2020/06/28 14:19] Rosie Gray: good job Almut
[2020/06/28 14:19] Lyubov Atheria: Thank you Almut and everyone :)
[2020/06/28 14:19] Almut Brunswick: Thank you Mizou
[2020/06/28 14:19] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): good job almut
[2020/06/28 14:19] Lilith Ivory: (`'•.(`'•.¸ ¸.•'´).•'´)
[2020/06/28 14:19] Lilith Ivory: APPLAUSE!!!
[2020/06/28 14:19] Lilith Ivory: APPLAUSE!!!
[2020/06/28 14:19] Lilith Ivory: (¸.•'(¸.•'´ `'•.¸)'•.¸)
[2020/06/28 14:19] Delia Lake: thank you, Almut
'Egidius, waer bestu bleven, mi lanct na di, gheselle mijn. Du coors die doot, du liets mi tleven. Dat was gheselscap, goet ende fijn.'
Gruuthuuse-handschrift -circa 1400
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