7 - 12, LUC Meeting Minutes

Announcements and transcripts of the Land Use Commission

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7 - 12, LUC Meeting Minutes

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Land Use Commission
Sunday July 12, 2020, 12 am SLT

Land Use Commission - Minutes
Sunday July 12, 2020, 12:00 am SLT

LUC members: Almut - Chairperson, Delia - Pro Tempore, Sudane Erato, Brooke, Mizou - Secretary
Absent members: Ritchie
Guests: Lilith Ivory, Lyubov, Em Warden, badgerFrozen, Pip

1. Call to order: Almut at 12:01

2. Agenda per notecard: Was not put to vote

3. Discussion and approval of the recent meeting minutes at 12:13: moved by Sudane, second Mizou, voted by Sudane, Brooke, Mizou, Delia.

Reference: viewtopic.php?f=67&t=9536&sid=a0955468f ... 86651549af

4. Old Business:

A. Friedsee Improvements: Status report:
a. Lyubov Atheria: The RA had a brief discussion about this at last Tuesday's meeting. There is the ongoing and open Forum topic. There has been general support on the Forum for the full plan as presented. The topic was posted on 30 June. The required 14-day public comment period runs through 13 July. The RA has scheduled a special meeting for Tuesday, 14 July, for the express purpose to vote on this plan
b. Sudane prepared a well-prepared project presentation
c. Brooke created a report for the RA.
d. Lyubov Atheria: If approved, and I expect it will be, then work can begin immediately thereafter.

B. List of public spaces: Report about the current state.
a. Delia: Last meeting I think we decided I should wait for the update info for LA quay to finish the sentences for that notecard.

C. Situation at the Quays:
a) Lyubov: All her personal items have been removed from the LA region, including the Harbor front/Quay area.
b) TeacherKatherine owns the 3 parcels in the main building and floating swings
c) Kyoko has purchased the boat slips, perhaps in preparation for the Venetian Nights event next week.
d) Mizou has completed her roundabout.
e) Rosie has retextured the bridge.
f) Plan for re-shaping the quays into one smooth curve instead of two. Check!
g) Kyoko has also replaced her plaza area with her cafe items that were there before.
h) Thanks to Katherine's teaching activities, it seems to become a new touristic hotspot of the CDS these days.

5. New Business:

A. Missing roadway to a parcel close to the lake at Monastery (hint given by Em):

a) Delia: regarding this parcel, there has never been road access
b) Lyubov: the RA directed the LUC to investigate access to this parcel. I would think that the RA is expecting in response some plan before work would commence. Adding a road or creating a beach, would fall under a "permanent" change that requires public posting and approval.
c) Almut in visit to parcel and talks with the chancellor: We talked about some possible ways to connect the remote parcel to the roadway with the bridge in front of the two houses, because an access to the parcel down the hill would be much more invasive and troublesome.
a. In general, Rosie an did agree to implement a small but sufficiently broad walkway from the ramp of the bridge between the garden wall of the house and the shore of the channel which leads to the lake, then to make a turn to the left, crossing the rocks there and finally reaching the parcel
d) Delia Lake: it is the sole parcel on Monastery lake which should be a good spot but it is high above the water and doesn't have water access right now.
e) Almut Brunswick: I had the idea to create something like an old sluice between bridge and the mouth of the lake to the channel. Almut to create a sketch or draft design or model.

B. Future environnement Policy (Sudane)
Reference: https://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php ... 696#p49696
a) Sudane: has made two proposals in the forum to make people aware and encouraging comments on these.
a. One is about terrain texture policies
b. Other environment policies
b) Lyubov: I did mention about a year ago, when EEP became publicly available, that I was concerned and felt we may need to set some Estate Policy about this.
Note: Sudane: some of the sims have interesting weather effects, that I am reluctant to change.

C. Proposed changes on the LUC Law and Civil Service Act Law:
Reference: https://forums.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9527
a) Lyubov: It is a "big fish", and I would encourage everyone to participate in the Forum discussion. The RA agreed to continue Tan's open forum discussion and to return to this topic at our next regular RA meeting (following this coming Tuesday's).
b) Lyubov: The RA is certainly open to all citizens' input. I don't know if the LUC as a body should be preparing a competing draft.
c) Suggestion is for all citizens to participate in the forum thread and add their comments.

Reporting the state of the LUC Proposal (Sudane, Lyubov)
d) Proposal for process of new major sim implementation & changes:
a. the LUC proposes
b. the RA approves
c. the Chancellor by means of the Guild implements
e) Transparency is the main objective; therefore, it is best to discuss via the forum.

6. Next Meeting:

- Proposal: Sunday, July 26, 12 PM SLT - on LA quays then moving to the 'missing path in Monastery.
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