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8 - 30, LUC Meeting Transcript

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Land Use Commission
Sunday August 30, 2020, 12:00 am SLT

LUC members: Almut - Chairperson, Delia - Pro Tempore, Em Warden, , Mizou - Secretary
Absent members: Sudane Erato, Brooke - RA Rep
Guests: Rosie

[2020/08/30 12:05] Almut Brunswick: Hello Delia
[2020/08/30 12:06] Em Warden (emwarden): Hello Mizou
[2020/08/30 12:06] Almut Brunswick: Hello Mizou
[2020/08/30 12:06] Rosie Gray: Mizou gave us a challenge with that staircase
[2020/08/30 12:06] Em Warden (emwarden): Hi Delia
[2020/08/30 12:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi almut, Rosie, Delia
[2020/08/30 12:06] Rosie Gray: you have to prove you can get up here, to be worthy!
[2020/08/30 12:06] Rosie Gray: /me grins
[2020/08/30 12:06] Rosie Gray: hi Mizou!
[2020/08/30 12:06] Rosie Gray: hi Delia ㋡
[2020/08/30 12:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): lol
[2020/08/30 12:07] Em Warden (emwarden): I could just as well declare myself unworthy right away hehe
[2020/08/30 12:07] Rosie Gray: haha
[2020/08/30 12:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i never use the staircase, it is purely decorative :)
[2020/08/30 12:07] Delia Lake: lol I was thinking the same thing. I think this is the first time ever Ive climbed the circular stair without falling off a couple of times.
[2020/08/30 12:07] Rosie Gray: ah, perhaps you should be made to climb the stairs yourself then, my friend
[2020/08/30 12:07] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Hi Em
[2020/08/30 12:08] Em Warden (emwarden): Hi Mizou :)Could you please install an elevator for old people?
[2020/08/30 12:08] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ahh but in SL we are all young :)
[2020/08/30 12:08] Em Warden (emwarden): Lol
[2020/08/30 12:09] Delia Lake: I hope it won't happen but Ive had unstable internet all day and I may crash out. if so Ill return as quickly as I can
[2020/08/30 12:09] Rosie Gray: oh that's too bad, Delia
[2020/08/30 12:09] Em Warden (emwarden): Weekends are troublesome
[2020/08/30 12:09] Rosie Gray: for me as well
[2020/08/30 12:09] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes today is really slow for me too
[2020/08/30 12:09] Rosie Gray: basically any day from about 3 pm and later is troublesome
[2020/08/30 12:10] Em Warden (emwarden): Oh-that sounds really bad
[2020/08/30 12:10] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I have a question that i meant to ask at last meetings
[2020/08/30 12:10] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Is Richie still part of the LKUC?
[2020/08/30 12:10] Almut Brunswick: Ok, I think we should start. I don't know where the others are and I know that there is a date afterwards: the MoCA Reception
[2020/08/30 12:10] Rosie Gray: no, he was replaced by Em
[2020/08/30 12:10] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): LUC
[2020/08/30 12:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok then i need to amend the transcript
[2020/08/30 12:11] Delia Lake: yes. I have to leave by 1:15 at the latest because I'm one of the MoCA hosts
[2020/08/30 12:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): somehow i missed that
[2020/08/30 12:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): quick meeting then Almut
[2020/08/30 12:11] Em Warden (emwarden): Nobody is perfect :)
[2020/08/30 12:11] Almut Brunswick: So has everybody received the agenda for today (which has the wrong date on top^^)
[2020/08/30 12:11] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes
[2020/08/30 12:11] Em Warden (emwarden): Yes
[2020/08/30 12:12] Almut Brunswick: The agenda is not that long, so I'm sure we can make it in due time
[2020/08/30 12:12] Rosie Gray: no, but I'm just an observer
[2020/08/30 12:12] Rosie Gray: thank you ㋡
[2020/08/30 12:12] Almut Brunswick: Yes, but the LUC is open for all interested citizens, even and especially for the Chancellor :D
[2020/08/30 12:13] Almut Brunswick: So I call the assembly to order. It is 12:13 PM
[2020/08/30 12:14] Almut Brunswick: Have you already read the agenda for today? Please correct silently the date to August 30.
[2020/08/30 12:14] Em Warden (emwarden): :9
[2020/08/30 12:14] Em Warden (emwarden): Kindly disregard my akward smile
[2020/08/30 12:15] Almut Brunswick: Any questions, corrections additions?
[2020/08/30 12:15] Almut Brunswick: I like your awkward smile, Em.
[2020/08/30 12:16] Almut Brunswick: I hear none so far. Then let's move to approve the agenda for today.
[2020/08/30 12:16] Em Warden (emwarden): i have no comments to the agenda
[2020/08/30 12:16] Em Warden (emwarden): I move that the Agenda be approved
[2020/08/30 12:16] Almut Brunswick: Please vote
[2020/08/30 12:16] Delia Lake: aye
[2020/08/30 12:16] Almut Brunswick: aye
[2020/08/30 12:16] Em Warden (emwarden): aye
[2020/08/30 12:16] Almut Brunswick: Mizou?
[2020/08/30 12:17] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/08/30 12:17] Almut Brunswick: Thank you!
[2020/08/30 12:18] Almut Brunswick: Top 3: There was a correction by Rosie to the published meeting minutes. Mizou is already informed about it. What is the state so far?
[2020/08/30 12:19] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i added an errata as a comment
[2020/08/30 12:20] Almut Brunswick: Ok, I read it in the forum and if Rosie agrees with it, I would like to move to approve the minutes of meeting from August 16.
[2020/08/30 12:20] Rosie Gray: sounds fine to me,
[2020/08/30 12:21] Almut Brunswick: Side note: Mizou was so kind to show the the questionable "anchored" buildings and labeled roadways on site.
[2020/08/30 12:21] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): second
[2020/08/30 12:21] Almut Brunswick: Let#s vote
[2020/08/30 12:21] Almut Brunswick: Aye
[2020/08/30 12:21] Em Warden (emwarden): Aye
[2020/08/30 12:21] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/08/30 12:21] Almut Brunswick: Thank you!
[2020/08/30 12:21] Delia Lake: AYE
[2020/08/30 12:22] Almut Brunswick: Ha! Delia was yet missing!
[2020/08/30 12:22] Almut Brunswick: Thank oyu
[2020/08/30 12:23] Almut Brunswick: Let's talk about Old Business now. A. Suggestions for additions to LA port area: I know it is a long-term procedure and some of the mainly involved actors are not here today. So I think we can keep it short.
[2020/08/30 12:24] Almut Brunswick: Are there any comments? Otherwise I propose to postpone it till the next meting.
[2020/08/30 12:24] Rosie Gray: /me raises a hand
[2020/08/30 12:24] Almut Brunswick: Rosie please
[2020/08/30 12:24] Em Warden (emwarden): None from me
[2020/08/30 12:24] Delia Lake: /me raises her hand
[2020/08/30 12:25] Rosie Gray: well, I'm just kind of unsure of why we need to add things
[2020/08/30 12:25] Rosie Gray: the area seems fine to me
[2020/08/30 12:25] Rosie Gray: there's enough room to use it as an event space if we want to, and otherwise it just looks like a pier space to me
[2020/08/30 12:25] Rosie Gray: done
[2020/08/30 12:26] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): raises hand
[2020/08/30 12:26] Almut Brunswick: We had a discussion some meetings ago that some additions woul dbe fine. But on the othr hand it became evident that the spare prims are limited.
[2020/08/30 12:26] Almut Brunswick: Delia is next.
[2020/08/30 12:26] Delia Lake: to me the LA quay looks too sterile. It looks like people dont go there.
[2020/08/30 12:27] Almut Brunswick: Mizou please.
[2020/08/30 12:27] Delia Lake: the CN Forum and the NFS Platz loook like people gather or walk through. so does Stella Marina but not the quay
[2020/08/30 12:27] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I was just going to say that Sudane said something similar to Delia
[2020/08/30 12:28] Em Warden (emwarden): /me raises a hand
[2020/08/30 12:28] Rosie Gray: what sort of things do you think it should have, besides the fishing gear that's already there, and a few tables and chairs?
[2020/08/30 12:28] Delia Lake: it could probably be made more inviting with only a few prims used
[2020/08/30 12:29] Delia Lake: at one time we had an ice cream vendor in the summer. and a cat, just a coupple of things to make it look like ppeole actually go there
[2020/08/30 12:29] Delia Lake: sorry about the double letters. still haven't reset my new keyboard
[2020/08/30 12:30] Almut Brunswick: The proposals and ideas are recorded in some previous minutes. We agreed to talk about possible implementations as soon as it is evident how many extra prims could be used for that. Sudane was asked last meeting to start a small survey to find out where possibly prims/LI could be saved.
[2020/08/30 12:30] Delia Lake: yes, and doone
[2020/08/30 12:30] Em Warden (emwarden): /me waves both hands this time
[2020/08/30 12:30] Almut Brunswick: Smiles...Em, you have the word
[2020/08/30 12:31] Em Warden (emwarden): Thank you :) maybe we don't need to add things. perhaps we just need to make it easier to find the Quay, by putting up signs at the beginning of the bridge, and at the CN forum
[2020/08/30 12:32] Em Warden (emwarden): And i would love to have a street lamp in either end of the bridge
[2020/08/30 12:32] Em Warden (emwarden): Done
[2020/08/30 12:32] Rosie Gray: /me raises a hand
[2020/08/30 12:32] Almut Brunswick: Thank you. Rosie?
[2020/08/30 12:32] Rosie Gray: I have put an ice-cream cart down already, for a seasonal thing
[2020/08/30 12:33] Rosie Gray: it's been there for about a week
[2020/08/30 12:33] Delia Lake: goood. haven't been there this week. and thanks :)
[2020/08/30 12:33] Rosie Gray: also, i replaced the horse-rezzer that was the full version showing the horse, with a version that is just the saddle and a sign, so you can still rez the horse but it is far fewer prims
[2020/08/30 12:34] Rosie Gray: one thing I noticed when looking for redundant prims, is that we seem to have 3 bicycle rezzers out, all along that waterfront
[2020/08/30 12:34] Rosie Gray: I really don't think we need 3 ㋡
[2020/08/30 12:34] Delia Lake: hmmm. that seems unnecessary
[2020/08/30 12:34] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): one should be enough
[2020/08/30 12:34] Rosie Gray: yes, as they aren't huge in prims, but still they would save
[2020/08/30 12:35] Almut Brunswick: Well, some changing small attractions are always a good thing to get the place worth to be revisited, and I agree: One of a kind should be enough
[2020/08/30 12:35] Rosie Gray: /me nods
[2020/08/30 12:35] Rosie Gray: done
[2020/08/30 12:35] Almut Brunswick: Thank you! Any further comments?
[2020/08/30 12:36] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): no
[2020/08/30 12:36] Rosie Gray: well one more thing
[2020/08/30 12:36] Rosie Gray: I don't think that the LUC needs to be discussing things like ice-cream carts
[2020/08/30 12:36] Rosie Gray: that's a small, transitional sort of thing and has always been the prerogative of the chancellor
[2020/08/30 12:37] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me nods
[2020/08/30 12:37] Rosie Gray: there's so many bigger things for the LUC to be looking at
[2020/08/30 12:37] Almut Brunswick: No, of course not. Just in the context of the ongoing discussion how to make the quay even more attractive, the thought of using temporary attractions instead of steady new buildings should not be neglected.
[2020/08/30 12:38] Almut Brunswick: Therefore it makes sense to talk about it even here.
[2020/08/30 12:38] Rosie Gray: /me shrugs
[2020/08/30 12:38] Almut Brunswick: Good, then let's move to B. Region Waterfalls
[2020/08/30 12:39] Almut Brunswick: Delia and Rosie might have some updated information for us
[2020/08/30 12:39] Rosie Gray: Alpine Meadow is all finished
[2020/08/30 12:40] Delia Lake: Im partly finiished with Monastery waterfalls and cascading river. I'll be done in another coouple of days
[2020/08/30 12:40] Rosie Gray: Delia I was looking at it today
[2020/08/30 12:40] Almut Brunswick: That is good news.
[2020/08/30 12:40] Rosie Gray: it looks far from finished to me
[2020/08/30 12:40] Delia Lake: it's not yet finished
[2020/08/30 12:40] Rosie Gray: I know it's very time consuming
[2020/08/30 12:41] Delia Lake: should be done this week though
[2020/08/30 12:41] Rosie Gray: Let me know if you don't have time and I'll finish it
[2020/08/30 12:42] Delia Lake: thanks
[2020/08/30 12:42] Rosie Gray: because we can't be leaving it looking like this for much longer, as people's houses overlook it
[2020/08/30 12:42] Delia Lake: I have some time this week
[2020/08/30 12:42] Rosie Gray: okay, that's good ㋡
[2020/08/30 12:42] Almut Brunswick: Will you inform us via the forum when everything is done. I assume the RA would like to know it, too.
[2020/08/30 12:42] Delia Lake: yes
[2020/08/30 12:42] Almut Brunswick: Good, thank you.
[2020/08/30 12:43] Almut Brunswick: C: Friedsee Lake: Investigation of modern water textures and the possibility of enabling swimming
[2020/08/30 12:43] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me raises hand
[2020/08/30 12:44] Almut Brunswick: We have already talked about it in detail two weeks ago.
[2020/08/30 12:44] Almut Brunswick: Mizou please
[2020/08/30 12:44] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I tried to swim in the lake via the Siggy romulus swimer but not possible allthough Sudane said it was. Has anybody else tried?
[2020/08/30 12:45] Delia Lake: yes. I do that often
[2020/08/30 12:45] Almut Brunswick: Not me
[2020/08/30 12:45] Delia Lake: I can reset the scripts though
[2020/08/30 12:45] Delia Lake: see if that makes a difference
[2020/08/30 12:45] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok can you explain how it works for you?
[2020/08/30 12:45] Em Warden (emwarden): My AO has an automatic swim in it-whenever I fall into the water I start swimming...
[2020/08/30 12:45] Delia Lake: I have my swimming hud on and I walk in
[2020/08/30 12:45] Rosie Gray: that's cool, Em!
[2020/08/30 12:45] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): I have the swimmer on all the time and can swim in SL water but not the lake
[2020/08/30 12:45] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i have the swimming HUD too
[2020/08/30 12:46] Almut Brunswick: I never swim in SL, so don't ask me for my expertise :D
[2020/08/30 12:46] Delia Lake: I have mine set for prim swim and breaststroke underwater so thats what I doo
[2020/08/30 12:47] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): can you show a screen on Gyazo how it works?
[2020/08/30 12:47] Delia Lake: I can check my settings and get back to you, yes
[2020/08/30 12:47] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): please
[2020/08/30 12:47] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): thanks
[2020/08/30 12:47] Delia Lake: right now I have on a scuba swim hud and that's different
[2020/08/30 12:48] Almut Brunswick: I remember that the RA expects a report about it. Who is working on it?
[2020/08/30 12:48] Delia Lake: working on what?
[2020/08/30 12:48] Almut Brunswick: Working on a report about the usage of modern water textures and th epossibility to swim there
[2020/08/30 12:48] Em Warden (emwarden): Inviting visitors to swim?
[2020/08/30 12:49] Almut Brunswick: The RA requested it on July 28
[2020/08/30 12:49] Almut Brunswick: that report could probably also comprise the instruction how to swim there
[2020/08/30 12:50] Delia Lake: so far as I know, as I said last meeting, there is no universal pprim swim script. there is at least one hud that says it will allow people too swim if you click on it but that costs $2000 and doesnt hae a demo so Im not buying that to test it
[2020/08/30 12:50] Almut Brunswick: nods, that is understandable
[2020/08/30 12:50] Rosie Gray: /me raises a hand
[2020/08/30 12:51] Almut Brunswick: Rosie please
[2020/08/30 12:51] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2020/08/30 12:51] Rosie Gray: at the previous RA meeting this week
[2020/08/30 12:51] Rosie Gray: Laura mentioned that she had a pool with nice animations in it, meant to be placed over a lake or whatever
[2020/08/30 12:51] Rosie Gray: she has it out in LA now
[2020/08/30 12:52] Rosie Gray: and she offered to put it down in the Friedsee lake as a kind of 'swim club'
[2020/08/30 12:52] Rosie Gray: I do not know how many LI it is, so if that's a good idea or not
[2020/08/30 12:52] Rosie Gray: but you might want to go and have a look at it
[2020/08/30 12:52] Rosie Gray: and try it out
[2020/08/30 12:52] Rosie Gray: the rest of the RA seemed to like the idea
[2020/08/30 12:52] Rosie Gray: done
[2020/08/30 12:52] Almut Brunswick: Thank you. At least for a trial run, it sounds perfect.
[2020/08/30 12:53] Rosie Gray: unless it's too primmy
[2020/08/30 12:53] Delia Lake: right now the water in Friedsee lake is 5 prims. we have to be really careful of prims there. I'd be glad to catch up with Laura and test her pool though
[2020/08/30 12:53] Almut Brunswick: Yes, but this way it could be investigated
[2020/08/30 12:54] Rosie Gray: she has it down in the LA harbour, next to where Soro's houseboat is
[2020/08/30 12:54] Almut Brunswick: Delia and Mizou, would you like to try it out and report about it on our next meeting?
[2020/08/30 12:55] Delia Lake: ok. I can do that after the MoCA event
[2020/08/30 12:55] Almut Brunswick: Ok, great.
[2020/08/30 12:55] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): sure
[2020/08/30 12:56] Almut Brunswick: Ok, let#s move over to the next point: D. Missing roadway to a parcel close to the lake at Monastery:
[2020/08/30 12:56] Almut Brunswick: After you voted for my proposal last week, I created a short proposal in the forum
[2020/08/30 12:57] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me nods
[2020/08/30 12:57] Almut Brunswick: I'm looking forward to the reactions
[2020/08/30 12:57] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): done
[2020/08/30 12:57] Em Warden (emwarden): Now. or in the forums?
[2020/08/30 12:57] Almut Brunswick: In the meantime; I strive to gather the required knowledge to create all required textures in Blender.
[2020/08/30 12:58] Almut Brunswick: The proposal has been posted in the Forum
[2020/08/30 12:58] Almut Brunswick: You find the link in the agenda
[2020/08/30 12:58] Rosie Gray: /me raises a hand
[2020/08/30 12:58] Em Warden (emwarden): Yes, I studied it carefully
[2020/08/30 12:58] Almut Brunswick: Rosie please
[2020/08/30 12:58] Rosie Gray: thank you
[2020/08/30 12:58] Rosie Gray: just a reminder that if you are going to make all the textures in Blender, that you'll need to make seasonal textures too
[2020/08/30 12:59] Almut Brunswick: I'm aware of it
[2020/08/30 12:59] Rosie Gray: at least one for summer and one for winter, with snow
[2020/08/30 12:59] Rosie Gray: okay ㋡
[2020/08/30 12:59] Almut Brunswick: My idea is to blend generated textures with bitmap textures (photos)
[2020/08/30 12:59] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): raises hand
[2020/08/30 12:59] Rosie Gray: and that it will need to be accessible somehow by the LV EMs, if you aren't around to change it
[2020/08/30 12:59] Rosie Gray: done
[2020/08/30 13:00] Almut Brunswick: That should be feasible when you get the rights for that
[2020/08/30 13:00] Almut Brunswick: Mizou please
[2020/08/30 13:00] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): thanks
[2020/08/30 13:00] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Almut if you are creating the textures in blenmder, will you create the shadows first?
[2020/08/30 13:01] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): as in baking the shadows?
[2020/08/30 13:01] Almut Brunswick: Are you talking about Ambient Occlusion or real shadows?
[2020/08/30 13:01] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): AO
[2020/08/30 13:01] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): to add to the textures
[2020/08/30 13:02] Almut Brunswick: When working with bitmap textures as a base, the AO textures will be baked into the resulting final texture
[2020/08/30 13:02] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i see
[2020/08/30 13:03] Almut Brunswick: the two further textures (specular and normal/bumpmap) will be based on this. They will use a different set of nodes though
[2020/08/30 13:03] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes
[2020/08/30 13:03] Almut Brunswick: there won't be a separate AO map though. At least I don't intent to bake it
[2020/08/30 13:03] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): you will be using nodes for the textures?
[2020/08/30 13:04] Almut Brunswick: Of course, because I will use the Cycles render engine and HDRI lighting
[2020/08/30 13:04] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): Ok prsonally, i made the AO map then exported it to photoshop or GIMp to add the textures and make the other two maps
[2020/08/30 13:05] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): shadwos are quite important to make a build look real
[2020/08/30 13:05] Rosie Gray: that's a good way to do it, Mizou, because then you aren't constrained by just having 1 finalized texture
[2020/08/30 13:05] Almut Brunswick: I know, but this is not my intention to work like that, because I also wantto integrate procedural textures where it maks more sense (e.g. for plastered surfaces)
[2020/08/30 13:06] Rosie Gray: I do think that this discussion is a bit more than the LUC needs
[2020/08/30 13:06] Rosie Gray: since this isn't a building group
[2020/08/30 13:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): using an AO map and exporting it to image editing gives more variety in the klong end as Rosie just said
[2020/08/30 13:06] Almut Brunswick: But please...may I shortcut this technical detail discussion here? I see the clock running forward and I would like to finalize the meeting before 2:15 PM as requested
[2020/08/30 13:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok
[2020/08/30 13:06] Almut Brunswick: Thank you
[2020/08/30 13:06] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): sure
[2020/08/30 13:07] Almut Brunswick: and please leave me the space to develop my own way to build!
[2020/08/30 13:08] Almut Brunswick: Ok, next topic E. Proposed changes on the LUC Law and Civil Service Act Law: Status of the Forum discussion
[2020/08/30 13:09] Almut Brunswick: I can keep it simple here: As announced, I posted my own proposal past Thursday and I hope for a lively discussion in the forum
[2020/08/30 13:10] Almut Brunswick: My draft is a blend of the currently valid act, Tan's ideas, the outcome of the forum discussion so far and my own ideas
[2020/08/30 13:10] Almut Brunswick: We will see how it will evolve
[2020/08/30 13:11] Rosie Gray: good work, Almut
[2020/08/30 13:11] Em Warden (emwarden): Your draft has been met with only positive remarks so far
[2020/08/30 13:12] Delia Lake: Thannk you, Almut. I have read through briefly but need to look in depth as I am now also SC Dean annd want to read from that persective as well
[2020/08/30 13:12] Almut Brunswick: I know it is not yet perfect, but I think its structure makes it easier to tweak on the details
[2020/08/30 13:12] Almut Brunswick: and I really want to leave out all regulations which also touch the LUC, but not only
[2020/08/30 13:13] Almut Brunswick: 5. New Business could be completely postponed to next meeting
[2020/08/30 13:13] Almut Brunswick: because Tan is not there and Sudane neither
[2020/08/30 13:13] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me nods
[2020/08/30 13:13] Almut Brunswick: 6. Miscellaneous...nothing from my side
[2020/08/30 13:13] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me raises hand
[2020/08/30 13:14] Almut Brunswick: Mizou please
[2020/08/30 13:14] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): thanks, for 5, just a note, I have made a channel for Archies gmail which is linked to our CDS portal https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJNksK ... 7LzTsFL0ig
[2020/08/30 13:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): nothing posted as yet of course but ready for uploading video
[2020/08/30 13:15] Almut Brunswick: Ah perfect
[2020/08/30 13:15] Almut Brunswick: thank you!
[2020/08/30 13:15] Rosie Gray: how do you mean that it's linked to the portal, Mizou?
[2020/08/30 13:15] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): only via Archies email address , not linked physically
[2020/08/30 13:16] Rosie Gray: oh I see, right ㋡
[2020/08/30 13:16] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): as you anybody who has access to Archies email can upload to the youtube channel
[2020/08/30 13:16] Almut Brunswick: I think it will become more traceable as soon as we have something to upload
[2020/08/30 13:16] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): explain Almut?
[2020/08/30 13:17] Almut Brunswick: As soon as well will hav ethe monastery documentation and we have performed the first upload via the namely channel, it will become more understanable how it works.
[2020/08/30 13:17] Delia Lake: ok. so I have a question then about this. on 19 December I'll be giving a guided tour for The Science Circle with the topic of sustainable gardening, using my land in NFS. it will be filmed. is that something we should cross post too this youtube channel?
[2020/08/30 13:18] Rosie Gray: ooo
[2020/08/30 13:18] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): cross post?
[2020/08/30 13:18] Rosie Gray: it's something that could be 'subscribed' to by Archie, no?
[2020/08/30 13:18] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): hmmm not sure that we can do that in youtube
[2020/08/30 13:18] Delia Lake: it will be on The Science Circle site
[2020/08/30 13:18] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes, of course subscribed
[2020/08/30 13:18] Rosie Gray: this does mean that someone has to manage the Archie youtube account
[2020/08/30 13:18] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): and they could maube do the same
[2020/08/30 13:19] Rosie Gray: you are willing to do that, Mizou?
[2020/08/30 13:19] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i can look after it
[2020/08/30 13:19] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): /me Rosie took words out of Mizous haed
[2020/08/30 13:19] Rosie Gray: lol
[2020/08/30 13:19] Rosie Gray: technically, I think that an account like this needs to be approved by the RA
[2020/08/30 13:19] Almut Brunswick: I assume Mizou is already sittiog on hot coals. Hence top 7 now: Proposal: Sunday, September 13, 12 PM SLT
[2020/08/30 13:20] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes, so do i need to do that at next RA?
[2020/08/30 13:20] Almut Brunswick: Let's talk about the video topic in two weeks again, then hopefuly with Tan
[2020/08/30 13:20] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): ok
[2020/08/30 13:20] Almut Brunswick: Are you all ok with the date?
[2020/08/30 13:20] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes
[2020/08/30 13:20] Em Warden (emwarden): I am
[2020/08/30 13:20] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): i move
[2020/08/30 13:20] Almut Brunswick: me too
[2020/08/30 13:21] Delia Lake: sorry but I have to leave. I need to go home and change quickly so as not to be late to my MoCA event
[2020/08/30 13:21] Rosie Gray: and there's an SC meeting that day
[2020/08/30 13:21] Almut Brunswick: aye
[2020/08/30 13:21] Rosie Gray: sorry for my typing
[2020/08/30 13:21] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/08/30 13:21] Almut Brunswick: Delia, are you ok with Sept 13?
[2020/08/30 13:21] Rosie Gray: there's an SC meeting Sept. 13 at 08:00
[2020/08/30 13:21] Delia Lake: earlier that day I believe. yes
[2020/08/30 13:21] Em Warden (emwarden): Bye Delia
[2020/08/30 13:21] Almut Brunswick: ah, I assume it won't last for 4 hours
[2020/08/30 13:22] Rosie Gray: hehe
[2020/08/30 13:22] Almut Brunswick: Ok, herewith I adjourn the meeting, of you all agree
[2020/08/30 13:22] Almut Brunswick: if*
[2020/08/30 13:22] Em Warden (emwarden): Aye
[2020/08/30 13:22] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): yes
[2020/08/30 13:22] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): aye
[2020/08/30 13:22] Almut Brunswick: 1:22 PM
[2020/08/30 13:23] Almut Brunswick: We made it! Thank you everybody!
[2020/08/30 13:23] Rosie Gray: ㋡
[2020/08/30 13:23] Em Warden (emwarden): >Thank you Almut
[2020/08/30 13:23] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): thank you Almut
[2020/08/30 13:23] Rosie Gray: thanks Almut
[2020/08/30 13:23] Almut Brunswick: It's been a pleasure.
[2020/08/30 13:23] Mizou (mizou.vavoom): See you all
'Egidius, waer bestu bleven, mi lanct na di, gheselle mijn. Du coors die doot, du liets mi tleven. Dat was gheselscap, goet ende fijn.'
Gruuthuuse-handschrift -circa 1400
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