Draft: Friedsee (NFS W) Specific Covenant

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Draft: Friedsee (NFS W) Specific Covenant

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Friedsee Specific Covenant

Friedsee is an Alpine, middle-European, rural themed sim featuring a 1920’s era airport and ski lodge. Buildings in this zone resemble styles of alpine Europe and should aim to link visually with the styles of Monastery and Neufreistadt. The time period is indeterminate.
A) Zones and Typologies:

Zone C: (Cottages)
Residential only. Commercial activity is prohibited.
All structures must be placed immediately adjacent to a street or connect to it via a path.

Zone F: (Farms)
Residential and farming only.
There must be a minimum of 4 trees per parcel.

Zone H: (Hamlet)
Commercial and residential use.
All plots must have buildings.
Ground floor may be devoted to commercial purposes, upstairs may be residential.
Structures must be placed immediately adjacent to a street or connect to it via a path.

Zone P: (Airport parking)
Suitable for airplane hangars or mechanic workshops.
New buildings must be pre-approved by the Executive branch (see D below)
Not for residential or commercial use.

B) Buildings in all zones:
Maximum height 20m.
All buildings must be in a alpine, middle-European style.
All buildings must have functioning doors.

D) Public Buildings, Structures and Lands
Public buildings are not subject to specific zone or typology guidelines.These buildings and structures are directly administered by the Executive Branch of the CDS.
Zone P airport parking; buildings must blend with the style and era of the airport itself, and must use existing buildings on the parcel or new buildings must be pre-approved before installation.
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