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SC requests to the RA

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The SC asks that the RA address the following. These concerns have been raised previously, and are still outstanding. While some committee and/or group discussion ensued, no action was ever taken by RA.

1)On Sun Jul 20, 2014 the SC requested:

The SC requests that the RA review the ALL forms of social media currently in use in CDS and consider a law, or revisions to current laws, that specify:

*what social media channels are considered to be 'official' CDS channels of communication

*who, if anyone, should have permissions to access those social media channels, in addition to the Executive team

* whom should any option for 'recovery' of passwords reside with ( since separating this holder from the other holders of passwords acts as a fail-safe)

2) On Wed Jul 23, 2014 the SC requested:

The SC requests that the RA consider revising CDSL 15-04 CDS Weportal Act to specify the nature of the Webmistress/Administrator as an Executive position requiring specific skills, knowledge and continuity and identifying any process desired for any future change to said Webmistress/Adminstrator

In addition, as per discussions during SC deliberations, and recognizing that control of content and administration are separate areas of concern, such a review of 15-04 should address official vs unofficial areas of the Portal and identify who controls content on official pages and what types of unofficial pages are permitted. This would make CDSL 15-04 a law addressing all relevant areas of the Portal.

3) As part of SC discussions during petition review, and ensuing discussion on the Forums, it was also identified that no law at all exists to address Forum ownership, administration and management, other than the role of the SC as moderators. While Gwyneth believes the SC 'owns' the Forums, the SC identified itself only as the moderating body – and recent discussions have also raised the question of who owns the Forums and their content. It would be beneficial to propose an Act that addresses Forum ownership and management in the same way that Portal ownership/management is addressed.
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