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Discussion of NL 4-2 Marketplatz Zoning Act

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:14 pm
by Rosie Gray
Current legislation:
NL 4-2 Marketplatz Zoning Act

All land surrounding the Marketplatz which is not already privately owned, and not to include the Rathhaus, the Biergarten, and the Kirche, will be divided into parcels similar to the other City parcels of Neualtenburg, and sold.

The resulting new parcels, as well as existing privately owned parcels fronting on the Platz, are identified as a new zoning district, and that the deeds covering the proposed sales contain covenant terms which differ from the covenant terms of lots in other zoning districts, as explained below, with the Guild being responsible for the specific coveneants. If and when the current owner of one of the privately held platz parcels not covered by this bill sells his or her parcel, it will become part of the new zone.

One parcel will remain Gilde property, and function as a general store, where each Neualtenburg citizen may place one Guild-approved vendor.

This act specifically prohibits the creation of freestanding commercial kiosks on the platz proper.
I propose that we move this act to the Archaic Acts, as it is referencing Neualtenburg, deeds, the Guild (an old version of the guild, not the current NGO version). There is nothing in this act that we need currently as zoning is covered by covenants.

Re: Discussion of NL 4-2 Marketplatz Zoning Act

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:50 am
by Tanoujin Milestone
I agree, it is outdated and we need nothing of it any more. NFS zoning is sufficiently coded in the NFS covenant IMO. So let us do away with it!