RA and Chancellor Election Regulations

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RA and Chancellor Election Regulations

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Hello fellow CDS Citizens!

Soon we will have another election campaign for the next legislature. Some of you may remember that I once started to create a CDS New Citizen's Guide https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j3P ... s8i7ag9ve . Unfortunately, the section how the elections are conducted is still incomplete and Lilith just left the comment: "Info about qualification to run for an office and vote are still missing"

You may agree that this is not really satisfying for any new citizen who would like to understand the procedure in general or to even to run for office himself/herself in particular. Honestly I myself do not have any clue how to candidate. Apparently it is so self-evident that everybody of the senior residents knows it by heart.

I know about the acts related to the elections, but nonetheless I would really prefer to have a fixed Election Regulation somewhere on an easily accessible place where electing and candidating citizens can retrieve all needed information in a nutshell: How can I run for office? How does the qualification process take place? What do I need to hand in? Etc.

When there is already such a document or thread, then I beg your pardon and just ask for a link here. Otherwise this information should be provided as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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