9/7 CDS10B Kick-off Parade Input Meeting Transcript

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9/7 CDS10B Kick-off Parade Input Meeting Transcript

Post by JerryDon Lane »

[12:02] JerryDon Lane: We can get started....this meeting is public so it will be recorded
[12:03] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i know! im like last week going, am i old or what
[12:03] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: everything that should be one dollar is three
[12:03] JerryDon Lane: Recording starts now
[12:03] JerryDon Lane: So I felt it a great idea to begin the Fall with a come together event.....In fact a parade
[12:04] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): sounds good
[12:04] Penelope Gossamer: Sounds like fun!
[12:04] JerryDon Lane: Beginning in AM, through CN, across LA and onto the beach for some beer and hotdogs as a community
[12:05] JerryDon Lane: So, we are gathered here to put some ideas together for that parade!
[12:05] JerryDon Lane: We have been brainstorming a bit.........I think it wise to invite other groups to participate....
[12:06] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: ok our new citizen dawg is here
[12:06] JerryDon Lane: From outside CDS......such as:
[12:06] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): Hi Dawg
[12:06] JerryDon Lane: Hello Dawg.....welcome!
[12:06] Ceasar Xigalia: hi Dawg
[12:06] Penelope Gossamer: Hi Dawg .. welcome to CDS :)
[12:06] Dawg (dastraydawg): ave all
[12:07] JerryDon Lane: Such as Veterans groups, cancer survivors, Autism support groups, etc
[12:07] JerryDon Lane: So......can we put some ideas together as a group? <:0)
[12:07] Penelope Gossamer: This will be my first CDS parade. What have they been like in the past?
[12:07] JerryDon Lane: Great question
[12:07] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: I have never been to one !
[12:07] JerryDon Lane: It will be my first as well
[12:08] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): maybe CDS's first
[12:08] JerryDon Lane: I don't know
[12:08] JerryDon Lane: But it has the potential to be an awesome event
[12:08] Dawg (dastraydawg): sounds fun!!1
[12:08] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): I like the idea of veterans groups and other s
[12:09] Penelope Gossamer: I do, too
[12:09] JerryDon Lane: Who could we invite in the form of Veteran's groups?
[12:09] Dawg (dastraydawg): I do as well
[12:09] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): I found an american legion group
[12:09] Penelope Gossamer: Just hope they will have enough time to prepare
[12:09] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): vietnam
[12:09] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): and there is a british one as well
[12:09] JerryDon Lane: Yes Penny...that's true
[12:10] JerryDon Lane: We found a Japanese marching band but no one speaks English...<:0)
[12:10] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): also a VFW post
[12:10] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): lol
[12:10] Dawg (dastraydawg): chuckles*
[12:10] Penelope Gossamer: A marching band would be perfect
[12:10] Dawg (dastraydawg): yes!!!
[12:11] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): i am looking for clowns
[12:11] JerryDon Lane: I wonder if I approach them using a translator if that would work...Never used one
[12:11] Dawg (dastraydawg): there are enough of those in SL
[12:11] JerryDon Lane: Do you know how to use one Dawg?
[12:12] Penelope Gossamer: Oh .. there is a Japanese welcome center
[12:12] Dawg (dastraydawg): I was referring to clowns
[12:12] JerryDon Lane: Ahh.....didn't know that....Pen
[12:12] Dawg (dastraydawg): but..I do have a few Chinese friends that may know of a good translator
[12:13] Penelope Gossamer: I just saw something about it .. there are people there that can translate
[12:13] Ƈayleeȵ (cayleen.linette) is online.
[12:13] JerryDon Lane: Would someone like to volunteer to contact the Welcome center and maybe line up a translator?
[12:13] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): the name of them is YOKOHAMA Marching band'
[12:14] Dawg (dastraydawg): I will try
[12:14] JerryDon Lane: OK....I'll volunteer....<:0)
[12:14] JerryDon Lane: Ahhh.....thanks Dawg....ya got the job
[12:14] Dawg (dastraydawg): ty
[12:14] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): also another I found is TSL Performing Orchestra
[12:14] Dawg (dastraydawg): I was writing info
[12:14] Penelope Gossamer: I was just looking for the info I saw
[12:14] JerryDon Lane: Ok
[12:15] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): they have a marching band also
[12:15] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): its a group of teens
[12:15] Dawg (dastraydawg): i will look into finding marching bands as well
[12:15] Penelope Gossamer: I wonder if they will need to be paid to perform?
[12:15] Dawg (dastraydawg): are we making floats?
[12:15] JerryDon Lane: Thanks Dawg....we appreciate the help
[12:15] Dawg (dastraydawg): Im sure a deal can be worked out
[12:16] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): I think so
[12:16] JerryDon Lane: Any ideas on floats?
[12:16] Dawg (dastraydawg): yw
[12:16] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: floats will be good
[12:16] JerryDon Lane: Should there be a prim limit?
[12:16] Dawg (dastraydawg): maybe the different groups in CDS could each make 1
[12:16] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): I wanted to put all Chancelors on one
[12:16] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: is it going through the Mon?
[12:16] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): past and present
[12:17] Penelope Gossamer: Jerry, you mentioned you are privvy to the prim counts and availability for each region?
[12:17] Ceasar Xigalia: prims are specific to sims
[12:17] JerryDon Lane: No, not through the Mon....I felt a homestead sim would be too limited for that
[12:17] Ceasar Xigalia: but worn prims dont count
[12:17] JerryDon Lane: OK C
[12:18] Penelope Gossamer: So worn flags wouldn't count .. good
[12:18] JerryDon Lane: Yes, Pen.......Bags was kind enough to prepare a Prim allocation notecard for all 5 sims....So we have that
[12:18] Dawg (dastraydawg): quick question...
[12:18] Penelope Gossamer: How much wiggle room doe we have, Jerry?
[12:18] JerryDon Lane: None in Mon....<:0)
[12:19] JerryDon Lane: Only 40 prims free there
[12:19] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): yes Dawg
[12:19] JerryDon Lane: But we seem OK in CN, LA and AM
[12:19] JerryDon Lane: Sorry Dawg....go ahead
[12:19] Dawg (dastraydawg): ummm...when is this planned for?
[12:20] JerryDon Lane: It begins at 10:00 AM on Sept. 12th
[12:20] JerryDon Lane: And let me check the cal to confirm that
[12:20] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): your right
[12:20] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): i have mine up
[12:20] JerryDon Lane: OK...thanks
[12:21] Dawg (dastraydawg): where would I find a calendar?
[12:21] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i have a message coming in via IM .. from Leslie: he cant make this meeting but he says he can a
[12:21] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: find horses
[12:21] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: and pull a wagon or something
[12:21] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): oh great
[12:21] JerryDon Lane: Oh great
[12:21] Penelope Gossamer: That's great
[12:21] Dawg (dastraydawg): I have a friend with horses
[12:21] JerryDon Lane: I was thinking of riding my horse.....We also have some cool choppers....
[12:22] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): what about cars?
[12:22] Dawg (dastraydawg): you have to have the choppers!!!
[12:22] Penelope Gossamer: lol
[12:22] Dawg (dastraydawg): and at least one convertible
[12:22] JerryDon Lane: I think the problem with putting all the Chancellor's together is that they work Catz.......I know C does
[12:22] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): yep
[12:23] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: lol
[12:23] Penelope Gossamer: So prims will not be an issue, Jerry? I'd hate to lose the tail end of the parade if we cross in to a new region
[12:23] Dawg (dastraydawg): yikes!
[12:23] JerryDon Lane: I don't foresee any........but I was cautious when I asked if we should prim limit the floats, if any, just in case
[12:24] JerryDon Lane: Any other ideas?
[12:24] Ceasar Xigalia: if they are rezzed then yes we have to be careful
[12:24] JerryDon Lane: What would make a fun parade...<:0)
[12:24] Ceasar Xigalia: of prims
[12:25] JerryDon Lane: OK
[12:25] Dawg (dastraydawg): band, clowns, floats, BIG BALLOONS
[12:25] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): like macys
[12:25] Penelope Gossamer: I think we should have flags and hats available for anyone who just wants to walk in the parade
[12:25] Dawg (dastraydawg): yeah
[12:25] Dawg (dastraydawg): nods
[12:25] JerryDon Lane: Big balloons....yep I second that...<:0)
[12:25] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): are there small CDS flags?
[12:26] Dawg (dastraydawg): a gift folder (box) for all attending
[12:26] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): hand held
[12:26] Penelope Gossamer: Easy enough to make, Catz
[12:26] Ceasar Xigalia: good idea Dawg
[12:26] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): k
[12:26] Dawg (dastraydawg): ty
[12:27] JerryDon Lane: OK...some great idea
[12:27] JerryDon Lane: ideas
[12:27] Penelope Gossamer: Hmm .. we could even include info on CDS in that gift box
[12:27] JerryDon Lane: Where would we get clowns?
[12:27] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): Im working on that
[12:27] Penelope Gossamer: We could dress up as clowns lol
[12:27] JerryDon Lane: I think a gift box is an excellent idea
[12:27] Dawg (dastraydawg): what about "business sponsors"
[12:27] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Bromo has a clown avatar
[12:28] Dawg (dastraydawg): thnx
[12:28] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): you can rent clowns
[12:28] JerryDon Lane: I wanted to bring that up Dawg...thanks
[12:28] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): he does?
[12:28] JerryDon Lane: Business sponsers
[12:28] Dawg (dastraydawg): i think the officials should be the clowns...j/k
[12:28] Penelope Gossamer: hehe
[12:28] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: hehehe
[12:29] JerryDon Lane: We have sent out notices to CDS businesses and got a little response, but not much
[12:29] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): I cant find people to contribute to the hunt
[12:29] Dawg (dastraydawg): outside of cds?
[12:29] Penelope Gossamer: All I can think of right now is the Shriners riding around in their little clown cars
[12:29] JerryDon Lane: Should we offer that to businesses outside CDS?
[12:29] Dawg (dastraydawg): just asking..
[12:29] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): we are gonna have to
[12:29] JerryDon Lane: It's a valid question, Dawg
[12:29] Dawg (dastraydawg): lol @ penelope
[12:30] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: trebor was a clown for halloween one year
[12:30] JerryDon Lane: Ahh
[12:30] Dawg (dastraydawg): ohhh
[12:30] JerryDon Lane: Treb would be good as a clown with his pet monkey...LOL
[12:30] Penelope Gossamer: I think I have a clown costume stashed away
[12:30] Dawg (dastraydawg): how about fighters from the Double dragon
[12:30] Penelope Gossamer: Oh, the monkey would be fun
[12:30] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: and he has the pet monkey !
[12:30] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: yes
[12:30] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): cute
[12:31] JerryDon Lane: Are you going to come as a clown Pen?
[12:31] Penelope Gossamer: lol I can if needed
[12:31] JerryDon Lane: Haha....good
[12:31] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): I cant even attend
[12:31] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): Im working too
[12:31] Penelope Gossamer: Oh no, Catz :(
[12:31] JerryDon Lane: No, Catz has to work
[12:31] Dawg (dastraydawg): awe
[12:32] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): :((
[12:32] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Leslie is working on a possee
[12:32] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: posse of horses
[12:32] JerryDon Lane: Oh great
[12:32] Penelope Gossamer: Nice
[12:32] Dawg (dastraydawg): the community groups...have they been contacted to join as well?
[12:32] JerryDon Lane: Perfect
[12:33] JerryDon Lane: Inside CDS, Dawg? Group notices were sent out to everyone
[12:33] Dawg (dastraydawg): oh ok
[12:33] Dawg (dastraydawg): im late as always
[12:33] JerryDon Lane: We also need a photographer, don't we?
[12:33] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): we need to advertise this also
[12:33] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: we do !
[12:33] Dawg (dastraydawg): nods or a videographer
[12:34] Dawg (dastraydawg): spelling))
[12:34] JerryDon Lane: Yep
[12:34] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): Xuryon is a photographer
[12:34] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: she is ! i dont know if she can be there then
[12:34] JerryDon Lane: Oh yes she is!
[12:34] JerryDon Lane: OK
[12:34] Penelope Gossamer: Did Draxtor ever contact you, Jerry?
[12:34] JerryDon Lane: He didn't Pen.....Have been watching those email accounts
[12:35] JerryDon Lane: But.....he might yet...
[12:35] Penelope Gossamer: Ok, I will follow up
[12:35] JerryDon Lane: OK
[12:35] JerryDon Lane: We have some great ideas
[12:36] JerryDon Lane: Are there any other ideas?
[12:36] Penelope Gossamer: Oh that would be great if she could do that
[12:36] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: floats
[12:37] JerryDon Lane: OK
[12:37] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: xuryon may be able to photograph
[12:37] Penelope Gossamer: I like Catz's idea of a float with the Chancellors
[12:37] JerryDon Lane: Do you wanna contact her, Cleo?
[12:37] Dawg (dastraydawg): agreed
[12:37] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: im talking to her now about it
[12:38] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: how long is the parade
[12:38] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): no idea yet
[12:38] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: time wise i think she said
[12:38] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): depends
[12:38] JerryDon Lane: Well, we really didn't set a time on just the parade.......but the next event starts at noon.....so we have two hours
[12:39] Dawg (dastraydawg): im imagining ppl running into the crowd with bikes and floats....O.O if the freeze
[12:39] Crossfire Ricochet (diamondsmaster) is offline.
[12:39] Stephen Xootfly is online.
[12:39] JerryDon Lane: Probably we will freeze, Dawg...LOL
[12:39] Penelope Gossamer: The sim crossings will be a hoot
[12:40] Dawg (dastraydawg): we need to decide a time. asking for bands etc I would need something solid to give them
[12:40] Dawg (dastraydawg): yeah...lol
[12:40] JerryDon Lane: It starts at 10:00 AM, Dawg
[12:40] Dawg (dastraydawg): ok
[12:40] JerryDon Lane: SLT
[12:40] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): Ok I found clowns on motorcycles
[12:41] JerryDon Lane: Haha
[12:41] JerryDon Lane: perfect
[12:41] Dawg (dastraydawg): nice
[12:41] Dawg (dastraydawg) whispers: dont know how I already forgot it started at 10
[12:41] Penelope Gossamer: lol Dawg
[12:42] JerryDon Lane: Haha....no problem....
[12:42] JerryDon Lane: I am the worst at that
[12:42] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Xuryon can do photos !
[12:42] Dawg (dastraydawg): sweet
[12:42] JerryDon Lane: Great
[12:42] Dawg (dastraydawg): hi ewan
[12:42] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): I will have to get ahold of second stage entertainment again
[12:42] Penelope Gossamer: Hi Ewan!
[12:43] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: ewan !
[12:43] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): Hi Ewan
[12:43] JerryDon Lane: She is good, too.....we have her photos hanging at home.....and that bridge in the window here is her photo
[12:43] Ceasar Xigalia: Hi Ewan
[12:43] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: shes a go !
[12:43] Dawg (dastraydawg): speaking of...is there an entertainment line-up?
[12:43] JerryDon Lane: Hello Ewan
[12:43] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): yes
[12:43] Wickman Gibbs is offline.
[12:43] Dawg (dastraydawg): does someone have this info to send me?
[12:44] Dawg (dastraydawg): unless it is online..Im bad at checking that
[12:44] Penelope Gossamer: I have a condensed version on a notecard, Dawg
[12:44] JerryDon Lane: We will compile all of this info....also the transcript of this meeting will be on the forums
[12:44] Dawg (dastraydawg): ty penelope
[12:44] Dawg (dastraydawg): nods
[12:44] Dawg (dastraydawg): I have no forum access
[12:45] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: why not, we need to get it fixed that one has to be logged in to read the forums.. thats just silly. and also .. ask Calliypigian to get forum access
[12:45] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): we will get you info Dawg
[12:45] Dawg (dastraydawg): ty catz
[12:46] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): no problem
[12:47] JerryDon Lane: Well this has been productive
[12:47] JerryDon Lane: Any more ideas?
[12:47] JerryDon Lane: Comments?
[12:47] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: ewan have you ever been involved in a parade before in sl
[12:47] Dawg (dastraydawg): roller skater
[12:47] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): what else can we do?
[12:47] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: or have any ideas
[12:48] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): classic cars?
[12:48] Dawg (dastraydawg): yes!!!
[12:49] JerryDon Lane: Would love to have some classic cars
[12:49] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: hmm..
[12:49] Penelope Gossamer: Primmy?
[12:49] Xuryon (csblmt7) is offline.
[12:49] JerryDon Lane: I have a friend who collects them but his 57 Chevy is almost 800 prims
[12:49] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): oh yeah
[12:49] Dawg (dastraydawg): good point..
[12:49] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i have one but its not that good really
[12:49] Xuryon (csblmt7) is online.
[12:50] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): just throwing stuff out there and see what sticks
[12:50] JerryDon Lane: How are we going to have the flag lead the parade?
[12:50] Donny Collazo is online.
[12:50] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): someone carry it
[12:50] JerryDon Lane: OK
[12:51] Penelope Gossamer: Yes
[12:51] JerryDon Lane: I will have to play with that...I guess you just attach it to a hand?
[12:52] Penelope Gossamer: I am sure there is an animation for a flag bearer
[12:52] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): ok you all arent gonna believe this, there are girl scout troops in SL and Boy Scouts
[12:52] JerryDon Lane: Oh....I'll bet there is Pen
[12:52] JerryDon Lane: Really?
[12:52] Dawg (dastraydawg): hmm
[12:52] Dawg (dastraydawg): that could be interesting
[12:52] Dawg (dastraydawg): will they have cookies? lol
[12:52] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): I marched in many a parade
[12:53] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): lol
[12:53] JerryDon Lane: Will have to check their ID before beer on the beach....<:0)
[12:53] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): should I contact them?
[12:53] Dawg (dastraydawg): haha
[12:53] Penelope Gossamer: We have other virtual groups with embassies in CDS ..invite them to carry their flags alongside the CDS one?
[12:53] Dawg (dastraydawg): i think it would be cool
[12:53] Dawg (dastraydawg): yes agreed penelope
[12:53] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): great idea Pen
[12:53] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: yes penelope that might make sense
[12:53] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: the baron ! and
[12:54] JerryDon Lane: I don't see why not, Pen......unless others have differing views
[12:54] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: ask sonja about hers
[12:54] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: yes that is a good idea i think if they have people to come .
[12:54] Penelope Gossamer: It might encourage participation
[12:54] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: i saw gaius on a float in L A one time he may be able to do it too
[12:54] JerryDon Lane: Yep
[12:55] Dawg (dastraydawg): sooo..float themes?
[12:55] JerryDon Lane: We can ask G if he will...
[12:55] Dawg (dastraydawg): or just one for each sim
[12:55] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): past present and future?
[12:55] Dawg (dastraydawg): ahhh excellent
[12:56] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): e could put one of those cottages on a float
[12:56] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): what are they called?
[12:56] Penelope Gossamer: Oh I like that
[12:56] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: fachwerk
[12:56] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): yes
[12:56] Dawg (dastraydawg): this is vetren themed..perhaps we could find marine, army, naval and air force cadets to march as well?
[12:57] Penelope Gossamer: And we need to consider world wide armed services
[12:57] Dawg (dastraydawg): yes
[12:57] JerryDon Lane: Well, I have a set of SL Marine Corp dress blues.....Forgot about them
[12:57] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): There is a british veterans grou[p
[12:57] Dawg (dastraydawg): cool
[12:57] JerryDon Lane: But yep, we represent many nations in CDS
[12:58] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: id love to see a flag display in the nfs and Cn squares of all the flags of where our citizens are from
[12:58] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): wow
[12:58] Dawg (dastraydawg): great idea
[12:58] Penelope Gossamer: I agree Cleo .. I have thought about that myself
[12:58] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): great idea
[12:58] JerryDon Lane: That's a great idea
[12:58] Ceasar Xigalia: :)
[12:58] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: Let's do it
[12:58] Dawg (dastraydawg): yay
[12:58] JerryDon Lane: Can we also do that on the beach for the parade?
[12:59] Penelope Gossamer: I even think that would a great idea for the parade
[12:59] Dawg (dastraydawg): nods..
[12:59] Ceasar Xigalia: Just ask people their flag of origin preference if they wish to say so
[12:59] JerryDon Lane: OK
[12:59] JerryDon Lane: Some great ideas coming out.....any more?
[13:00] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): OK who is going to do what, so we dont overlap
[13:00] CLEOPATRA Xigalia awaits her marching orders
[13:00] JerryDon Lane: I had hoped to take these transcripts and then organize from that???
[13:00] Dawg (dastraydawg): Im looking for bands and checking to see if DD will send fighters
[13:00] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: the caledon army ?
[13:00] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): oh ok jer sorry
[13:01] JerryDon Lane: NP
[13:01] JerryDon Lane: What is that Cleo?
[13:01] Dawg (dastraydawg): anny of the groups at DD that may be interested
[13:01] Dawg (dastraydawg): or available
[13:02] Wickman Gibbs is online.
[13:02] Myna (myna.manen) is offline.
[13:02] JerryDon Lane: OK...any more comments before we adjourn?
[13:02] Dawg (dastraydawg): time permitting I will also seek out armed forces groups
[13:02] Dawg (dastraydawg): for all nations*
[13:02] JerryDon Lane: Good Dawg
[13:03] JerryDon Lane: OK
[13:03] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): thanks Dawg
[13:03] Penelope Gossamer: We have a huge task ahead of us .. less than a week
[13:03] Dawg (dastraydawg): yes!
[13:03] Catz Jewell Lane (catz.jewell): I have faith
[13:03] JerryDon Lane: I think we can adjourn....Thanks so much for your ideas and comments....That was very productive

The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests. Patrick Henry

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