Request to wind up the APCC RA Size Commission

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Request to wind up the APCC RA Size Commission

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Having discussed the matter with my colleague Molly Medier we have decided to request that this commission be dissolved for the following reasons:

* The commission was set up under the Chancellor's office and we currently do not have a Chancellor.
* Michel has left CDS and made it very clear that myself and Molly were 'assistants' with the task of 'facilitating' the process only. He was tasked with leading and co-ordinating the project.
See ... 057#p33995

Nolligan and Molly's job is to assist me in moderating the discussions and gathering and compiling the results.That's it.

* We only received two notecards from citizens both of whom expressed the opinion that the RA should stay at it's current size.
* After having discussed the matter with over 20 other citizens the consensus was that the issue is not urgent and that there is not currently a desire to change the size of the RA.
* The initial notice and notecard sent out by Michel was not 100% impartial and may have compromised the commission's neutrality.
* That we are resigning from the Commission and therefore it has no members

Should there be a popular demand from citizens that this matter be addressed then we ask that the next Chancellor re-establish the commission.

'So long and thanks for all the fish'

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