Bill proposal for discussion: CDS Group Act

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Bill proposal for discussion: CDS Group Act

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As part of the recommendations of the CDS/LV Groups Discussion Commission, this is the first bill to go for public discussion. Thank you all who revised the final document!

Full text on Google Docs (where you can also follow the comments, etc.): ... 9YEC4WrAQ/

CDS Group Act


The CDS group shall be used to communicate Government-sponsored events and general information which might not be strictly related to events but general information, as per the CDSL 13-01 ‘Public Information Act’, and the person responsible for those communications is the Public Information Officer (PIO), a staff member of the Executive Branch appointed by the Chancellor.

Therefore, the Representative Assembly decrees:
  1. All citizens are automatically invited to the CDS Group as soon as they buy their first parcel of land. They are placed in the ‘Citizen’ role by the Executive Branch.
  2. All non-citizens interested in keeping in touch with activities and events of the CDS are placed in the ‘Friends of CDS’ role by the Executive Branch.
  3. All citizens are allowed to post notices in the group about events held by citizens in the CDS (either on public or private land). Posting about events held outside the CDS is not allowed.
  4. The PIO furthermore also has the right to post non-event notices in order to comply with CDSL 13-01.
  5. Existing legislation already defines what the PIO is allowed to post and what is not allowed, and there are already mechanisms in place to deal with members of Government who abuse their powers (see annexes).
  6. All members have access to reading notices and to participate in Group Chat.
  7. All members are encouraged to use their freedom of expression in Group Chat, which is not moderated and have no procedures for regulating chat.
  8. Current roles of the CDS Group are: owners; officers/administrators/maintainers, Government members (to allow for special tags); citizens; and the 'Friends of the CDS' role which included non-citizens interested in information about the CDS.
  9. The Government role might be split among several subroles to allow for different tags.
  10. All citizens are allowed to invite non-citizens to the 'Friends of the CDS' role, without discrimination.
  11. The Executive is responsible to invite new citizens to the 'Citizen' role, once they buy their first parcel in the CDS, and to remove them when they sell their last parcel in the CDS (and put them in the 'Friends of the CDS' role) and therefore lose citizenship status, since it is the Executive's duty to keep track of land sales.
  12. The responsibility of fulfilling this Executive duty lies solely upon the Chancellor, but naturally the Chancellor can delegate the actual bureaucratic task to any member of their staff. This person should be publicly announced.
  13. In the case that the duties of the Executive are not properly followed through, or abused, it will be the responsibility of the Scientific Council (SC) to enforce them. For that purpose, the SC shall get in touch with one of the current owners to ask them to do the actual enforcement.
  14. In the case of abusing the notice system, which are archived for 14 days by the system, only group owners are allowed to remove them, therefore, a notification of the abuse shall be validated by the SC, who shall get in touch with one of the current owners to ask them to remove the notice.
  15. Violators of the notice posting privilege should get first a warning from the SC, then a temporary removal of their ability to post notices for a certain period, to be determined by the SC, and, after a third violation, a permanent removal of their notice posting ability.
  16. Abuses of the Group Chat cannot be properly confirmed, since no known tamper-proof archival method exists for Group Chat. Therefore, citizens who became victims of abuse are referred to Linden Lab's Abuse Report system instead. Non-citizens which engage in abuse as defined by the Linden Lab’s Terms of Service and Community Standards will be summarily removed from the group.

CDSL 13-01 refers to guidelines adopted by the Al Andalus community, which are not part of the CDS Code of Laws, and are therefore reproduced here:

Group Notice Guidelines, Al Andalus Sims. Updated, 12/09/08 [corrected spelling]

All land owning citizens shall have the right, but not the obligation, to have group notice access.

The Al Andalus group is made up of persons interested in the project of Al Andalus, so notices should focus on events within the sims. No spam please. No event occurring within Al Andalus should be announced on group notices more than three times, including one announcement in advance , one announcement the day of the event, and a final announcement when the event is beginning.

The Al Andalus community is made up of diverse and interesting individuals with activities throughout the SL grid, which also may be of interest to our members. Therefore any citizen who wishes to announce events occurring OUTSIDE of Al Andalus is encouraged to submit their events to Rose Springvale or the acting events coordinator to include in a weekly announcements or otherwise approved for distribution and placement on the AA Calendar. Events outside the A A sims may also be announced by way of Group Notice on the day of the event. (one notice per off sim event please.)

All events should actually BE events, not merely commercial announcements. For example, a grand opening is an event, a weekend sale is not.

Events must be open to all (no discrimination) (except griefers), and groups are encouraged to open their membership to attendees.

There shall be no charge for admission to any events announced on the AA group channel.

No solicitation of funds shall be made on Group Notices or on the Al Andalus Chat channel.

  • To open the discussion publicly if membership in the group should be allowed when individuals clearly and unambiguously state, either on their profiles, or on their websites, or other public medium, that they are against democracy, promote hate speech, or engage in behaviour not tolerated under the Linden Lab Terms of Service or the CDS Constitution and Code of Laws. See viewtopic.php?f=57&t=5513.
  • To open the discussion publicly on possible ways to deal with abuse on the Group Chat channel. See viewtopic.php?f=57&t=5511.
At the time of writing this document, these open and public discussions did not have any further recommendations to make, but they are still kept open for comments.
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