Agenda RA Meeting 6-January-2020 at 1200 SLT

Announcements by the Leader of the Representative Assembly

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Agenda RA Meeting 6-January-2020 at 1200 SLT

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The RA will hold a meeting beginning at 1200 SLT in the Praetorium in Colonia Nova on Monday 6 January.  All are welcome to attend. ... /18/158/41

RA Meeting Agenda, 6-January-2020

*1. Administrative Business

1.1 Review and approve the agenda

1.2 Review and approve the minutes 17-Decemberr-2019,

*2. Executive Report

*3. LUC Report

*4. Citizen Concerns

*5. RA member concerns

*6. Old Business

Vote to approve Chancellor's Draft Budget for 32nd Term Dec 2019 - May 2020,

*7. New Business

7.1 RA Journal - update RA page on Portal,   to state that the RA Announcements board on the Forum,   is the Journal since the 30th RA and going forward.  This is in compliance with the Constitutional requirement for an RA Journal of its proceedings, Article I, Section 5

7.2 NL 4-6 Financial Reserves Act - update archaic language, text posted at

7.3 NL 4-16 Prim Allotment Act - reclassify as Archaic, superseded by CDSL 21-01 Permanent Land-Use Commission Act.  NL 4-16 at ... tment-act/

7.4 NL 4-20 Construction Authority Act - reclassify as Archaic, superseded by CDSL 21-01 Permanent Land-Use Commission Act..  NL 4-20 at ... s-nl-3-10/

7.5 NL 8-6 Commerce Act - repeal, no longer relevant or desirable,

8. General Announcements

Call for applications for MoCA Curator, to serve from February through July.  To apply, send a notecard to Lyubov (20180414 Resident) briefly stating your interest and qualifications.  The RA will make appointment at our next meeting.  See ... pointment/

11 January - LUC Meeting, 1000 SLT

18 January - CDS Event:  Friedsee Skating Party

9. Next Meeting

Weekend of 18 January or 25 January

10. Adjourn
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