3 - 1, LUC Minutes

Announcements and transcripts of the Land Use Commission

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3 - 1, LUC Minutes

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Land Use Commission
Sunday March 1, 2020, 10:00 am SLT

LUC members: Rosie Gray - chairperson, Delia Lake, Sudane Erato, Mizou Vavoom
LUC members absent: Pip Torok, Cathy Sabre
Guests: Emilia Avindar - chancellor, Almut Brunswick

1. Call to order: Rosie at 10:04
2. Approve Agenda: Moved at 10:09 by Sudane, Mizou second, voted by Delia, Rosie, Sudane, Mizou.
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_F0 ... sp=sharing
3. Approval of last meeting Minutes: Moved by Sudane at 10:11, second by Mizou, voted by Rosie, Sudane, Mizou and Delia.
http://forum.slcds.info/viewtopic.php?f ... 12ecb6baf1
4. Old Business:
A. Alpine Meadow Upgrade (Rosie)
B. List of public spaces, what they are intended for and how people can register to use them (Delia)
a) She had less time than she had hoped but is making progress. I'll have CN to everyone this afternoon. She is just cleaning up the text a little; than LA will be next.

C. The Chancellor’s representative to the LUC:
a) Emilia asked Almut if she would honour her with this position?
b) The obligations for this position are: come to meetings, discuss and make decisions regarding the uses of the land, bring things to the LUC table, liaison from the chancellor’s Office to the LUC.
c) The current position for this job is that Emilia discuss with whomever she wants to about taking up the role of Chancellor's representative, and hopefully have someone willing for our next meeting.

5. New Business:
A. Reminder: Setting permissions on items on common land:
a. A quick review for seasons changing common objects, especially ‘Skye objects’ ned to be:
i. Set to ‘share’ to LV group in permissions
ii. Press the object for a few seconds to bring up the ‘Access level’ menu and set it to ‘Group’.
B. Terrain textures: Delia has changed the spring terrain to beautiful chamomile flowers but we are having a problem with the texture blending which appears to be more stratified as if there were defined layers, says Sudane, who has been experimenting with elevation settings but there is more to do.
C. Update from members:
a) Mizou:
a. Bridges in AM: two bridges are now in place, the replacement for the Old Alexicon bridge and the bridge below the wooden one at the top of AM. Mizou hopes to have 2 more done by next meeting. Lyubov added the greeting script to the wooden bridge. Troll will be placed before next meeting.
b. Chancellor board: Mizou made a chancellor online status board with Sudane’s special script to show the avatars photo with the online/offline status showing and passed it to Rudeen for placement.
c. Paths in AM: Mizou continued a Skye season enabled dirt path started by Sudane from the Grey Bridge below the wooden one and continuing between the new parcels created by Rosie, DT1 and DT2.
b) Sudane:
a. Rudeen placed the chancellor online status board in front of the Rathaus.
b. In Colonia Nova, C01 Is now done, and she is working on C02, which is the most NW parcel in CN.
c) Rosie:
a. We need an announcement of the new parcels but perhaps we should get the Covenant finalized first as there are some important updates, this will be on the Agenda for the next meeting.
b. Community centre building: Lilith said she was to busy and is letting Rosie to go ahead with it.
c. Signage/wayfinding for AM: Mizou will help Rosie and discuss it after the meeting. They will come up with a design that works and split the work between them
d) Delia:
a. She about to add tables and chairs back on the Via Tita pier (fishing village on CN) and is checking plantings and turn them to spring flowers.

e) Update from others attending:
a. Emilia – chancellor: Everything that she has had a chance to see; bridges, walkways, waterfall...Alpine Meadow is like a whole new place. She thanks Mizou and Rosie for the improvements and wonders if she can cover cost out of Infrastructure Budget, if so, she would like to be advised as needed. She said that she also saw Strawberry Linden visiting our sims and was wondering if she was checking it out for SL Destinations. It was Lyubov who invited Strawberry to add March 8th event to the destinations guide.
f) Other business:
a. Delia had a question about the theatre in the middle of the river on LA as to why it had been placed there? That it doesn't connect to anything. it blocks views, she thought it was a griefing when she first saw it. The theatre will only be there for one week and in the meantime, it can be made invisible. The reason why it is there, is that this is the only big enough space to house the theatre. It connects to the wharf with a walkway. The big event has been organised by Lyubov. Sudane remarked that LA is very tight on prims. Perhaps a suggestion to Lyubov that she take up some of her personal prims while the show is on, just to ensure that it all goes fine.

4. Next Meeting: Sunday 29 March
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