Forum Moderation Guidelines (specific)

This forum is used to enable the SC to decide appeals by citizens over Forum Moderator sanctions

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Forum Moderation Guidelines (specific)

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This forum is used to resolve appeals by citizens of Forum Moderator Decisions.

Any citizen affected by a forum moderator decision may lodge an appeal in writing to any member of the Scientific Council, who must then proceed to create a new thread in this forum containing an "Uphold / Repeal" vote with attached justification by the Forum Moderator in reaching his decision and a statement by the affected citizen as to why the sanction should not be upheld.

During the vote any member of the Scientific Council may engage in discussion in extension of the original thread. This discussion is not moderated.

The member who performed the original moderation decision may not vote.

After 7 days the vote closes and the decision that has a simple majority is immediately brought into force by the original poster, who proceeds to post a notice at the end of the thread to this regard after which he/she closes the thread. In the event of a tied vote the outcome shall be that of no sanction being imposed.

The forum tools unfortunately do not allow carrying out public voting (i.e. one where individuals particular vote is disclosed), which is a pity since it goes against established practice in the SC. Members are therefore encouraged but not required to make public their vote by way of posting in the thread to that effect.

Any irregularities in the execution of this procedure as described in the above may be brought before the Scientific Council at the request of any citizen of the CDS by written notice to the Dean.

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