CDS Census 24 February 2024

For the Chancellor to make important announcements regarding executive actions.

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CDS Census 24 February 2024

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On 24 February 2024, a census was taken in accordance with CDSL 16-04, Citizenship Membership Publication for Election Purposes. ... -purposes/

Please check the list.

Any citizen may challenge inclusions or exclusions within 14 days of publication, by notecard to Callipygian Christensen, Dean of the SC. Where no challenges have been received, or once any challenges have been resolved, the Citizen List will be deemed accurate and official.
Citizenship is defined in CDSL 16-03 Citizenship Establishment Act ... hment-act/.

A copy of this will be issued via C.D.S. group notices and placed in the column at the Praetorium in Colonia Nova.

CDS Citizen List
88 citizens

Aeval Fae
Agatha Macbeth
Ais Aeon
Almut Brunswick
Amandat Tamatzui
Andromeda Mesmer
Anecim Resident
Angelika Courtois
Anjoux Herbit
Ariel Lancaster
Arria Perreault
Augustinus Foggarty
Badgerofzen Resident
Bent Tone
Bernice Galtier
Braziliangirl49 Resident
Brian Livingston
Bromo Ivory
Callipygian Christensen
Cathy Sabre
Cindy Ecksol
Coltrane Shostakovich
Delia Lake
Delphineaum Resident
Doctorken Resident
Drmikeanderson Resident
Ealdian Resident
Elizabethzoey Resident
Emilia Avindar
Emmagoldman3 Resident
Emwarden Resident
Fenella Allen
Five Valeska
Francesca Alva
Galexia Graves
Gwyneth Llewelyn
Harper Held
Hayatihabek Resident
Inekeb Resident
Iskrin Nightfire
Jedburgh30 Dagger
Jeremy Querilo
Jerom Wycliffe
Jerry Mcnally
Joaquin Gustav
Jon Seattle
Kate Audran
Kayly Iali
Keila Forager
Larkylouz Resident
Len0Rmand Resident
Lilith Ivory
Lord Junibalya
Lucasvonbroich Resident
Mizou Vavoom
Monaan Resident
Moon Adamant
Moonrise Azalee
Okrah Koskinen
Onionpencil Musashi
Oona Aurelia
Oriscus Zauberflote
Presbyter Resident
Radioactive Rosca
Raikohgray Resident
Ranma Tardis
Rosie Gray
Ryonen Resident
Samara Barzane
Sandrineladeesse Resident
Sandy Burgess
Sisi Biedermann
Sonja Strom
Speelo Snook
Sudane Erato
Sul Huntsman
Tanoujin Milestone
Tor Karlsvalt
Tori Landau
Ulysse Alexandre
Vanessa Hamer
Wespass Resident
Wordsmith Jarvinen
Wvancamp Resident
Yanashvaniva Resident
Yoyotzin Resident
Zida Sabra
Zuri Ayashi

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