Agatha Macbeth elected new Secretary-General of the CSDF

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Agatha Macbeth elected new Secretary-General of the CSDF

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Today, 6 March 2023, at 1 PM SLT, the CSDF General Assembly met to elect a new Secretary-General, since @Lilith Ivory, the former Secretary-General, presented her resignation due to personal issues.

The attendance today was:

Agatha Macbeth
Gwyneth Llewelyn
Lilith Ivory
Moon Adamant

Absent due to flight connection troubles:
Rosie Gray

Gwyneth Llewelyn proposed Agatha Macbeth for Secretary-General, seconded by Lilith Ivory.

Agatha Macbeth was unanimously acclaimed as the new Secretary-General, and the membership roles in the CSDF forum group were changed to reflect her new status.

We are thankful and in debt to Lilith Ivory for her past work for the CSDF and all the initiatives that she launched during her stewardship, putting the party again in the limelight (or at least in the list of events...), and congratulate Agatha Macbeth in her new role as Secretary-General!

The meeting adjourned to listen to DJ Tori Landau's show.

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