CDS Artisan Guild Agenda March 30, 2024

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CDS Artisan Guild Agenda March 30, 2024

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CDS Artisan Guild
Saturday, March 30, 2024
10:00 SLT, Neufreistadt School

1) Approve the Agenda

2) Approve the previous meeting Minutes

3) Old Business:

3.1. Historical signs (Rosie)

3.2 Staging of parcels - "Keep this house and use it, or return it and use your own" signs to be used on properties staged with a building that isn't anchored. It was decided to use the old "For Sale" signs and Lilith volunteered to create the new text

3.3 Cable car connecting the lower parts (Colonia Nova or Locus Amoenus) with Neufreistadt or Friedsee. (Sandy)

4) New Business:

4.1 Checking the existing maps for accuracy

4.2 Sim Improvements: Systematic tours of the regions to make notes of things to discuss updating

5) Other items:
5.1 What have you been working on?

Next Meeting:


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