A VWEC and Disability Discussion Seminar Opportunity

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A VWEC and Disability Discussion Seminar Opportunity

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I received this email from Itco Spectre (secondlife:///app/agent/017e8cfa-5324-4 ... b257/about) containing an opportunity for the CDS and individuals who would be interested. I have already informed Itco that the CDS would participate. However, some of these offers could apply to individuals as well. Of course, any help from citizens in presenting in the CDS would be appreciated. I am posting his email here for any who are interested.


Hello friends.

Several Virtual World Education Consortium (VWEC) members got together recently to discuss ways in which we could get to know other Eduverse inhabitants better. While not everyone listed in the VWEC Member Directory has a place located within this group of regions, we all decided that it would be good for us to get to know where each organization is, get to meet with you or someone else from your organization, and possibly even holding a networking event such as an EduFair. (EduFair was my idea for the event but it does not need to be called that). I understand that something like this may have been done in the past but it hasn't happened in a while.

Several members of this ad-hoc group believe in bridging silos, which is also why I bring up my other reason for reaching out.

My other reason for contacting you is more personal. I began the Disability Discussion Seminar series at the beginning of this year, and the location for these seminars changes in order to expose participants to various locales around Second Life.

I am also looking for presenters for the seminar series. We hold these seminars every other Thursday at 2 p.m. SLT. Presenters do not need to have a disability themselves, but the topic for the seminar should be one that is pertinent to the disabled community. We have had individuals with disabilities present on accessibility concerns within various hobbies and careers, and have presenters lined up who will cover topics such as digital citizenship, and putting together a basic avatar. Currently, we are looking for people to present on information technology, lifelong learning, inclusive language, health literacy, and more. If you have a topic you are passionate about, it may make for a good seminar. This is also a good place to try out a new presentation as these are informal discussion settings with groups of around 20 people or less typically in attendance.

If you would like to join in the Eduverse meet-and-greet or would like to participate in my Disability Discussion Seminars, please reply to this email, or contact me in Second Life under the name Itico Spectre.

I hope to hear from soon.

(SL: Itico Spectre)

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