Things to consider for the Regional Planning Commission

For planning and discussing issues related to Colonia Nova, Neufreistadt's second sim under the Confederation of the Democratic Simulators.

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Things to consider for the Regional Planning Commission

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I'm putting this here since it seems like the most relevant "on topic" place for discussion related to the regional planning commission. I proposed a re-organisation of our forum structure that would create a general forum for city planning issues but it failed to muster a majority before the SC. :-/

I think the Regional Planning Commission would need to take the following issues into account and clarify its position on each:

- It is possible to reserve the area immediately surrounding our current sims for 3 month periods by paying LL 30 USD per reservation I believe. Bearing in mind that we have sim neighbours about 2 - 3 sim slots away, should we consider this as an option to avoid having our plan being hijacked?

- Since we will at some point of expansion be conjoining our territory with other sims placed nearby we should consider possibilities for territorial marking of seperation such as that given by a coastline.

- We should consider the possibilities that a collection of void sims would give in terms of recreation and landscape beautification think mountains, archipelagos, forests, lakes and similar.

- How can roads and waterways be given a role that goes beyond prettification? (by connecting lakes and waterfalls and providing for recreative use for example but this also embodies some design requirements)

- How many urban concentrations do we need and do the ones we have already be expanded into new sims to make more room for parks or citizens interested in living under that theme?

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Carolyn Saarinen
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I think that it could very well be wise to reserve the adjacent territory. Isn't it our intention to link our sims together? Certainly our existing roads and waterways can never fulfill their potential if they don't go anywhere. So we should avoid being pre-empted.

A coastline would be a very good idea. Aside from the reason mentioned above, coastal property - with access to the sea - is much sought after and would attract new citizens. It would also increase the potential for events in the sims.

I don't think we have a desperate need for residential space right now - several plots in CN are available at the moment. Themes for future sims is something that's been discussed elsewhere, and there's no shortage of suggestions. However I had a chat with Aliasi today and we each made a suggestion, the two of which may overlap: Aliasi favours a sandbox sim and there's a good deal to be said for such a thing. If we are going to re-vitalise the Guild, then a sandbox is a resource we need. I suggested a purely SL city. That is, not a theme based on some RL time and place, but one which gives priority to the way things work in SL, with builds based on what works in our new world not the old one. So forget gravity, weather, construction budgets or other irrelevancies, let our builders create with regard to SL considerations only. It won't be to everyone's taste, but it won't be dull!

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