That's all folks. ... for now.

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That's all folks. ... for now.

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Hello CDS citizens,
when I bought a parcel in Colonia Nova and became citizen of the CDS in the same step -in Dec 2006- I also got the job as Sim Caretaker in CN.
As some of you know, I am student - studying architecture - in the 4th semester. This semester we have one _BIG_ project which is the main part of the intermediate diploma, today classes began and I'll become increasingly busy having a due date once every month and after the final presentation I'll have to learn for exams.
This means that I will drop my job as Sim Caretaker by the end of this month. I told so Aliasi about a week ago.

As soon as I'm done with all exams I would be glad to do the job again.

*waves* See you around.

Antonius Camus aka Globetrotter Tony

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