Neualtenburg becomes Neufreistadt

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Neualtenburg becomes Neufreistadt

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Dear Citizens,

After careful deliberation of the alternatives presented, the Representative Assembly, in a closed meeting (because of potential
"domain name squatting" issues), decided to rename our current private island to "Neufreistadt", a name that embodies our spirit as
we go forward in time with our New Free City.

At the same time, the over-arching name that will represent the government of all sims under the same structure will be
"Confederation of Democratic Simulators" (or CDS for short). We are starting the planning of the second sim under the CDS very soon
(Colonia Nova — with a Roman Empire setting) as Neufreistadt has only a few available plots. CDS will be the name of the overall
government; Neufreistadt and Colonia Nova the administrative regions (sims) where citizens will have their plots.

It's time for all of us move ahead, learn from our past, but embrace our bright future. The name change should reflect this change and be a turning point towards something better. In some societies, when teenagers enter maturity, they get a new name to reflect this change. This is also a time of our own maturity in self-governance.

So, in accordance with NL, 4-27 (11):

After the completion of each naming process , including domain registration and sim renaming if appropriate, the SC will announce in the forum the new name along with the complete lists of names participating in the respective competition and their score.

The results for sim name:
1) Freistadt - 54 points
2) Neualtenburg - 42 points
3) Volksburg - 42 points
4) Neufreistadt - 39 points
5) Wolkenstadt - 20 points
6) Liebesburg - 15 points
7) Bergburg - 7 points
(all others no votes)

for project name
1) Virtual Democratic Confederation - 37 points
2) Confederation of Democratic Simulators - 30 points
3) Democratic Republic of Neualtenburg - 26 points
4) Federation of Democratic Republics - 23 points
5) Virtual Federal Republic - 22 points
6) Democratic republic of Virtunesia - 20 points
7) Free Confederation of Democratic States - 15 points
Cool Democratic Republic of Primaveria - 14 points
9) Republic of Second Life - 11 points

Please understand that there will be many documents, links and references which we have to change, bot ; this takes time and mostly volunteer work. The website has been changed, as well as the forums. If you find any references on the old name, let us know, and we will endeavour to correct it as soon as possible.

We have contacted Linden Labs, and thanks to Jack Linden, the change has been made. We will be making the announcement on the SL forums shortly. Please folks, let's ignore the forum trolls and move on - if we don't reply, they well soon lose interest and quickly move on to the SL drama.

Please note that the overarching name domain will be - though there is nothing there as of yet. Each individual sim will have its own domain; Neufreistadt is and Colonia Nova is

This will be the last email you will receive from Neualtenburg.citizens. In the future, they will be coming from [email protected] or from [email protected] - so please check your spam blocker to allow emails from those accounts. Also, if you would like your av to have an email account at or, let me know.

I would also suggest that you look at your own personal groups, documents, etc., and make changes you feel appropriate for yourself.

This is an enormous step for ourselves personally, and for self-governance in an online world. Congratulations!

The Scientific Council
Neufreistadt, Second Life

(revised by Diderot Mirabeau on June 26th to reflect results of recount)

"I'm not building a game. I'm building a new country."
  -- Philip "Linden" Rosedale, interview to Wired, 2004-05-08

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