Vote in The Third Sim Planning Contest

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Jon Seattle
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I need a hobby
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Vote in The Third Sim Planning Contest

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[b:38jp1r97]The Third Sim Planning Proposals Contest is Underway![/b:38jp1r97]

Two proposals are displayed in public exhibits at Neufreistadt Schloss and Colonia Nova Praetorium. Voting will continue up to the 16th June. A voting machine dispenser is available at each exhibit site. All CDS citizens are invited to vote!

Every citizen gets five points to allocate to the proposals. To vote, click the voting machine dispenser. This will give you a 1 prim personal voting machine. Whenever you want to set your point allocation, review your allocation, or see the up to date voting totals just rez your voting machine, click, and follow the menus. Note: the voting machine will not work if you were not a citizen at the start of the contest.

The vote is an continuous process, you can change your vote at any time up to the 16th. Feel free to see the proposals and pose questions / suggestions to the planners. Proposals can be changed until the 16th June if the planners consider to integrate suggestions from the public. Proposals can also be merged if the planners so decide.

On the 16th the new Guild will record the voting results and present them to the RA, who will vote on the proposal to implement this summer.

Remember that this contest is non-exclusive. This means we won't trash the less-voted proposals, but we will keep them on record for future expansion, with necessary modifications.


-- From the Guild charter:

Phase 1.

1. The New Guild sponsors a competition for sim proposals submitted by one or more teams. Proposals are not required to include details models, schedules, and budgets at this phase but must include this detail before final approval in phase 2.

2. Without evaluating individual proposals, the faculty of the Guild will provide feedback on the technical feasibility and issues in the implementation of each proposal. Proposers may change their proposals in response to this feedback.

3. The New Guild establishes an area for public display of the work being developed by each team.

Phase 2.

1. All citizens are allowed to vote on the proposals over a period of several weeks. Proposers can and are invited to change their proposals in response to new ideas and public feedback. Voting is continuous during this period: citizens can move their vote token from one proposal to another.

2. Proposers can merge their proposals with that of others. In fact this may be one of the best approaches to gain votes. Collaboration and negotiation, not just competition is rewarded.

3. Proposals must go beyond defining themes and include models of the landscape and architecture; concrete plans for implementation; initial project budgets and schedules. The faculty will be required to comment on the feasibility of any plan given available resources.

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