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Jon Seattle
I need a hobby
I need a hobby
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CDS Sim Contest Results

Post by Jon Seattle »

I want to congratulate both teams for their excellent proposals. We will keep the proposal that did not win on file for possible future projects. I suspect we will someday see both Alps and Nea Hora as CDS sims.

In this contest each voter had as many as five points to allocate (or not allocate) among the two proposals or a "no sim" option. The results are:

Alps: 82 points
Nea Hora: 38 points
No sim at this time: 8 points

I will be reporting these results to the RA for their consideration and at the next New Guild meeting we will form a task force to flesh out the Alps proposal in preparation for implementation. Every CDS citizen is welcome to join the guild and get involved in the new sim project.

Jon Seattle
Secretary, CDS New Guild

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Arria Perreault
I need a hobby
I need a hobby
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Post by Arria Perreault »

The results of the sim contest are clear. We respect the decision of the vote of the CDS citizens. It seems that the missing link between NFS and CN is important to fill for them. We can also consider that some of them will not add a new theme in CDS sims.
We congratulate sincerely Rose, as the winner of this contest. We express to her our best wishes for the realization of her project.
We would like to thank sincerely the citizens who have trust in our proposal giving points to it. We were happy to see that some people have found it interesting.
Finally we would like to warmly thank the Guild, especially Moon and Jon for the perfect organization of the contest. It was for us a great opportunity to learn.

Arria and Ulysse

Rose Springvale
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Forum Wizard
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Post by Rose Springvale »

Thank you to the guild and all the people of CDS who let me bug them for help while putting together this proposal. I'm excited about linking NFS and CN and looking forward to the fun we are going to have expanding our communities.

What the fine print of the contest DIDN"T say was that the winning team would be asked to lead the design team task force in implementing. Anyone who saw my "first draft" sim model knows that while I'm okay with concepts, execution is going to need people who can actually do more with a computer than spell check. We'll be organizing this task force after the RA has acted upon the recommendation of the New Guild. I sincerely hope, Arria, that you and Ulysse will bring your wonderful skill and talents to the group.

I'd also encourage anyone else even mildly interested to get involved. This promises not only to be a great learning experience, but a lot of fun as well.

Brian Livingston
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Veteran debater
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Post by Brian Livingston »

Congratulations to both teams! Both proposals were well thought-out and designed and would make a great addition to the community. I am looking forward to helping with the new sim wherever possible and hope that our fund raising efforts will be as successful as the fundraising for Colonia Nova.

Woohoo! New Sim!


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