CARE General Meeting - 12 July 2007, 4:00 pm slt, CN

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CARE General Meeting - 12 July 2007, 4:00 pm slt, CN

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Hello All,

Unfortunately my recorder malfunctioned so I lost the most interesting parts of our 1 1/2 hour meeting. Buy I will post below the texts of Bromo's speech and mine. For a copy of the power point presentation I used, please check the CARE Blog here: [url:3g2u10fu][/url:3g2u10fu]


1. Bromo Ivory Speech

Welcome Friends to the CARE Campaign Inaugural!

I would like to introduce myself, Bromo Ivory, co-Chair of CARE, a Citizen since XX and a SL resident since late January this year.

/me bows "I am really happy you can come, I think we have a really good message!"


I come to you, friends, citizens, in uncertain times - We have 2 beautiful SIMs, and a Third in the planning stages, but since my time before and as a citizen in CDS I find the Sims beautiful but EMPTY. We are missing a vibrant, enthusiastic community.

"How many of you have come to your homes or business fronts in CDS to find yourself the only resident in the SIM?"
"How many times when a friend and fellow CDS citizen has an event or party it is held somewhere else?"
"How many times did the things debated in the RA didn't seem to matter very much to you as a CDS citizen - as if sitting behind closed doors passing laws that mattered little?"
"As a business owner, how many times does it occur to you to grow your business elsewhere?"


Our old style of politics has failed us, the demands and challenges we face, require us to look at our world in an entirely new light! We must not only come up with different answers, the questions are not the right ones to ask!

We, at CARE LISTENED and HEARD. And here, tonight, we hope to show you, our memebrship, and interested persons, our PLAN and PLATFORM for re-invigorating and making the "CDS - A Dynamic Community on the Edge of Tomorrow"

But first, I would like to introduce the candidate lineup for this terms elections:

Running for the RA seats, we have a very strong and capable lineup:

Jo Sapeur,
Mizou Vavoom, RA for part of last term and did some amazing work on the CARE sponsored citizenship commission
ThePrincess Parisi,

And myself, Bromo Ivory

And finally declaring for the Chancellor is Michel Manen, founder of the party, activist and jurist in the CDS community!

With such a strong and good lineup, I am sure you are wondering, what is our plan? How Can we invigorate our SIM our HOMES? Can we turn our beautiful build into a beautiful community - a dynamic community? Is it even possible?

We say YES!

First off, Our full name is, Citizens Alliance for Rights and Equality, and that certainly isn't changing, but we think we need a new nickname:


These are 4 key areas in which the CDS will move from being a collection of SIMs, a housing Co-Op, into a real and vibrant community where we will foster the growth and recreation our citizens really want out of SL as well as a portal to RL!

Although our priorities are simple words, there is a lot of vitality in them:

For Commerce CARE believes we need to reverse the trend we have been in - beautiful builds, but empty - for a vital community we need to have vital commerce. Some private work has been done to help reverse this trend, but with the help of the citizenry and decisive focus we can build a vibrant commercial base.

For Arts: Second Life is a wonderful place to express the arts - and foster new artisitc expression yet unseen and impossible in the physical world - CARE members have been instrumental in helping to foster the arts, but with the citizens and the tools of government, more can be done - using the models already proven successful to enable that arts will continue to be an important and GROWING part of our community

Recreation: Yes, this is what draws most people to Second Life, and providing the means to have fun is a critical plank in our plan! CARE memebrs have brought together CDS' first skylounge on the top floor of the Emporium Romani Fashion Centre - where people can meet, shop, dance, and listen to live music. A dedicated stream was acquired, a DJ was hired to play regularly in CN and three live music concerts and a fashion show were held, attended by close to 200 avies. CARE will support any and all people who want to hold and organize such events with finiancial support - adapting covenants but allowinf DIRECT TP facilities to specific places where events are organized allowing easy access to everyone!

Education: Education and Learning are key aspects to SL itself. From the moment you signed on to this place - using the interface, perhaps some buuilding or learnign the tools to communicate with others you stared learning - and it didn't stop there I am sure! The tools here form a bridge between nations and people - exchanging ideas and helping one another. CARE members have been instrumental in aspects of this - as well as other members of the community - we want to harnass the creativity and orientation towards this exchange and growth and use the tools of the community to enhance the educational opportunities in CDS!

This is a very proactive approach - and I think such an approach will help us REALIZE the possibilities and opportunities offered by Second Life within the CDS!

Only with your support, and with active citizen participation in a new OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, DEMOCRATIC process of government we can, together, bring about transforming CDS into a Dynamic Vibrant community!

So, I ask for your enthusiastic support, in joining me in changing and transforming us into "CDS - A Dynamic Community on the Edge of Tomorrow"

2. Michel Manen Speech

Hello Everyone and thank you for attending our CARE meeting today. My name is Michel Manen and I am a candidate for the Chancellor’s position in CDS.
As you may have noticed, this Auditorium is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. A man who by sheer willpower and determination brought down an empire and created a nation.
How did he do that? He had a vision – and a philosophy. His vision was that of a free, united, forwardlooking, dynamic, democratic India in charge of her own destiny.
His philosophy was that of satyagraha – active non-violence. It is encapsulated in the simple sentence you see behind me:
"We must be the change we wish to see in the world."
This is also CARE’s philosophy of action.

In the 21st Century, the "res publica", that is, those matters affecting the public – us all, can no longer be limited to the basic role of traditional parties in the public sphere:
mobilizing at election time to ask members of the electorate for their votes, then disappearing behind the high walls of parliaments and assemblies
to pass laws and regulations which most often have little, if anything to do with the daily needs, concerns, and aspirations of those who entrusted them with a mandate to govern.
We all, as citizens, must understand that those "basics" may have worked "way back in the past" -but are now largely irrelevant to the modern needs, challenges, aspirations of a world which has changed and evolved beyond recognition in the past few decades.
We must leave behind the old notion of politics as the way in which the decisions of those who govern impacts upon those who are governed,
and re-imagine it as an ongoing, continuing process of governance of all citizens, by all citizens, for all citizens.
Our virtual community must innovate, create, re-imagine a new type of politics –across the public / private divide, across the government / governed divide, across the Second Life / Real World divide
founded upon a new idealism based in concrete results, a new commitment founded on active citizen participation, a new type of political organization
whose mission is that of being constantly and organically involved in the daily life of the community it is a part of
and in so doing, transform the CDS into a unique, creative, innovative, dynamic community at the leading edge of tomorrow.

As my colleague Bromo Ivory has explained at the beginning of this meeting, we at CARE will focus on four key areas of activity relevant to each and every one of us: Commerce, Arts, Relaxation, Education.

I want to take a long-term view now and talk to you about CARE’s ntegrated, comprehensive, one-year agenda of governance for CDS designed to allow us to truly become A Dynamic Community at the Edge of Tomorrow.
If elected, CARE will set up six taskforces, each headed by an RA member.
Each taskforce will address one major area of concern for community's future and mandated to hold open and inclusive hearings allowing all our citizens to take active part in our legislative process.
The reason behind these commissions is that RA members should not just come up with the text of the laws on their own and just vote on them,
but first go through a wide citizens' consultation process to allow them to directly participate in the legislative process and bring in their ideas, experience, needs and suggestions.
This will make the entire process more accountable, open, effective and legitimate.
Let us quickly look at each:

A CDS Development Commission whose task will be to address CARE's top four priorities for CDS: Commerce, Arts, Relaxation and Education.
These are the issues our citizens most care about and are closest to their daily lives so they will be given priority;

A CDS Legislative Commission whose task will be to rethtink how we elect our officials, and how to stramline and inprove our legislative process, including allowing citizens to be asked questions directly by way of referendum on key issues in our community;

A CDS Constitutional Commission with a madate to draft or revise the founding documents defining our community and make them clear, accessible and futurre-oriented.
A CDS Institutional Commission who will review and redefine the role of our various branches of government, and make them more open, accountable, and citizen-oriented.

A CDS Governance Commission to examine how we as a community interact with the various environments we are part of - local, Second Life, and Real World and what image of ourselves we project both to ourselves and others

A CDS Judiciary Commission designed to develop a stable, professional, effective and user-friendly dispute resolution system for our community and all our citizens as they interact with each other and with others outside the CDS -whether in a public or private, personal or commercial capacity.

I will stand as CARE’s candidate for Chancellor.
I am not running for a Representative Assembly seat.
I believe the position of Chancellor of CDS is of such importance as to require the candidate to focus its energies on it only and to commit to it before the RA elections, in front of the entire electorate.
As you may know, the CDS Chancellor is elected by the new RA members, usually during their first meeting.
This means, until now, the Chancellor has been elected by 5 people.
Given the powers and importance of the Chancellor, this is an utterly undemocratic process taking the choice away from you and giving it to a few individuals to make behind closed doors.
We at CARE will propose that the Chancellor be elected directly by all CDS citizens.
We further propose to enhance the Chancellor’s ability to provide leadership in the CDS generally and in the RA specifically
by mandating the Chancellor to chair all RA Meetings, but to vote only in situations of deadlock, as the tie-breaking vote.
In addition, the Chancellor should be given the authority to appoint a Deputy Chancellor and PIO immediately upon taking office.
If elected, I will offer the position of Deputy Chancellor to CSDF’s preferred candidate for that position. -Moon Adamant
and that of PIO to the person who, over the past six months has done more than anyone to bring to our community commerce, arts, recreational and educational events -Rose Springvale.
CARE will also propose enhancing the Chancellor’s ability to lead by mandating him or her to represent CDS outside the community,
in our dealings with other Second Life communities, with Linden Labs, with the Real World and all media of information and communication.
We will require the Chancellor to provide a public, open report to all CDS citizens on the progress of our community half-way though his or her mandate.
And, of course, we will restrict the Chancellor to at most two consecutive mandates.

In these elections, as Bromo Ivory has told you, your choices are clear:
The Simplicity Party believes that the government which governs least governs best. In other words, more of the same.
The Social Democrats want to take you “Back to Basics”.
They want to revive yesterday’s ideas and successes for tomorrow’s challenges.
We DID get the basic right.
We have two architecturally beautiful sims. Soon we will have a third.
But what we need for the future is not more of the same.
No more empty shops.
No more deserted streets.
No more a total absence of community spirit, involvement and participation.
No sliding backwards to the past.
Let us look to the future.
Let us embrace tomorrows challenges.
Let us build a creative, unique, dynamic community worthy of our sims.

We at CARE, have a clear vision for the future of our community.
We have shown a decisive and unreleting focus on building our community.
We have a record of Success in revitalising our sims.
We have identified and will give priority to the four issues that matter most to you: Commerce, Arts, Relaxation, Education.
We have put forward a comprehensive, one-year legislative agenda.
We are presenting to you a dynamic new team ready to provide leadership for our community.
In this way, we want to take us all forwards not back
– and transform CDS into A Dynamic Community at the Edge of Tomorrow.

We ask for your support, for your participation, for your votes, and for your continued involvement in the life of our community after the elections are over.
The decision as to the direction we all will take tomorrow is now in your hands.
When weighing your options, remember Gandhi’s words:
“ We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”
Thank you all for your patience.


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