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[quote="Justice Soothsayer":37st3oiv][quote="Bromo Ivory":37st3oiv]I think Princess and I are committed to working with the other parties as long as we don't abandon our basic principles.

But given how most disaffected DPU voters went Simplicity or CSDF would imply that CARE might very well end up in opposition - though I very much hope not.[/quote:37st3oiv]

Having served in the last RA with Pat and briefly with Beathan, and in the previous one with Jon and Moon, I can attest that they are always willing to work with others for the common good without regard to partisan politics. I'm hoping that cooperation rather than confrontation will be governing principles in the upcoming session.[/quote:37st3oiv]

This is my experience with both Moon and Jon for sure as we have collaborated on a non CDS project (well worked within the same group) as well as general personalities! :)

I do not have direct working experience with Pat, Brian or Beathen - so I cannot comment from experience, but I am genuinely hopeful and well in the limited interactions I've had very positive impressions!

(And I tend to be dismissive of the tones on the forums in general - I have been on the internet for quite awhile - and this reminds me very much of USENET which, well, would be nothign but trouble if one were to manage a SIM based upon comments on the Forum! :P )

"Nenia peno nek provo donos lakton de bovo."

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