Events Promotion Bill

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Events Promotion Bill

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For discussion at our meeting on Thursday and for consideration at the Inaugural RA meeting on Sunday.

[i:1ntecx65][b:1ntecx65]Events Promotion Bill[/b:1ntecx65][/i:1ntecx65]

The Executive is directed to create a programme for financial and other support of events in the CDS.

A sum of $L4000/month is appropriated to this programme beginning in August 2007 and running through to the end of January 2008. This money is to be used to 'prime the pump' by providing a small financial acknowledgement (no greater than $L500 per person per event) of the effort put into developing events which provide recreational and educational opportunities for our citizens and which draw attention to the CDS from the wider SL community.

The Executive will make available to the RA a clear description of the criteria s/he is using to award sums of money under the scheme to event organisers.

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