Marketplatz allocations don't prevent re-contruction plans

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Marketplatz allocations don't prevent re-contruction plans

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Earlier today I posted proposed allocations of Marktplatz parcels to citizens who had indicated interest.

This action is NOT meant to halt plans for Marktplatz reorganization, nor any of the interesting plans which are being proposed. It is intended to get life happening on the Platz... something that has been long delayed (mostly by my own indecision and inertia).

We are starting the SL 3rd anniversary celebrations, and many folks have pointed out that the Platz still looks as dead as ever! This action is intended to get things jump started at what amounts to the Neufreistadt Welcome Area.

Hopefully, as plans form for reorganizing the Platz area, the current set of owners will be motivated and enthusiastic to participate in the revisions.


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