Guild Meeting Log - 2nd Sept 2007

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I need a hobby
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Guild Meeting Log - 2nd Sept 2007

Post by Moon Adamant »

Trasncript taken by Tanoujin - Thanks Tan! :)


[10:15] Moon Adamant: ok guys
[10:15] Arria Perreault: ty :-)
[10:15] Moon Adamant: extraordinary point first of all
[10:15] Arria Perreault: i'll give you a LM, Moon
[10:15] Moon Adamant: let's consider that the guild meetings always take place
[10:15] Moon Adamant: and just warn people when they don't?
[10:15] Moon Adamant: thanks Arria :)
[10:16] Arria Perreault: Hi Sudane
[10:16] Sudane Erato: hi :)
[10:16] Jon Seattle: Well, there is still the problem of recruting new people. Actally I was here on time, but it was just me.
[10:16] Arria Perreault: it's my fault
[10:16] Sudane Erato: i'm glad you sent the notice!
[10:17] Jon Seattle: Yes! :)
[10:17] Arria Perreault: I brought people to the Monastery ...
[10:17] Sudane Erato: the Labor Day weekend has got me all confused :)
[10:17] Moon Adamant: well, i can send notices
[10:17] Moon Adamant: but my issue is that i tend to forget posting the event
[10:17] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:18] Moon Adamant: also, Rose has set a device that lists following events
[10:18] Moon Adamant: so i am gathering that if people don't show up, it's not because of posts in teh forums or the lack of them :)
[10:19] Arria Perreault: don't you think that people who are really interested come and if not send an IM?
[10:20] Moon Adamant: yes, that's what i think too :)
[10:20] You: ok, no objection :)
[10:20] Jon Seattle: Hi Sudane :)
[10:20] Sudane Erato: hi :)
[10:21] Leon Ash: Hi Sudane
[10:21] Sudane Erato: hi :))
[10:21] Moon Adamant: hi Sudane :)
[10:21] Tanoujin Milestone giggles
[10:21] Jon Seattle: Well, perhaps others can post the event if Moon forgets.
[10:21] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:22] Moon Adamant: my point is also that if we make it a standing event, people may come too
[10:22] Jon Seattle: Yes, it should be standard
[10:22] Jon Seattle: *standing
[10:22] Moon Adamant: but if standing, no need really to post
[10:23] Moon Adamant: PIO is informed that it happens every sunday, unless notice
[10:23] Jon Seattle: Well, posting is a good idea because it lets people who do not know about the guild know that the meeting is going to occur.
[10:23] Jon Seattle: Even if not a requirement.
[10:23] Moon Adamant: btw, everyone, i recall everyone that i am logging the meeting, with your permission
[10:23] Sudane Erato: np
[10:24] Jon Seattle gives his permssion
[10:24] Moon Adamant: come on, you have to be very distracted not to know about the guild
[10:24] Arria Perreault: ok for me
[10:24] Moon Adamant: and i would say that anybody not knowing about the guild doesn't have a great chance either to know about teh forums
[10:24] Leon Ash: Hi Rose
[10:24] You: Hi Rose :)
[10:24] Moon Adamant: hi there Rose
[10:24] Rose Springvale: hello everyone :0
[10:25] Rose Springvale: :)
[10:25] Arria Perreault: Hi Rose
[10:25] Jon Seattle: Hi Rose
[10:25] Sudane Erato: hi :)
[10:26] Moon Adamant: ok guys
[10:26] Moon Adamant: so what do you think?
[10:26] Moon Adamant: hey Sleazy :)
[10:26] Sleazy Writer: hello everyone :)
[10:26] Arria Perreault: Hi Sleazy
[10:26] Sudane Erato: hi :)
[10:26] You: Heyyy, Sleazy ;)
[10:26] Jon Seattle: standing + advertisements when we remember.
[10:26] Jon Seattle: Hi TOP
[10:27] Sleazy Writer: :)
[10:27] Moon Adamant: do we all agree on that?
[10:27] Arria Perreault: yes
[10:27] You: yes
[10:27] Leon Ash: yes
[10:27] Rose Springvale: sorry, would someone copy the last few sentences?
[10:27] Jon Seattle: yes
[10:27] Moon Adamant: for everyone who just arrived
[10:27] Moon Adamant: i am a bit absent-minded, and have trouble rememebring to post the guild meetings
[10:27] Moon Adamant: with time, that is
[10:28] Moon Adamant: so i have called to have it considered as standing, unless further notice
[10:28] Rose Springvale: good. I have assumed that for calendar purposes btw
[10:28] Moon Adamant: ehehe good :)
[10:28] Rose Springvale: and for forum/platz signs
[10:28] Moon Adamant: that's great :)
[10:28] Rose Springvale: if you look, you'll see you are on there forever :)
[10:28] You: I like the notecard giver, Rose, thanks for that
[10:29] Moon Adamant: great then :)
[10:29] Rose Springvale: :) thanks tan
[10:29] Moon Adamant: ok guys
[10:30] Moon Adamant: Alpine Meadows
[10:30] Sudane Erato: is that the name? :)
[10:30] Moon Adamant: btw, one day we should discuss that if it is really the name
[10:30] Moon Adamant: well, in my computer it is called so :))
[10:30] Sudane Erato: it sounds neat :)
[10:30] Sudane Erato: wildflowers :)
[10:30] Moon Adamant: i like the name actually
[10:31] Sleazy Writer: "Cows 3D"?
[10:31] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:31] Sudane Erato: goats
[10:31] You: Heidi...
[10:31] Sleazy Writer: yay!
[10:31] Sudane Erato: too steep for cows
[10:31] Moon Adamant: eeek heidi no
[10:31] Arria Perreault: I prefer goats ...
[10:31] You: ok, i withdraw
[10:31] Moon Adamant: ah, you know that actually in my island
[10:31] Arria Perreault: because of Heidi
[10:31] Moon Adamant: which is as steep as that (vulcanic)
[10:32] Moon Adamant: they do keep cows
[10:32] Moon Adamant: only they don't let them graze at will
[10:32] Sudane Erato: or they would fall off
[10:32] Jon Seattle: (RL island)
[10:32] Rose Springvale: lol. yes, cows are dumb lol
[10:32] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:32] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:32] Sudane Erato: stick with goats :)
[10:32] Rose Springvale: or sheep lol
[10:32] Sudane Erato: they make much better feta :)
[10:33] Sleazy Writer: Hey don't disrespect cow's cheese :)
[10:33] Moon Adamant: sheep spoil the terrain
[10:33] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:33] Sudane Erato: yeah
[10:33] Moon Adamant: tiny feet, they destroy the soi
[10:33] Rose Springvale: {smile}
[10:33] Moon Adamant: anyway
[10:33] Rose Springvale: notes covenant should have no sheep
[10:33] Sudane Erato: haha
[10:34] Sudane Erato: only goats :)
[10:34] Arria Perreault: and dogs
[10:34] Moon Adamant: the financial group has sent me a preliminar study
[10:34] Moon Adamant: for the budget
[10:34] Sudane Erato: well, one of the group has
[10:34] Moon Adamant: yes lol
[10:34] Sudane Erato: the rest is somewhat MIA :)
[10:34] Moon Adamant: i will follow the discussion
[10:35] Moon Adamant: atm, the doc previews costs
[10:35] Moon Adamant: and makes a balance of teh current finances of teh CDS
[10:36] Moon Adamant: next is needed input from the building group re: parcel areas
[10:36] Moon Adamant: and ratios private/public land
[10:36] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:36] Arria Perreault: are you leading this group, Moon?
[10:37] Moon Adamant: the financial one?
[10:37] Moon Adamant: i ama bit in all groups
[10:37] Arria Perreault: the build one
[10:37] Moon Adamant: the comfy position of being able to be nosy about all things :)
[10:37] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:37] Moon Adamant: well, that is something we need to discuss
[10:37] Moon Adamant: atm, i have been working in terrain and parcels
[10:38] Moon Adamant: as it is a bit of a lone job, at least preparing a base for further work
[10:38] Arria Perreault: because, if nobody is the leader, the group will never meet
[10:38] Moon Adamant: eheheh
[10:38] Rose Springvale: :)
[10:38] Moon Adamant gets her whip
[10:38] Moon Adamant: :)
[10:38] Rose Springvale: i'll be happy to advertise times for you if you set meetingds
[10:39] Moon Adamant: ok, thanks :)
[10:39] Rose Springvale: also if the membership is closed, we should say so
[10:39] Moon Adamant: i can lead teh building group
[10:39] Arria Perreault: ok
[10:39] Moon Adamant: ah, drat, forgot to add Dnate to financial group
[10:39] Sudane Erato: maybe we should also list what is being built
[10:39] Moon Adamant: Sudane, sorry
[10:39] Rose Springvale not sure what my role is supposed to be anymore
[10:39] Moon Adamant: you guys must mail him also
[10:39] Sudane Erato: whether it includes houses
[10:39] Moon Adamant: well Rose
[10:40] Sudane Erato: or just terrain and roads
[10:40] Moon Adamant: you are in all groups too :)
[10:40] Sudane Erato: yay Rose! :)
[10:40] Rose Springvale: that's what i thought you'd say lol
[10:40] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:40] Moon Adamant: sorry to break it this suddenly :)
[10:40] Rose Springvale: :)
[10:40] Moon Adamant: but your input is needed in all groups
[10:40] Rose Springvale: i am happy to help however i can
[10:40] Moon Adamant: and you are definetely in Promo group
[10:40] Arria Perreault: anyway, i think that we can go in every group
[10:40] Moon Adamant: since they DO have to coord with you as PIO
[10:41] Arria Perreault: if we have an interest
[10:41] Moon Adamant: yes, everyone please join all groups yyou want
[10:41] Rose Springvale: k. Is anyone here in CDS a marketer?
[10:41] Rose Springvale: how about we post a schedule of when groups will meet and then whoever wants can come?
[10:41] Moon Adamant: ehehe only when i am forced to :)
[10:41] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:42] Rose Springvale: you have too much to do already lol
[10:42] Moon Adamant: i don't know actually if any marketeer
[10:42] Sudane Erato: well, the financial group does not meet..., if i can help it
[10:42] Sudane Erato: it just exchanges notes
[10:43] Rose Springvale: so if someone wants to be in on any of that, they should sign up and be in the note exchange loop :)
[10:43] Jon Seattle: lol, I do hope the buildng group will meet from time to time.
[10:43] Moon Adamant: well, i will call a meeting then
[10:43] Sleazy Writer mumbles that he's only here to listen what the food for a possible Oktoberfest is ..
[10:43] Arria Perreault: great
[10:43] Moon Adamant: just have to look at my calendar
[10:43] Rose Springvale: beer and brats SW
[10:43] Moon Adamant: adn will post that! promised
[10:43] Moon Adamant: anyway
[10:44] Moon Adamant: as far as parcels/terrain are going
[10:44] Moon Adamant: i have two main proposals atm
[10:44] Moon Adamant: to be hmmm perfected
[10:44] Moon Adamant: one is a more traditional proposal, in terms of sim planning
[10:44] Moon Adamant: and the other is an experience for double prims
[10:45] You: :)
[10:45] Leon Ash is listening
[10:45] Jon Seattle: So an x2 multiplier? Daring!
[10:45] Moon Adamant: but they need to be perfected, please understand that i think they're only a leg up
[10:45] Jon Seattle: The x2 might help solve the problem of land lost of steep slopes.
[10:46] Moon Adamant: it does indeed
[10:46] Leon Ash: Sounds very interesting Moon
[10:46] Moon Adamant: and allows us to get everything into the sim
[10:46] Arria Perreault: yes
[10:46] Rose Springvale: and makes the lot sizes very attractive
[10:46] Moon Adamant: yes, mind though that
[10:47] Moon Adamant: as i am a bit of a lazy person
[10:47] Moon Adamant: i am delaing preferrably with larger plots
[10:47] Jon Seattle: Yes, but it does not add prims. So fewer, smaller lots.
[10:47] Moon Adamant: dealing :)
[10:47] Moon Adamant: yes, that's teh idea
[10:47] Moon Adamant: we can place the plots wherever they are more interesting to us
[10:48] Moon Adamant: and allows us to be more plastic as regards terrain, roads and river
[10:48] Moon Adamant: i will publish them very shortly
[10:48] Moon Adamant: but i have to get the numbers in some sort of table
[10:48] Moon Adamant: instead of going through a pile of paper sheets everytime i need to check a number :)
[10:49] Sudane Erato: :)
[10:49] Rose Springvale: {smile} sending moon a secretary for chrstmas
[10:49] Moon Adamant: ooooh please!
[10:49] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:49] Moon Adamant: i'll be eternally grateful!
[10:49] Moon Adamant: send me a cook too :)
[10:49] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:49] You: hahaha
[10:49] Rose Springvale: a cooking secretary!
[10:49] Rose Springvale: wait
[10:50] Rose Springvale: hmm
[10:50] Rose Springvale: maybe i should keep that one!
[10:50] Sudane Erato: haha
[10:50] Moon Adamant: also somebody who remebers to make shopping lists before actually getting into teh supermarket would be nice :)
[10:50] Rose Springvale: you are going to need a chateau for your staff :)
[10:50] Moon Adamant: anyway
[10:50] Moon Adamant: lol, yes
[10:51] Moon Adamant: i'll publish the terrain and the parcels very shortly
[10:51] Rose Springvale: moon, perhaps you can put them up in world too
[10:51] Rose Springvale: ?
[10:51] Moon Adamant: and that's for commenting and perfecting
[10:51] Moon Adamant: yes, i will put them here
[10:52] Moon Adamant: ok
[10:52] Moon Adamant: promo and bureau group need to meet too
[10:52] Moon Adamant: anyone from those groups here?
[10:52] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:52] Rose Springvale: you and me ?
[10:53] Moon Adamant: ehehe mind that in Promo group i am totally useless :)
[10:53] Moon Adamant: but i would ask you Rose
[10:53] Rose Springvale: i'll call a meeting of those two if you like
[10:54] Moon Adamant: to call teh meeting for Promo, since PIO and promo do need to work together
[10:54] Rose Springvale: yes i shall
[10:54] Moon Adamant: bureau needs to be working on covenants
[10:54] Moon Adamant: so let's publish the proposals first
[10:55] Rose Springvale: yes, i think for both groups a little more detail will be helpful
[10:55] Moon Adamant: so they can have something visual as a base too
[10:55] Moon Adamant: there was one question by Sudane
[10:55] Moon Adamant: which we shoulddiscuss too
[10:55] Moon Adamant: what is going to be built
[10:56] Sleazy Writer: Will 'Promo' do fundraising?
[10:56] Moon Adamant: correct?
[10:56] Sudane Erato: yes
[10:56] Moon Adamant: promo will have to decide that along with financial
[10:56] Sleazy Writer nods
[10:56] Moon Adamant: so what we are discussing is
[10:56] Sudane Erato: yes, what is going to be built
[10:56] Sudane Erato: ?
[10:56] Moon Adamant: does building group build both public and private, or only public?
[10:56] Moon Adamant: right?
[10:57] Sudane Erato: that is the question
[10:57] Moon Adamant: opinions?
[10:57] Jon Seattle: And what is the definition of each?
[10:57] Sudane Erato: and if public only... what is there?
[10:57] Sudane Erato: yes
[10:57] You: how was this done at CN?
[10:57] Sudane Erato: roads and bridges
[10:57] Jon Seattle: Public could be just roads.
[10:57] Moon Adamant: public is the space that is everlasting in teh sim
[10:57] Sudane Erato: yes
[10:57] Jon Seattle: In CN we did both.
[10:57] You: k
[10:58] Sudane Erato: but much of the "private" was removed
[10:58] Sleazy Writer: I think for NFS & CN the private parts (hehe) of the sim that were most important to the character/theme were built by the sim builders
[10:58] Moon Adamant: roads,landscape, public buildings etc
[10:58] Rose Springvale: when i bought here
[10:58] Sleazy Writer: but both valleys were left empty
[10:58] Rose Springvale: i was provided a list of builders to contact
[10:59] Rose Springvale: who were from the guild group i think... jon, moon, mizou
[10:59] Moon Adamant: well, in CN almost all plots were built before hand
[10:59] Sudane Erato: yes, a list would be good
[10:59] Jon Seattle: Well, even if many private builds were removed, in both NFS and CN is set a tone for the place.
[10:59] Sleazy Writer: that's my point .. that's important
[10:59] Moon Adamant: i tend to agree with jon there
[10:59] Moon Adamant: the private builds are examples
[11:00] Jon Seattle: Mizou did only builds for sale -- not part of the build group.
[11:00] Sudane Erato: i agree too, but just to do builds to have them romved... seems wasteful
[11:00] Moon Adamant: seeing that the covenants are by principle somewhat vague documents
[11:00] Moon Adamant: yes, i see your point Sudane
[11:00] Sleazy Writer: Sudane > Perhaps a smaller % of private builds should be 'examples' this time
[11:00] Sleazy Writer: To limit the waste but still indicate the theme
[11:01] Sudane Erato: actually, since this will be a transition sim...
[11:01] Sudane Erato: the theme is set by the adjoining sims
[11:01] Jon Seattle: Well, we could also do private builds in a more pre-fab way, so that removing them will matter a lot less.
[11:01] Sleazy Writer nods
[11:02] Moon Adamant: in my opinion, the builders should sell the houses - like we do with the fachwerks in NFS
[11:02] Sudane Erato: yes, that would work
[11:02] Sleazy Writer: M > No problem with that ..
[11:03] Sudane Erato: but the buyer would need a choice
[11:03] Rose Springvale: do you want to have some architectural review though, beyond approved prefabs?
[11:03] Moon Adamant: hmmmm
[11:03] Rose Springvale: lots of people don't want prefabs
[11:03] Moon Adamant: dunno
[11:03] Moon Adamant: that is so hard to say
[11:03] Rose Springvale: and with the potential for double prim lots, much room for creativity
[11:03] Sudane Erato: thats a nice idea.... but as we know from new England... its a lot of work
[11:03] Sudane Erato: and often controversial
[11:03] Rose Springvale: yes i'm sure
[11:04] You: architectural review -> lot of work/ controversial?
[11:04] Moon Adamant: the issue here is that this is a discussion in aesthetics
[11:04] Sudane Erato: yes
[11:04] Moon Adamant: and aesthetics are subjective by nature
[11:04] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:04] You: ah, now i can imagine, much talking... :)
[11:05] Sleazy Writer needs to go and wishes you all a pleasant evening.
[11:05] Sudane Erato: bye Sleaze :)
[11:05] Moon Adamant: aawww sorry Sleazy
[11:05] Rose Springvale: afternoon SW
[11:05] You: See you later, Sleazy
[11:05] Jon Seattle: bye TOP
[11:05] Moon Adamant: read teh discussion on Oktoberfest from teh transcript later on?
[11:05] Moon Adamant: he's too fast
[11:05] Moon Adamant: i think nevertheless
[11:05] Sudane Erato: hehe
[11:05] Rose Springvale: he reads it all lol
[11:05] Moon Adamant: that we should have a covenant
[11:06] Moon Adamant: similar to the one in NFS valley at the very least
[11:06] Moon Adamant: and i say this
[11:06] Moon Adamant: because the NFS Valley
[11:06] Sudane Erato: yes, although that one does not much good
[11:06] Moon Adamant: is very much coherent
[11:06] Sudane Erato: it is??
[11:06] Moon Adamant: well, the valley is coherent for teh most part and in a longish time period
[11:06] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:06] You: here we have the discussion about aesthetics :)
[11:07] Sudane Erato: yes
[11:07] Jon Seattle: Well, the NFS valley was revised to remove almost all aethetic restrictions I think.
[11:07] Moon Adamant: i confess my main concern is the coherence, justly so
[11:07] Arria Perreault: sorry, i am back
[11:07] Rose Springvale: yes... for my part i will say i like restrictions
[11:08] Sudane Erato: me too!
[11:08] Moon Adamant: but the covenants say that one should strive to keep a german theme
[11:08] Sudane Erato: but they are hard to enforce
[11:08] Rose Springvale: well... soemtimes the chilling effect is useful
[11:08] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:08] Rose Springvale: < lived next to a vampire condo on one island ... eww
[11:08] Moon Adamant: and shouting 'I am by the ugly blue house!'
[11:08] Rose Springvale: lol
[11:08] Moon Adamant: :)
[11:08] Sudane Erato: haha
[11:09] Jon Seattle: hmmm.. I dont think the current valley covenents do much to shape was is built there.
[11:09] Sudane Erato: i agree
[11:09] Moon Adamant: well, i think that in a way... perhaps misteriously... it tends to work
[11:09] Leon Ash: I'm not sure covenants are being enforced in any case?
[11:09] Rose Springvale: depending on how many lots we end up with, a review committee could be done.. if only 12 lots... not so onerous
[11:10] Moon Adamant: because the NFS valley is PRETTY
[11:10] Sudane Erato: debate-able
[11:10] Moon Adamant: lol
[11:10] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:11] Moon Adamant: well, we'll discuss this further :)
[11:11] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:11] Moon Adamant: i'll publish it as part of the covenant discussion to take place at teh forums
[11:11] Moon Adamant: now let's discuss schloss, if you all agree
[11:11] Moon Adamant: and next, oktoberfest
[11:11] You: this one wil beshort
[11:12] Jon Seattle listens
[11:12] You: or do we discuss the appearance of the original builder as well?
[11:12] You: i had - foreseable - severe rl this week, no progress
[11:12] You: arria?
[11:12] Arria Perreault: i was away for a certain time: did you decide something important for the new sim?
[11:13] You: covenant to be discussed further
[11:13] Arria Perreault: like public/private ratio?
[11:13] You: and i try to bget rid of the schloss topic atm
[11:13] Rose Springvale: may i throw out something on the schloss?
[11:14] You: no progress - next report next time, if aria does not want to add about the wiki, yes, Rose, please!
[11:14] Rose Springvale: i'll be really brief, and i know you have a committee... but i'm so over booked on committes... i'll apologize
[11:14] Rose Springvale: but three things
[11:14] Rose Springvale: there seems to be a desire to continue having balls ... and at present the schloss is the only really ball like place in CDS
[11:14] Rose Springvale: also
[11:15] Rose Springvale: i have asked sudane.. but maybe this is a better place
[11:15] Rose Springvale: i've scheduled a storyteller to come on sept 15...
[11:15] Rose Springvale: we will use the schloss for the 1 pm slt performance
[11:15] Rose Springvale: and again,the only place is where the current patio/ballroom is
[11:16] Rose Springvale: so if anyones is in the mood to put some building appropriate seating out there
[11:16] Rose Springvale: wehre the dance balls are now... it would be very helpful
[11:16] You: :) you need a hand, for boring sequntial work?
[11:16] Rose Springvale: lol design mostly
[11:16] Rose Springvale: i'm okay at boring lol
[11:16] Rose Springvale: but i want it to be the quality of the sim :) mot my makeshift stuff
[11:17] Rose Springvale: anyway, just think about it. :)
[11:17] You: :) you need a stage, and seats-- what else?
[11:17] Sudane Erato: oH
[11:17] Rose Springvale: just a small stage and seats
[11:17] Sudane Erato: i have seating ...
[11:17] Rose Springvale: he;s a very sweet older gentleman. Okay :0
[11:17] Sudane Erato: thats np
[11:17] Rose Springvale: :)
[11:18] Jon Seattle: Yes, Sudane's chairs are great.
[11:18] Rose Springvale: okay.. great!
[11:18] Sudane Erato: well, i have benches too
[11:18] Sudane Erato: we use them in the theater in NE
[11:19] Rose Springvale: that's all.. but as you reconsider the schloss, keep in mind that there is not place else for 'social" functions in NFS for much of a crowd, other than the platz
[11:19] Rose Springvale: no*
[11:19] Rose Springvale: or the museum
[11:20] You: yes, thats clear, rose. It was not very diplomatic put
[11:21] You: I hope there isnot the impression anyone wants to tear it apart and leave a hole there
[11:21] Arria Perreault: i think that the idea is to make it more beautiful
[11:21] Arria Perreault: to improve it
[11:21] Moon Adamant: ok guys
[11:22] Moon Adamant: Tan, Arria, np about report
[11:22] Arria Perreault: report?
[11:22] Moon Adamant: or lack of :)
[11:22] You: the redevelopment zone may bty :)
[11:23] You: oh, thats chat salad, i said nothing
[11:23] Arria Perreault: sorry, report of what?
[11:23] Moon Adamant: schloss
[11:23] Moon Adamant: beginning of this point
[11:23] Jon Seattle: That is Nikki's responsibility.
[11:23] You: Arria, we want a little docu, we have nothing to show today, if you want to add sth?
[11:23] Moon Adamant: ehehe exactly Tan
[11:23] Arria Perreault: should I open the wiki?
[11:23] You: ;)
[11:24] Arria Perreault: Nikki did not answer to me
[11:24] Jon Seattle: I am sure it will come along soon. :)
[11:24] You: yes, *shrug, i met her, i think she has other business at the moment, lets just do it,
[11:24] Arria Perreault: ok
[11:25] You: i IM you and we fix something, and thanks again, thats a nice little project :)
[11:25] Arria Perreault: you're welcome
[11:26] Moon Adamant: ok guys
[11:26] Moon Adamant: oktoberfest
[11:26] You: :) yay
[11:26] Moon Adamant: first of all, i want to ask Rose what are the PIO plans for oktoberfest
[11:26] Rose Springvale: lol
[11:26] Rose Springvale: we have a number of things in the works Moon, including a possible coordination with Neualtenburg
[11:27] Rose Springvale: there will be a ball, there will hopefully be a coordination of efforts with merchants
[11:27] Rose Springvale: it doesn't look like the new sim will be ready so we won't probably try to plan anthing that brings CN and AM into it this year
[11:28] Moon Adamant: i don't think it will
[11:28] Rose Springvale: I'd be glad to hear what ideas others have, or what has been done in the past
[11:28] Moon Adamant: possibly only roads and terrain
[11:28] Moon Adamant: well, in teh old days
[11:28] Jon Seattle: Hmm.. curious, how will Port Neualtenburg be involved?
[11:28] Moon Adamant: there used to be a tent for selling beer
[11:28] Rose Springvale: if that is done, then i'd love to do a triathalon through the sim
[11:28] Rose Springvale: ah, cool :0
[11:28] Moon Adamant: with a stage and dancing
[11:28] Rose Springvale: Jon, not ready to report on that yet sorry
[11:29] Moon Adamant: really something of a very impromptu nature
[11:29] Rose Springvale: I'd like to have somthing going like that often.. curious.. dates?
[11:29] Arria Perreault: I have the intention to create a traditional german/austrian/german dress and to sell it very expensive to finance the Monastery
[11:29] Rose Springvale: i assumed october lol
[11:29] Moon Adamant: very frequently, schlagger balls started suddenly :)
[11:29] Arria Perreault: but I will need a place to sell it
[11:29] Rose Springvale: ah, we should coordinate Arria, as i've been commissioning someone to make free ones!
[11:30] Arria Perreault: and?
[11:30] Rose Springvale: and?
[11:30] Arria Perreault: should I renonce?
[11:30] Rose Springvale: no.. i'm sure there is a market for a purchased one too.. iv'e only foudn 5 in all of sl
[11:30] Arria Perreault: my idea is to finance the Monastery
[11:30] Arria Perreault: people make a good action and get a dresse
[11:31] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:31] Arria Perreault: I know where to find some already made...
[11:31] Arria Perreault: but I will create this one
[11:31] Moon Adamant: ok guys
[11:31] Moon Adamant: let's organise the discussion
[11:31] Rose Springvale: one of the things we are considering is something along the line of CDS branding
[11:31] Moon Adamant: first of all
[11:31] Moon Adamant: PIO already has some events
[11:32] Moon Adamant: and we need to discuss if we can coop
[11:32] Moon Adamant: then, Arria raises a point about a shop, which i think is important too
[11:32] Moon Adamant: and next, Rose spoke about a CDS brand, which is definetely in teh scope of the Guild :)
[11:33] Rose Springvale: I agree.. the idea is that all things CDS have the quality that the guild is famous for
[11:33] Moon Adamant: Rose, what content do you have already for the events?
[11:34] Rose Springvale: but i'm sorry, i didn't realize this was a guild issue or on the agenda... and am not really ready to talk about it.. i'm still veyr much in the information gathering phase
[11:34] Moon Adamant: i recall that Kendra and Ulrika did sell a bit during teh fest
[11:34] Moon Adamant: ok
[11:34] Rose Springvale: if you'd like to roll it to next week, i'll prepare
[11:34] Moon Adamant: then shall we discuss that point later?
[11:34] Arria Perreault: it would useful to know your plan
[11:34] Moon Adamant: ok by me
[11:34] Arria Perreault: so we can make ours
[11:34] Rose Springvale: as pio... first let me say that anyone is welcome and encouraged to hold any events
[11:35] Rose Springvale: just let me know and i'll add to appropriate calendars
[11:35] Moon Adamant: ehehe
[11:35] Rose Springvale: and let dnate know if you want money
[11:35] Moon Adamant: unless you want some very boring events, don't count with me :)
[11:35] Sudane Erato: hehe
[11:35] You: :-D
[11:35] Rose Springvale: but i need to put my plans to him and ra i think before i give them as cast in stone lol
[11:36] Rose Springvale: that's pretty Aria
[11:36] Moon Adamant: ok, you're right
[11:36] Arria Perreault: thank you
[11:36] Moon Adamant: very pretty Arria :)
[11:36] Jon Seattle: Indeed!
[11:36] Leon Ash: Nice Arria
[11:36] Arria Perreault: that's the kind of thing I intended to do for that purpose
[11:36] Moon Adamant: then Arria's point
[11:36] Arria Perreault: but a bit different
[11:36] Rose Springvale: very nice
[11:36] Moon Adamant: could it be possibly that one of teh events could be a market or something?
[11:37] Rose Springvale: absolutely!
[11:37] Moon Adamant: or if not a market... some stalls?
[11:37] Rose Springvale: i was hoping for a street fair
[11:37] Moon Adamant: market sounds like teh content is already made :)
[11:37] Rose Springvale: 800 public prims i'm told...
[11:37] Rose Springvale: :)
[11:37] Arria Perreault: let me have a stall for the Monastery...
[11:37] Moon Adamant: that way, Arria could make her fundraising
[11:38] Rose Springvale: ok, well let me talk to my boss, and watch the forums
[11:38] Moon Adamant: and perhaps teh Guild could rehearse a Guild shop?
[11:38] Rose Springvale: :)
[11:38] Rose Springvale: brian would very much like us to develop some of the same for the docks in CN
[11:38] Moon Adamant: mind you, i'd really like help there... i think i am the person that sells the least in all of the CDS :)
[11:38] Arria Perreault: if the Guild makes the Monastery, we can share the stall
[11:38] Rose Springvale: lol
[11:38] Rose Springvale: i think we need to have a marketer come and make a presentation
[11:39] Moon Adamant: specially now that all the known universe already has one of my fachwerks :))
[11:39] Sudane Erato: haha
[11:39] Sudane Erato: yes
[11:39] You: Yes, Monn, i noticed :)
[11:39] Rose Springvale: is there anything else i need to be here for? miossing lunch lol
[11:39] Moon Adamant: oh
[11:40] Moon Adamant: we can discuss the brand thingy later
[11:40] Moon Adamant: just remind me to get it in agenda
[11:40] Rose Springvale: yes, that is still very preliminary
[11:40] Rose Springvale: if you are a member of the traders assoiciation, i'll be chatting with you soon :)
[11:40] Moon Adamant: eeek
[11:41] Rose Springvale: lol
[11:41] Arria Perreault: i am afraid no
[11:41] Jon Seattle: brb
[11:41] Moon Adamant: i am only the humble seller of 4 fachwerks :)
[11:41] Rose Springvale: we'll fix that. :)
[11:41] Moon Adamant: oh no
[11:41] Arria Perreault: but inform me about the stall and the market, please
[11:41] Sudane Erato: but you do have a shop on the Platz
[11:41] Rose Springvale: i'll also post a thread on the forum
[11:41] Moon Adamant: yes
[11:41] Moon Adamant: you see
[11:41] Moon Adamant: my problem isn't building the things for sale
[11:42] Moon Adamant: my problem is the taking pics, making signs and setting perms
[11:42] Moon Adamant: it bores me to death
[11:42] Sudane Erato: hehe... i understand :)
[11:42] Sudane Erato: especially the perms :))
[11:42] Moon Adamant: i took almost as much time setting the shop as i did making the fachwerks
[11:43] Rose Springvale: well, let's put that on the agend another tim.e.. i'm sorry, but have to run :)
[11:43] Sudane Erato: i must go
[11:43] Sudane Erato: be back later :)
[11:43] Moon Adamant: ok thanks you both :)
[11:43] Rose Springvale: thank you moon,
[11:43] You: :) Rose, Sudane
[11:43] Jon Seattle: back. Thanks everyone.
[11:43] Moon Adamant: guys, shall we adjourn?
[11:43] Arria Perreault: well
[11:43] Moon Adamant: or does anyone still have anything to discuss?
[11:44] Moon Adamant: (btw, there's RA today?)
[11:44] Leon Ash: Adjourn sounds good to me
[11:44] Arria Perreault: i can inform you that I have started to work on the Monastery
[11:44] Jon Seattle: Yes, there should be.
[11:44] Moon Adamant: ehehe i had gathered that :)
[11:44] Leon Ash: I believe the RA is meeting
[11:44] Arria Perreault: on Beathan's sim
[11:44] Moon Adamant: ah, you managed to talk to him, great! :)
[11:44] Arria Perreault: Tan and Jon have already vivited
[11:44] Jon Seattle: It is very nice!
[11:44] You: yes!
[11:44] You: really!
[11:45] Moon Adamant: i will go there asap, if you give me the LM
[11:45] Leon Ash: Likewise, LM would be appreciated
[11:45] Jon Seattle: I do not see why its construction should not be a Guild project
[11:46] Arria Perreault: in my mind it is
[11:46] Leon Ash: Thank you Arria, I'm off to look now
[11:46] You: Later, Leon :)
[11:46] Arria Perreault: I mean, it's better for the project to have the Guild with
[11:46] Jon Seattle: I think we need a vote of the guild to show strong support.
[11:46] Arria Perreault: yes
[11:47] Arria Perreault: now the question is the financing
[11:47] Arria Perreault: i have made some propositions on the forum
[11:47] Jon Seattle: Ah, I suspect once you announce that you are open for donations, that problem will be solved.
[11:48] You: money to buy the plot?
[11:48] Arria Perreault: yes
[11:48] You: is the discussion finished about that? It will be an NGO?
[11:49] Arria Perreault: at least we have to find as much money as we can to buy the land
[11:49] Jon Seattle: How much do you need?
[11:49] Arria Perreault: the NGO can manage the Monastery
[11:49] Arria Perreault: Tan made some calculation
[11:49] You: yes, Jon :) straightforward. ah thats some rubbish
[11:49] Jon Seattle: I think the CDS should sell the plot at the base rate.
[11:50] You: the calculation, what would Sudane say, with her economy plan?
[11:50] Moon Adamant: sorry, i crashed
[11:50] You: wb :)
[11:50] Arria Perreault: np
[11:50] Moon Adamant: i will ask one of you later on to send me the trascript
[11:50] Jon Seattle: Well, everything is taken from the base rate in any case.
[11:50] You: yes, preparing that
[11:50] Moon Adamant: thanks :))
[11:50] Jon Seattle: wb Moon :)
[11:51] You: so, how much was it? 100 US$? Something about that?
[11:51] Arria Perreault: and the fee?
[11:51] You: sign 10 members up
[11:51] Jon Seattle: But how much land do you think is needed? Assume that is it is also a sort of community musium.
[11:51] You: if i may suggest
[11:52] Arria Perreault: the Monastery has 40X60
[11:52] Jon Seattle: Just under it?
[11:52] You: Hi Matias
[11:52] Matias Infinity: hi
[11:52] Jon Seattle: You should have ground also.
[11:52] Jon Seattle: Hi Matias
[11:52] Matias Infinity: hi
[11:52] Matias Infinity: nice people
[11:52] Arria Perreault: until now I have used 235 prims
[11:52] Arria Perreault: Hi Matias
[11:53] Moon Adamant: hello Matias
[11:53] Matias Infinity: i´ve benn treated really bad iun other places
[11:53] Jon Seattle: Arria, not much at all.
[11:53] Arria Perreault: it's not finished
[11:53] Moon Adamant: well, Matias, feel free to roam around the sim :)
[11:53] Jon Seattle: Arria, assum about 500 prims for the structure.
[11:53] Arria Perreault: i will need more
[11:53] Arria Perreault: yes around 500
[11:53] Jon Seattle: Perhaps 200 more for contents.
[11:53] Matias Infinity: ok
[11:54] Matias Infinity: if you don´t mind i will stay here for a while....
[11:54] Moon Adamant: sure, of course
[11:54] You: :)
[11:54] Arria Perreault: ok
[11:54] Matias Infinity: i´m new and try to learn
[11:54] Jon Seattle: So perhaps about 4 x 1024 m2 of land?
[11:54] Jon Seattle: Or am I thinking too big?
[11:55] Arria Perreault: we need a garden around
[11:55] Jon Seattle: I better run.
[11:55] You: Sounds right Jon
[11:55] You: see you there
[11:55] Jon Seattle: Makes sense.
[11:55] Moon Adamant: ok, guys
[11:55] Arria Perreault: and some prims for animations
[11:55] Moon Adamant: shall we adjourn?
[11:56] Moon Adamant: i will attend a bit of the RA
[11:56] Jon Seattle hugs Moon
[11:56] Moon Adamant hugs Jon
[11:56] You: Moon you get the log from me, yes, please adjourn, thanks

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