Guild Meeting Log - 9th September 2007

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Guild Meeting Log - 9th September 2007

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[10:10] You: ok guys let's start, transcript will start from this point
[10:11] You: first of all
[10:11] You: my apologies
[10:11] You: i had a very full week, namely i made 800 km of road in 24 hours
[10:12] You: so i couldn't possibly finish the studies for teh terrain and parcels
[10:12] You: (or better, give them some kind of intelligibility :)
[10:12] You: so, for that, my apologies
[10:12] Tanoujin Milestone: Hi, i am late, because i managed to pour my coffe into the keyboard :)
[10:13] Jon Seattle: Hi Tan :)
[10:13] Arria Perreault: Hi Tan
[10:13] Rose Springvale: moon, i dont[' understand! didn't you get more hours in your sl payment this month?? dont' we get 40 per day!??
[10:13] You: hi there Tan :)
[10:13] Rose Springvale: hi tan!
[10:13] Lilith Ivory: wb Tan
[10:13] Tanoujin Milestone: Hi everyone :)
[10:13] You: ehehe Rose
[10:13] You: what i know is that even today (this was wednesday)
[10:13] You: i slept 12 hours :)
[10:14] You: but i'll publish the stuff in the next few days
[10:14] You: so that the discussions can continue
[10:15] You: any suggestion about other issues re: Alpine Meadows?
[10:15] Rose Springvale: i'll mention my thoughts under octoberfest.. unless you want them now?
[10:15] You: hmmm, since they relate to it
[10:16] You: and if no other discussion on Alpine Meadows
[10:16] You: if you all agree
[10:16] You: i'll table the discussion on Alpine Meadows
[10:16] You: and pass to points 2 and 3
[10:16] Arria Perreault: i can just tell one word about Monastery project
[10:16] Jon Seattle: Yes, I think we will need the map to say much :)
[10:16] You: ok Arria
[10:17] Arria Perreault: the project starts very well
[10:17] You: i saw your pics btw, and they look impressive (i couldn't have been to teh place yet, sorry :((
[10:17] Arria Perreault: the slurl is on the forum
[10:17] You: oh, i have the LM!
[10:17] Arria Perreault: It's wonderful to have the opportunity to work in this place
[10:17] Jon Seattle: The geometry seems very nice --and true to the historical monateries.
[10:18] You: i am very sorry indeed, but really i couldn't because of lack of time :(
[10:18] Rose Springvale: arria, i have another lm for you too... just looking for it
[10:18] Arria Perreault: we have received donations
[10:18] Arria Perreault: ok
[10:18] Rose Springvale: of a very well done monastery and surrounding village
[10:18] Rose Springvale: with similar terrain
[10:18] Rose Springvale: will get it to you
[10:18] Arria Perreault: great
[10:19] Arria Perreault: so the question now is to reservate a place in the sim
[10:19] Arria Perreault: as soon as you are ready with your plan, we can discuss this question
[10:19] You: well, as regrads that
[10:19] Jon Seattle: ah, and I have another question as well: do we want to make the monastery build an offical Guild project.
[10:19] You: i can say that i am only dealing with very large parcels
[10:20] You: just under the max (assuming it will keep for this sim too)
[10:20] Arria Perreault: how big?
[10:20] You: this to allow subdivision
[10:20] You: and to ease the work a bit
[10:20] You: it's easier to plan with larger parcels than with smaller ones
[10:21] Arria Perreault: sure
[10:21] You: i am always trying to define super-parcels just under the 4.500
[10:21] You: m2
[10:21] Jon Seattle: Its the right size I think, but also the situation and landscape will be very important.
[10:21] Arria Perreault: right
[10:22] Arria Perreault: we need a flat place in the slope
[10:22] Arria Perreault: or build walls to sustain it
[10:22] You: hmmm that you won't have... just flatish
[10:23] You: or shall we say less inclined :)
[10:23] You: using Rose's terraces
[10:23] You: i defined several of them, but tehy aren't flat... they're slightly sloped
[10:23] Arria Perreault: we can also build walls to sustain the building
[10:24] You: or you can perhaps also de-level the several wings?
[10:24] Arria Perreault: it's also possible
[10:24] You: if i remember your plan correctly
[10:25] You: ok, i think most possibly a mix of teh two will be used
[10:25] Rose Springvale: what it sounds like is that perhaps the biggest flattest parcel could work best for them
[10:25] You: ah, most possibly
[10:25] You: but the terrain will be tweaked on place too
[10:26] Jon Seattle: Well, other things should weigh in againt just level land of course.
[10:26] Jon Seattle: But is hard to tell without the map and model
[10:26] You: so it's hard to say atm which land will be flatter
[10:26] Arria Perreault: so first the map, second the land
[10:27] Arria Perreault: then we can discuss this question
[10:27] You: because the manual terraform will adjust slopes in the terrace walls, possibly allowing for less inclined slopes on teh terraces
[10:27] You: yes
[10:27] You: i would propose that
[10:27] Arria Perreault: now we are working on the building itself and the texture
[10:27] Arria Perreault: Tan works on it also
[10:27] You: :)
[10:28] Jon Seattle: Arria, can this also involve other builders who want to volunteer?
[10:28] You: if you need help with building and specially textures, do let me know
[10:28] Arria Perreault: oh yes, everyone is welcome
[10:28] Tanoujin Milestone: I support Jons idea to make it an official guild project
[10:29] Jon Seattle: I propose we make this build a Guild project, even as the management is still being worked out.
[10:29] Arria Perreault: I am OK too
[10:29] You: ok, shall we consider it a motion then?
[10:29] You: and vote?
[10:29] Arria Perreault: yes
[10:29] Jon Seattle: Yes.
[10:30] You: (you have already, but you know what i mean :)
[10:30] Tanoujin Milestone: :)
[10:30] You: ok, i will call the vote then
[10:30] You: on support of teh monastery becoming a Guild project, all approving say aye
[10:30] Jon Seattle votes aye
[10:30] Tanoujin Milestone: aye
[10:30] Arria Perreault: aye
[10:30] Rose Springvale: abstains
[10:30] Lilith Ivory: aye
[10:31] You: and i vote aye
[10:31] Lilith Ivory: if I am already alowed to say thet :))
[10:31] You: Lilith, all citizens can join teh Guild
[10:31] Jon Seattle: Lilith, anyone who is a citizen may :)
[10:31] Lilith Ivory: ok ty
[10:31] Tanoujin Milestone: welcome to the New Guild, Lilith :)
[10:31] Arria Perreault: Thank you very much for that decision
[10:31] Lilith Ivory: ty Tan
[10:32] Arria Perreault: It is a good thing for this project
[10:32] You: Lilith, the Guild's purpose is (though not only) to provide technical help into building and planning matters
[10:32] Lilith Ivory: ah I see :))
[10:32] You: so we will start following the monastery project at all meetings henceforth as well
[10:32] Jon Seattle: Lilith, also to provide an place where citizens can learn
[10:33] Rose Springvale: hmm
[10:33] You: and all guild members willing to help... call Arria
[10:33] Lilith Ivory: ok thanks :))
[10:33] You: ok, can we move to the other points?
[10:33] Arria Perreault: yes
[10:33] Jon Seattle nods
[10:33] You: who has less time to be here today?
[10:33] You: Schloss or Oktoberfest?
[10:33] Jon Seattle: hm?
[10:33] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:34] Moon Adamant believes in dynamic agendas :)
[10:34] Rose Springvale: i'm fine
[10:34] Tanoujin Milestone: :) Oktoberfest!
[10:34] You: ok :)
[10:34] You: let's discuss Oktoberfest then
[10:34] You: and then Schloss can report after it
[10:34] Tanoujin Milestone: yup
[10:35] You: last meeting we tabled it while waiting for more info from PIO
[10:35] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:35] Jon Seattle: brb
[10:35] Rose Springvale: you want me to take over?
[10:35] You: so Rose, if you have more info for us...
[10:35] Rose Springvale: indeed :)
[10:35] You: ehehe, do tell us more about it :)
[10:35] Rose Springvale: first, did everyone get a chance to read my posts on the forum?
[10:35] Rose Springvale: three of them
[10:35] Tanoujin Milestone: yes
[10:35] Rose Springvale: one history, one my proposal, third begging for help
[10:36] Rose Springvale: i met with Kendra this week
[10:36] Rose Springvale: adn submitted the plan to Dnate
[10:36] Rose Springvale: he's approved it... not sure yet how much will actually be funded, but i'm proceeding
[10:36] You: hmmm didn't read your post, sorry
[10:36] You: in what thread?
[10:36] Rose Springvale: i have to say, i panicked a bit after going to moon
[10:37] Rose Springvale: they've been doing this for 4 years
[10:37] Rose Springvale: i've not been in SL for a year yet lol
[10:37] Rose Springvale: have we actually had a festival here? and how was it set up?
[10:38] Jon Seattle: Yes, NAB did not exist a year ago I think. The even was held here.
[10:38] Jon Seattle: *event
[10:38] Rose Springvale: ohhh
[10:38] Rose Springvale: i see
[10:38] Rose Springvale: so it was set up like it is there lol
[10:38] Rose Springvale: then we need.. all new :)
[10:38] Rose Springvale: unless we want to look like NAB
[10:39] Rose Springvale: and that means ... tent/booths from the guild i hope
[10:39] You: the Oktoberfest used to feature
[10:39] Rose Springvale: and some of the specific items
[10:39] You: a large tent, like the ones held at munich
[10:39] Arria Perreault: what is NAB?
[10:39] Rose Springvale: Neualtenberg
[10:39] Rose Springvale: kendra's sim
[10:39] Tanoujin Milestone: Rose, i see no need to concur or profile against Neualtenburg...
[10:39] Arria Perreault: ok
[10:39] You: with constant schlagger music :))
[10:39] Tanoujin Milestone: but of course - a tend, yes
[10:39] Tanoujin Milestone: *tent, sorry+
[10:40] Rose Springvale: sorry tan.. concur or profile?
[10:40] You: tent had longtables, a stage, a dancing area
[10:40] Tanoujin Milestone: i mean, if it was held here, we can cooperate with NAB
[10:40] Rose Springvale: yes, that is what she has set up now
[10:40] Rose Springvale: well
[10:40] You: also around hmm stalls for selling related items like steins, lederhosen and dirndls
[10:40] Rose Springvale: I was asked to collaborate.
[10:40] Rose Springvale: yes
[10:40] You: i can't recall the rest
[10:41] Rose Springvale: so.. that's something of what we need
[10:41] Rose Springvale: that will be enough i think Moon
[10:41] Rose Springvale: some official "booth" for CDS
[10:41] Rose Springvale: then individual ones for everyone who will take them
[10:41] You: i can supply for that booth the panels about the CDS i did for the SL4B
[10:41] Rose Springvale: i'd like all the parties to sponsor one with something to sell or giveaway
[10:41] Jon Seattle: Brian, at one point, made some nice seller's stalls. I wonder if those would help?
[10:41] Rose Springvale: that would be great moon
[10:42] Rose Springvale: ah, yes, that would Jon, but Brian is hard to find these days
[10:42] Rose Springvale: he also has the structure i need for CN lol
[10:42] Rose Springvale: and didn't show for game night :(
[10:42] Jon Seattle: Well, if I see him I was ask.
[10:42] Jon Seattle: *will ask
[10:43] Rose Springvale: perhaps we could schedule a time to just set up.. with some of you people who can build?
[10:43] You: Rose, i will check the panels... namely i think tehy need to be updated because of Alpine Meadows
[10:43] Rose Springvale: which is a perfect seque for me moon, thanks
[10:43] You: and will send you a copy, please remind me
[10:43] Rose Springvale: yes, i will
[10:44] Rose Springvale: with perms please lol
[10:44] Jon Seattle: Perhaps there should be a coordinator who can ask other builders to do specific things. I am glad to help if the needs are well defined :)
[10:44] Rose Springvale: I had hoped we would have AM ready for at least a tour though before Oktoberfest, but that isnt' realistic
[10:44] You: ah, possibly it will be in place, and have roads
[10:44] Rose Springvale: i would love to have someone take that on. I am not much of a builder as you all know
[10:44] Rose Springvale: but
[10:44] Rose Springvale: moon... please stop putting pressure on yourself! lol
[10:45] Rose Springvale: you will burn out
[10:45] Rose Springvale: !!
[10:45] Rose Springvale: my alternat thought
[10:45] You: ehehe haven't so far .)
[10:45] Rose Springvale: is that if we have a scaled map done
[10:45] Rose Springvale: we can put it up in the valley
[10:45] Rose Springvale: and have publicity for the sim there
[10:45] Rose Springvale: possibly even reservations?
[10:45] You: hmmm, that can be done
[10:45] Rose Springvale: and i'll make a volksmarche event
[10:45] Rose Springvale: that will tour by it
[10:45] Tanoujin Milestone: Rose, i do not know if you like my stage - even if not - i could try to make a tent----a "Bierzelt" size would matter...
[10:46] You: reservations must be agreed between financial and promotion group, mind
[10:46] Arria Perreault: the easiest way to ask for help is maybe to write on the forum what do you need.
[10:46] Rose Springvale: Tan, your stage is very nice... just much more than i need for that event...
[10:46] Rose Springvale: i did arria lol
[10:46] Rose Springvale: no one ever replies to me lol
[10:46] You: well, çet us organize
[10:46] Arria Perreault: i will read your texts
[10:46] You: or better, let me organize :)
[10:46] Rose Springvale: yes?
[10:46] You: where will these activities take place?
[10:46] You: platz? valley?
[10:46] Rose Springvale: all in NFS i believe... the platz and the valley
[10:47] Rose Springvale: which brings me to another point
[10:47] Rose Springvale: moon you have your cue cards today lol
[10:47] You: :)
[10:47] Rose Springvale: i know there are issues with the tp board in CN...but it does work... and i wonder if we couldn't have something similar in NFS,.... at least for these events
[10:47] Rose Springvale: I have to fly to find the valley
[10:48] Rose Springvale: and the school lol
[10:48] Rose Springvale: new people will be lost
[10:48] You: yes, we can surely make a teleporter for the events
[10:48] Rose Springvale: my storytelly next week wants breadcrumbs to the schloss
[10:48] Rose Springvale: so ... if we could have one, that would be excellent
[10:48] You: as for a general directory teleport hmmm
[10:49] Rose Springvale: which brings me to my next item on my wish list
[10:49] Rose Springvale: moon, just for the events would be fine
[10:49] Rose Springvale: something with the specific location
[10:49] You: the exec could propose that as a project to teh guild?
[10:49] Rose Springvale: you all have hopefully seen my signs in the forum and platz with notecards of events?
[10:49] Jon Seattle: Setting up temporary tps is very simple.
[10:49] Rose Springvale: i have had positive feedback on the idea... but i hate the signs... they are... ugly lol
[10:50] Rose Springvale: jon, if i could have them for the public areas in each sim, it would help tremendously
[10:50] Jon Seattle: I think we need to start keeping a list :)
[10:50] You: yes, np... just some work in preparation to make sure tehy're pretty and in theme
[10:50] Rose Springvale: nfs most particularly
[10:50] You: yes lol, i agree!
[10:50] Rose Springvale: thats exactly what i mean moon
[10:50] Rose Springvale: i need one of you smart artistic people to make me an intheme sign lol
[10:51] Rose Springvale: that is more than a prim with textures ... my only ability lol
[10:51] You: i'll have a look at teh signs... i only remeber that they're blue
[10:51] Rose Springvale: (please)
[10:51] Rose Springvale: mine? lol
[10:51] Rose Springvale: they are just prims with photos of the sims
[10:51] You: aren't they?
[10:51] Rose Springvale: i change them every week to put in new dates
[10:51] You: hmmm, ok lol
[10:51] You: i'll have a look and see
[10:52] You: ok guys
[10:52] You: let's organize
[10:52] You: first of all, anyone wants to help Rose organize this? i mean the building part?
[10:52] You: if not, i am the general backup :)
[10:52] Rose Springvale: loll... rose is not into power.. anyone can take the lead here
[10:53] Rose Springvale: i have a LOT of other things
[10:53] You: yes, but as jon said, a list should be made
[10:53] Rose Springvale: i'd love to have a chair person for set up
[10:53] You: and easier to have one person coord'ing everything
[10:53] You: with you
[10:53] Rose Springvale: yes
[10:53] Rose Springvale: perhaps even someone not here todat
[10:53] Rose Springvale: today
[10:54] You: hmmm i'll ask about
[10:54] Rose Springvale: think about it.. if not i'll camp on your doorstep moon
[10:54] Rose Springvale: and whimper
[10:54] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:54] Tanoujin Milestone: hehehe
[10:54] You: if not, i'll help you after i release teh terrain and parcels
[10:54] Rose Springvale: well, fortunately we have a couple of weeks
[10:54] You: yes, indeed
[10:54] You: and we will be doing mainly the support building
[10:54] Rose Springvale: adn kendra is also willing to help... just not sure how far to go there
[10:55] Rose Springvale: also
[10:55] Rose Springvale: we need to have a booth in NAB
[10:55] Rose Springvale: so think about what would be good to have there
[10:55] Rose Springvale: i'm goint to recruit around... see if other sims want to have something
[10:55] You: i mean that anyone wanting to make a stein for sale, say, should develop it, let you know that they're doing it, and sell it
[10:55] Tanoujin Milestone: May i ask - where would the Tent be? At the platz?
[10:55] You: possibly outside, in teh valley
[10:56] Tanoujin Milestone: ah, ok! yes ok
[10:56] You: we'll have to discuss that
[10:56] Rose Springvale: we will most likely use both to some extent... but ill leave that to the expterts
[10:56] Rose Springvale: mostly i want it to be fun and let lots of people see what we have and are up to
[10:56] You: well, from the experience of other years
[10:57] You: people would rez in, see teh fun going around
[10:57] You: buy a dirndl and a stein and join in :)
[10:57] Rose Springvale: :)
[10:57] Rose Springvale: that's the idea :)
[10:57] You: actually, i have to buy another dirdndl myself :)
[10:57] Rose Springvale: and if they might be able to buy land in a nice sim....
[10:57] Jon Seattle: dirdndl?
[10:57] Rose Springvale: we need some somewhere!
[10:58] Rose Springvale: i can't believe we have to leave NFS to get bavarioan costumes lol
[10:58] You: a bavarian outfit for women
[10:58] Jon Seattle: Ah, I see :)
[10:58] You: i had a very nice yellow one made by kendra :)
[10:58] Rose Springvale: i am going to ahve to buy one for my story teller next week... lol i promised
[10:58] Tanoujin Milestone: Yes, Rose, very true...
[10:58] Rose Springvale: she has several for sale :)
[10:58] Rose Springvale: so one of you clever people get busy lol
[10:58] Rose Springvale: i buy, i dont' make lol
[10:59] You: never could find out exactly what kind of shoes a person uses with it :)
[10:59] Rose Springvale: lol
[10:59] Arria Perreault: I will make one, but for sale for the Monastery project
[10:59] Rose Springvale: well arria
[10:59] Rose Springvale: make more lol
[10:59] Rose Springvale: different colors!
[10:59] Rose Springvale: :)
[10:59] Arria Perreault: of course
[10:59] Rose Springvale: one dress doesn't make a festival.. that's what i am most worried about
[10:59] Arria Perreault: shoes: i have found good shoes once
[11:00] Rose Springvale: that there will be no participation
[11:00] You: i think i need a quick crash course on bavarian culture
[11:00] Rose Springvale: {smile}
[11:00] Lilith Ivory: why don´t you contact some of the german sims?
[11:00] Rose Springvale: lol
[11:00] Rose Springvale: we are one lol
[11:00] Rose Springvale: i went to one on the mainland yesterday
[11:00] Jon Seattle laughs
[11:00] Lilith Ivory: they have very good things in Munich as an example
[11:00] Rose Springvale: but i dont' speak german lol
[11:00] Rose Springvale: i thought octoberfest was in october!!
[11:01] Tanoujin Milestone: hehehe
[11:01] Tanoujin Milestone: that would be way to easy
[11:01] You: they just antecipate it a bit out of rush :)
[11:01] Rose Springvale: yes, i learned :)
[11:01] Lilith Ivory: Tan and I can work as translators :))
[11:01] Rose Springvale: lets call that ambassadors and get you to bring them over with goods :)
[11:02] Tanoujin Milestone: So you are volunteering, Lilith?
[11:02] Tanoujin Milestone: ;)
[11:02] Rose Springvale: hehehe
[11:02] Lilith Ivory: hmmm seems so :))
[11:02] Rose Springvale: yay!
[11:02] Rose Springvale: any other questions on octoberfest? oh.. does anyone know a clever animation person?
[11:03] Rose Springvale: i've been to ten people so far... sigh
[11:03] You: hmmm, i can give you a few contacts Rose
[11:03] Arria Perreault: which kind of animations?
[11:03] Rose Springvale: good. I'd really love for us to introduce a couples polka
[11:03] Tanoujin Milestone: polka :-)
[11:03] Rose Springvale: and i will pay for it... but i can't find anyone with the skill who has time
[11:04] Arria Perreault: did you visit Aninamtion Warehouse?
[11:04] Rose Springvale: yes i did
[11:04] Rose Springvale: and talked to craig altman, dave bellman, damen gorilla
[11:05] Rose Springvale: plus a few people who didn't reply yet
[11:05] Arria Perreault: Abranimation?
[11:06] Rose Springvale: yes, all the big ones
[11:06] Arria Perreault: ok
[11:06] Rose Springvale: most are not interested in custom work, or are too busy
[11:06] Rose Springvale: or .. are so into the sex ones that i'm embarrassed to ask lol
[11:06] You: lol
[11:07] Rose Springvale: i mean, you think if they could coordinate THAT.. a simple polka would be easy !
[11:07] Rose Springvale: lol
[11:07] You: Rose, you may need to indicate them a video of peopel dancing polka
[11:08] Rose Springvale: lol. yes, i suppose. one fellow yesterday thought he would try, but didn't know it was a couples dance
[11:08] Tanoujin Milestone: brb
[11:08] Rose Springvale: though .. i am running out of time i'm afraid.. so it may end up being a speeded up walz
[11:08] Rose Springvale: this all takes much more time than i anticipated
[11:08] Arria Perreault: waltz is nice too
[11:09] You: we can always resot to viennese waltz :)
[11:09] You: though possibly not with schlagger music
[11:09] Tanoujin Milestone: b
[11:09] Rose Springvale: :)
[11:09] Arria Perreault: do you know Salzburg sim?
[11:09] Rose Springvale: no, i don't
[11:10] Arria Perreault: I know that they have clothes (not bavarian anyway)
[11:10] Rose Springvale: hmm
[11:10] Arria Perreault: maybe they have also dance
[11:10] Arria Perreault: I can ask if you wont
[11:10] Rose Springvale: do you have a lm?
[11:10] Rose Springvale: yes please!!
[11:11] Arria Perreault: ok, i'll do it
[11:11] You: polka dancing
[11:11] You:
[11:11] Rose Springvale: ah, nice!!
[11:11] Rose Springvale: thank you.
[11:11] Arria Perreault: i let you know the result
[11:11] Rose Springvale: copying....
[11:12] You: ok guys
[11:12] Rose Springvale: yes, thank you.
[11:12] You: let's resume
[11:12] You: in a few days, if nobody else volunteers
[11:12] You: i'll give a hand organizing teh building
[11:13] You: regardless of who's organizing
[11:13] You: a list of items must be made
[11:13] Jon Seattle: yes.
[11:13] Jon Seattle: And we can divide the list.
[11:13] You: everyone interested in selling themed items
[11:13] You: should contact Rose and reserve a stall
[11:13] You: correct?
[11:13] Rose Springvale: yes
[11:14] Rose Springvale: unless someone wants to volunteer to coordinate that
[11:14] Rose Springvale: one question
[11:14] You: yes?
[11:14] Rose Springvale: do we charge for stalls?
[11:14] You: hmmm, dunno
[11:14] Rose Springvale: my hope is no
[11:14] Rose Springvale: but if people are selling
[11:14] You: that should be an exec decision, i think?
[11:14] Rose Springvale: perhaps a percent?
[11:14] Rose Springvale: yes, i agree
[11:15] Rose Springvale: can someone who goes to the RA meeting handle that? i dont think dnate is planning on being therer .. in the middle of moving
[11:15] Arria Perreault: it depends if they sell for their own profit or for a non-profit organization
[11:16] You: perhaps teh NGOs may apply for free stalls? i dunno
[11:16] You: but definetely exec must think on that
[11:16] Rose Springvale: well, my personal prference is to not charge.. so we have a bigger festival
[11:16] Rose Springvale: but agree, not my decision
[11:16] Jon Seattle: Yes, I think executive rather than RA in this case.
[11:17] Rose Springvale: oh, okay lol
[11:17] Rose Springvale: sorry, i forget that exec is not RA
[11:17] Arria Perreault: and this is a chance for some people to try to sell something before to rent a store
[11:17] You: indeed
[11:17] You: ok Guys
[11:17] You: shall we hear teh report on schloss?
[11:17] Jon Seattle: yes :)
[11:17] Arria Perreault: yes
[11:17] Rose Springvale: please :)
[11:18] Tanoujin Milestone: ah, yes ok
[11:18] Tanoujin Milestone: we have now a wiki at http/netcipia/
[11:18] Tanoujin Milestone: a place to share files and prepare exhibits and the like
[11:19] Tanoujin Milestone: i hope you will find the time to look at it and use it if you like
[11:19] You: i can't access that link, sorry
[11:19] Tanoujin Milestone: the Schloss is embedded in a general documentation...
[11:19] Tanoujin Milestone: arria, what is the link for netcipia?
[11:19] Rose Springvale: not linkable, missing a / and a :
[11:19] Arria Perreault:
[11:20] Rose Springvale: in the addrss moon
[11:20] Rose Springvale: there
[11:20] Tanoujin Milestone: great, thank you so much Arria
[11:20] Arria Perreault: I had a look. It's a very good start
[11:20] Tanoujin Milestone: so - i think we can get ready with the schloss docu that way
[11:21] Tanoujin Milestone: i will continue with a creator/owner list
[11:21] Arria Perreault: we will also provide all the documentation about the Monastery during the building
[11:21] Tanoujin Milestone: the floormaps are postponed, but it is fun to make some
[11:21] Rose Springvale: is thsi a new site or is this tied to the web portal?
[11:21] Jon Seattle: Yes, looks nice
[11:21] Jon Seattle: not tied :)
[11:21] Tanoujin Milestone: this is just makeshift, nothing official, Rose
[11:21] Rose Springvale: okay. i can't get the calendar to show for anyone but me either lol
[11:22] Tanoujin Milestone: if we get a result, we can move it to the new site
[11:22] Rose Springvale: we need that portal lol
[11:22] Arria Perreault: these data are migrable, i think
[11:22] Arria Perreault: it's wiki
[11:22] Arria Perreault: syntax
[11:23] Jon Seattle: We should be able to make progress on that in a week or so. I am very busy, finishing a few things.
[11:23] Tanoujin Milestone: yes, and i am a print person, please feel free to correct it - i load up files, thats a progress, it is not so easy to show things in world
[11:23] Tanoujin Milestone: :)
[11:23] Arria Perreault: is it opened to everyone? I mean writing
[11:24] Tanoujin Milestone: not öyet, the decision is up to us, i opened it for the New guild -
[11:24] Tanoujin Milestone: i would invite everyone as an admin, now
[11:25] Arria Perreault: it is also possible to open only the comments to everyone
[11:25] Arria Perreault: or open an account for interested people
[11:25] Tanoujin Milestone: Arria, you are admin as well - i am not so in administration
[11:25] You: i won't offer as admin, seeing i know next to nothing about wikis :)
[11:25] Arria Perreault: ok.
[11:25] Tanoujin Milestone: lets proceed as the guild needs it
[11:26] Tanoujin Milestone: ah, and one thing - please check if any Info should be not so public
[11:26] Jon Seattle: I can set this up on my host if you ever need it, but it seems to be fine where it is.
[11:26] Tanoujin Milestone: i am a little naive, you know?
[11:27] You: :)
[11:27] Tanoujin Milestone: so - i will continue to collect data, input is welcome - i think that is it atm
[11:28] You: thanks for the setup of teh wiki, Tan, Arria :)
[11:28] Tanoujin Milestone: :)
[11:28] Arria Perreault: you're welcome
[11:29] You: ok guys
[11:29] You: any other business?
[11:29] Arria Perreault: Tan, you should announce this on the forum
[11:29] Arria Perreault: to get more inputs
[11:29] Arria Perreault: sorry Moon
[11:29] You: i agree with Arria
[11:30] Rose Springvale: i have one other thing for the guild to consider?
[11:30] Tanoujin Milestone: well, and if i list all owners of the parcels and the groups and their members? Isnt that a bit much?
[11:30] Tanoujin Milestone: ok, i will behave and announce it
[11:30] You: ok
[11:30] Rose Springvale: lol tan!
[11:30] You: Rose?
[11:30] Rose Springvale: yes, this is back to the sign issue....
[11:31] Rose Springvale: I would like for us to adopt a uniform size and placement for signs in the platz and forum
[11:31] You: i see
[11:31] You: sort of a hmmm
[11:31] Rose Springvale: lol yeah, i know it sounds bad
[11:31] You: well, community billboard?
[11:31] Rose Springvale: not necessarily
[11:32] You: no, i don't find it a bad idea
[11:32] Rose Springvale: just when i am asked to place signs
[11:32] Rose Springvale: and some are HUGE
[11:32] Jon Seattle: It sounds good actually.
[11:32] Arria Perreault: a corporate design?
[11:32] Rose Springvale: and some are small
[11:32] Rose Springvale: ti looks ... messy
[11:32] Rose Springvale: i dont like messy lol
[11:32] Rose Springvale: and
[11:32] Jon Seattle: yes, I agre.
[11:32] Jon Seattle: *agree
[11:32] Rose Springvale: it would make it easy for people to do it simply
[11:32] Arria Perreault: i agree too
[11:32] Jacek Antonelli accepted your inventory offer.
[11:32] Tanoujin Milestone: dont we need two styles, one for NFS, one for CN?
[11:32] Rose Springvale: if we had a uniform one, we coul even just ask for textures
[11:32] You: here, our town council regulates the sizes and locations of private signs
[11:32] Rose Springvale: yes
[11:32] Rose Springvale: well
[11:33] Rose Springvale: oh you mean rl?
[11:33] Rose Springvale: lol
[11:33] Rose Springvale: yes, here too
[11:33] You: yes, RL
[11:33] Rose Springvale: i dont' want it to be boring, just ..realistic
[11:33] Rose Springvale: if you go to caledon, you see how crazy it can get with signs
[11:33] Rose Springvale: an that is a problem with slow rez sims too
[11:33] You: so you don't have signs made out of wooden boards painted with the SS and NN backwards :)
[11:33] Rose Springvale: :)
[11:34] Tanoujin Milestone: Rose, the design could cover the missing streetnames at CN as well (lol, Moon)
[11:34] You: very common still, amazing how people don't know to which side an S faces
[11:34] Rose Springvale: :)
[11:34] You: well, i think
[11:34] You: that possibly the best way to do that is
[11:35] You: to have THE community billboard
[11:35] Rose Springvale: if we have a standard with a notecard/landmark giver, then all people need to do is give me a texture and a notecard
[11:35] You: with slots that are square, say, or in the proportion A
[11:35] You: yes, exactly
[11:35] You: so people are still free to do the design tehy like
[11:36] Rose Springvale: yes
[11:36] You: but we don't have to cope with signs that are 4 meters tall on teh side with one which is 50 cm tall
[11:36] Rose Springvale: i hae one here... used for the sim contest.....
[11:37] You: the billboards could have a roman appearanc efor CN, and a bavarian appearance for Alpine M and NFS
[11:37] Rose Springvale: yes, that would be perfect
[11:37] You: which would also uniformize a bit the appearance
[11:37] Rose Springvale: and much better than a tapered prim lol
[11:37] Rose Springvale: and reinforce character
[11:38] You: anyone wants to take this project into their care?
[11:38] Arria Perreault: maybe with the logo of the CDS somewhere
[11:38] Rose Springvale: yes!!
[11:38] You: ah, yes
[11:38] Rose Springvale: that's another issue
[11:38] You: do we have a good copy of the CDS logo?
[11:38] Rose Springvale: we need to start reinforcing our brand...
[11:38] Rose Springvale: i have the flags
[11:39] Rose Springvale: is that it?
[11:39] Rose Springvale: the owl?
[11:39] You: hmmm, you know that i actually don't know?
[11:39] Rose Springvale: i don't either... i think i picked all this up at anzere
[11:39] You: don't we have a logo AND a coat of arms?
[11:39] Rose Springvale: ::shrugs::
[11:39] You: also the old NFS coat of arms i made in hmmm 2004?
[11:40] Rose Springvale: moon .. you and jon are probably the only ones here who know
[11:40] You: i don't know
[11:40] You: i think it's best to ask Sudane
[11:40] Rose Springvale: well, perhaps another issue for ..yes
[11:40] Rose Springvale: :)
[11:40] Tanoujin Milestone: hm, the owl for the CDS, the Chicken for NFS, and CN has?
[11:40] You: i didn't take part in that heraldic discussion, was very busy
[11:41] You: well, the roamn eagles, more or less
[11:41] You: issue is that romans didn't have a heraldry as we know it
[11:41] Rose Springvale: would love to have those for a new citizen welcome package
[11:41] Tanoujin Milestone: hehe, ok... i wonder what AM will have - a sparroew?
[11:41] Rose Springvale: a dove!
[11:41] Rose Springvale: lol
[11:41] Tanoujin Milestone: :)
[11:41] Arria Perreault: this is a great idea
[11:41] You: a cucoo clock :)
[11:42] Jon Seattle: :)
[11:42] Rose Springvale: lol that is something *I* need for my logo
[11:42] Rose Springvale: okay, you all need a breat before
[11:42] Rose Springvale: RA
[11:42] Rose Springvale: lol
[11:42] You: yes, indeed
[11:42] Rose Springvale: so i'll move to table the sign question
[11:42] Jon Seattle: yes, nods
[11:42] You: everyone, thanks a lot
[11:42] You: i will post the transcript into the forums right away

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