CSDF General Meeting 5 September - Summary

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CSDF General Meeting 5 September - Summary

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On September 5th, the following was discussed at the CSDF meeting:

[i:1gqn5hnb]The Social Democrat[/i:1gqn5hnb] newspaper
[list:1gqn5hnb]Everyone present liked Patroklus' test issue for a weekly newspaper with CDS news and a CSDF perspective on it. The first issue has been made available on the forum in CN and Platz in NFS, and Pat and volunteers will present more details at the next meeting. [/list:u:1gqn5hnb]Electoral Reform proposal by Dnate was discussed:
[list:1gqn5hnb]The proposal allows all citizens to rank the candidates from the faction that they ranked first, like currently faction members can. It also allows a 'no vote', acting as a last place vote for a faction. The CSDF supports this proposal. [/list:u:1gqn5hnb]Ministers, were discussed in general

IP issues from the proposed 'Defining the CDS' amendment
[list:1gqn5hnb]Discussion was continued about the fact that the CDS may be a legal entity right now, but that it needs to be formally defined in RL to have any influence over any RL legal disputes that might arise over content (copyrighted SL objects, designs etc).[/list:u:1gqn5hnb]

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