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I need a hobby
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Building for Oktoberfest

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Hello everyone,

As you may have read in the transcript of our last Guild meeting, Oktoberfest is coming round.

PIO will need some assistance from builders so that some items are present and the city looks properly Oktoberfesterized :)

Also, there is need that someone assists with the organizing of this, namely noting down who is doing what and coord'ing with Rose. So please, if you want to give a hand in building and/or organizing, reply to this thread.

Another thing i'll remark immediately is that a list is being drawn of the items needed for the fest. Please also reply to this thread with suggestions of other items needed. Mind only that some items are needed for the public events and general decor, and other items may be sold by you builders - in which case you should call Rose and reserve a stall for yourself :)

As far as it was drawn last meeting, the list of items needed by the PIO is:

- stall/booths
- info on CDS (I have the ones from the SL4B)
- a stage (Tan has offered hers)
- teleporters to events (it has been suggested that this perhaps should be a specific order from the Executive?)

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