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Actually - on further thought, I do think that changing the design from 1 SIM to 4 Void SIMs, or having a SIM non residential, would be a different enough concept from what was voted upon, that the mandate would have to be reaffirmed with the voters - and they would have to accept the tax consequences by their affirmation.

The original proposal had the defining marks as I see it:

1. A single SIM
2. Residential primarily
3. Alpine Theme

While #3 may be the most important, I don't feel we can depart #1 and #2 without reaffirming with the citizenry (or at the very least the RA) that this is an acceptable direction.

If the Guild feels that #2 and #3 are becoming less compatible, there are a number of creative ways it can be approached, And Ali mentioned one of them.

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