CSDF General Meeting 10 October - Summary

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CSDF General Meeting 10 October - Summary

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On October 10th, the following was discussed at the CSDF meeting:

Financial Reporting bill

  • The reps were asked to put this on the RA agenda because the faction members support it (see previous summary).

Sudane's new land sales proposal

  • Sleazy asked some questions to poll the feelings about how the proposed system with its 'free-er land market' would affect the CDS. 2/3rds of the present members (including two representatives) had no or few concerns about the effects of the new system. Therefor Sleazy concluded that the CSDF should support the proposal.

IP rights/licenses, the need for a legal persona

  • Some new arguments were mentioned, like:
    * RL incorp. for the CDS (non profit) is probably the only way of solving dependency on the Estate Owner.
    * RL incorp. may put us in the unpleasant situation where many CDS laws need to be approved a lawyer in RL.
    * Some discussion on IP rights in the RA can be found here, and some of Justice's comments on this topic were mailed to CSDF members.
    * Delia proposed to take this question to Harvard's Berkman center for law, in SL. They study the metaverse and also SL <--> RL interaction.

Trying to make this mainland parcel part of the CDS: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tethys/64/158/72/
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