CSDF General Meeting 24 October - Summary

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CSDF General Meeting 24 October - Summary

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On October 24th, the following was discussed at the CSDF meeting:

The IP & legal persona votes are in

  • The option 'Virtual Democracy Institute' received the most votes.
    * Note: For more information on this 'Virtual Democracy Institute' (or VDI), see below.
    Besides finishing an IP Agreement in the context of this vision, it also means that the CSDF wants to work towards establishing the VDI.

IP Licensing Agreement bill

  • A bill including a CDS-version of this agreement was drafted. Moon Adamant remarked that we should determine who signs the agreement in practice (which was answered by: the Chancellor) and also that the agreement should be of a temporary nature since it could or should be replaced by one that includes the VDI. Jon Seattle also drafted a bill for a back-up procedure including a CDS avatar, a 'Content Owner'. Sleazy and Moon want to think about this some more, probably indicating that the bill needs more review.

Discussing the Content Owner ("CO")

  • It was noted that using LibSecondlife for backup-ing is a possible but suffers from similar vulnerabilities. Opinions seemed to differ about the necessity of a CO or the CO procedures for handling backups during the period that the VDI hasn't been established yet. As an answer to "Who should be the CO", it was answered that with a VDI, the VDI should run the avatar, but without a VDI, the Chancellor or an assistant would be a convenient and trusted choice.

Some words about why a 'Virtual Democracy Institute' is being discussed,

During the construction of Colonia Nova, the idea was to ask the builders to sign an agreement with the CDS, which has benefits for both the CDS and the builder. This sadly never happened but the CSDF now wants to finish the preparations that it needs, with an IP Agreement and possibly a back-up arrangement as the result. Most of the CSDF members feel such an agreement should indeed be signed by the CDS, not by the New Guild. The existing agreement text will be used and credits for that go to Rose and Jamie.

When discussing the IP Agreement, the question arose whether 'the CDS' was a something well enough defined to be a legal signatory for a contract, and real enough for builders to hand over a full-perm back-up copy. The faction members' opinions widely differed about this question, some wanting the CDS to be represented as a RL legal persona: to incorporate as a non-profit or something similar. Some faction members felt so strongly about this, that the question of "What do you want the CDS to be" soon became a part of the discussion. Because we wanted to keep on moving with the IP Agreement, a choice had to be made about the 'legal persona' question. The compromise proposal that got the most support was: a 'Virtual Democracy Institute'.

A 'Virtual Democracy Institute' (or 'VDI') as the CSDF envisages it would be a RL non profit organisation or not-for-profit corporation that doesn't attempt to duplicate the CDS government or laws (a recipe for trouble according to some), but instead manages the CDS' IP licenses (serves the CDS) and does the CDS' finances (EO/Treasurer duties done by more than one person). The fact that the CDS is currently represented by only one person in real life, Sudane, a sort of dependency, was an additional reason for the support that the 'VDI' proposal received. Linden Lab also charges half the price for non-profits. We realize that this is a big step with many details left to figure out. The degree to which legislation for the topics will be combined is currently being discussed. An IP Agreement would be a straightforward way to start.

-- Sleazy.

Trying to make this mainland parcel part of the CDS: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tethys/64/158/72/
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