CSDF General Meeting 31 October - Summary

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CSDF General Meeting 31 October - Summary

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On October 31st, the following was discussed at the CSDF meeting:

New covenant text
  • Three things were suggested and supported: Point the reader also to http://wiki.neufreistadt.info (official, up to date covenant), point out that the covenant is subject to change, and: for both sims put the complete text in the covenant box (but note that the official text is on the wiki).
IP Licensing Agreement : No additional comments on it.

Content Owner Agreement
  • (An agreement describing how an archival avatar for CDS owned content should be operated.)
    The faction members decided to refer to this position as "Content Archivist" (or "CA") from now on, this also counts for CSDF forum posts.

Content Archivist: who appoints, approves and fires him?
  • One useful idea was that the Content Archivist should not be the same person as the EO. Also, several appointing, confirmation etc mechanisms were discussed. Jon will include the best one in his draft bills and email them to the faction members. It should be mentioned that the CA mechanism discussed is mainly intended for the period that a "Virtual Democracy Institute" isn't established yet (see previous summary).
Ministers : Gwyneth has interesting ideas, but they weren't presented in a concrete form yet.

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