New Covenant Task Force Meeting - Sunday 18th Nov 10 AM SLT

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New Covenant Task Force Meeting - Sunday 18th Nov 10 AM SLT

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Hello all,

So that we meet our goal of having the AM covenants ready by this week, i am calling another meeting of the covenant task force.
This meeting will take place on Sunday the 18th at 10 AM SLT, thus replacing our regular Guild Meeting.

Seeing that i have already asked the LRA for inclusion in the RA agenda that starts at Noon SLT that same day, we will have 2 hours to discuss what is left to discuss, and to finally vote THE complete text.

So please, everyone, DO bring your arguments ready, so that we won't lose time.

Points to be discussed:

Sim-Wide covenants:

Conclusion of the property restriction discussion and vote. Please check the discussion on the transcript of the last meeting.

Typologies covenants:

Conclusion of the discussion on typologies. While there appears to be a consensus in the number of typologies (A, B, C, D, M), there are issues to be discussed, namely:
- borders to adjacent plots
- heights
- gardens and trees.

Then finally we will vote the complete text of the covenants.

Eudaimonia now!
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