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Snow Creature Contest

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Here are the rules... but go see my signs. I"m quite proud of them :) (and i put in some textures)

Snow Creature Contest
Contest open from Dec 3 - 10 2007
Prize: $1000 L
Create a snow creature, using:

1.20 prims no more than 5 sculpties
No giant prims

2.size: no more than 25 square meters, configured as you wish: 5 x 5, 3 x 8, 2x 10 etc all structures shall be no more than 10 M high

3. No physics. Scripts may only be used if activated by touch

Originality, creativity and prim efficiency will be the criteria used for judging for the !000 L prize. Judges will be a committee of 3 Experienced builders outside of the CDS. Winners will be announced at the Ball. (tba)

Need not be a citizen of CDS to enter. Only the first 30 entries will be accepted.

All entries will be displayed through the month of December in one of the CDS sims, and a peoples choice award of $500 L will be awarded January 2.

Textures included in this application packet are simply for convenience and there is no requirement that you use any of them.

TO Enter:
Type your name and the name of your creation on a notecard Link the creation together and drop it and the notecard, which may be, but need not be, in the object contents, on Rose Springvale, Public information officer of the CDS on or before December 10. Entries will be admitted based on time stamp of delivery.

Questions should be directed to Rose Springvale. Feel free to wander our beautiful snowy sims for inspiration!

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