Candidacy Announcement

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Brian Livingston
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Veteran debater
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Candidacy Announcement

Post by Brian Livingston »

Good day and Happy New Year!

I am announcing here that I am running for re-election to the CDS Representative Assembly under the Simplicity Banner.

My key priorities remain the same - to strive for transparent, minimalist governance through logical, simplified legislation. There has been a startling trend over the past three RA sessions towards convoluted, and often marginally necessary legislation. This trend has started to reverse, in part due to Simplicity Party efforts to make legislation more accessible, and achieved through thoughtful consideration and collaboration with our R.A. colleagues.

The upcoming R.A. will need to tackle issues ranging from citizenship reform to territorial expansion. In these and all discussions, I will continue to support legislation that will provide our executive with the tools needed to help our community grow while discouraging legislation that overextends our government into areas that our creative, dynamic citizens would better handle.

I certainly encourage anyone who would like to ask any questions or discuss Simplicity policies to IM me inworld or e-mail me at [email protected].

Best Regards,

Brian Livingston

Jon Seattle
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I need a hobby
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Re: Candidacy Announcement

Post by Jon Seattle »

I wonder if the SP might not want to try something slightly more radical. The obstacle may be that the CDS has a dual purpose -- it is both a set of self-governed SL islands and a debating club for people who want to talk about society and government. These two are sometimes as odds. Let me compare, for example, Cedar Island, a very nice pair of islands with its own democratic community:

1. Decisions are made as a resident’s meeting monthly. All residents (population 16) are invited to attend.

2. Residents have to be a member for three months to become a long-term resident. Everyone has a say, but in an emergency situation long-term members can make a decision on their own. There are five long term members at the moment, but I expect we will soon have more.

3. Our elected officials (such as they are) are really just people who do administrative tasks.

4. Every citizen gets the same area of land with a very generous prim allocation (700 prims each). There are four larger plots on a second island that are leant on a quarterly basis to any resident who has a project that needs more space and prims.

This arrangement is not meant to be a general statement about the rest of the world, by the way, just how resource allocation is managed within our the organization. It would be quite acceptable for someone to live on Cedar and run a world-wide business empire elsewhere.

5. Every resident is required to organize two small events (usually talks on their own project) each calendar quarter. They also set up a display of some kind in the community gallery.

So several points:

1. Its about as simple as can be.

2. It would be really dull for someone who was interested in using SL as a laboratory for government and law.
3. Participation rates are high.

I am not at all sure how this model would scale up, but it seems to serve the members of the CI community very well. It as been in operation for seven months, and while we have had minor bumps, no major conflicts. It is a good example of a sort of left-minimalist approach that might work well in SL, at least for some people.


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