New Election Software FAQ 0.1

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New Election Software FAQ 0.1

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New Election Software FAQ 0.1

How do I vote?
Click on the voting terminal. It will IM you a password and a URL for the voting web site. Log in with your SL name and the password you just received. The web page includes instructions on how to vote.

What if it tells me I am not eligible?
The voting system uses the list of citizens provided by Sudane. If you find you are unable to vote and you think this is an error, please get in touch with Sudane or Gwyn as soon as you can. If there has been an error you can be added to the system.

What if I lose my password?
Click on the voting terminal again and it will give you a new password. When it does this the old password is no longer valid. You may vote with the new password.

If I get a second password can I vote more than once?
No, the system will still only let you vote once. The next time you return to the site and log in it will show you your vote but will not let you change it.

How can I see how I voted?
Go back to the voting site and log in. It will show you how you voted.

Is there a secure record being kept of my vote?
The information is kept in three places. The server maintains a secure database of votes, there is a system log on the server that records every transition, and a copy of your vote with no information identifying you as the voter is automatically emailed to a gmail account. If we ever had to audit a vote we could compare these three records.

How can I learn more about the voting process?
See the election 101 here:

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