CSDF Platform for Neufreistadt Elections

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CSDF Platform for Neufreistadt Elections

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[b:qhdd7psx]Who we are:[/b:qhdd7psx]
The Citizens Social Democratic Faction is a new political grouping in Neufreistadt. Founded in June 2006, we are a group of social-democrats firmly committed to defending Neufreistadt's democratic traditions as we expand our territory and welcome new citizens and groups into our community.

Our principles and organisation are open and transparent and available for everyone to see in our Charter, published on the Neufreistadt Forums.

[b:qhdd7psx]Our Platform:[/b:qhdd7psx]
We have a nine-point programme addressing the issues we face as we grow as a community and leave our past behind. These are summarised below (detailed proposals will be posted on the Forums):
1. Expansion[/i:qhdd7psx]
We believe in the rapid and careful expansion of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. Colonia Nova will be established early in the new term and proposals for a third sim initiated straight away. Some SL groups want to join us, we must start negotiations immediately and welcome newcomers. A CSDF government would actively seek to bring in groups who could benefit from the democracy and territory of the CDS.
2. Confederation or Republic?[/i:qhdd7psx]
We support the development of CDS as a Republic with a unitary political system. Yes to diplomatic relations with other sims and the encouragement of democratic projects, no to fragmentation! One government but with local representation.

[i:qhdd7psx]3. Cabinet[/i:qhdd7psx]
Our government suffers from lack of a clear executive branch. We propose amending the constitution so that the RA Leader can form a Cabinet with executive powers.

[i:qhdd7psx]4. Civil Service[/i:qhdd7psx]
We stand for the civil service powers of the Guild to be transferred to a professional, impartial civil service.
5. Culture, Arts, Education[/i:qhdd7psx]
Second Life has its own culture and emerging art forms. We will establish Neufreistadt as a sponsor of existing and new artists/ cultural agents, through a part of the budget allocated to those areas - and by by also working with existing structures in SL, like the FFRC and similar organizations.
We would aim to establish Neufreistadt as the centre of innovative design education in Second Life.

[i:qhdd7psx]6. Citizens' Associations[/i:qhdd7psx]
Citizens will be free to develop their own associations independently of the Guild, and have greater potential for involvement through an annual planning festival to allow for redevelopment of the sim and the injection of new ideas.
The Guild will lose its governmental functions and become equal to other voluntary associations of citizens. We stand for a stronger Civil Society, in which citizens can find new ways to participate in government decisions.
7. Constitutional Revision[/i:qhdd7psx]
We will be calling the debate on the need for revisions to our Constitution. We will propose new processes for Republic, Executive branch, Civil Society, defined through a thorough political analysis, that are clear and well-established, so our democratic government is successfully scaled up.
8. Diplomatic Relations[/i:qhdd7psx]
We will open diplomatic relations with other governments in Second Life with the aim of promoting democracy. We will also encourage likely-minded groups to embrace self-government.
9. Land Development[/i:qhdd7psx]
Neufreistadt is (among other things!) an active Second Life land developer with the aim of obtaining resources for cooperative projects and furthering democratic institutions. Our aim is to develop a centre for excellence in brand awareness, and become known throughout Second Life for high quality and innovation.

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