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Guild Meeting Log - 14th Jan 2008

Post by Moon Adamant »

[10:26] You: well, let me start
[10:26] You: ok guys
[10:26] You: first of all, thanks for showing by
[10:27] You: the holidays have been a bit disruptive of the guild meetings, though i am myself to blame there, as my 1st life demanded some sundays :)
[10:27] Jon Seattle: Yes, you had very good reasons
[10:28] Sudane Erato: damn SL
[10:28] Jon Seattle: Hi Sudane
[10:28] Sleazy Writer: Hello Suds.
[10:28] You: yes... it is possible that i may have to take some more sundays, but i'll try and get Arria with some time to chair them as well :)
[10:28] Jon Seattle: yes, TPs are a mess :)
[10:28] You: hi Sudane :)
[10:28] Sudane Erato: hi :)
[10:28] Cindy Ecksol: hello, Sudane
[10:28] Sudane Erato: nice to meet you Condy :)
[10:28] Sudane Erato: Cindy
[10:28] Cindy Ecksol: nice to meet you!
[10:28] You: atm, we have some tasks pending from AM
[10:28] Sleazy Writer: hahah
[10:29] You: namely, the river needs to be completed
[10:29] Jon Seattle: yup :)
[10:29] You: but nobody from teh river wg here
[10:29] Jon Seattle: Princess was saying that she thought the placeholder that is there was ment to be it :)
[10:29] Sudane Erato: god
[10:29] You: ah, yes, teh lodge
[10:29] You: thanks :)
[10:29] Sudane Erato: we should remove the lodge
[10:30] You: the lodge is still in discussion
[10:30] Sudane Erato: oh
[10:30] You: well
[10:30] You: the thing is
[10:30] You: everyone wants a lodge, but where?
[10:30] Sleazy Writer: Btw, Bjerkel can build some good rivers. TP to the Commonwealth sims if you want to see it, it's nearly the gletscher on the snowy mountain there.
[10:30] Sudane Erato: i am told that the person buying Pat's parcel
[10:30] You: yes, Bjerkel is in the river wg :)
[10:30] Jon Seattle: I think we may have to do the water without the water work group. Too bad as I was looking forward to what they would come up with.
[10:30] Sudane Erato: wants to build a coffeehouse
[10:31] Sudane Erato: and have musicians come and play
[10:31] Sudane Erato: that would subsitute for the primary function
[10:31] Jon Seattle: sounds quite nice :)
[10:31] You: that's great... but on his parcel?
[10:31] Sudane Erato: yes!
[10:31] Sudane Erato: yes
[10:31] You: or on the lodge's future parcel, wherever that will be?
[10:31] Sudane Erato: on that parcel
[10:31] You: well, he can do what he wants lol
[10:32] You: but we must assure the use of teh public parcel
[10:32] Cindy Ecksol: I think i twould be great to have a gathering place right in the middle of the sim
[10:32] You: well, that's where the current placeholder is atm
[10:32] You: but opinions are divided
[10:32] Cindy Ecksol: I'm actually surprised at how many random visitors walk past my house. it would be good to have a place for them to visit up there.
[10:33] Cindy Ecksol: yes, I can imagine :-)
[10:33] You: the plan is to have a ski path
[10:33] Cindy Ecksol: oooh, that could be fun too!
[10:33] You: and teh lodge to serve that ski path, also be an informal gathering place
[10:33] You: atm, there are 2 possible locations
[10:33] You: where the placeholder is
[10:34] You: and upwards next to NFS
[10:34] You: we can also hmmm
[10:34] You: delay the matter a bit, i think
[10:34] You: let the ski path be set first of all by the PIO
[10:35] You: and then see where to plac ethe lodge
[10:35] You: in any case, this is not so pressing a matter as teh river
[10:35] Sudane Erato: yes
[10:36] You: and also some other issues i'd like to discuss
[10:36] Sudane Erato: thats important
[10:36] You: ok, so let's do it like that, i'll delete the placeholder
[10:36] You: we'll gently prod the river team :)
[10:36] You: and Rose to set the ski path
[10:37] You: and meanwhile we can concentrate on two - make it three - important issues
[10:37] Jon Seattle: I volunteer to help with water if the curent group is not able.
[10:37] You: ah, thanks
[10:37] You: can you call Delia on that?
[10:37] Jon Seattle: Okay, nods.
[10:37] You: thanks
[10:37] You: thre eimportant issues are
[10:37] Cindy Ecksol: my building skills are not great yet, but I would love to tag along and learn how
[10:37] You: 1. AM IP thingy
[10:38] You: Cindy, thanks :)
[10:38] Jon Seattle: Great! :) we need to have another project too, for people to learn.
[10:38] You: i'll ask you to join this river group as well, since it's the main building task we will be making for a bit
[10:38] Cindy Ecksol: ok, that would be fine
[10:39] You: 2. Altenstadt plans
[10:39] You: 3. Masterplan
[10:39] You: about 1
[10:40] You: i'll be calling the CA (Aliasi) to organize the passing of IP rights and content
[10:40] You: and report as we get along
[10:40] Sleazy Writer: (that is Content Archivist, keeps back-ups of CDS owned objects)
[10:41] You: about 2
[10:41] Jon Seattle: Yes, and we still have to transfer rights on CN builds.
[10:41] You: Sleazy, can i ask you to please re-post your plan in the forums
[10:41] Sleazy Writer: One remark about the IP license agreements: the "Nota Bene" notary machines seem to be broken for more than a month now .. I've IM'ed Zarf but no reply. So, if Dnate signs the agreements he might have to use simple no-mod notecards.
[10:41] You: yes, but AM first of all
[10:41] You: ah
[10:42] You: that's a good point Sleazy
[10:42] You: i have been thinking
[10:42] You: could we notarize it in any other way?
[10:42] Sleazy Writer: I'm not aware of another system.
[10:43] Sudane Erato: maybe Gwyn can poke around the grapevine...
[10:43] Sudane Erato: and find out what happened to Zarf?
[10:43] You: asking her
[10:43] Jon Seattle likes the image of poking around a grapevine :D
[10:44] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:44] You: ok, she is saying that Zarf may be a bit tricky to reach atm
[10:45] You: wb sleazy
[10:45] Sudane Erato: but that implies he may someday be reachable
[10:45] You: so we'll have to either get a new sys
[10:45] You: hmmm, but when?
[10:45] You: that's teh rub
[10:45] Sudane Erato: yeah
[10:45] Sleazy Writer: The machines at Zarf's office (other sim) *look* allright, but that's no guarantee: when I signed the agreement with Dnate (for my bridge) they were broken too.
[10:46] You: hey Brian :)
[10:46] Brian Livingston: Hiya :)
[10:46] Jon Seattle: Hi Brian :)
[10:46] Sleazy Writer: Hey Brian :)
[10:47] Sudane Erato: hey :))
[10:47] Sleazy Writer: (Btw. Check the cool arcade games at Brian's NFS house.)
[10:48] Sudane Erato: hehe
[10:48] You: ok
[10:48] You: we'll return to this notary business later on
[10:48] You: since we can't do anything atm
[10:49] You: we can resort to either notecards copies, or perhaps posts of teh contracts - but they'd have to be locked down
[10:49] Sleazy Writer: OK, next topic.
[10:50] Jon Seattle: :)
[10:51] You: altenstadt
[10:51] You: sleazy, can you please repost your plan?
[10:52] Sleazy Writer: I'll bump it to the top.
[10:52] Brian Livingston: That's in the sim plannign forum?
[10:52] You: i think so
[10:54] You: when sleazy posts that again, we can re-ignite the discussion
[10:54] You: hopefully we can have that area going in the next 6 months
[10:54] You: 3. masterplan
[10:54] You: as you know, we need to actualize the masterplan
[10:54] Sleazy Writer: (Altenstadt plan:
[10:55] Sudane Erato: I need to study the map in the Land Store
[10:55] You: good thanks :)
[10:55] Sudane Erato: and determine what sims are really available
[10:55] Sudane Erato: without moving
[10:55] Sudane Erato: at *some* point we will want to move
[10:56] Jon Seattle: That map makes me dizzy :)
[10:56] Sudane Erato: me too!!
[10:56] Sudane Erato: a total pain
[10:56] Sudane Erato: but i'm practicing
[10:57] Brian Livingston: Now the cost to move, it is assesed per-simby LL, correct?
[10:57] Brian Livingston: per-sim*
[10:57] Sudane Erato: IS$150/sim
[10:57] Sudane Erato: US
[10:58] Cindy Ecksol: must go all....will look forward to reading the rest of the conversation in the forum....
[10:58] Brian Livingston: Bye Cindy
[10:58] Sudane Erato: nice to see you Cindy! :)
[10:58] Jon Seattle: Bye :)
[10:58] Sleazy Writer: bye
[10:59] You: atm, there are some things that feel logical to me about the masterplan
[10:59] You: one is that we have two urban cores, who need to be developed further
[10:59] Sudane Erato: yes
[10:59] You: then, we have a prototype of a connection sim
[10:59] You: that is AM
[10:59] Sudane Erato: yes... great
[11:00] You: we also have a proposal for a new theme, which must be built at some point
[11:00] You: but we also have a lot of sims to go untill we reach the water level standard
[11:01] You: so, i'd say that the masterplan now must reconciliate all these things
[11:01] You: before admitting new themes to it
[11:01] Jon Seattle: Yes. hmmm.. what to do to match (or not) the AM slope..
[11:01] Sudane Erato: well... its pretty far along in that, no?
[11:02] Brian Livingston: Well, I'
[11:02] Sudane Erato: :)... we can match the AM slope... and just make it less so to the east
[11:02] You: yes, fairly easy
[11:02] Brian Livingston: I'm assuming NFS West is going to have a slope down from the height of NFS to perhap the meadow's altitude or below
[11:03] You: AM was the trickiest sim, because we needed to reach water level
[11:03] You: AM and AM East, possibly
[11:03] Sudane Erato: yes, the rest don't
[11:03] Sleazy Writer: PS. My old Altenstadt plan is bumped to the top of the Sim-planning subforum.
[11:03] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:05] Sleazy Writer: But about Altenstadt, ... this is takign so long, maybe it should just be reparceled and a few Fachwerks rezzed.
[11:05] Sleazy Writer: Even old TOP has his limits :-)
[11:05] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:05] Jon Seattle: :)
[11:07] Brian Livingston: I think the ALtenstadt plan that's been proposed looks pretty good. Myself, I envisioned a smaller cetnral plaza instead ofthe pond, but upon further examination, with the expected builddensity, the pond might make more sense.
[11:07] Brian Livingston: build density*
[11:07] Jon Seattle: I have another topic, should be quick
[11:08] Sleazy Writer: thanks Brian
[11:08] You: ok, let's hear it Jon
[11:09] Jon Seattle: Well, the voting system. We had always talked about branching into software eventually.
[11:10] Jon Seattle: And it needs a home..
[11:10] Jon Seattle: Can I 'give' it to the guild to care for -- I will continue to maintain it and develop it for a while
[11:10] You: so you'd say here?
[11:11] You: hmm, we can discuss that
[11:11] You: in fact, we need to discuss Guild's shop and finances
[11:11] You: but... and this very honestly
[11:11] You: i would like very much that someone offered to coord that bit
[11:12] Sleazy Writer: I'm sorry, tonight I have a big bag of 'disappointment and No's' -- who wants any?
[11:12] Jon Seattle: Hm?
[11:12] Sleazy Writer: nevermind
[11:12] Jon Seattle: which bit?
[11:13] Sleazy Writer throws chocolate letters "N" and "O" to Jon.
[11:13] Jon Seattle: Ah, okay.
[11:13] Jon Seattle: Just wondering. It is a bit of critical infrastructure :D
[11:14] Sleazy Writer: The voting software is, yes.
[11:14] Brian Livingston: Moon, that was re: the finances and store or the software side of the Guild?
[11:15] You: well, the Guild needs to coord any financial effort that will be made
[11:15] You: even if the lower room only has guild vendors that charge a commission on sales, something like that
[11:16] You: but that is something that i have some difficulty thinking about, and i would gladly like some help
[11:16] Sleazy Writer: Isn't it more logical for the NG to focus on paid building jobs instead of doing the vendor thing?
[11:16] Brian Livingston: Now, this is diffferent or the same store as the Community store on teh platz?
[11:16] Jon Seattle: where is the store?
[11:17] Sleazy Writer: The Community Store is not associated with the New Guild (afaik), but it was with the old Guild.
[11:18] You: well, this building has a lower room which isn't being used atm
[11:18] Jon Seattle: Ah, you mean here. nods.
[11:18] Sleazy Writer: classy piano too :-)
[11:18] Sleazy Writer: no piano anymore?
[11:18] Sudane Erato: oh... sorry... I moved it
[11:18] Sudane Erato: no one was using it
[11:18] Brian Livingston: However we're in a difficult location for peopel to just stumble upon to buy stuff, so I would say whatever we host, it needs to be unique
[11:19] You: yes
[11:19] You: of course, i don't think that the guild will survive on that lol
[11:19] You: but it can help
[11:19] Sleazy Writer: If the NG wants vendors, they should buy a shop on the Platz or Forum .. or do proper advertising (which I don't see happening)
[11:19] Jon Seattle: yes. Are we running low on fungs?
[11:20] Jon Seattle: *funds?
[11:20] You: atm, most possibly
[11:20] Sudane Erato: yes, Guilda has about 5000 left
[11:20] Jon Seattle: We should probubly call for donations. I know I would be glad to.
[11:20] Sleazy Writer: Aren't there possibilities for a commercial AM job?
[11:21] Brian Livingston: Guild members could always start requesting payment for future CDS jobs and donate a chunk of those funds, if not all, to the Guild
[11:21] Brian Livingston: Well, makign them commecial jobs... hmm
[11:21] You: hmm, there are, but the effort to coord volunteers will need a bit of re-structure of the Guild
[11:22] You: and Brian, that means that the Guild becomes an agent, which is not provided for in our charter either for teh moment
[11:22] You: but all those things are possibel
[11:22] You: and that's why i am calling th subject, so that we all can think on that a bit .)
[11:22] You: possible*
[11:22] Sleazy Writer: you could rush a charter revision through the RA .. after all the CDS benefits from the NG
[11:23] You: but in what sense would that charter revision go?
[11:23] You: lots of things to think about :)
[11:24] Jon Seattle: Well, I suspect we could raise funds easily by asking though :)
[11:24] You: yes, but the benevolence of the public may have limits lol
[11:24] Brian Livingston: A simple fund raiser would be a Guild Booster program, where you reach otu to local mercahnts nad resients who wouild donate money and get soem kind of "decal" graphic to post in their shop windows... ' I support The C.D.S. New Guild" taht when clikced on would give some mroe info about the NG. Similar to those RL Police Benev. Association stickers mercahnts have
[11:25] You: good idea Brian :)
[11:25] You: want to coord that? :)
[11:25] Brian Livingston: And have a NG Supporters list publicalyl displayed here
[11:25] Sudane Erato: yes... good idea!
[11:25] You: ok, that's easy to do
[11:25] Jon Seattle: yes,a great idea :)
[11:25] Brian Livingston will strongly warn he has no skill in texture creation though ;)
[11:25] You: so... i guess what i am asking is
[11:26] You: well, textures is my speciality lol
[11:26] You: and not finance!
[11:26] Sudane Erato: :)
[11:26] You: so what i am asking is
[11:26] You: can we make a guild Finance group to explore these options?
[11:26] Sleazy Writer gave you Low prim house v995 very simple.
[11:27] Sudane Erato: well, i'm game
[11:27] Brian Livingston: Explore and propose. It'd be nice if we had a few good options within 2 weeks
[11:27] Sudane Erato: can we do it without meetings?
[11:27] Brian Livingston: And I'd be willign to participate
[11:27] Sudane Erato: maybe do it with a blog?
[11:27] You: sure, if you guys don't mind sharing mails
[11:27] You: or a blog can do
[11:27] Jon Seattle: its a good idea :)
[11:28] Brian Livingston: A side note, does the NG have an official logo yet?
[11:28] You: no, we don't
[11:28] You: and we should
[11:28] You: should we start a contest?
[11:28] Brian Livingston: Because yea, taht would probably be a central point of that proposal I thre wout there.
[11:28] Sleazy Writer gave you Textures.
[11:29] Brian Livingston: Sounds good
[11:29] Jon Seattle: yes, a great idea :)
[11:29] You: can we give a prize?
[11:30] Sleazy Writer: Maybe I should revive my idea of beer drinking owls
[11:30] Sudane Erato: hehe
[11:30] You: ok guys
[11:30] You: not to bring this for a lot longer
[11:30] You: i'll publish the log
[11:30] Sudane Erato: kk
[11:31] You: and will also call in several posts about:
[11:31] Jon Seattle: Great :)
[11:31] You: - guild finance
[11:31] You: - logo contest
[11:31] Sudane Erato: Brian, could you start a blog?
[11:31] Sudane Erato: for the discussions?
[11:31] Sudane Erato: at least for the finance
[11:31] Brian Livingston: Sure, it'll be off blogger, I'll post a link in teh forums
[11:31] Sleazy Writer: Btw
[11:31] Sudane Erato: kk great
[11:32] Sleazy Writer: aren't there a bit *many* blogs? Monastery, Danton, NuCARE ??
[11:32] You: ah, thanks Brian :)
[11:32] Sleazy Writer: Isn't it better to get people *back* to the forum?
[11:32] You: well, if we had teh portal, they could be aggregated to it
[11:32] Sudane Erato: the blogs are for techie discussions
[11:32] Jon Seattle: well, blogs are more of a 1 person (or group) show..
[11:33] Sleazy Writer: OK, I see.
[11:33] Sleazy Writer: fine :)
[11:33] Sudane Erato: they can be public
[11:33] Sudane Erato: i guess
[11:33] Brian Livingston: Well, in that context, is it possible to create subforums in each of the forum catagories, so A New Guild>Fiancne forum?
[11:33] Sudane Erato: we use a blog in SLNE for build review
[11:33] Brian Livingston: Err, finance
[11:33] Sudane Erato: it works really well
[11:33] Brian Livingston: Is that public by chance, I'd like to see how you have it set up
[11:34] Sudane Erato: no :(
[11:34] Brian Livingston: Ok, worth a shot :-p
[11:34] Sudane Erato: just a normal blogger blog
[11:35] Sudane Erato: are we done?
[11:35] You: yes, we are, unless AOB?
[11:35] Jon Seattle: Hm?
[11:36] Sudane Erato: bye all :)
[11:36] Sudane Erato: back in business after the holidays :)
[11:36] Jon Seattle: :) yes
[11:36] Jon Seattle: Bye Sudane :)
[11:36] Sleazy Writer: bye :)
[11:36] You: ok guys. copying the log now
[11:36] You: thanks everyone

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