Metanomics: Please read re changes

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Rose Springvale
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Metanomics: Please read re changes

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On Monday, January 14, 2008 11 AM slt Professor Bloomfield will follow up Thursday's discussion of the new banking policy in Second Life with a panel discussion. Guests will include:

• Joshua Fairfield, Professor of Law, Indiana University and Washington and Lee University
• David E. Altig, Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
• Dan Miller, Senior Economist, Joint Economic Committee of the U. S. Congress
• Benjamin Duranske, blogger from Virtually Blind and founder of the Second Life Bar Association
• Intlibber Brautigan, Ancapistan Financial Exchange
• Travis Ristow, BSC Bank
This event will also be held in live Second Life voice! This is experimental technology that will hopefully circumvent issues we've had in the past with streaming. WHAT THAT MEANS ... For CDS as an event partner, the audio will still be streamed from SLCN. They have said that the program will ALL be streamed, even the "voice" portion from the main location, but the event in partner sims will only be as good as the stream lets it. As many know, last Thursday's program was badly disrupted.

I will still hold the event, and hope for the best, as the metanomics folks are sure there will not be room for everyone at Saxo, (the metaversed normal sim is being rebuilt so Saxo Bank is hosting.) IF however, this information is critical to your work, i suggest you go early to the main location and participate in the voice presentation. The main island will only handle about 50 Avis. Here is the slurl for Saxo:

Also, a transcript of thursdays discussion is available by following the links here: ... metanomics

Questions will be taken through the backchat on the metanomics group, as usual, and then relayed by voice.

Justice Soothsayer
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Re: Metanomics: Please read re changes

Post by Justice Soothsayer »

Thanks a gazaillion, Rose, for posting this. The transcript is one of the more interesting I've read in SL.

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